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Steve Young and Sean Hannity
Steve Young with Lord of Loud Sean Hannity, author of "Deliver Us From Evil." It's liberals that are much of what Sean is attempting to 'deliver us from' and if it takes shouting down the truth, well, for the good of those being saved, sometimes truth be damned


Steve Young may be the hardest working man in satire (or so he says). He refuses to be pigeonholed, boasting a career as an award-winning television writer, filmmaker (My Dinner With Ovitz), author of adult nonfiction (Great Failures of the Extremely Successful/Tallfellow Press) and children's novels (Winchell Mink...The Misadventure Begins/Harper Collins), motivational speaker, stand-up comedian, op-ed columnist, BBC film reviewer and talk show host. We're not even counting his bogus run for CA governor and his sordid attempt to sell his family on eBay for $5 million, where he conned NBC's Today Show to book him for both non-stories.

Steve's columns have appeared in major newspapers throughout the country including the L.A. Times, USA Today and New York Times as well as regularly in the L.A. Daily News. He is the BBC's Hollywood guy and, as political editor of National Lampoon, he developed his bizarre blog, 'Nuff said.

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