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by Steve Young

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Ann came for the Jews, and Bill said nothing. If Bill O'Reilly isn't an anti-Semite himself, then he is most certainly pro-anti-Semite. Why else would he let Ann Coulter's attacks on the Jewish faith slide?

Laughing and cajoling her on the Factor in a way that even paid Fox contributors found disgusting, Bill refused to confront Coulter on her assorted pummeling of the "imperfections" of the Jewish faith.

Why did the hard-hitting, fearless interviewer, who spends a goodly portion of his daily narcissism speaking of other's cowardice, give Coulter's anti-Semitic media tour a pass?

He said he "never debates theology with a non-theologian, ever." Of course, that might be true if it wasn't for the fact that it isn't.

For more than a week he has railed his indignation over San Francisco's and the mainstream media's utter disregard for the degradation of Christianity because they ignored two transvestites who took communion in nun's attire. Who did he debate that religious issue with? None other than theologian Dennis Miller.

Miller: I guarantee you that if I have a hundred gay friends, all hundred of them think these guys who took communion are idiots.

Bill was able to debate the issue with Coulter long enough to place the onus for her plight on her interviewers, attacking CNBC's Donnie Deutch -- host of one of the shows where she disparaged Jews -- as a "twerp" with a "dopey show."

BillO: No matter what you say, they're going to load it up against you.

And I bet it was the Jews who loaded up against that scamp Mengele, forcing the good doctor to perform all that unnecessary surgery.

Bill told Coulter that "I don't even care," about her comments. Some looking out for you.

And yet Bill is still the king (dictator?) at Fox News. Some might say that the Jews who can still stomach Bill and Ann -- she insisted that Orthodox Jews are supporting her -- are letting politics trump religion. It doesn't have to. Folks of the Jewish faith who are politically conservative, or might even go as far as to hate secular progressives, can continue to do so without lining up behind the Coulters who demean Judaism and the O'Reilly's who "don't even care" if they do.

O'Reilly likes to warn viewers they may want to change the channel before he airs something he considers horrific. If this shameful business doesn't qualify as a horror in his eyes, viewers are advised they should change the channel before his show begins.

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