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Between 1995-2009, over 13,000 articles appeared in the electronic pages of the Monitor. These are quick summaries of some past stories.

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> 146 MAY, 2006 All the President's Tyrants, top U.S. officials are busy embracing dictators; Iraq atrocities, Afghan attacks set grim U.S. mood for 2006 Memorial Day; Indonesia worries: quake is also bird flu epicenter; Indonesia quake death toll rising by the hour; May was Afghanistan's bloodiest month since Taliban rout; Karzai charges Pakistan with sponsoring Taliban training camps; Iraq, Afghanistan among top 10 "failed states;" ACLU files for public hearings on phone record privacy in 20 states; Cheney launches new cold war with blistering attack on Russia; Neo-Cons spread phony story of Iran forcing infidels to wear badges; did Ahmadinejad really call to "wipe Israel off the map?" Iran activists fear U.S. "help" could spur crackdown; Bush admin shuns historic letter from Iran; talk to Iran, allies tell Bush; U.S.-Iran conflict is Neo-Con last stand for mideast control; White House approved, then ditched Iran talks in March; Iran offered peace with Israel in 2003; Israel lobby uses Olmert visit to flex muscle in Congress; Bush, Congress throw lovefest for Israel's Olmert; Palestinians rumors swirl of possible Israeli takeover of Gaza; Movimiento - the invisibles mobilize for their rights: immigrants reclaim their voice in May 1 protests the Latinoization of U.S. politics, right-wing whips up anti-immigrant backlash; Bush's borderline: National Guard to the Mexico border English-only laws don't work, and Bush knows it; Bush militarization of border will lead to militant resistance; Latin Americans divided over U.S. troops on border; Mexico says troop deployment not militarization of border; Blacks and the Minutemen; Gore's global warming film generates huge buzz; Repub nay-sayers owe Gore a big apology; Nepal to strip king of military powers, downsize monarchy; police kill 100 in Sao Paulo riots; Falun Gong protest at White House part of group's rising media clout; Bush snubs Taiwan's president - complete flip from earlier support; U.S. unfairly shut down Muslim charities, government watchdog says; U.S. never charged 141 Gitmo prisoners being released; Bush fails to gain torture ok from UN panel; Argentina biofuel project comes with heavy environmental costs; China prepares to sue Japan over WWII slave labor; for Rwanda survivors, genocide was just the beginning; Chile court indicts members of ex-Nazi 's sect for child sex abuse; EPA to approve neurotoxic pesticides despite its own scientists protest; 1 of 3 Iraq vets seeks help for emotional trouble; Iraqi women say conditions better under Saddam; Basra one of the most peaceful areas of Iraq until recently; no shortage of guns in Iraq; mixed Iraqi reaction to new government ; Iraqi parliament forms divided government; Iraqi families still waiting on reparations for wartime destruction; Iraq's "Islamic army" says it will never negotiate ceasefire; amid chaos, Baghdad residents hire private security companies; Iraq's reinstated death penalty raises deep moral questions; 1 in 3 Iraqi children malnourished, UNICEF finds; peace talks with Iraq Sunni rebels stall over Bush admin fumblin; Baghdad down to one hour of electricity daily; after 2 years, still no accountability for Abu Ghraib from Bush admin; Congress rushes to protect its privacy rights groups wary of both house, Senate immigration bills; turmoil at top of CIA shows agency adrift; Repubs, Dems united in concern of uprecedented FBI raid of Congressional office, seizure of papers; dozens of vets running for House as "the Fighting Dems;" focus on Bush performance makes all races national more than local; McCain makes up with evangelicals ahead of 2008 run; shift defense money from Pentagon to homeland security, groups say; Bush threatens 1st veto over more money for Katrina relief ; China strips other Asian forests to save its own; Burma refuses to cooperate with bird flu prevention; Europeans panic over feline link in bird flu chain; World Bank global warming plan lets rich nations off the hook; human organ traffickers prey on poorest countries, report says; organ trafficking turns poor/rich into supply/demand; China's new rules on organ transplant won't stop questions about executed prisoners; tensions high in German schools over immigrant children; Charles Taylor: Liberian ex-president and Africa's least wanted man; Colombian novel shines light on FARC rebels' secret world; Pakistan's quake children tell their stories through pictures; rights groups fear Peru's election prelude to return of Fujimori; goodbye, naked guy.
> 145 APRIL, 2006 The Battle of Rumsfeld: it's really Bush the generals want out, Rumsfeld rejected 2004 warning of Iraqi revolt against U.S. occupation, Neo-Cons, hawks, circle the wagons for Rumsfeld, authors, generals, line up to denounce Rumsfeld's failures; 2005 terror attacks tripled over year before; U.S. now viewing Al-Sadr, Iraqi militias as terrorist forces; 1000 CIA rendition flights documented in Amnesty report; Zarqawi video signals shifting landscape for Al Qaeda; Bin Laden's latest message poses greatest threat yet; Iraq's Sunni-Shiite civil war; Duke Univ rape case stirs racial divide in city; good news that oil hits record price, UN report says; DEA's 'drug war' targets pain doctors, patients; 60 minutes segment on Osama's bodyguard reinforced stereotypes; after Iraq, Arabs wary of 'western' democracy; U.S. quietly pays 9/11 detainee $300k to settle torture claim; Pakistan tells quake victims to clear out of relief camps; 1 in 5 of world's migrants end up in U.S.; historic immigration protests in over 100 cities across U.S.; thousands of students march for immigration rights; India's sweet nuclear deal sours in Congress; Iranian police beat, arrest women's rights demonstrators; the new nuclear wars: U.S. sets world nuclear agenda, not UN agency; more than one bad outcome possible in Iran showdown; Iran defiant, but ready to deal while making daily threats to hide nuke program or not cooperate; Iran, 2006 sounds awfully like Iraq, 2002; Neo-Con bill kristol compares Iran's alleged push to gain a nuclear weapon to hitler's 1936 march on the rhineland; is White House serious about Iran attack, or are reports psy-ops? Nepal democracy standoff; Nepal's 'human tsunami' swamps king; Nepal police opens fire on protesters, killing 3, wounding 100; over 1,000 kidnapped every week in Iraq, nearly half of them women and children; numbers of Iraqi orphans rising; Baghdad neighborhoods barricade themselves in; thousands of Iraqis flee violence, chaos; Baghdad morgue unable to keep up with daily carnage; U.S. efforts to oust Jaafari may backfire; Iraq reconstruction sputtering as U.S. money runs out; Iraq cuts food rations for poor; U.S.-funded Iraqiya TV defects to the other side; garbage dump second home for some Iraqi children; will Germany be Bush's new best buddy? Washington leaking: the good, the bad and the ugly; Congress balks at funding Bush "transformational diplomacy;" six months to midterm elections, Bush's popularity at record low; battle over Cape Cod wind farm blows into Congress; DeLay withdrawal lessens the chances of Democrats taking back the house; Rice gaining more ground against Cheney cabal than Powell ever acheived; conservatives, not liberals, brought down DeLay; UN alarmed over escalating Israeli-Palestine violence; Iran showdown tests power of Israel lobby; scholars attacked for even suggesting Israel lobby exists, influences U.S. policy; social woes a major factor in Israel's election; U.S. cuts off all aid to Palestinian authority, now facing total financial collapse; Palestinians refuse to forgive betrayal of the cause; European neo-Nazis plot anti-Muslim violence during World Cup; no 'happily ever after' in Sudan a year after peace deal; U.S. lawmakers arrested at Darfur genocide protest after tens of thousands demonstrate; Sudan ignoring pressure to halt Darfur genocide; Italy looks unsteady after close election; Greenpeace links McDonald's with Amazon destruction; England's water privatization not a world model; WTO is dead, Ways & Means Comm. chair says; the martyrs of Chernobyl; Chernobyl still a menace 20 years after meltdown; iodized salt could have saved Chernobyl's children; IAEA is whitewashing Chernobyl casualties, enviros charge; should UN agency continue promoting nuclear energy solutions? U.S. nuclear industry fires up PR campaign; U.S. evangelicals most distrustful of Muslims; U.S. evangelicals rally faithful behind Israel; Bush undermines AIDS plan with abstinence emphasis - GAO; Argentina workers caught in middle of sweatshop crackdown; Uzbekistan a nation without journalism; columnist's alleged extortion just latest scandal at Murdoch paper; dozens of TV stations caught airing fake news produced by companies; dead J. Edgar Hoover goes after dead Jack Aanderson; don't make a martyr out of Moussaoui; House repeals food safety rules; DeLay blames woes on Christian haters; Lodi terrorist trial reveals saga of FBI chicanery; could America fall apart?
> 144 MARCH, 2006 What Price Iraq? al-Qaeda fighters leaving Iraq for planned spring Afghan offensive, Arab media reports; White House setting the tone for hate speech against Muslims; White House concealed scale of Iraqi killings after mosque bombing; White House reaffirms "first strike" doctrine; Bush confirms fears: no plan to exit Iraq; Israel directing U.S. middle east policies, study finds; million protesters turn out for immigrant rights nationwide: Senate opens door to landmark immigration reform, legal immigrants alarmed over growing "anti-immigrant" sentiment, unmarked grave is often end of the line on trek to U.S, old civil rights groups missing as immigrants hit the streets, bad blood on the border, where are the Latino elected leaders in immigration reform fight? the politics of burying Milosevic, Russia also sending experts to look at autopsy, Serbia back to the crossroads after Milosevic's burial, ongoing trial was hoped to end dispute over war crimes, poisoning suspicion raise stakes of Milosevic autopsy; fear of U.S. drove Iran to pursue nuclear weapons; "Cheney cabal" blocked 2003 nuclear talks with Iran; UN sanctions on Iran may trigger executions, Amnesty warns; U.S. counting on divided Europe to back it on Iran; Iraq crisis opens door to breakthrough talks with Iran; Bush hawks dismayed at prospect of joint talks on Iraq, Iran; Bolton loses UN vote over new human rights council, but will still demand seat on council; U.S. alone in opposing new UN human rights council; UN staff union votes 'no confidence' in Annan; State Dept. annual human rights report applauds Iraq, Afghanistan while also ignoring the U.S. itself, despite year of controversy over renditions, torture; Bush's nuclear deal with India complicates UN showdown over Iran; as predicted, countries point out U.S. has double standard for nukes; some westerners moving to India to work at call center; Bush's last-minute nuke deal with India a disaster for weapon treaties; Pentagon denies homicides of terror war prisoners; watchdog group says 1 of 3 prisoners who have died in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan are suspected or confirmed homicides; the failed state of Iraq: sovereignty lost ; aid agencies blocked from entering Samarra; Iraq chaos hardest on women; thousands of Iraqi families displaced since shrine bombing; Iraq's moderate resistance that you've never heard of, coalition of labor unions, student groups, women's rights organizations; withdrawl rumors spread Iraq instabililty, different stories in the media every few days; over 200,000 displaced in Kirkuk since invasion; Shiite leaders blame media for civil war fears; Sunni leaders plead for end to revenge attacks; Iraqi doctors and other pros become death squad targets; attackers reportedly held mosque for hours before bombing; endgame for Iraq; the (fake) good news from Iraq; the militarization of America's skies; more on "rocket fuel" pollution coverup; Scalia mocked rights for Gitmo prisoners, although Supreme Ct. about to hear case; Claude Allen, former Bush top domestic advisor just the latest black conservative dogged by scandal; Neo-Con cheerleaders quiet as Iraq war begins year 4; Bush invites supporters to attack media; Bush vs. founding fathers; Katrina video again shows Bush in leadership crisis; Pat Tillman family skeptical new Pentagon probe will reveal all; Idaho governor nominated as interior secretary; embattled Bush seeks out friendly Neo-Con audience for policy speech; note to Dems: make body armor the "Willie Horton issue;" Repubs distance themselves from Bush as election year starts; UAE drops port deal under Bush pressure: flurry of protectionist bills follow UAE ports flap, Gulf media asks if "Israeli element" killed UAE ports deal, collapse of ports deal a major Bush setback, Repubs attack Clinton as UAE deal reveals Bush family connections, U.S. firms fear backlash from ports debacle, ports deal also exposes special corporate protections, UAE doesn't want foreigners in key jobs, opposing UAE ports deal not anti-Arab bigotry; secret prison in Afghanistan called 'son of Guantanamo'; poll: most Americans now say Iraq war wasn't necessary; Cindy Sheehan and others arrested trying to deliver peace petition to Bolton's UN office; Academy Award best picture is 'Crash' course in racism; number of women suicide bombers expected to grow; Israel fears influence of Iran, Al-Qaeda on Hamas; life gets harder for Palestinians packed into Gaza strip; stopping Darfur genocide not part of Pentagon's "long war;" Bush prepares to militarize Sahara; African water may dry up across quarter of the continent; richest nations silent on new UN disaster fund; Taliban burns Afghan schools, threatens teachers; Afghans probably won't see $10 billion pledged for reconstruction; the deep roots of Israel's raid in Jericho; Antarctic ice disappearing at record pace; terminator seeds suffer defeat at global conference; Peruvian potato farmers protest terminator spud; Christian groups keep condoms out of AIDS programs; conditions endured by many tsunami survivors still "unbelievably grim;" hepatitis vaccine out of reach to people used as gunea pigs; Canadian natives present tribal legends to prove land claim; U.S. tries to take Shoshone sacred land at 1872 prices; Chechnya wants polygamy to repopulate country.
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> 137 AUGUST, 2005 Can Cindy end the war? Repubs attack Demos duck Cindy Sheehan, will Democrats get in step behind Cindy Sheehan? Cindy Sheehan's unexpected allies, Sheehan repudiates Bush -- and Howard Dean, who's behind the attacks on Cindy Sheehan? the day Casey Sheehan died, Cindy Sheehan's growing crusade; Lance Armstrong pedaling away from principle; Demos still won't oppose Iraq war; Bush VFW speech intended to counter Cindy Sheehan - says more U.S. soldiers must die; public opinion turns against Bush's war; Raging Grannies confront army recruiters; Pentagon lawyers warned about prisoner abuse before Iraq invasion; rights, not treatment, is key issue for Gitmo prisoners, expert says; in South America, war on terror looks like the "Dirty War;" Chavez threatens break with U.S. as Pat Robertson joins Bush's media war against Venezuela: Bush silent on call to assassinate Chavez, Chavez: U.S. oil cutoff possible unless relations improve, Chavez's TV network hits the air, Congress votes to fund anti-Chavez media attacks, Chavez calls U.S. propaganda plans "desperate," U.S.-backed political group on trial in Venezuela; video shows London police had no reason to kill Brazilian man; no more 'peace pact' between Brits, radical Islamists; British banks target Muslims; terrorism insurance set to expire at end of year; police radio breakdown on 9/11 led to deaths, still no federal money to fix problem; heads roll in Iraq oil-for-food probe; "debt relief" could start new cycle of borrowing; want UN reform? expand Security Council; what happens next in Gaza? Egypt wary of new role as Gaza border cop, Gaza humanitarian crisis even before Israeli pullout complete, many Palestinians fear Gaza will be "one big prison," Gaza humanitarian crisis even before Israeli pullout complete, U.S. aid leaves Gaza along with Israelis, Gaza pullout masks Israel's expansion in W Bank, Gaza Israelis begin moving out; "The Wall" has destroyed the social and economic fabric of Palestinian civil society; Presbyterians seek boycott of companies aiding Israel's occupation tools; in W Bank town, homeland means humiliation; U.S. nuclear deal with India blocks deal for Iran pipeline; where is the Hirsch report? groups seek ExxonMobil boycott; Bush springs recess UN appointment of Bolton; Bush woos African-Americans with corporate funds, getting major corporate foundations to underwrite religious charities that can't get federal money; AFL-CIO out of touch, departing workers say; similarities between today's Minutemen and '90s militia movement; U.S. Jewish groups seek immigration limits, more aligning with Neo-Cons and xenophobes; UK blood donors told they may carry human Mad Cow disease; scientists worry global warming at "tipping point;" western nations hoarding limited stocks of Bird Flu vaccine; Bird Flu spreading across Russia; emotional ads win over skeptics, study shows; Muslim single moms demand rights; Pakistan province passes Taliban law; Pakistan has no control over most extreme Islamic schools; Pakistan facing civil war threat from Islamic militants; rise of the neo-Taliban; Iraqis give up on constitution compromise despite extended deadlines and intense U.S. pressure; Iraqis move closer to civil war in constitution clash; U.S. spending $12 billion to repair Iraq oil industry sabotage; publication of new abuse photos could spark riots, general says; Iraq's oil-rich Kurdistan hires PR firm; Neo-Con polices driving Iraq closer to Iran; reporter who told "other side" of Iraq invasion killed; U.S. forces Iraq to shun international criminal court; Iraq oil minister plans to create world's 3rd largest oil co; unrest in "calm" Samawa bodes ill for Iraq handover; take Iraq "nation building" off back burner, task force warns; the tricky path of the pre-presidential candidate; GOP apologizes for ignoring Blacks over last 40 years; energy bill passes after five years; energy bill did nothing to solve energy problems; Congress faces parade of controversial votes after recess; Ralph Reed political plans tripped up by Abramoff scandal; big pharma's $800 million in political spending; Bush narrowly wins CAFTA vote: weak approval shows waning interest in free trade deals, CAFTA spotlights Salvador gangs as terror threat, allows big pharma to block generic medicines, won't stem flow of cheap Chinese clothes, labor groups say; U.S. food aid mostly agribiz entitlement program; New Zealand promotes Maori ritual as tourism; fearing invasion, Burma junta plans to move capitol; Haiti regime pursues aristide supporters to other nations ; Haiti near anarchy despite presence of UN forces; tsunami aid being used to replace fishing villages with resorts; Burma source of spread of Asian AIDS; trapped between king and rebels, Nepal goes without food; Russian orphanages overflow amid rumors of child trafficking; VietNam a major center for human trafficking; "comfort women" still await Japanese apology; Hiroshima bomb was also study in media censorship as media avoided reporting human impact of bombs; when is science news? do newspapers have a future? Peter Jennings was a rare TV journalist with first-hand knowledge of the world's trouble spots; do animals have expressions? Suzie Pena killing should unite, not divide Blacks - Latinos; time to end lifetime appointments to Supreme Court; Bush's nuclear saber-rattling over Iran; mortgaged to the House of Saud; a milestone in fighting sweatshops; will the media help Bush exploit 9/11 again? Bush hardly the stricken president; who's the real martyr: Judy Miller or Jim Defede? are we all going mad, or are the experts crazy? Malaysia's Islamic hardliners attack the teapot cult.
> 136 JULY, 2005 London's terror: Britain avoids mention of Iraqi shadow over train attacks, England's "homegrown" terrorists looked to Pakistan, London bombs part of schism between extremist groups, London's olympic euphoria abruptly turns to nightmare, London blasts attack "heart" of Europe, European jihadist arrests preceeded London attack, Arab media condemns London terror attacks, CIA probes possible Kosovo links to London terror, questions, anger over London police killing of innocent man, killing of innocent Brazilian exposes Britain's racial profiling, British police have history of targeting Blacks and Asians, Brits learn that homegrown terrorists don't match stereotypes, like al Qaeda-style terrorists, London bombers from educated middle class, despite London attacks, Bush cuts public transport security funds, and only half of money allocated since 9/11 distributed; European union acts to crackdown on terror financing networks; London attack comes as support for Bush terror war hits new lows, after London terror, the old question - why do they hate us? UK seeks to build archive of Internet, phone records; First Amendment stories the media ignores; all roads in the Plame scandal lead to Condoleezza Rice; why is Bush silent on Plame case? Plame scandal puts White House under siege; White House desperately fighting release of more Abu Ghraib torture photos; Italy arrests 13 CIA agents for rendition of Muslim cleric; FBI again targets political, religious dissidents, ACLU says; FBI spying on American critics, papers show; no reprimand for general behind prisoner abuse policies; the forgotten general ousted for "coddling" prisoners at Gitmo; gays bring "don't ask, don't tell" lawsuit; Air Force Academy merely "insensitive" to non-evangelicals, Pentagon says; film traces sick Ground Zero workers still waiting for aid; poll: U.S. wants tough standards for CAFTA pact; job massacre coming at GM ; G8 summit winners: fading pop stars - losers: Africa , Bob Geldof, Bono, declare G8 triumph, London terror derails G8 talks, G8 deal opens Africa for west to dump cheap goods, G8 offers Africa little, and at a steep price, Bush denies G8 summit a climate agreement, G8 summit starts on weak foot with pop diplomacy, concerts are 'hijacking' G8 protests, activists say, Bush throws cold water on G8 global warming debate; 39 killed in Yemen's World Bank riots as World Bank forced boost in fuel prices, demonstrators stone police, attack gov't offices; Bush exaggerating rise in African aid; Zimbabwe's eviction of 700,000 called illegal, catastrophic injusticeL blood and oil: Bush and Darfur; U.S. media ignores Darfur genocide, report shows; "massacre" charged in UN raid on Haiti slum; Haiti buried in trash; Haitians again flee country in high numbers; the money trap: debt and corruption; Afghanistan's war criminals holding key government posts, warlords move beyond regional stronghold to national control; Taliban radio back on the air; analysts see Iran attack in the cards; Bush and Ahmadinejad have much in common; smuggler of Iraqi refugees jailed, but controversy lingers; Bush's Iraq speech turned facts upside-down; Arab media reaction to Bush Iraq speech; VietNam war resisters setup toronto office to help Iraq war deserters; Vietnam, Iraq by Daniel Ellsberg; fears of Iraq civil war drives plans for fast U.S. exit; Iraq, Iran move closer to dismay of U.S. Neo-Cons; food shortages in Iraq - about 1 in 4 Iraqis completely dependent on public rations; Iraqi women may lose rights under new constitution; military delays, detours make driving in Iraq frustrating; Baghdad hit by water crisis; desperate Iraqis sell their blood to survive; Iraq's poor selling kidneys on black market; justice groups say ongoing payments to Kuwait burden Iraq; U.S. ignores anti-American past of leading Iraq Shiite group; Iraq political, ethnic squabbles slow democracy efforts; Baghdad garbage burned on the street; junk food hearing turns into industry PR event; lobbyist abuse of non-profits widespread; the Iowa stranglehold; Don Eberly, architect of Bush's compassionate conservatism; Mexico newspaper under siege, stormed by masked men, besieged for three weeks, Mexico journalists keep newspaper running, mob takes over Mexico newspaper, holds reporters; killings of Guatemala's women recalls brutal civil war; Latin America drifting left, maybe out of U.S. control; drop in India IQ leads to ban on non-iodized salt; Bush welcomes India into nuclear weapons club; Pakistan to open special schools for child ex-camel jockeys; Israeli soldiers getting away with murder, report finds; Nepal civil war forces children into cities to work; "My Chernobyl;" Russian tourists may turnaround tsunami economies; hundreds of toxic chemicals found in newborn's blood; pressure grows on Bush over global warming; track rocket propellant cleanup, GAO says major science coverup of Bush admin; Monsanto allegedly hid GM research that showed health risks; corn ethanol takes more energy than it makes, study finds; spend $100 million now to prevent bird flu pandemic, experts say; just 5 percent of power plants cause much of air pollution; bioprospecting moves to the deep sea; U.S. positioned to control most oil in central Asia; China using the fear, resentment from American greed for oil to form alliances; Thomas Friedman's Muslim problem; Thomas Friedman, liberal sadist? Judy Miller vs. the ethical media; Judith Miller, anti-hero; Judy Miller, the lucky martyr; postage stamp highlights Mexico's hidden racism; Carter tried to stop Bush's energy disasters - 28 years ago; why the mystery over John Roberts? Judge Roberts, corporate extremist; Saddam's body count; "Duke" Cunningham, poster boy of corruption; seizing homes in the name of progress; fear-mongering over China - UNOCAL deal; little difference between ayatollahs in Iran and Iraq; general Westmoreland's death wish; the Supreme Court's jackboot liberals; the no comment lies of Scott McClellan; the woman Bush fears most; the original desecration of the flag; Rove scandal interrupts Neo-Cons' warmongering agenda; haven't we had enough of Rove's crap?
> 135 JUNE, 2005 Who owns Iraq? Bush's Iraq speech falls flat; billion$ missing from Iraq trust fund managed by U.S.; another mad cow found - USDA wants to add new test; Taliban resurgent: is Afghanistan or Pakistan to blame? fewer Latinos signing up for U.S. army; Los Alamos whistleblower hospitalized after assault, was scheduled to testify before Congress; international poll: view of U.S. sinking since Bush re-election; Bush foreign policy leading to an anti-American century; Bush has no intention of diplomacy with Iran; Iran elects "Taliban fascist" president: Iran's hardliners reinvent themselves, Iran hardliner's strong showing forces election runoff, election underscores bitter divisions in Iraq, Iran vote recount after election fraud charged, Tehran's bloggers expected easy liberal victory, Bush, Neo-Cons, called Iran election illegit even before votes cast; Afghan spring: drugs, U.S. military bases, and jails; richest nations willing to write-off poorest nation's debt - with a catch of vast privatization of economy; big pharma ignoring diseases of poorest nations; CPB chairman secretly paid GOP consultant to monitor Bill Moyers; destroying PBS; why Bush wants to harbor terrorist who downed airliner; three top leaders visit Bush, come away with nothing; video of alleged war killings shakes Serbia; G8 climate plan weakened at U.S. demand; Bush acknowledges Darfur genocide - but no plans to stop it; Bush raises stakes in N Korea confrontation; backlash to Euro, "too anglo-saxon," globalization killed EU constitution; French no vote on EU presents Chirac with crisis; distrust as Wolfowitz takes command of World Bank; showdown over Guantanamo Bay: UN says U.S. blocking investigation of Guantanamo torture, Repubs attack red cross over Gitmo criticism, Guantanamo critics put Bush on defensive, right-wing hostility to NGOs glimpsed in Amnesty flap; Halliburton gets $30 million to build prison at Guantanamo; Senate bill would form commission on prisoner abuse; Amnesty says violence against women widespread; Homeland Security state leaves wrongly accused in limbo; Sweden bowed to U.S, rendered suspect to torture; the CIA's eclipse; neo-Nazi's seek to exploit German feelings of WWII victimization; Russians look back on Stalin era with nostalgia; big U.S. banks seek takeover of Mexican money transfer business; Mexican enviros fighting loggers killed; crisis in Bolivia over foreign control of nation's oil; Pinochet loses immunity in tax fraud case; flood of U.S. rice into Haiti drives farmers into city slums; Palestinian unemployment hits 26 percent - 40% among youths most likely to be radicalized; Nepal stunned as king cracks down on media; Iraq-injured Halliburton workers denied benefits; Rumsfeld: Iraq insurgency could last 12 years; Gen. Abizaid admits U.S. in secret talks with rebel groups; Iraqi tribes accused of oil pipeline protection racket; Rice spins purely symbolic vote as start of "new international partnership;" desperate Iraqis seeking work with unemployment near 50% blind to dangers; Senate apologizes for lynchings - but not hate crimes; Senate confirms Brown, Pryor to appeals courts; House seeks to slash UN funding by half; Mr. pre-emptive attack gets Bolton's old job; Libya is the acid test for Bolton nomination; Bush housing plan would slash help for families, elderly, disabled; Deep Throat's crimes: Mark Felt and COINTELPRO; Deep Throat critics see accountability as crime; historic Emmett Till 1955 murder case reopened, many mississippi civil rights-era murders unsolved; "Move America Forward" bids to lead extremist's charge; report shows evangelicals bully, intimidate Air Force academy cadets; efforts to get bibles into classrooms spread nationwide; Catholic church prepares to battle evangelists after years of losing ground to protestant sects in Asia, latin America; Bush packing UN panels with religious right; schools fighting losing battle to restrict junk food; "student bill of rights" casts McCarthyite cloud over campuses; little progress in getting Japanese to give up cigarettes; China under mounting pressure to approve GM rice; suicides of 4,000 India farmers linked to free market "reforms;" VietNam's fish disappearing at alarming rate; fake bio-terror drama shows hi tensions between Indonesia, Australia; new wave of angry nationalism in Asia; African aid often depends on what language is spoken - french and portuguese-speaking countries get back seat; corporations seeking gold fund Congo's tribal wars; what the Minutemen vigilantes look like from the streets of Oaxaca; students, teachers come together for Schwarzenegger protests; punishment for taking mom's call from Iraq shows harsh treatment of Black students; the Downing Street Memo and the press; the K Street boys; Texas screws over the schools - again; Bush's GOP allies finally breaking ranks on Iraq; pattern of deception persists in Tillman's death; Thomas Friedman's imaginary India; Bush's immoral relativism.
> 134 MAY, 2005 White House attempts to justify torture: Guantanamo "gulag of our time" - Amnesty International, Bush, Cheney attack AI, State Dept. vague on U.S. position on torture, Amnesty calls for foreign probe of U.S. prisoner abuses, still no accountability for Abu Ghraib from Bush admin, diplomats, rights groups condemn U.S. torture outsourcing; nuclear treaty summit end with bickering - U.S. blamed; U.S. rewards friendly tyrants with tons of guns; World Bank party for outgoing president turns into fight; U.S. ignoring Darfur genocide, hosts Sudan's spy chief in DC; Pentagon spending leaves homefront unguarded: report; Homeland Dept. to destroy $4.5 billion in unused gear hastily purchased after the 9/11 terror attacks; pepper spray victory; U.S. immigration system runs hidden "gulag" prisons, author says; military draft becoming more likely as U.S. forces stretched thin; the Downing Street Memo; why does the press ignore whistleblowers? whistleblowers demand end to retaliation; bloody repression by Bush ally in Uzbekistan; Iran group wanting Bush support accused of torture; Bush trying hard to demonize Iran as nuclear power; border vigilantes vow to return in "tens of thousands;" Schwarzenegger's praise of vigilantes draws anger; McCain, Kennedy propose visa to legalize undocumented workers; "Real ID" driver's license rule called unsafe, anti-migrant; Haiti's ex-premier's hunger strike spotlights nation's chaos; evolution hearings end in Kansas; terrorist who downed airliner seeking U.S. asylum; appeals court ruling favors Cheney in energy task force case; hushing free speech, crushing PBS ; Germany beginning to see neo-Nazis as terrorists; the last hunt for living Nazis; child sex abuse at ex-Nazi's sect were open secret in Chile; Newsweek should apologize - for phony Iraq WMD reports; is Bush the "SOB" in Newsweek quote? amid Afghan crisis, Karzai gets only pat on back from Bush; anti-U.S. riots spread in Afghanistan; Afghan woman charged with adultery beaten to death; U.S. women's right to divorce when pregnant in dispute; capture of "al-Qaeda's #3" doesn't forecast arrest of bin Laden; Bush ducks confronting Saudis in Crawford meetup; Blair's ho-hum victory reflects ongoing damage of Iraq war; Schwarzenegger seeks emergency powers over budget; a nuclear reactor renaissance? new environment bill would subsidize nuclear development, nuke power looks green to some enviros, Japan revives plans for plutonium reprocessing plant; Dow Chemical's toxic waste and Michigan's coverup; closing of first unionized Wal-Mart sends warning; Bush opens last untouched wilderness to logging with new roads; Colombia drug war becoming base for oil war against Venezuela; Chavez forming Venezuela militia to defend against "external agression;" Amazon deforestation at record pace; deathbed dollars - right wing Christian groups raising bundles off Terri Schiavo case; Asia concerned as peak season for bird flu nears; Indonesia shuns tobacco treaty, may become Asia's ashtray; sub-sahara Africa spends money on arms, not aid; the race for the last drop of oil; "person of interest" label throwing suspects into limbo; pharmacists in 11 states refusing to dispense contraceptives; Natives wary of genetic study to trace roots; survey: 35 million Americans anti-semitic, 5% rise since 2002; survey: most Israelis don't want Arabs near them; the awkward business of Israeli spies; Israeli colonies in Gaza dig in to fight eviction; Nepal king lifts state of emergency; is Nepal's king just settling old scores? Iraqi Kurds quarrel, still no regional government; Iraq's water pollution brings return of children's cholera; Iraq's "garden of Eden" begins to blossom again; Iraq suicide bombers now everyday news; Iraqis charge U.S. operation on Syrian border killed civilians, not rebels; life in liberated Iraq a nightmare -- joint UN/Iraq report; Iraq has plenty of oil but no gasoline; the media's blackout of what happened in Falluja Iraq's unions a thorn in side of occupation; good news: filibuster deal means no vote on William Myers; Bush playing the race card to confirm judge Brown; Democrats failing to explain what's at stake in Senate filibusters; Congress to faceoff over rewrite of Endangered Species Act; Senate committee declines to endorse Bolton; brash as ever, Newt weighs run for White House; Schwarzenegger plays the race card as ratings sink; FDA nomination stalled over emergency contraceptive issue; grim outlook on world press freedom day - journalists under attack worldwide: "notable setbacks" to U.S. freedom of the press, CPJ names most dangerous places for journalists, press under scrutiny in former Soviet states, UN picks top ten ignored news stories; domestic terrorists called as dangerous as foreign; UN urged to declare human right to water; robots will soon replace children as camel jockeys; China sweatshops driving Africa sweatshops out of business; China tags Muslims as "terrorists" in oil-rich area; should terror be used to fight terrorists? why are women so scarce on the op/ed page? Sibel Edmonds: I am gagged, but not dead; why Bush never talks about the clawback; a coverup as shameful as Tillman's death; the tricky politics of woodpeckery.
> 133 APRIL, 2005 Earth Day's devolution; winners and losers on Earth Day; over $1 billion needed to contain ghosts of Chernobyl; nuclear fusion breakthrough with palm-sized device; Israel fears 'civil war' over Gaza pullout plans extremists plan widespread actions to distract Israeli forces from dismantling colonies; dodging the ugly news about Iraq; Bush abandons important treaty for spite; God's banker and the Pope's covert war; the Vatican's forgotten scandal ; Pentagon seeks to deny human rights to anyone designated 'enemy combatant'; Annan faces UN staff to boost morale; Annan's blueprint for UN reform shows U.S. pressure; the war for the UN; Japan union blames company pressure on train operators for crash; EPA program to detect bioterror a flop, warns Inspector General; much-hyped Mexico border vigilante patrol a bust; EPA nominee drops controversial pesticide study on children; Chile's private pensions were disaster for retirees; U.S. should be sympathetic to China's anti-Japan protests; China media blackout of anti-Japan protests in Beijing; behind China's anti-Japan riots; ChevronTexaco CEO closes investor's meeting to silence enviro; tax activist movement demands big business pay fair share; shareholder activists demand changes from big oil; Texas refinery blast raises safety questions; Cheney's hostile takeover of World Bank; Exxon, free-trade skeptics still trying to undermine Kyoto Treaty; Australia to shoot wild camels from helicopters; doctors link junk food to rise in childhood asthma; few U.S. war resisters heading for Canada; "ghost" prisoner resurfaces at Guantanamo; huge bottled water industry plays on fear of faucets; Bill Gates and the corporatization of American "public" schools; is Bush's call for democracy helping Islamist recruiters? boycott of LA Times shows advertising's power over media; when the advertiser - media marriage goes sour; Vatican steps backward into 21st century: selection of Ratzinger shows regressive wing of church in charge, Ratzinger crushed Latin church - will he listen as Pope? the media's Pope problem, right-wing Catholic order launches "megamission," "liberation theology" survived despite reactionary Vatican, with John Paul gone, hope for a Vatican II renaissance; conservative Islam, Christianity join in hatred of condoms; U.S. breaks 1994 UN agreement on birth control; evangelist James Kennedy bids to lead culture war; GOP courting black evangelicals; fallout from Schiavo case hits hospice movement; the tsunami's hundred days: remember those big tsunami pledges? most countries don't, new quake leaves Indonesians distrustful of government, tsunami women survivors still abused, ghosts keep tourists away from Phuket, weavers return to work after tsunami, new Sri Lanka fighting puts tsunami aid at risk; that wartime feeling returns to Lebanon; Lebanon fears return to bad old days; don't credit Bush for Lebanon's ouster of Syrian forces; Haiti uneasy as elections near; Haiti's political personality cults; only fraction of money pledged to Haiti actually paid; Marla Ruzicka's pursuit of justice: activist's death leads to new call for Iraq body count disclosure, Pentagon saw marla Ruzicka as ally; U.S. behind coups in Central America 25 years ago, Central Asia today; fall of Kyrghyzstan regime shocks Central Asia; why hasn't Bush opposed Nepal's coup? U.S. ramping up military support as India and England boycott; dust bowl conditions across Asia, desertification of Korea, China; China's quest for oil moves to Central Asia; VietNamese girls sold to Chinese men for "instant marriages;" Bush threatens Asian stability with fighter jet sales to Pakistan; Sharon prepares prison-state for Palestine; besides Israeli conflict, Palestinian women also victims of their own society; book reveals cruelty of Israel's military justice system; U.S. turns historic fort near mexico border into mercenary school; UAE latest Gulf nation to say "enough;" corruption draining Iraq's oil industry; Pentagon audits shows $212 million overcharge by Halliburton; the mystery hostages of Madain, Iraq; record number of injuries, fatalities for U.S. women soldiers in Iraq' Iraq terror spills over to Kuwait; top U.S. commander approved Iraq prisoner abuse, soldiers told to "beat the fuck out of" detainees; risk that U.S. troops will become "enforcers" for unstable government; homeland chief Chertoff quick to round-up immigrants; the new homeland security state; delay on Bolton vote marks defeat for hawks; liberal hawks ally with Neo-Con PNAC endorsing substantial boost in size of U.S. military; wiretaps up sharply as congress debates Patriot Act renewal; Repubs defending Bolton show character doesn't matter; John Bolton and the Western Sahara; Bolton plays nice at Senate hearing; WMD Commission became political tool to deflect blame from White House; Swiss company fined $375k for selling unauthorized GM corn; GM corn sent to Europe leads to antibiotic resistance; genetic crops harm wildlife, study finds; emission traders cash in, but don't cut pollution; cigarettes, not bird flu, is VietNam's big killer; who is killing the women of Ciudad Juarez: the Juarez women's murders, Juarez murders just tip of iceberg, violence against women in Latin America rarely reported; U.S. envoy played key role in Ecuador's latest regime change; Bush's new "axis of evil" - Castro and Chavez; Chavez seizes large Venezuela ranch under land reform; as soy farming booms, Argentina's forests vanish; Argentina's radioactive groundwater; Canada offers hard-core junkies free heroin in study; Canada ranchers sue government over mad cow; Canada's bloody seal hunt expands to ice floes; Russia's media freedoms under attack; Russia crackdown on beer; AIDS spreading in Russia at alarming pace; TB and AIDS an increasingly toxic mix; from the Vatican to Neverland; Bush won't dare go after real tax cheats; another cost of war: closed libraries; the Nazi shadow lingers.
> 132 MARCH, 2005 Schiavo case attracting extremists; why was Schiavo's bulimia ignored? Lake Michigan losing a billion gallons of fresh water daily; deciphering Pentagon code names on suspending the constitution; EPA and perchlorate; the Sharansky scandal; Wolfowitz confirmed as World Bank president: Wolfowitz promises "multinational" team, Bush pick of Wolfowitz for World Bank stirs questions, anger, advocacy groups insulted by Wolfowitz nomination, even UK unhappy with Wolfowitz at World Bank post, opposition to Wolfowitz quickly gathers steam; Congress to probe lost money at World Bank; World Bank gets $34 billion for controversial loan program; staff accuses World Bank of 'cooking the books'; World Bank may fund Israel wall checkpoints to "help" Palestinians; China passes law authorizing possible war with Taiwan; Rice surprises China with tough talk; "hell no," I won't resign, says Annan; Christian zionists vow Gaza showdown; Papal legacy a regressive church where dissent is crushed; Native press grapples with Red Lake shootings; outside media won't understand Red Lake story; John Bolton: an unforgivable choice as UN ambassador; shock as Bush appoints right-wing extremist to UN; Bolton faces fight for UN post; with Bolton at the UN, the Pentagon's back in control; major oil companies wary of drilling in ANWR; Pentagon report reveals Bush plans U.S. to be globocop; James Bond's real-life "M" says terror war muddled; Karen Hughes gets State Dept. post; Hughes' new job: make Muslims love Bush; Hughes' post gives Rice leverage over Rove, Cheney; U.S. court throws out suit by VietNam's agent orange victims; Madrid's train bombing still unsolved a year later; military recruiters finding fewer kids signing up; military recruiters face resistance from young anti-war activists; Latin immigrants race for U.S. border fearing crackdown; hundreds of whistleblower cases thrown out; U.S. on the wrong side as tobacco treaty takes effect; Americans grab most lucrative UN jobs; calls to silence university professor; the witch hunt of Ward Churchill: debate over "Indianness" a flashback to COINTELPRO, Churchill's defense; Afghan women burning themselves to death at alarming rate; Taliban's star again rising in Afghanistan; possibility of legal opium farms in Afghanistan studied; State Dept. awards U.S. a gold star in annual human rights report; Israel's euphoria over Lebanon wearing off; Shiite - Sunni conflict spreads to Lebanon in Hariri's assassination; Lebanon's massive debt leaves nation unstable as bill comes due from massive spending under Hariri; will democracy follow fall of Lebanon's government? Lebanon's Christian factions behind "spontaneous" demonstration; China crackdown on abortions of girls; Bush tries to make Iran a nuclear bogeyman; being a human shield in Haiti; Yvon Neptune and Haiti's political prisoners; Bush renewed military ties with Indonesia worries rights activists; U.S. warned Venezuela's Chavez about assassination plans; John Negroponte, chief of all spies; Bush's pick for director of national intelligence once oversaw an Afghan-style sanctuary for terrorists; UN genocide advisor says Darfur getting worse; tsunami nations to Europe: don't dump old fishing boats on us; fears of renewed Sri Lanka war as tsunami truce fades; Panama's cocaine / money laundering probe reopened; U.S. Muslims waiting to see if Gonzales better than Ashcroft; Saudi Arabia turns to Russia for arms sales; Iran considering national dress code; Native Mexicans face harassment, ridicule in cities; despite ban, Indonesian domestic workers still head for Persian Gulf; whistleblowers sue U.S. over firings; Iraq's devastation; anger and grief mark second anniversary of Iraq war; Iraq becomes kidnapping, Inc. misleading AP report: "Iraq coverage wasn't biased;" shooting of Italians rattles U.S. coalition; press orgs want full probe into Sgrena shooting; U.S. charges Halliburton ex-worker in multi-million $$ Iraq scam; Pentagon still won't hold top brass responsible for abuses; Kurdistan takes shape as a nation within Iraq; Italy bows out of Bush's coalition; Bush insists 'coalition of the willing' not crumbling; declining conditions for Iraq women - Amnesty International; rise of Iraq's Da'wa party bad news for U.S. interests; Bush admin shows no remorse for fake newscasts; stage set for historic battle over Bush judges; jobs bill will allow faith groups to discriminate in favor of religous; indecency is in the air as congress aims at cable TV; less porn, more Patriot Act, top Gonzales' to-do list; McCain pushes for non-paid TV coverage of candidates; Nepal rebellion not slowed by king's crackdown: journalists under attack in Nepal, Nepal's political parties join Maoists for all-out fight against king, Nepal farmer co-ops thrive in Maoist countryside, Nepal encouraging vigilante killings, India doesn't believe Nepal king's promises; Asian bird flu traced to 2001 VietNam origin; researchers worried over Thailand's bird flu experiments on humans; feds faked data showing Yucca Mtn. nuclear dump safe; pollution profiteering as the Kyoto protocol comes into force, a carbon rush is gaining steam in the financial industry; 15 of 24 "ecosystem services" that support life on earth at risk; a new gulf of Tonkin incident between VietNam - China; ex-Nazi cult leader finally caught in Argentina; toxic chemicals found in household dust across USA; pirate loggers turning 3rd largest rainforest into hardwood floors; for sale: Serbia's slightly used military might; racist "Elders of Zion" much older than thought; 40,000 children believed captive in Latin America sex rings; antiques the latest craze for China's new rich; $1.6 trillion needed to patch America's crumbling infrastructure; Canada's coal power plants may pit Kyoto vs. NAFTA; Neo-Cons call on Bush to seize the moment and press for Syria, Iran "regime change;" Bush plans triple-play: Syria, Iran, and Lebanon; Neo-Cons seek to create pro-U.S. "anti-Islamist institute;" global warming causes more severe forest fires; science panel links fried potatoes with cance; conditions in central Asia cotton farming called "medieval;" in land of poverty, Swaziland king buys $500k car; nicholas kristof's rebuttal to "the death of environmentalism" rehashes industry PR; remember Johnnie Cochran for much more than O.J. we can't forget Rachel Corrie; workers choke on Schwarzenegger's lunch break deal; as a governor, Schwarzenegger's a bad actor; my other me: sharing a social security number with an undocumented worker; Bush stands firm for more mercury poisoning; how dare Repubs talk about morality in Schiavo case? Tom DeLay sets a new definition for sleaze; Repubs push through loathsome bankruptcy bill; Rove sics the dogs on AARP; little reporting on paranoia in high places; why Iraq withdrawal makes sense; makes peace with the Iraq war; I was a Commie dupe.
> 131 FEBRUARY, 2005 A weary, guarded hope in Gaza; 100 day window for Mideast peace; a year after coup, Haiti still racked by violence; Arctic's Inuit to sue U.S. over global warming; previously unknown bacteria frozen 32,000 years comes back to life; Bush stand on Darfur genocide may force U.S. to join international criminal court; with Kyoto protocol launched, what now? Gore says Bush lacks moral courage to tackle global warming; Congress bypassing Bush on global warming policy; scientists warn that melting ice shelves may speed up glacial melt in a "cork out of bottle" effect; Teflon update; selective coverage of secret Bush tapes; the problems of Alberto Gonzales; Nepal king cuts off contact with outside world, arrests political opponents; Nepal settles into life under martial law, Nepal's donors threaten military aid cutoff, the king's desperate illusion, Bush ignores plea to cut off military aid, terror in Kathmandu as army runs amok, fear spreads as arrests continue, hundreds of political, labor leaders arrested, exiles vow to support rebels, martial law until rebel movement crushed; Hariri's assassination puts spotlight on Syria; Bush hawks likely to exploit Hariri assassination; Lebanon in shock from Hariri assassination; Rice European tour saw change in style, but not in substance; Bush quietly building up nuclear arsenal including new generation of longer lasting and sturdier "bunker buster" weapons; Rumsfeld's baby nukes and the terror war; Moscow says it's close to "unique" nuclear weapons; World Bank audit urges major overhaul; "Real ID" proposal threatens asylum seekers; world hunger could be easily cut in half for less than Bush is spending each month in Iraq, UN finds; government scientists told to fake research; White House skews science to fit goals, researchers say; California sues U.S. over budget abortion ban; vigilantes vow to patrol border and block Mexicans; Afghan countryside revolt feared if crackdown on opium; Guantanamo tribunals ruled illegal; U.S. citizen caught in terror war catch-22, held in Saudi jail since 2003; U.S. invokes "state secrets privilege" to block torture lawsuit; is U.S. working with anti-Iran terror group? Bush could bribe his way to Iran overthrow; Cheney won't rule out air attack on Iran -- by Israel; Bush Iran talk sounds like run-up to Iraq war; UN 'purges' suggest Annan caving in to U.S. pressure; Iraq oil-for-food audit finds no widespread abuse; rights group believes FBI monitoring web page readership; "black widow" trial spotlights new fear of possible women bombers; Iran's shadow falls over Baghdad as Shiite coalition takes almost half of the vote; Iraq election unites the west, not Iraq; will Kurds break away from Iraq? Turkey prepared to invade N Iraq if Kurds claim independence; Iraq economy balances on Turkey and its truck drivers; Turkey nervously watching Kurd region of Iraq; Iraq election fraud in Kurdish region, groups charge; U.S. and Polish troops looting Iraq artifacts, researcher says; Talabani the next president of Iraq? buoyed by elections, Kurds begin push for independence; female genital mutilation widespread in north Iraq; Russia looking for foothold in Iraq; tsunami tourists put strain on Indonesia's Aceh; ex-president tsunami tour signals end of U.S. humanitarian aid; Indonesia Red Crescent to foreign docs: get out; Osama, Islamicists silent on tsunami disaster; unguarded radiation sites in Chechnya a ticking bomb; neo-Nazis march in Dresden; Europe moves to ban swastika on Auschwitz anniversary; Neo-Con Wolfowitz represents U.S. at Holocaust ceremony - ideological group uses Holocaust to justify black/white world views; opposing groups get opposite results in ANWR polls; business tax evasion not seen as crime at DAVOS summit; Pentagon fights disclosure of "revolving door" for defense contractors, ex-workers; Bush turned foreign aid into strategic weapon after 9/11; U.S. appears indifferent to central Asia democracy movements; after West Bank wall, Israel plans Gaza trench; murder rate of Haiti street kids soaring; first person-to-person avian flu transmission confirmed; stem cells used to treat type 2 diabetes; viruses, grilled meat added to cancer-cause list; China giant poised to stomp high-tech, auto, aerospace among industries once thought "safe" for U.S. industry; Paraguay, Brazil saving ancient trails from search for "land without evil"; outside Pakistan's cities, childbirth often deadly; Burmese migrants find welcome wearing thin in Thailand; note written in blood led to probe of sex slave rings; Rolls-Royce among corporate backers of Burma regime; without warning, India bulldozes the great slums of Mumbai; brutal conditions in meat slaughterhouses found, federal regulators ignoring the most dangerous factory job; Neo-Cons want big boost in size of army; faith-based programs escape Bush budget cuts; Negroponte pick as intel chief seen as defeat for Neo-Cons; unclear if Neo-Cons still in driver's seat for 2nd term; the whistle-blower that Chertoff tried to silence; Bush budget hits environmental agencies hard; Bush budget seeks big boost in foreign aid; Bush budget slashes domestic program; Bush quietly drops 2002 budget pledge to poorest nations; not-so veiled threats against Iran in state of the union address; Bush embraces ideology of Israeli hardliners; Bush, Natan Sharansky's mutual admiration society; Neo-Con Elliott Abrams moves to center stage in U.S. foreign policy; Iraq war led to boycott of U.S. businesses abroad; drug mafia running Mexico's top security prisons; media begins looking at women prisoners beyond Martha Stewart; Serbia's best-selling authors: accused war criminals; cruise ships dumping tons of waste in Caribbean waters; suicide on rise in Europe, particularly among youth; "carbon sinks" could help fight climate change, report says; nuclear waste project divides Utah's Skull Valley tribe; World Bank warns of a world of "silent forests;" Galapagos islands at risk from illegal fishing, Ecuador's politics; Bush seeking to quash Whistleblower Protection Act; Schwarzenegger and the press; advice to Schwarzenegger: don't be a captive of prison-industrial complex; why has the government waited until now to declare that x-rays are carcinogenic? tsunami aid contrasts with neglect of Asia's greater crises; Texas wants to tighten screws on pregnant minors; Repubs finally shove through anti-class action law; anatomy of a class action; the witch hunt of father Paul Shanley; Hunter S. Thompson a willing captive of the Gonzo myth.
> 130 JANUARY, 2005 World shaken by tsunami catastrophe: tsunami survivors say aid agencies aren't listening to them, now it's bird flu worry in tsunami-hit Asia, China defends 'nominal' role in tsunami relief effort, there's more to disaster mitigation than just a warning system, Europe warns against tsunami adoptions, Europe proposal to 'rescue' tsunami orphans draws ire, many tsunami-hit nations wary of debt freeze, tsunami survivors fear return to fishing, Indonesia requests pen-pals for tsunami children, under pressure some oil-rich states boost tsunami aid, tsunami aid turning into garbage in India province, India black market trying to get hands on tsunami aid, Aceh fears Christian missionaries will steal tsunami orphans, enviros falsely charged with exploiting tsunami, UN expects big donors to skip out on disaster aid, catastrophe as photo-op, flood of aid to Asia may come at expense of other disasters, world judging wealthy nations by how they respond to catastrophe, despite disaster, Indonesia continues fight against rebels, where are Burma's earthquake casualties? $9 billion found missing from Iraq accounts; White House calls off WMD search, but war still "absolutely" worth it, Bush says; in Mosul, Iraq solders turn from hunter to hunted; abuse, torture by Iraqi police called routine; UK shocked by Iraq prisoner torture by its own soldiers; U.S. and Polish troops destroyed artifacts at ruins of Babylon; U.S. forces in Iraq follow Israel's lead: collective punishment of public; war on terror ignores root causes, global report says; U.S. hiding info on Guantanamo abuse, ACLU charges; Monsanto collecting million$ by suing farmers; Human Rights Watch taps U.S. and Sudan as 2004 worst offenders; Homeland nominee was behind roundup of Muslims after 9/11; another Pentagon advisory board slams Bush admin over Iraq; UN oil-for-food audit finds much ado about not much; Iraqi election workers resigning under threat; Iraq rebel force 2x U.S. estimate, says Iraqi spy chief; many of Rumsfeld's "new Europe" nations among those now announcing troop reductions and pullouts; Muqtada al-Sadr's army eases Baghdad fuel woes; father of killed U.S. soldier brings aid to Iraqis; Wolfowitz' Indonesia visit was for military ties, not tsunami aid; possible U.S. "death squads" in Iraq send chills to those who remember El Salvador; Iraq election: how democracy (isn't) done: vote or lose your food rations Iraqis were threatened, election hardly a "historic day" for Iraq, Arab media split over Iraq election, Iraqi-Americans frustrated by U.S. restrictions on voting, unknown candidates and unknown polling places, first-time Iraqi voters face ballot from hell, Iraq elections worry neighbor countries, even Kurds uneasy over Iraq vote, Kurds rush to polling places, Kurd parties strong-arm voters, Arabs in N Iraq fear ethnic cleansing after election, Kurd power brokers have decided region's election outcome, Kurds anger over finding Saddam's men on ballot, Kurdistan gets taste of war with U.S. attack mistake, wave of Kurd refugees flood into Kirkuk, return to Kurdistan; Afghanistan "dark alliance" sparks new opium war; Palestinian election over, Abbas' honeymoon may be short; Gaza killings ends Abbas' election honeymoon; slippery "landslide" for Abbas; U.S. now downplaying goal of Middle East democracy; U.S. media misses key message in latest bin Laden tape; ACLU report traces jailing, torture of innocent Muslims after 9/11; Chinese hostages in Iraq spotlight China's global reach; White House tightens Homeland secrecy rules; Gonzales narrowly wins approval by Senate committee; Cheney delivers the real inaugurial speech; unclouded by doubt, Bush vows freedom-spreading; international poll: please, not another four years of Bush; champagne and pepper spray herald Bush inauguration; women's rights in the balance as Dems ponder "red state" appeal; Neo-Conservatives apparently losing ear of White House; the other Armstrong Williams scandal - flacking for big tobacco; Armstrong Williams payoff just latest Bush media scandal; Gonzales faces stormy hearing over torture memos; Ag secretary hearing becomes gripe session on mad cow policy; Rice steps away from Neo-Cons with pick for deputy post at State Dept; cancel the inauguration parties, give the millions to tsunami victims; Bush lifts Canadian beef ban as new mad cow case found; rainforest tribe fighting Ecuador army, Argentine oil company over drilling; Alaska oil spill cleanup slow - still unknown how much dumped; the mystery of Musa al Sadr; Sudan ends Africa's longest civil war; Argentina media monopoly control of broadcasting unchanged since days of military dicatorship; smokers most at risk from radon gas in homes; female genital mutilation moves into hospitals; UNOCAL agrees to settle forced labor suit over Burma oil pipeline; Nigeria rushes to privatize water supply; scientists pin Europe's 2003 heat wave on global warming; Tehran air pollution reaches critical levels; "dream" act green-card bill would force Latinos into military; is public education working? the real CBS scandal: when 60 minutes promoted WMD fantasies; Schwarzenegger's dismal education ideas; GOP launches campaign to kill social security; is al Qaeda just a Bush boogeyman? backing Gonzales is backing torture; a shaky media taboo - withdrawal from Iraq; the CIA's new campus spies; will Israel keep America in Iraq? is Bush wearing a heart attack harness? why do historians ignore Noam Chomsky?
> 129 DECEMBER, 2004 2004 Wayward Press awards: the "passive press," and how it fails to serve the public interest; AP picks terror, Iraq as 2004 top stories; how Bush can show America's not stingy; largest relief operation in world history underway in Asia; Bush defensive as aid effort lumbers into action; reaction to quake disaster shows India's divide; earthquake disaster underscores rich nation aid shortfall; Christmas quake spotlights risk to coastal nuclear plants; a year after Saddam's capture, Iraq chaos worsens; prisoner abuses continue in Iraq, Guantanamo; U.S. military blocking medical care from reaching Iraqis; Iraq war shouldn't be a video game - but it is; Arab leaders see Iraq vote as sham, but back election; U.S. lays out plans to hand over Iraqi oil fields to corporations; U.S. denies Red Cross charge of Guantanamo torture; Iraq contractors spending heavy on private armies, armor; Iraqi and U.S. forces ignored Falluja injured following siege; total clampdown on Falluja media coverage; Falluja, 2004, guernica, 1937; U.S. troops pile into Iraq in record numbers; Allawi viewed as new Saddam by many Iraqi; Iraq debt relief puts country in IMF hands; Iraq hospitals still waiting for basic medical supplies; UN reverses, agrees to send more staff to Iraq; growing discontent over Rumsfeld among GOP, military; new study links risk of autism to mercury in vaccines; U.S. has mishandled billion$ in Iraq, audits show; Bush ignoring Darfur genocide, groups charge; Putin says Russia developing new breed of nuclear missiles; Bush wants to cut aid to key allies for backing international criminal court; Bush narrowly wins intelligence reform; Yushchenko easy win, Yanukovych vows to challenge; despite election defeat, Yanukovych wields considerable power; Ukraine runoff election goes smoothly; opposing wings of Catholic church take sides in Ukraine election; Ukraine revolution inspired by neighbors, sponsored by U.S.; eastern Ukraine views Yushchenko's party with suspicion; Serbs teaching Ukraine protesters civil disobedience; Ukrainian devotion to Yushchenko at core of election crisis; Yushchenko victim of massive dioxin poisoning; FBI again spying on domestic organizations in name of terror war; UN, Kofi Annan dismiss right-wing calls for his resignation; right wingers target Kofi Annan and UN; U.S. army deserters seek Canadian asylum; Afghans angered, sickened by anti-drug spraying; Bush denied new generation of nukes; fight against terrorist money laundering going nowhere; Bush losing war for Muslim hearts and minds, Pentagon finds; Japanese forces to stay in Iraq for another year; Pinochet indictment cheered by regime's survivors; after Pinochet's trial, Kissinger's should follow; Gary Webb's legacy; Gary Webb and the art of the CIA coverup; Haiti wants to extradite Aristide from S Africa time for Bush to "get serious" about prosecuting soldiers, rights group says; Muslim scholars seek to rein in "sheikhs of death;" Kosovo prime minister charged with murder; first trial of Albanians for war crimes against Serbs; Pakistan's Musharraf lobbies to be Middle East peacemaker; Australian conservatives vow to battle enviros; as dollar drops, China's yuan in line to be next world currency; Bush loses out as China, Iran, draw close; convicts react to Scott Peterson death sentence; Laci Peterson's murder not unique; Palestinian economy crushed after four years of Israeli crackdown; Caterpillar pressured to end bulldozer sales to Israel; Israel's war on Palestinian olive trees; human rights watchdogs increasingly face attacks themselves; central Asia using terror war to justify human rights abuse; India court tells Coke and Pepsi to include toxic warning label; U.S. negotiators try to justify Bush global warming position; hard times for Afghan women, children; foreign student numbers at lowest in 3 decades, perception that outsiders not welcome in America; half of world's workers make less than $2/day; super-hawks sending Bush their wish lists on next country to attack; neo-cons target N Korea regime change; despite Iraq quagmire, neo-cons demand actions against Syria; Target Iran; central America in bloody war on gangs; big tobacco's plans to lure new Asian smokers; anti-smoking is discrimination, big tobacco ad campaign says; India moderates want Hindu temples to account for huge donations; Brazil's hit soap opera traces nation's class conflict; family planning groups fear impact of four more years of Bush; Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and presidential vote controversy; Congress playing up the values of middle-Americans while quietly wreaking economic chaos on them; battle over future of civil rights panel looms; states give up waiting for Bush leadership on global warming; AIDS pandemic in Asia could match Africa's; Brazil threatens to ignore patents on new AIDS meds; U.S. wants rights to patent S America genetic biodiversity; Native people's DNA being illegally sold on Internet, Brazil charges; "hobbit" humans may have lived recently, Southeast Asians say; new rules would protect GM seed makers from crop contamination suits; Philippine president blames storm deaths on illegal loggers; with Afghan government in place, long-stalled pipeline project moves forward; oil-rich Arab nation looks to renewable energy; millions of child deaths unreported every year; Hmong angush over hunting tragedy; blacks who oppose gay rights shame Rev. King's legacy; MIT has covered up role in scientific missle test fraud; Bush upfront about plans to kill social security; the GOP's sabotage of social security; Kerik's 'nannygate' was the least of it; Pakistan and the true WMD threat; red states love their sleaze, too; myths of 'good' and 'bad' nuclear weapons; remembering Che and the Gueveras.
> 128 NOVEMBER, 2004 Darfur and the politics of slaughter in Sudan, oil, weapons interests block UN action against Sudan, weapons pour into Sudan from many countries, time running out for Darfur, UN's Annan says, Sudan denies forced relocations of Darfur refugees; neo-cons deliver "checklist" of what they expect from Bush; Rice's views on foreign policy mostly unknown; Rice gets State Dept. despite poor record of diplomacy, management - deferred to the hawks, especially Cheney, more than she sided with Powell; Cheney's man gets top national security post; Powell's real job was lending Bush his credibility; Alberto Gonzales controversial choice for Attorney General; Bush gets chilly congratulations from UN; Bush let Iraq's real dangers slip away - top weapons experts missing; Iraq, Afghan voting may backfire, studies show; UN report: fighting terror does not justify torture; the Iraqi judge who knew too much -- and was fired for it; Iraq uprising spreads after battle of Falluja; Falluja "victory" could undermine U.S.-backed Iraq government; terror bombs, snipers, reportedly used against Falluja civilians; 800 civilians feared dead in Falluja, Red Cross says; U.S. forces attacks Falluja despite warnings of blowback; Iraq rage builds over Falluja attack; Falluja will light the fuse that ignites Iraq; key evidence for Saddam trial has disappeared; murder of CARE director no longer news in Iraq; eyewitness accounts to U.S. raid of Baghdad mosque; open probe of soldier who killed wounded Iraqi needed, group says; Allawi, Annan, feud over Iraq election monitors; UN probes reports of British torture in Iraq; U.S. a key player in oil-for-food scandal, ex-UN aide says; taking stock of 100,000 Iraqi deaths; who comes after Arafat? remembering Arafat, violence at Arafat mourning dims hope of peace, Arafat shunned by rulers, revered by the people, Israel, U.S. still don't understand Arafat's appeal, Israel created image of Arafat as obstacle to peace, Arafat's death first test for post-election Bush, Arafat led Palestinians for 35 years despite all odds, Arafat's hot/cold relationship with Iran, Arab world wonders about Palestine after Arafat, wary Palestinian, Arab media praises Arafat, avoids talk of succession, did Arafat have a secret political "last testament?" Rumsfeld encourages return of "dirty war" tactics in S America; anti-APEC forum shows downside of free trade deals for Chile; mystery surrounds Iran nuclear capability - actual program and materials, or just wild stories spread by dissidents? Bush response to Kyoto ratification: drill in ANWR; U.S. charges India with helping Iran on covert nuke program; Iraqi women on U.S.-sponsored tour of America to praise invasion; river full of human waste runs through nation's capitol; Iraq vet facing court martial after reporting his platoon was ill-equipped; U.S. army recruiters leave no Latino youth behind; France criticized for heavy counterattack on Cote D'Ivorie after 9 french soldiers and a U.S. aid worker killed; Brazil abuzz after evidence found of secret terror archives from 1964 military coup; common synthetic fragrances found to harm wildlife, humans; Saudi Arabia silent on promised local elections after several women announce they will run for office; Afghan farmers harvesting bumper crop of opium; China re-nationalizes thousands of private oil wells; India marchers protest Coca-Cola pollution, water use; Israeli child abuse on the increase as Intifadah continues; Gaza withdrawl will launch new era for Israel; Ukraine election stolen by pro-Russia factions, opposition says, Ukraine on verge of civil war, Ukraine key to Russia's dream of economic empire. Ukraine protesters mob cities, charging presidential election stolen. Ukraine election "fraudulent" says EU, Yanukovych voters feared change, Yushchenko voters see life of misery without reforms, has Putin lost the Ukraine? Malaysia fears payback after leader endorsed Kerry; feds ignore evidence that biotech corn can produce allergies; three condoms a year max for most African men; leftists win power in Uruguay for first time; Philippines only behind Iraq as most deadly place for journalists; Burma's generals dump prime minister appointed just last year to show junta as moderate; cost of rice skyrocketed in 2004; Brazil could become major biofuel producer; Guantanamo ex-prisoner faces hatred back home - in Sweden; half the American harvest goes to waste; sanctions were key to Libya compromise, not fear of U.S. attack; U.S.- backed "liberators" broadcasting propaganda to Iran; new Spainish government moves away from Catholic church; gem dealers still buying "blood diamonds;" thousands say "sorry" for Bush win; Nader and others say questions linger on Bush win; the big question after Bush win: how aggressive will he be? women's groups brace for return of backroom abortion era; world headlines react to Bush win; unions say don't blame us for Bush victory; minority communities strongly backed Kerry; Kerry volunteer view: don't blame the mobilization effort; don't credit the Bible-thumpers for Bush victory; Bush, Republican right claim mandate; Christian conservatives take credit for Bush win; how will gays cope under Bush's culture war? where were Michael Moore's slacker voters? John Kerry's shining hours: Kerry's Contra cocaine investigation, the senator who exposed the criminal bankers; neo-cons mirror former Soviet apparatchiks they despised; Tom DeLay shows what Republican ethics are made of; the parable of Vioxx; media plays ball with Bush on Iraq; the holy war wars; will Montana become the radical's redoubt? how to talk to talk radio.
> 127 OCTOBER, 2004 The Failure: Bush's reckless, dangerous presidency; did Bin Laden really offer Kerry voters a deal? both Bush, Kerry endorse return to "guest worker" programs; Iraq Christians ask Bush for special protection zone; neo-cons plot groundwork for World War IV; did Saddam really try to kill Bush Sr? apparently not; Saddam's nuclear weapon toolbox is missing, UN says; Duelfer report debunks last excuse for Iraq invasion; why Iran wants four more years; Australia made secret deal with oil company to sue Greenpeace; Russia endorsement of Kyoto treaty adds pressure on Bush; Russia gains economic boost by ratifying Kyoto; kidnapping becomes Iraq's growth industry; fate of hostages becomes wildcard in Iraq crisis; should the media broadcast Iraq hostage videos? U.S. rejects Saudi plan for all-Muslim UN force; 500 national security experts say Bush policies spur rebellion; UN unions want staffers out of Iraq; Bush no champion of Afghan women, groups say; Bush sends anti-feminist group to Iraq for 'women in politics' projec; U.S. has 'disappeared' 11 terror war prisoners; FBI seizes Indymedia servers in UK; Bush Admin pleads for other nations to fund Iraqi water, power reconstruction; Afghanistan election called sham: high Afghan vote counts don't predict democracy, lack of observers, ink fiasco puts Afghan vote to question, Afghan voters charge fraud, ask election halted, Afghani women threatened over vote, Afghani men control whether or not women vote, very few international observers will monitor Afghan election; billion$ needed to stabilize Afghanistan; Israel split over Gaza withdrawl plan; who - or what - comes after Arafat leaves the scene? Israel's attack on Gaza aims to stop peace process; rumors, conspiracy theories swirl around Beslan tragedy; Nepal nearing collapse as Maoists winning civil war; "Fahrenheit 9/11" plays Cairo; arms buyers shun UN registry - largest customer was Saudi Arabia, buying $33.5 billion of U.S. weapons; FBI again collecting info on U.S. Muslims; U.S. bars moderate Muslim scholar from teaching; Iraqi ports blocked, polluted by hundreds of shipwrecks; Bush trying to scrap laws that bar export of toxics; Argentina using ad money to pressure, or even destroy, newspapers; gays still being booted from military, report says; breakthrough anti-malaria drug begins tests; new California law allows domestic violence defense; Belarus election surprise as voters get discount booze, food; Wal-Mart: mega-sales trump culture, history; Central America death squads murder teens suspected of gang membership; Central American migrants ride "train of death" to U.S; Schwarzenegger gets failing grade on immigrant issues; Burma's hardline generals now in control of country; Colombia's paramilitaries quietly taking over government; U.S. military presence to double in Colombia; Cheney's El Salvador lie; India outsourcing centers hiring hi-tech workers from West; unions prohibited for airline baggage screeners; Spain at the forefront of gay rights; cell phone use linked to brain tumor; House Repubs, Demos unite linking Iraq to 9/11; will California's harsh 3-strikes law finally be fixed? Berkeley looks to decriminalize prostitution; most Bush supporters still believe his story on Iraq; black voter registration breaking records; absentee voting too easy, too much fraud; Bush, Kerry make last-minute pitch for Latin votes; sour U.S. economy could be factor in tight election; deserting GOP moderates could sink Bush hopes; new voters face ID demands, intimidation at polls; soldiers also caught in GOP voting list purge; international election monitors here to scrutinize U.S. voting; voter intimidation will be factor in U.S. election; fears of military draft draws new generation of voters; 527 groups nearly match all 2002 political donations; Kerry learned from Gore's mistake: don't take Blacks for granted; the expert class abandons Bush; swing voters hunted by both parties; there's something about Mary (Cheney); Kerry:Bush contest a replay of Humphrey:Nixon; "Granny D" fights uphill battle for Senate seat; the scandals of Tom DeLay; Pinochet once again in court, Pinochet's victims seek to freeze his secret bank accounts, new terror, chaos in Haiti: U.S. lifts Haiti arms embargo as violence grows, Haiti's ex-military on rampage, both sides blames the other for Haiti's bloody violence; Uruguay won't extradite ex-generals tied to Operation Condor, fears in Chile that Pinochet's allies making a comeback; nuclear experiments in South Korea raise concern; Iran gas pipeline could ease India-Pakistan tensions; Native American 'shadow wolves' helping train Easterm Europe guards L illegal gold mining ruins Nigeria farmlands; polluters face fewer lawsuits under Bush EPA; endangered animals ending up in Asia's cooking pots; many fish headed for extinction unless action taken now; global warming will decimate Arctic, scientists warn; plan to bury greenhouse gas won't work, experts say; what to do with Iraq "garden of eden" marshlands? the New York Times vs. Michael Moore; with Cassini's orbit, science trumps ignorance; Italy's Berlusconi problem; could truce after intensifying Iraq war be October Surprise? Kerry, Bush, ignore the core issues in terror war: Israel and Palestine; a 21st century book-burning; the scandal of Sinclair; CIA won't release damning 9/11 report until after election; Kerry most liberal senator? we wish; anybody but Bush crowd forgets '60s movement; typefaces, forgeries, and why the Nazis banned Fractura.
> 126 SEPTEMBER, 2004 Iraq sinking from bad to worse; rebels control more of Iraq than they did last year; Iraq chaos puts January elections in question; the NSC is trying to discredit me, Chalabi says; riots in Nepal after killing of hostages in Iraq; Saddam and his cronies skimmed billions from Iraq via fake contracts, which Bush, Blair eventually used as the "proof" that wmd were being concealed; Bush could lose Australia support for Iraq war in Oct. election; Israel, neo-con ties at core of new spy probe; battle of Najaf ends in stalemate; Iraq police attacked hope of democracy in Najaf bloodshed; Muqtada Al-Sadr emerges as key player in Iraq; Cat Stevens incident pulls rug from under moderate Muslims; Spain's Zapatero tells UN: new alliance of peace needed; class action suit by Ground Zero cleanup workers; blame global warming for Florida's hurricane conga line; Latino casualties in Iraq higher than average; 2008 Olympics will open China to world's scrutiny; deserter's hearing could expose N Korea's secrets; Project Censored 2003-2004; Bush sends Russia sympathies, but gave asylum to Chechnya separatist; Russia blocked, harassed reporters trying to cover school terror story ; arms sales may top $1 trillion for 2004, Bush spending about $1.15 billion a day; Iraqis, Afghans wary of joining U.S.-created armies; UN may pull most staffers out of Afghanistan; Afghan warlords will control voting in most of country; Haiti's blood-stained army returns; Bush to turn neighborhood watch program into operation snitch; assault weapons legal again, thanks to NRA, congress, Bush; ex-general wins Indonesia election by landslide; Indonesia in denial about home-grown terrorists; TB and AIDS becomes joint African epidemic; poor women gave Veneuela's Chavez his win; Venezuela's media a study in bias; Bush and the Christian zionists; Israeli makes another hit on Syria with Hamas assassination; after new Israel bombings, construction of the wall to speed up; forced sterilization of Europe's Roma charges raised; Wal-Mart building megastore next to famed historic site, only a few isolated artifacts on site, claims U.S. retail giant; will Iraq erase Saddam years from history schoolbooks? back to school, back to junk food; Brazil debates future of the Amazon: privatize or not? Central Asia finds independence a mixed bag, failing economies, power remains centralized in hands of very few; Operation Condor still alive, ex-president's daughter says; millions of low-wage Asian jobs going to lower-wage China; Latin America's brutal prisons called schools for crime; interview: ex-DIA career officer says no true intel reform; "recovered factories" Argentina's great victory; Darwin back in Serb schools after public outcry; groups coming to U.S. to monitor Nov. election; 600 pro-choice Repubs hold gala outside GOP "big tent;" it's Kerry by a landslide if other countries could vote; despite Schwarzenegger's pitch, GOP no immigrant's friend; Kerry wins decisive debate victory at a decisive time; Arab media watches GOP convention anxiously; GOP convention overlooks U.S. approved terrorists; Bush admin has weakened heath, safety agencies, watchdog group says; Bush targets orthodox Jewish voters; with 6 weeks to go, Kerry finally confronts Iraq; a flash of honesty from Bush: the rich dodge taxes; disenfranchisement of ex-felons may again guarantee Bush election; big donors carefully give to both Bush, Kerry; Kerry invited backlash by cultivating war-hero image; the anti-war Kerry is missing in action; the GOP convention of fear; Kerry's pro Iraq war position troubling many voters; Bush health care plan windfall for industry; Bush to Kerry: keep off public land; free trade pact could spur cigarette boom in Asia; flame retardant chemicals found in food on grocery shelves; slave-like conditions in Brazil's charcoal industry; mercenaries find Africa good for business; Bush destroying National Guard with Iraq war; Bill O'Reilly's war with hip-hop; why Bush said we can't win war on terror; Ashcroft's planned terrorist show trials not making it to court; new cold war with Russia looms in Middle East; Tom DeLay's triple bank shot of corruption; Bush ignoring the first rule of holes; the questions are about Bush, not Ben Barnes; GOP proves it's not two Americas, but two different planets; Rove's brain and media manipulation; what would America look like if it were in Iraq's current situation?
> 125 AUGUST, 2004 The Iraq "hand-over" that wasn't, Iraqis have little control over security, security has worsened, the economy has not picked up; Iraq anger against Americans growing despite hand-over; poll: Iraq war top concern of voters, foreign policy trumps economy for first time since Vietnam; U.S. now in exactly the same position as Saddam in 1991, violently crushing a Shiite uprising; first Iraq assembly turns into fight over Najaf; 'staggering amount' of cash missing in Iraq, $8.8 billion gone; Iraq avoids UN dues by crying poverty; U.S. soldier files lawsuit over extended service catch-22; Bush administration quietly admits global warming real ; Bush announces largest troop redeployment since WWII; as many as 40 migrant workers dead in building Olympic site; Olympics planners ignored environmental measures; Bush pick to head CIA unlikely to reform agency; Japan's worst reactor accident killed 4; White House revealed identity of key spy in al-Qaeda; aid groups charge U.S. with extortion tactics in Afghanistan; UN wary of returning to supervise Iraq elections; neither U.S. or NATO willing to be responsible for fair Afgan elections; Justice Dept. covered up FBI link to al-Qaeda operative; private contractors have become hidden branch of military in Iraq; USDA cheated black farmers out of muti-billion dollar settlement; frightened Iraqi Christians flee to Syria; Iran abruptly ends trial into Canadian journalist's death; neo-cons revive Committee on the Present Danger; Venezuela's Chavez wins mandate in huge voter turnout , opposition leader hints at assassination attempt; Pakistan keeping Taliban alive, analyists say; business near standstill in Baghdad, merchants complain; Arab leaders wary of sending troops to Iraq; vast number of aliens in prisons run by private U.S. contractors; DuPont denies it withheld studies showing teflon health risks; polluted U.S. beaches closing in record numbers; minorities rarely seen working in U.S. newsrooms; oil found off Cuba shores, but no windfall for Castro; Bush must reverse course on Iran, former diplomats urge; N Iraq land disputes could be next flashpoint; Afghanistan's lone female presidential candidate fights for votes; charges of fraud as Afghan election campaign begin; Palestinians living in Iraq on hard times since Saddam's fall; Israel's Bedouin Arab minority may be next Intifada; ships face renewed risk of pirates; 'fetal pain' law next goal of anti-abortion groups; Olympics, UN, U.S. shun Burma after year of broken promises; the outsourcing of American jobs : training my overseas replacement, the China price, India making $12 billion/year via outsourcing, jobs in Spain shifting to Eastern Europe, "productivity" a straw man in the outsourcing debate; rape is "weapon of war" in Darfur region of Sudan; Bush stands behind Colombia president despite ties to drug kingpin; Colombia's bloody war ignored by media; U.S. shrimp industry wants Bush to shake down Third World farmers; cleanup begins on lead contamination along Mexico border; "blood diamond" smuggling continues despite clamp down; neo-cons, realists, fight over Iran policy; Latino workers not fooled by Bush "American dream" rhetoric; FBI investigating GOP convention protesters; massive protest as GOP convention begins; anti-Bush marchers may not be pro-Kerry voters; up to 500,000 protesters at non-violent NYC march; demonstrators remind GOP that Ground Zero still toxic; GOP boasts minorities almost 20% of the delegates at convention; Obama likely to be Senate's only Black for years to come; growing fears of cancelled, postponed election; Bush must love hawkish Democratic party platform; Alan Keyes candidacy no laughing matter; oil, gas giants pouring $$ into Bush campaign; Bush support eroding among Florida's Cubans; candidates' wives still trivialized by press; Fox News crossing dangerous lines : for worse, Fox News can't be ignored, Fox News just part of the Murdoch spin; oceans have used up third of capacity to absorb carbon emissions; should the bones of Rwanda be silenced? revolt against Microsoft monopoly spreads through European governments; charges that Australia funded covert Indonesia "disruption" program; Japan honors WWII dead, including war criminals; calling al-Sadr "radical" is a misrepresentation and an insult to all those who oppose foreign occupation; a different world inside privately-run prison; unanswered questions of "Fahrenheit 9/11"; police expanding powers by collecting DNA from arrestees; leading source of children's books partners with big oil; Bush's Vietnam years deserve "Swift Boat scrutiny"; thank Bush for lost right to overtime; Kerry must answer Iraq questions Bush can't; canada: living next door to the simpsons; Kerry's great strength: patriotic protest; networks' shameful excuses for poor convention coverage; Kerry gets free pass from anybody but Bush crowd; Kerry makes a strong case for Nader; talk radio says "Fahrenheit 911" illegal, or at least, offensive; talk radio's latest low: military duty as "resume padding" Cheney speaks to the reptile brain.
> 124 JULY, 2004 Losing the war against AIDS, AIDS mainstream now talking the talk of activists, hecklers accuse U.S. AIDS czar of lying, Bush's AIDS relief plan will delay drugs, reward big pharma, condoms a women's rights issue in AIDS fight, UN warns Asia it faces AIDS catastrophe, AIDS explodes in Asia, East Europe, AIDS pandemic sweeps Africa, Bush gives cold shoulder to world AIDS conference, AIDS groups ask Bush for more money, less ideology; no nation offers troops to protect UN staff in Iraq; Doctors Without Borders pulls out of Afghanistan after 24 years; Sudan warns foreign troops to stay out; Pentagon admits ties to U.S. mercenaries in Afghanistan; take intel operations away from Pentagon, 9/11 panel says, most money goes to spying on foreign militaries rather than on suspected terrorists; secrecy is CIA's secret weakness; Bush again blocks funds to UN population fund; who will defend Saddam in court? Arab nationalism will be on trial with Saddam trying Saddam may be a double-edged sword for Bush; now that Iraq arms embargo lifted, countries vie to sell it new weapons; top CIA man says Iran, not Iraq, gassed Kurds in 1988; Iraq war has cost average U.S. household at least $3,000; Supreme Court rules "enemy combatants" have rights; few militants surrender as Saudi amnesty expires; expect lots of "dead time" at the Baghdad embassy; Iraq: archives, libraries devastated by war, looting; spiral of revenge killings in Baghdad; China using terror war as excuse to repress Muslim minority; the new Afghan crisis: who owns what? liberals hang on to power in Canada; revolving door between Pentagon and arms maker; the problems of Fahrenheit 9/11; Halliburton fires two top execs over kickback scheme; uproar in S Korea after beheading of hostage in Iraq; Philippines did the right thing in pulling out of Iraq; despite hostage crisis and ban, Filipino workers head to Iraq; Saddam's ex-prisoners feel left out of trial; legacy of liberia's civil war: garbage, shrapnel, carcasses; court requires FCC to rethink rules on concentration of broadcast ownership; Israel apartheid system bars marriage to Palestinians; Native Americans want apology - as a first step; natural gas deal may link Iran, India, Burma; Pakistan "honor killing" of women lives on; Iran youth drug abuse "getting out of control;" Caribbean nations uneasy about "re-engaging" Haiti; struggle between messianic vs. the militarist visions of a greater Israel; U.S. leads in tying poor nation donations to expensive trade deals; Coca-Cola accused of draining aquifers in desert India region; Colombia launches massive offensive against rebels with U.S. help; Colombia civil war at 40 years; forced labor still common in Burma, despite junta's vow; the Pentagon's secret sonic devices that can inflict pain or even permanent deafness; Starbucks faces angry brew of workers and activists; UN, U.S. won't call Sudan killings 'genocide;' soap operas play role in Venezuela's battle for power; embattled Venezuela president Chavez popularity grows as recall approaches; "slave conditions" for Asian workers in Saudi Arabia; Bush targets "heart of western Arctic" for oil drilling; NY court rules felons have no constitutional right to vote; Nader: "the politics of fear shuts down their brain;" Kerry needs big turnout of blacks, latinos; Kerry: a lighter shade of Bush; House GOP breaking rules to protect the worst aspect of the Patriot Act; only 17% have a "very positive view" of grumpy old Cheney; Kerry taps into enviro anger at Bush; John Edwards could restore demos credibility among blacks; pro-choice Repubs stake claim to be party "silent majority;" Yucca mountain: the 10,000 year question, court rejects 10,000 year radioactive safety limit, Bush forging ahead with Yucca mountain project, nuclear waste fund a $15 billion slush account to hide fed deficits; fish disappear from Egypt's "toilet lakes;" severe Aral Sea pollution even altered DNA in central Asia; millions of children "slaves" behind closed doors as domestic child laborers; Bush seeks to exempt huge factory farms from pollution rules; northern China facing water disaster; Bayer backs away from attempt to suppress pesticide safety data; Iran rife with bribery, kickback demands; Australia right-wing demanding full disclosure of NGOs; Bill Cosby rant stirs up black press; media attention has replaced negotiation as the terrorists' reward; enriched by the booming opium trade, Bush's Afghanistan warlord allies will not surrender their power; macho politics: Schwarzenegger's "girlie men" and Dubya's "bring it on;" Iraq missing from topics at Demo convention; Kerry gets no bounce from Beantown bash; GOP still clueless about "lady" issues; an excuse-spouting Bush is busted by 9/11 report; candidate Kerry a yawner; Democrats should welcome Nader, but won't; the lessons of Whoopi, how to fight back against right-wing radio.
> 123 JUNE, 2004 Debunking Reagan: remembering the real Reagan, Bush & crew learned "class warfare" tactics from Reagan, the Iran-contra coverup, waiting for the death truck in Nicaragua, Reagan's destructive revolution, media's sin of omission in reverent Reagan coverage, talk radio turned Reagan's coffin into soapbox, no kindly grandpa, Reagan was cold, indifferent, Reagan administration aided Saddam's worst genocide, Reagan's blur between truth and fiction, Gorby took lead role in ending cold war, Reagan's legacy of woes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the man who taught the GOP that image is everything; U.S. hands over collapsing Iraq: U.S. rush for exit caught Iraq by surprise, Iraq handover sans sovereignty, attacks taper off in days before Iraq "handover," U.S. pushed through decrees that leave Iraq with little cash, much debt; Iraqi police force corrupt, badly trained; no truth to Saddam-Al Qaeda link, 9/11 panel says; Supreme Court favors Cheney in energy case; "torture is legal," Pentagon report argues; UN resolution on Iraq sovereignty a major Bush defeat; Bush wins Iraq sovereignty vote in UN, now wants immunity from war crimes court; facing defeat, Bush withdraws bid for exemption from war crimes court; Iraqi on Iraqi violence in Fallujah signals trouble after U.S. retreats; Arab leaders wary of new Iraqi regime; U.S. proposal to UN offers no real sovereignty for Iraq; thousands of homeless children living in Baghdad streets, most from state-run orphanages that closed after overthrow of Saddam; as insurgency spreads, value of "the Bremer Dinar" dives; U.S. companies depend on Latins for Iraq security; Iraqi ex-prisoners sue two private security companies under RICO Act; the thousands who shouldn't be in Iraqi prisons; troubling silence over beheading in Arab media; Pentagon needs, but abuses, 40,000 foreign national "green card" recruits; independent Baghdad radio station gives voice to Iraqis; Afghan situation grim and getting grimmer; U.S. the "red thread" that runs between global rights abuses, says Amnesty; U.S. tries to convince worldwide firms that Iraq is open for business; groups sue Pentagon to release all info on Iraq abuses; Halliburton under fire for Iraq military deals, brand-new trucks worth $85,000 abandoned if they got a flat tire; Pentagon auditors urge cutoff of payments to Halliburton; U.S. protecting infamous arms dealer who is aiding Iraq occupation; Islamic fundamentalism takes root in Syria; Saddam trial will indict West for weapons sales; on 15th anniversary, China still trying to ignore Tiananmen; millions of refugees worldwide warehoused for over a decade; Afghan opium and heroin causing drug abuse crisis in Central Asia; tensions grow over new Bush embargo on Cuba; abortion records safe from feds, for now; California tribes fight for water, salmon rights; Caribbean nations to probe Haiti coup; international aid begins trickling to Haiti; what happened in Rafah? Israeli army massacre at refugee camp seen as army revenge for deaths of 13 soldiers, Arab world outraged by Bush tepid response to Rafah attacks; Israel arrests Brit reporter who exposed secret nuke program; diplomats puzzled by Iran skirmishes with three nations in Persian Gulf; too much media freedom in Iraq, State Dept. complains; Al-Jazeera focus on breaking news draws wide audience; Kurds threaten to separate from Iraq; Kurd unrest spreads to Syria; "9/11 skeptics" hold gathering in Toronto; Medicaid coverage disappears for poor women; Coca-Cola among companies using sugar harvested by child labor; even without top post, Sonia Gandhi leaves her mark; Olympics mean extra pressure on sweatshop workers; call Sudan "genocide," rights group asks Colin Powell; Darfur region of Sudan called world's worst humanitarian crisis; nuclear waste piling up at Russia's poorly-guarded facilities; go-ahead for Venezuela recall election, Chavez and supporters gird for pivotal vote; "Fahrenheit 9/11" certain to be factor on voting day; talk radio rips Moore - for being too much like them; nobel laureates endorse Kerry, blast Bush for ignoring science; Bush must go, say 27 retired diplomats and officers; Bush wraps himself in Reagan's flag as polls sink; Nader and the Green Party's presidential choice for 2004; another Florida election fiasco possible, ACLU warns; both parties see businesswomen as a key voting bloc; law of the sea treaty held hostage by radical right senators; was Tenet pushed from office, or did he jump? bad news aside, neo-cons demand bold attack on insurgents; neo-cons view radical Islam as foe in revived cold war; Chalabi's downfall signals rout of neo-cons; Bolivia charges Enron, Shell with illegal gas deal; Mexico's oil company could be bankrupt by 2005; fear spreads in California Central Valley over INS sweeps; Brazillian families say bloody prison riot was premediated; Mafia kidnapping Sicily's water; Spielberg's "Terminal" trivializes global immigrant problem; heads should roll at FDA over emergency contraceptive ban; "overseas america" presents face of empire, not democracy; Alzheimer's disease claims the life of a great american patriot, David Dellinger; Iraq "supermax" prison no change from Abu Ghraib; Jack Ryan and Repub family values; stealth attack on Arizona's clean election law; Bush loses any claim to high ground by justifying torture; Bush goes out of his way to screw veterans; talk radio: the lords of loud; Bruce Anderson flees Boonville.
> 122 MAY, 2004 Iraq behind closed doors - hidden honors, hidden horrors: "coffingate" a scandal of the Pentagon's making, Taguba report on abuses may be tipping point in Iraq war, abuse of Iraqi prisoners may be widespread, prison abuse another scandal leading to neo-con Feith, UN calls for probe of Iraq prisoner abuse, Abu Ghraib appears to be tip of iceberg, widespread and systemic violations of the Geneva Conventions, top Pentagon official acknowledges violations, the rot of Abu Ghraib began at the top, calls for Rumsfeld to quit over prisoner scandal, Iraq prison abuse mirrors problems in Afghanistan lockups, U.S. media ignores the racism in Abu Ghraib prison photos, Iraq prison abuse scandal making europe uneasy over ties with U.S, women shocked by female role in Iraq torture scandal; the lost moral high ground in Iraq: outsourcing torture and the problems of "quality control," a duty to disobey: the forgotten lessons of My Lai; war on Iraq allowed al-Qaeda to regroup, study says; analysis: Bush "clear strategy" speech offers same old fuzzy vision; history predicts Iraq's endgame may be bloody affair; U.S. contractors in Iraq not subject to American or Iraqi law; Amnesty says British have killed "many" Iraq civilians; Zarqawi's role in beheading is ominous turn; Berg execution escalates Iraq media war; CIA has taught use of torture photos for 30 years; Red Cross says leak of Iraq prison abuse report threatens its mission, Bush White House first to break confidentiality in 145 years; Afghanistan chaos starting to mirror Iraq; Oklahoma stops execution of Mexican national at nearly minute; White House distances itself from neo-con policies after Iraq's bloody April; Fallujah claims victory, mourns dead; the lesson of Fallujah: we don't understand Iraq; Fallujah is rallying cry for an Iraq united against U.S; GIs killed Shiite leaders in cold blood, witnesses say; as U.S. targets al-Sadr, cleric gains followers; many hired guns in Iraq have war crime backgrounds; Serb mercenaries strike it rich in Iraq; Washington facing 'hatred like never before' in Arab world; soldiers returning from Iraq with radiation poisoning; al-Sadr influence spreading through Iraq via local elections; the decline and fall of Ahmad Chalabi: from White House to dog house in five short months, Chalabi's long, costly charade, the long knives come out for Chalabi, the CIA is trying to discredit me, Chalabi says; UN posts list of top ten neglected news stories; media shunned largest march in human history; sarin discovered in Iraq was a relic, not a weapon; business giants hold summit on Iraq's future; Pakistan clamps down on its sham democracy; Likud vote a slap to Sharon and Bush; Sharon's Gaza plan a roadblock to peace; Israelis resurrecting old deeds to seize Palestinian property; Israel attack on Rafah was war crime, Amnesty says; Israel attacks protesters, killing ten as 2,000 were marching against military actions; in China, old fears return about eugenics; homeless from Iraq war, refugees face tent city future; U.S. must act fast or Afghanistan to become "narco-state;" 60 former diplomats condemn Bush for total support of Sharon, followed similar protest against blair from 52 former British ambassadors; Schwarzenegger refuses to identify who helped draft state energy plan; Monsanto shelves plans for GMO wheat in U.S. and Canada; Monsanto shelves plans for GMO canola in Australia; many believe Syrian authorities could have Damascus bombing; Islamic fundamentalist violence spreading to new countries; UN fears entering Iraq quagmire: UN staffers don't want to go to Iraq 'death trap,' UN poised to ignore Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal; General charged with atrocities a leading candidate for iIdonesia president; Bush nuclear weapons program squandering billions; "honor killing" of women returns to Middle East; Jamaica welcomes hundreds of Haitian refugees; violence against journalists at 10-year high; Bush tightens cuba embargo to cheers of Florida voting bloc; even anti-Castro Cubans knock Bush 'hasten democracy' plans; boycott of Coca Cola spreads in Colombia accused of torture, kidnapping and killing of union members; India's election results confound pollsters; European workers fight shredding of safety net; child mothers put over one million infants at risk; anxieties grow for Olympics as bomb blasts shake Athens; Iraqis, Americans begin to agree: both want U.S. out; Bush calls for new generation of nuclear weapons -- for U.S; Bin Laden's stature to rise with world's tallest building; Venezuela's Chavez says invasion plans uncovered; Bush signs tobacco control treaty, but many expect no serious action; White House makes super-size effort to gut obesity report; flame retardant chemicals common in household dust; top air polluters cozy with Bush administration; half of americans breathe unhealthy air; liberal hawks' role in build up to Iraq war overlooked; Rumsfeld losing support of military brass; Iraq a certified case of 'chickenhawk groupthink'; Kerry quickly dropped his strong opposition to Patriot Act after winning the primaries; George W. bitter-enders ask if end-times are just around the corner, why quibble over little details, such as an illegal war? senators give Negroponte a pass on "death squad" past; court throws out U.S. charges agains Greenpeace; U.S. insists elderly Indonesian Muslim a high-ranking terrorist; NIKE accused of breaking promise to UN; neo-Nazi threats cause concern among Jews and gays in Chile; mysterious disappearance of Colombia top paramilitary chief; Native Americans to demand compensation, appeal to UN does not ask for payment to individuals; a million face hunger as Sudan fighting continues; Thailand urged to attack Islamic militants, fears its own 9/11 in attack on Bangkok; World Bank, IMF can't take credit for world poverty drop; U.S. gives public lands away for pennies; Latino kids face unexpected lead poison risks; many Americans carry toxic pesticide cocktail in their blood; after 20 years in court, Bhopal survivors ask UN for help; film about "accidental Mullah" draws boffo crowds in Tehran; California's juvenile prison system needs reform from ground up; 50 years after school integration, a major step backwards; NY Times' mea culpa doesn't cut it; same-sex honeymoons in boston, sadistic hatred in Baghdad; waiting for Kerry to step up to the plate; the grin that might destroy the world.
> 121 APRIL, 2004 Liberated Iraq at one year: things fall apart; U.S. facing rebellion from Iraqi troops it trained; violence threatens to unravel UN Iraq plans; Sunni, Shiite now allied in fighting U.S. coalition; Iraq now a free for all; Fallujah cannot even bury its dead; Fallujah horrors puncture White House optimism; report from Fallujah -- destroying a town to save it; Najaf and Fallujah become potent symbols to each group; U.S. mercenaries now have key role in fighting Iraq war; on day of crucial pre-9/11 memo, Bush had 45-minute workday; will the 9/11 panel dare probe the Bush-Saudi connections? Rumsfeld tapes deleted a key, incriminating passage; U.S. now fighting on both Sunni, Shiite fronts; Iraq to have only "limited" or "restricted" sovereignty after handover; Senate grills ambassador that will take over from Bremer; now target of al-Qaeda, Saudis propose democratic reforms; Shiite insurrection was not a sudden explosion; U.S. must explain removal of Iraqi nuclear equipment, entire buildings; UN gives Bush last chance to rescue Iraq; court demands Cheney release energy task force records; Blair tries to put best face on Iraq meltdown; hostages in Iraq sparks political crisis in Japan; neo-cons want to paint al-Sadr as Iran stooge; scientists warning that official estimates of remaining oil reserves are dangerously over-exaggerated; U.S. holding, abusing 20,000 prisoners, Iraqis say; pro-choice Washington march largest in history as 1,150,000 overflow capitol mall; Rwanda reflects on genocide a decade later: many women survivors of Rwanda massacre face grim future, France continues to deny any role in Rwanda massacre, Clinton was warned early of Fwanda genocide, papers show; Jordan says it stopped terror plot that could have killed 80,000; Bush shifts WMD hunt from seeking hard evidence to looking for intention to have a "breakout production capacity;" Bush hits UN roadblock on efforts to close nuclear weapon club; Taiwan, China unification now seems impossible; Haiti jails one rebel murderer -- but for how long? Haiti's armed groups refuse to lay down weapons; Haiti settles down to misery as usual; U.S. shipping guns to Haiti's island neighbor; birth of robotic weapons; Bin Laden probably hoping for Bush re-elect; journalist orgs troubled by killing of 26 reporters in Iraq; troops kill journalists from U.S.-funded Iraq TV; Honduras withdrawl from Iraq welcomed at home; Islamic worlds of Sunni, Shiite move closer; neo-cons seek to create pro-U.S. "Islamic progress institute;" U.S. polarized on Earth Day 2004; Iraq's environmental meltdown; Burma's generals meeting quietly with Nobel Prize dissident; ground zero cleanup workers fight for health aid; oil theft is thriving business in Nigeria; after new violence, Serbs want Kosovo divided; Pakistan in bind over fighting Islamic militants; activists pressure bulldozer shareholders to stop sales to Israel; Vatican loves Mel Gibson movie, hates 'Da Vinci' book; Bush trying to appoint controversial White House lawyer to appeals court; press conference slips show Bush really believes in invincible neo-con world view; Karl Rove's Iraq nightmare; the useful missle defense system Bush won't fund; why Condi won't apologize for 9/11; backed into corner, Bush throws Condi to 9/11 panel; 9/11 panel is America's truth commission; Bush Medicare ads blasted as deceptive PR; Israel's nuclear whistle-blower freed: Mordechai Vanunu remains defiant, Israel smears Vananu before prison release, Vanunu was also whistle-blower on U.S. role in nuclear scandal; nuclear power industry pitches "micro-nuke" plants; USDA refuses to let ranch test its own cattle for mad cow; oil-for-food blame game heats up; when civil war in Sudan ends, religious war remains; UN fears 'another Rwanda' in Sudan; Saudi Arabia begins kicking out foreign workers; Europe sounds alarm on bee-killing pesticides; charges of U.S. "conspiracy" to control massive S American water supply; Iraqis shun U.S. propaganda TV channel, Detroit car shows and other English language programs; WMDs abound in Russia, but little done to find, destroy stockpiles; LBJ had role in 1964 Brazil coup, documents show; media ignoring coming money crisis; Richard Perle's departure signals decline of Cheney camp; John Stossel spins his past; Pentagon was determined to convict "Guantanamo spy" of something, anything; California's juvenile prison system a snake pit; at ten years old, California's "three strikes" law a failure; Wal-Mart loses a battle, but prepares long offensive; the problem of Zarqawi's (non-missing) legs; Tom Delay's grand jury problem; pity the residents in the 19 in-play state; drug war led Bush astray before 9/11; like Vietnam era, media justifying Iraq violence; clouds loom over Kerry challenge; Crusader George.
> 120 MARCH, 2004 Haiti coverage: what role did Bush play in Haiti coup? new Haitian army reportedly on killing spree, Aristide supporters use cell phones to tell of death squads, Jamaica welcomes Aristide, new Haiti government protests, Haiti's elite class had "obsession" for ousting Aristide, was demand for France reparations a factor in Haiti coup? Aristide takes fight to French court, U.S. and France trying to block UN probe of Haiti coup, Haiti disorder reigns as U.S. Marines begin shooting, Haiti has long history of American meddling in politics, most of Latin America won't call Aristide overthrow a coup, Haiti coup seen as Bush policy blunder, Caribbean nation call for Haiti coup probe, Aristide tells of last moments in Haiti, crack down on Haiti rebels, rights groups demand, why they had to crush Aristide, Bush to try his hand at Haiti nation-building, Bush policy undermined Aristide, then invited coup, media ignored big questions about Haiti coup, caribbean nations question Aristide ouster, was Aristide despot or humanist? who was behind the terrorism in Spain? Spanish voters oust pro-Bush, conservative party after terror attack, terror attack #1 issue on minds of Spanish voters, Aznar government asked media to mislead public, new Spanish government to shift foreign policy away from U.S, Spanish vote underscores deep rift between Bush and world, neo-cons compare Spanish vote to Munich deal with Hitler, 12 million attend Spain anti-terror rallies, a grieving Spain mobilizes Europe; huge anti-war protests in Spain, Italy; Iraq war was to protect Israel, says 9/11 panel chief; Israel stuns world by assassinating Hamas leader: Bush won't condemn Israeli assassination, U.S. blocks UN rebuke of Yassin assassination, deepens split between Israel, Europe, Israelis expect assassination to open new chapter in conflict; violence in Uzbekistan not the mark of al-Qaeda; UN says drug-resistant TB threatens world; is list of Saddam's "oil bribes" more forged evidence? Bush moves to seize more Iraq assets; group documents abuses by U.S. troops in Afghanistan; UN outraged that Brits bugged Kofi Annan during run-up to Iraq war; assassination try on Taiwan president shows tensions in critical election; violent protests in wake of Taiwan's close vote; Taiwan splits vote for unification with China; Iran's ancient fire-worship revived in defiance of Islamic hardliners; Kurd protests in Syria, Iran raising concerns; Putin wins second term, more personal power than any leader since Soviet times; Putin accused of "crushing democracy" in Russia; 13 months late, Bush dribbles out AIDS funding; is John Kerry a captive of Washington "special interests?" Brits want their share of Iraq reconstruction pie; U.S. scrambles to set up world's biggest embassy in Baghdad; State Dept. slammed for claiming Afghanistan and Iraq as human rights success stories; Colombia women standing up to paramilitaries; one-third of Afghanistan's army has deserted; propaganda, boycott led to Iran election victory for Islamists; Pentagon rolls out microwave weapons for crowd control; nuclear power industry wants to restart reactor shutdown in 1976 after near meltdown; more young Afghan women committing suicide; now that Libya is disarmed, countries vie to sell it new weapons; widespread planting of smuggled GMO seed in Serbia; spread of GMO seed may be impossible to stop; giant corps move to control Asian rice supply; reporters may deserve hazard pay for covering Venezuela; opium growing surges to record levels in Afghanistan; U.S. not winning Arab hearts & minds with propaganda TV; media played key role in WMD deceptions: NY Times slammed for phony stories on Iraq's WMD, interview with Michael Massing: Times, Post aided WMD deception; the Kosovo flashpoint explodes again; Kosovo violence tied to biased journalism; Palestinian journalists face attack from all sides; Israel's Arab citizens vent growing anger; Bush reportedly has deal with Pakistan to allow U.S. troops; a year later, still no probe in death of Rachel Corrie, protesters focus on Caterpillar, maker of the bulldozer that crushed the activist, Sharon, Bush has broken promise for full accounting of death by Israeli soldiers; hunger could be 'unimaginable' global problem by 2054; why do few women run for office? low-income service jobs will dominate at least until 2012; neo-con Pentagon office kept CIA in the dark, Tenet says he didn't know that pro-war extremists were meeting Bush privately; neo-cons play up threat of Middle East oil cutback; single women could be the new NASCAR dads; Kucinich should stay in the race; a potential positive role for Nader; Bush officials try to paint administration as green; Bush campaign rushes to exploit 9/11 in first ads; massive protest vote, but not for Nader; Bush running against the anyone-but-Bush candidate; bird flu raises concern on global alert system; study finds patients often skip medication to save money; new wave of nationalism sweeps Serbia; U.S. twists arms for countries to drop boycott of American beef; 40,000 Pakistani children toil in carpet industry; huge protests in Thailand to protest privatization of energy industry; Thailand cracks down on Islamic schools; Taliban suspected of burning down schools in Pakistan; Things to Come: what a second Bush four years might look like; China's hunger for electricity eats into environment; about seven children killed daily in Colombia civil wa; top money laundering havens named, rich countries with corrupt banking condemn poor countries with corrupt banking; voice-stress lie detectors don't work, experts say; plan to bury greenhouse gas stirs uproar; India's profitable business of waste; hundreds of Soviet-era missiles missing; Latin gang grows to 300,000 members; Mel Gibson "Passion" gives neo-cons fits; Gibson's blood libel; grassroots marketing of "Passion" movie a powerful tool for Bush reelection; China constitution now respects property, human rights -- maybe; forget Kyoto, prepare to deal with climate crisis, experts say; Brazil's poor sell kidneys to organ trafficking ring; the real outrage on Super Bowl Sunday; Richard Clarke's bottom line; Bush screwed the firefighters he now exploits; Kerry in Vietnam; ex-cia analyst Ray McGovern draws parallels between 9/11 and the Reichstag fire; did the U.S. just plant WMD "evidence" in Iraq?
> 119 FEBRUARY, 2004 Pentagon preparing for aftermath of climate collapse; Ahmed Chalabi: we misled you into invading Iraq; with Senate away, Bush appoints extremist to appeals court; Dean couldn't beat enemies in his own party; Demos owe Howard Dean big thanks; the machine that flattened Dean; Demos need to learn from Dean's tough talk; Bush's plan to keep discount drugs out of reach; Nader is crashing the party yet again; Kerry a poor flagbearer for Demos; Bush budget a throwback to Cold War days; Haiti crisis coming: Bush fears another wave of Haitian refugees, White House scrambles for way to stop Haiti coup, ex-Duvalier thugs seize control of Haiti opposition, rebellion cuts off food, services for much of Haiti; Iraq attacks growing bolder, better organized; U.S. offers shifting reasons why Ansar al-Islam is behind Iraq terror; captured 'Al-Qaeda letter' debunks several of the neo-conservatives' favorite myths; campaign launched for Congress to censure Bush; Bush appoints right-wing activist to co-chair Iraq intel commission; possible Iraq civil war now driving U.S. policy; Powell, Kay concede WMD threat was overstated; U.S. mad cow disease has probably already spread; Iraq suicide bombers signs that resistance has spread from "Sunni triangle" to Kurdish north; Iraq civilians, not GIs, targets of choice in new bombings; Bush was behind 2002 coup attempt, Venezuela president says; chaos threatens Iraq's fragile secular-religious balance; sharp rise in suicides by U.S. soldiers in Iraq, 1 in 5 soldiers expected to have future distress, psychiatrists say; Brits call for Tony Blair to resign over phony Iraq WMD claims; protests planned for March 20 anniversary of invasion; U.S. claims economic victory in Iraq, experts scoff; Kuwait invites in carpetbaggers; Iraq violence stymies UN efforts to help; membership admission in the nuclear club changed with first proven case of a huge-scale pilferage and buying and selling of nuclear secrets in the international underworld; deaths of CNN staff raise fresh questions about Iraq security for journalists; 100,000 Arabs flee N Iraq as Kurd refugees flood back to homeland; Sistani calls for civil disobedience if no prompt elections; Israel set to resume assassinations; 2-3 million Colombians have fled homes from militias; bomb attacks on Kurds add to fear of civil war; Saddam's Sunnis in majority after all, study says; with Afghan constitution set, Taliban step up attacks; ICC to get evidence of British war crimes in Iraq; attacks on Iraq pipelines keep oil from flowing; in Bangladesh, rape victims married off to rapists; Afghani women, girls, still given away as compensation; U.S. risks Indonesia blowback with anti-terrorism campaign; few awarded U.S. asylum since 9/11; E Timor begs un peacekeepers not to pullout; Mexico finally sets up commission to investigate Juarez murders; over half-million live in Texas slums along border; Monsanto, Argentina battle over rights to GMO seeds; Schwarzenegger failed question the death penalty; the Bush brain trust Rumsfeld, Perle, Rove have worked together for more than 30 years in some cases; women Arabs suffer most under Israeli occupation, 24 women died in childbirth at Israeli checkpoints; use of funds by Palestinian Authority probed; recruitment of suicide bombers sparks debate among more Palestinians; Hamas proposes 10-year truce for Israeli withdrawl; will Sharon really evacuate Gaza strip? Gaza Palestinians skeptical that Israel will withdraw; Iran in political turmoil, but improved ties with neighbors; ANWR oil drilling back on the table in new Bush budget; Wal-Mart and other giant retailers rely on exploitation of women, report says; female genital mutilation still widespread; Bush pushes Internet surveillance treaty forward; Interior Secretary Norton scolded for ignoring Congress; Pentagon wins, environment loses in Bush 2004 budget; deadly new bird flu emerges: vaccine against dangerous new flu months away, dense slums a tinderbox for flu firestorm, outbreak leads UN health orgs to urge fast action, Asian government secrecy to blame for fast spreading flu, close wild bird markets to halt avian flu, experts say; "little tobacco" firms smoking out big profits from cigarettes; sick nuclear weapons workers overwhelm Energy Department; terror in Liberia as militias prowl countryside; school sports don't keep kids away from tobacco; rich nations shun African peacekeeping; Mexico issues report critical of Zapatista rule in Chiapas; bullfrogs, tilapia, rainbow trout pose as great a threat as "killer bees;" biopirates of the Antarctic; the tomato king's triumphant return to Mexico; once a rare African success story, Zimbabwe falling apart; Zimbabwe poachers risk lives to dig up ginger; $125/mo to risk lives crossing mozambique border pretrial publicity and ongoing media coverage not a factor on trial outcomes; Kissinger urged Chile "regime change" in 1970 memo; Bush's plan to keep discount drugs out of reach; Iraq invasion was unconstitutional; under-30 crowd seeking alternate news sources; hard times for California inmates, but not prison guards; according to Bush and his ilk, science is never "conclusive;" charged with fraud, timber company trying to recall prosecutor; evolution a "buzz word," says Georgia school chief; the War President.
> 118 JANUARY, 2004 2003 Wayward Press Awards - top ten list of pack journalism ; Iraq war dominated 2003 TV news; killing of journalists soared in 2003; top Iraq religious leader calls for civil disobedience if no prompt elections; France blames U.S. "hysteria" for terror alerts; Bush killed hope of better Iran-U.S. ties after quake; growing charges of U.S. abuse in Iraq; ex-Iraqi soldiers riot, saying pension promises broken; Bush "systematically misrepresented" WMD threat, report says; Bush withdraws WMD search team from Iraq; Venezuela president a thorn in Bush's side at summit; the Kurd Federation and the coming Iraq civil war : Kurds want their own federation in oil-rich northern Iraq, Iraqi Shiites oppose federation, Kurds oppose call for quick Iraq elections; Congress asked to probe leak of CIA agent's identity; Bush scuttles plans to restructure Iraq economy; Iraq war was strategic error, army war scholar says; latest Bin Laden tape threatens Arab regimes, not U.S; U.S. restricts demonstrations in Iraq; Pakistan politics, tribal law complicate hunt for Al-Qaeda as warlords won't even let military into areas; Pakistan in turmoil over disclosure of nuke deals with Iran; American missionaries pour into Iraq; Iraq gas, electricity shortages hit new lows, but black market flourishing; Israel set to resume assassinations, sends threat to Hamas spiritual leader; Burma political oppression becoming worse; militant Kurdish group Ansar Al-Islam a mystery to U.S; evidence said to show that Saddam was captured by Kurd fighters, former aides supposedly delivered ex-dictator to U.S. forces; Mad Cow, the killer among us : Mad Cow risk is global and will require meat industry revolution is Mad Cow already a silent epidemic? Mad Cow crisis brewing for 14 years, Mad Cow a profoundly political issue, beef lobby blocks action on Mad Cow activists say, will Bush do the right thing to contain Mad Cow? the real issue in Iraq: war crimes as cluster bombs still scattered all over the country; Afghans living in world without law, UN official says crime, tribal fighting, and drug trafficking; U.S. sets up institute to employ Iraqi scientists; some had earlier complained of death threats from U.S. forces; U.S. military more conservative than public, poll shows; $4 billion missing from Angola oil money, almost 10 percent of the country's GNP; 1 out of 3 U.S. black males will be jailed; radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has new leader; Iraq Sunni minority feels marginalized, provoked by U.S. and Shiites; no sign that WTO talks will resume soon; Monsanto's Roundup blamed for spread of powerful fungus potentially toxic damage in wheat and barley; Israeli soldiers refusing role in "army of occupation;" NAFTA results "grim," has displaced 1.75 million mexican farmers, forcing them to the cities or the U.S; NAFTA environmental watchdog has money woes; CAFTA called "colonization" by Central American leader; U.S. military bases growing worldwide; U.S. interests buying up European arms makers; the phony Dean 'meltdown' press uses rally footage as excuse to echo right-wing media; tough-talking Bush ignores environment, deficit and joblessness in State of the Union speech; Bush appears to be narrowing, rather than expanding, his base; death penalty missing as election year topic; expect return of military draft if Bush reelected; Demos risk disaster with southern strategy; Sharpton not only Black American critical of Dean; Bush "guest worker" deal a ploy, immigrants say: coveted "green card" has become almost impossible to get since the Sept. 11 attack Bush's plan is not an amnesty; Bush 'marriage for welfare' plan ignores poverty is the real issue, not moral approval; Pakistan's glass bangle industry built on child labor; Florida woman has rare foreign accent syndrome; coming soon to those magnificent Lord of the Rings vistas: New Zealand subdivisions and agribusiness; Indonesia general who directed atrocities unlikely to serve a day in jail; U.S. ignoring Indonesia army terrorism in oil-rich region, gruesome accounts of troops "exterminating" dissidents; Indonesia again filling prisons with political opponents; each gallon of gas requires 98 tons of plants; U.S. plays key role in small arms proliferation; 1 of 4 animals predicted for extinction within fifty years; Zimbabwe crisis as Mugabe refuses to step down; Iranian woman facing execution for killing her rapist; Nixon planned Gulf invasion in 1973; Bush global warming plan could devastate oceans; Pakistanis fleeing U.S. face tough test in Canada; UN worrying about loss of biodiversity worldwide; European Roma living conditions akin to Africa's worst; ten years of privatization made Argentina's crisis worse; the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt stalks the Pentagon, view of the world as merciless where force is the only language; 2004 may see widespread strikes and lockouts; Jeb Bush opens "faith based" prison; Milosevic trial may foreshadow Saddam's; Thomas Friedman's scary plan for WWIII; Schwarzenegger's budget axe chops services for poor and needy; new documents show how Rumsfeld and Reagan armed Saddam; New York Times ignored, then distorted story of Vietnam atrocities; John Kerry's got no Elvis.
> 117 DECEMBER, 2003 The U.S. media occupation of Iraq: U.S. wants media monopoly in Iraq, U.S. gives Iraq media control to mysterious Pentagon contractor, Iraqis prefer satellite channels to fledgling state TV, U.S. tries to censor major satellite broadcasters in Iraq, Rumsfeld says Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, working with "insurgents," Pentagon's plan to bypass U.S. TV networks; what really happened that Sunday in Samarra? Bush 's colonialism will only deepen Iraq resistance; Samarra massacre bodes ill for U.S. in Iraq; Israel training U.S. assassins in Iraq; U.S. arrests Iraqi union leaders; "this could go either way" say experts back from Iraq; FTAA meltdown in Miami; Miami police violence called "a model for homeland defense" with generous "war on terror" funding; second Pakistan assassination attempt means trouble for key Bush ally; Iraq contracts reveal Bush true intentions, critics say; long-term health effects of Iraq war unknown; optimistic Milosevic plots comeback from prison cell; unofficial Mideast peace plan met with Israeli criticism, threats; Israel hardliners rush to discredit new peace plan; will Washington allow Geneva peace plan to work? without Israel or Palestine involved, mideast peace plan approved; Bush seeks UN approval for rushed Iraq transition; is Iraq to be new home for overseas military bases? CAFTA trade deal threatens affordable AIDS drugs in Central America; U.S. using 9/11 to attack human rights, Nobel winner says; U.S. releases "Guantanamo spy," but charges him with Internet porn; Schwarzenegger knows "art of the deal," first weeks show; Baghdad parks off-limits to Iraqis, only recreational areas taken over by Americans as safety "green zones;" Iraq factories fight against flood of cheap goods; Hamas, Islamic Jihad now joint operation; Colombia cocaine industry turns poor into drug traffickers; U.S. warned over collective punishment in Iraq; don't send home the Chinese Muslims at Guantanamo, rights group says; oil companies aid Sudan in repression, report says; the capture of Saddam Hussein: Saddam capture moves Iraq closer to civil war, Kurds say they captured Saddam, not U.S, shifting resources away from wmd search led to Saddam capture, the problem of what to do with Saddam, will U.S. demand secret trial for Saddam? Saddam's humiliation could backfire on U.S. allies; pro-Israel senators call for sanctions against Saudis; U.S. casino owner funding most radical Israeli extremists; infamous Netzarim Israeli colony feeling isolated, betrayed; IAEA asks Israel to turn in secret nuclear arsenal; Israel used "banned weapon" against Palestinians; Israeli pilots speak out against "immoral and illegal" orders; UN documents Palestinian newborns, mothers, dying at Israeli checkpoints; EPA drops tight restrictions on worst air pollutant; anti-choice "Nuremberg files" off the Internet -- for now; U.S. violates policy by selling tools for torture worldwide; Cheney a liability for Bush reelect, Repub old guard thinks; how John Kerry missed the boat; Jim Baker's return spells heartburn for Cheney; the general unease with Wesley Clark; White House re-election plan to clip wings of neo-con hawks with Karl Rove's "no wars in 2004" game plan; will Israel attack Iran over nuclear reactor? Iran's nuclear reactor to be completed in 2004, IAEA condemns Iran, rules out sanctions, Iran suspends uranium enrichment program - for now; 1 in 5 french more extremist than Bush; World Bank rejects criticism and funds Caspian oil; Bush signs anti-forest "Healthy Forests" act exploiting the public's justified fear of fires to boost logging; Bush now targets endangered species act; disarmament of 40,000 Liberian fighters turns ugly as rampage ensues; Indonesia nervous as Suharto's daughter runs for president; bank robbing returns to impoverished Balkans; safety questions persist after FDA approval of meat clones; Exxon Valdez shows oil spills have longer, more harmful impact; no doubt of link between humans and global warming, researchers say; cities alter local climates and may affect global weather; Ground Zero special ops firefighters took heavy chemical hit; widespread human rights, environmental abuses by multi-billion dollar shrimp industry; India - Pakistan armies fighting over Kashmir glacier for two decades; central Asia ripe for radical Islamic movements; Schwarzenegger can balance Calif budget by cutting back on prisons; SF mayor race energized youth like Dean campaign; SF mayor race a victory for Greens; CIA taught Muslim guerillas the ABCs of terrorism; "no child left behind" turning education into farce; Carrie Butler and Strom Thurmond; Bush finds new way to slant science for special interests; a chance for peace in the diamond war; the next great empire belongs to India and China; the GOP grabs for the face on the dime; Howard Dean is asking for media trouble; Bush can't honestly compare Iraq reconstruction with postwar Japan; the unpardonable Lenny Bruce.
> 116 NOVEMBER, 2003 Reagan, AIDS, and CBS; U.S. now in control of Iraq multi-billion $$ "oil for food" program; Bush appears to hit panic button after latest bad news in Iraq; escalation of military force in Iraq will backfire, experts say; CIA report from Iraq nothing but bad news; Iraq chaos puts U.S.-chosen council failures in spotlight; Iraq just the first American war over natural resources; Bush cronies hit $8 billion jackpot in Iraq, Afghanistan ; U.S. shuts out local companies from contracts, Iraqis say; Baghdad schools become latest battleground; Iraq coalition crumbling as more nations say no; virtually everything that has gone wrong in Iraq linked directly to Douglas Feith office; U.S. hasn't accounted for $4 billion in seized Iraq cash; Arab nations see call for democracy as hypocritical while U.S. military occupation of Iraq; U.S. to block World Bank aid to Iran; immigrant workers facing health problems from Ground Zero cleanup; neo-cons snipe at Rumsfeld over Iraq failures; dissolving Iraq army was #1 U.S. mistake; FTAA: worse than NAFTA, worse than WTO: police violence in the Miami streets, talks quit abruptly to avoid another summit stalemate, critics given just 90 minutes to present arguments, Florida oranges just one industry pact may destroy, U.S. strikes side deals, ignores harm to women from previous trade pacts, U.S. plans to squeeze FTAA opponents; WTO struggles to regroup after Cancun summit disaster; NAFTA created decade of disaster for Mexico, two studies find; Muslims snub White House Ramadan dinner; Iranian peace prize winner challenges Western feminists; confrontation imminent over California immigrant driver license; Annan walks tightrope between Bush and rest of world; private armies growing in Iraq, Afghanistan; terrorism-expert industry booming; Pentagon crosses line with new domestic spying, police powers; Bush has polarized U.S, study finds; Bush crowd steps up political pressure to reject global warming accord; EPA even won't prosecute companies that have already been found in violation of the law; Bush lets Clean Air Act violators off the hook; poor children on Mexico-U.S. border dying from air pollution; Israeli human rights abuses worst in 35 years; one meal a day for most Palestinians; one in five Israelis now living in poverty; Israel courts block unions from general strike; is Bush moving away from hard-right Cheney "iron triangle?" the mutual fund betrayal; no oversight of mutual funds by SEC, chairman admits; "Hooters and polluters" energy bill defeated for now; inside the Mikhail Khodorkovsky empire, Russia's richest man arrested, charged with fraud; landmark trial against ChevronTexaco pollution begins; a year later, Prestige oil spill continues; black Georgia neighborhood gets taste of environmental racism; India is dumping ground for mercury; Bush hawks forced to take back seat on China; U.S. invokes obscure 19th century law to hassle Greenpeace; EU "water mafia" scheming to privatize E Europe utilities; Rwanda women take lead in reconstruction; two years and counting for forgotten refugees on Nauru; call for boycott of "Lonely Planet" travel co; UN ties diamond giant De Beers to looting of Congo resources; Tiger Force and forgetting America's crimes in Vietnam; last-minute dirty trick by Schwarzenegger campaign; Wal-Mart dragging America down; spending more, but losing the war on cancer; COINTELPRO is back; medicare bill a stunning giveaway to drug companies; like Stalinist Russia, Bush Admin demands reporters pay for access.
> 115 OCTOBER, 2003 The growing crisis of biotech farming: GM crops blanket latin America, confrontation as Brazil state rejects government ok for GM crops, GM crops get bad marks in new experiments, GM corn now widspread in Mexico, despite ban, book claims FDA blocked probe into biotech food safety; worst attacks on U.S. forces since start of Iraq occupation; attacks mark escalation in Iraq resistance; Pentagon not investigating Iraq civilian deaths; U.S. soldiers to be tried for reporter's death in Iraq; TV media misled U.S. public on Iraq war, study finds; Bush reasons for Iraq war still shifting; Bush accusations at Iran aimed at justifying regime change; fear, anger grow in Iran as nuke deadline nears; don't attack Iran, crisis group warns Bush; U.S. looking to Israel for lessons in occupation; don't blame attacks in Iraq on "foreign fighters;" Iraqi women face rape, kidnapping; UN failure to protect staff lead to deadly Baghdad bombing; daily life harder for most Iraqis since invasion; Iranian peace prize winner, a different path to Mideast freedom; Iran hardliners downplay Shirin Ebadi Nobel prize; Mexico's fox to press Schwarzenegger on immigrants; kudos to LA Times for Schwarzenegger "groper" stories; will Schwarzenegger deregulate California energy? Schwarzenegger misconduct just 'frat-boy behavior'? Schwarzenegger's next script - debt and taxes; Enron may have influenced probe on California power crisis; chaos in Iraq blocks millions of refugees from returning home; Iraqi council invites total foreign ownership of Iraqi businesses; IMF, World Bank consider Iraq's future; Bush punishes still more nations for backing international criminal court; in Muslim world, anti-U.S. feelings now prevail; Afghan crime rate skyrockets; the allure of Al Qaeda to young, jobless Muslim men; Iraq Sunni minority seethes under U.S. occupation; Shi'ite Iraqi leader calls for united resistance with Sunnis; the Pentagon unleashes holy warrior Gen. Boykin; Israel's raid on Syria raises fears of escalation, Israel declares determination to "change behavior" of Syria, attack on Syria a top goal for U.S. neo-conservative extremists, Syria hawk given a top White House post; Bush threat to withold Israel $$ over apartheid wall called "sham;" Israel shaken as pilots protest bombing Palestinian civilians; Israel at new high as superpower of Mideast; India, Pakistan in full-blown nuclear arms race; despite failures, Pentagon bets it all on special-ops forces; Bush nominates right-wing activist to UNESCO post; U.S. returns to UNESCO, confrontations immediately begin; groups angry that Bush only hits prostitution for human trafficking; Pope curbed church's progressive Latin wing; Americorps near collapse, despite Bush promises; Cheney emerging as top zealot in Bush admin; the state of West Bank, Gaza, 2003: Ghetto Palestine; Ecuador sending army to protect foreign oil workers from Indians; contaminated Chinese honey puts Sara Lee, Smuckers in sticky situation; India building risky fast-breeder nuclear reactors; Paraguay most corrupt country in S America; Latin America poverty creates boom in child sex rings; most U.S. forces pull out of Liberia; Pentagon wants more time to destroy toxic biochemical arsenal; global village market leads to quickly emerging new diseases; SARS-like pandemics will continue to haunt; IMF policy source of deep unrest in Bolivia; arms sales to Latin America soar; study finds wolves rebalancing Yellowstone ecosystem; Native language on rise in Mexico; Romanians long for good old days of Dracula in modern corrupt society: Burma's dictatorship stripping ancient forests; tests show people more likely to shoot black men than whites; U.S. religious, racial profiling growing, experts testify; fake letter from soldier in Iraq was desperate PR move; lethal injection may not be painless and humane; did the Brits blackmail David Kelly before suicide? Limbaugh's drug use the least of his crimes; Justice Dept should treat Rush Limbaugh like any other junkie.
> 114 SEPTEMBER, 2003 WTO talks collapse: debacle shows power of poorer nations when united, millions of farmers stake future on WTO deals, does the WTO have a future? killing of ayatollah marks start of Iraq civil war; U.S. warns Iraq to beware of foreign troops in your country; Iraqi exiles dominate U.S.-picked "government;" fear, loathing of U.S. spurs Muslim unity among old enemies; elevated radiation levels in Iraq tied to U.S. weapons; the gang that hijacked 9/11, Bush gang turned sorrow into political capital; two years later nuclear, chemical plants still vulnerable; like it did 20 years ago with Japan, America is looking to blame Asia for its own troubled economy; U.S. troops in Iraq isolated and untrained; Dems won't call for probe into Bush WMD claims; Bush seeks $87 billion bailout: UN won't help U.S. as long as "stooges" run Iraq government, Bush now desperately needs UN help, Bush gets chilly reception from UN, world leaders, Bush likely to get UN resolution, but no troops or money, Bush determined to "spend what is necessary" to conquer Iraq, Bush to UN: will you help if we let Iraqis vote? is Bush seeking a truce with Al Qaeda? George Soros will fund "regime change" -- in the U.S. with apartheid wall, Palestinian complaints grow; Israel destroys chances for peace by destroying Palestinian leadership; Israel calls assassination a form of defense; for Israel, Arafat is distraction from failed policy; Bush breaks promise on AIDS funding, activists say; EPA covered up deadly Ground Zero air problems; Americans among world's most ignorant about global warming; modern global warming more damaging than in past; Bush EPA nominee faces angry senators; open war on Bush's environmental record; Bush wants to speed up environmental reviews; Cheney loses court battle over secret energy meet; Repubs attack Wesley Clark over photo with war criminal; let's not pretty-up Wesley Clark; Bush spending millions on study of private-run Interior Dept; energy politics overshadow House blackout inquiry; Japan not rearming, despite troops to Iraq; Chile's top rated TV news show, with puppets; IMF programs often fail, internal audit shows; NIKE held liable for false sweatshop claims; Zimbabwe officals grabbed prime land under reforms; unprecedented jump in health insurance scams since Bush presidency; U.S. leads arms sales to Mideast, Asia; Project Censored 2002-2003; human rights groups demand Bush suspend military aid to Colombia; urban sprawl leads to fat, less healthy people; unprecedented 20 million Mexicans have hand- to- mouth jobs; "Guantanamo spy" claims look like replay of Wen Ho Lee case; Bush "no child left behind" built on fraud; echoes of Vietnam-era editorials; Edward Said and George Plimpton, personal memories of great friends lost.
> 113 JULY/AUGUST, 2003 trail of Iraq deception leads to Wolfowitz, whose Office of Special Plans was behind uranium lie, tried unsuccessfully to establish a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda to show that Iraq had an enormous arsenal, CIA director tells Senators that Wolfowitz group manipulated info; bloody attacks on 'soft targets' spread fear in Iraq; UN blames Bush for attack on UN Iraq compound; Baghdad bomb attack shows Iraqi also blame UN; UN official knew Iraq WMD were gone in 1995 but kept quiet; where are the missing WMD? asks top Iraq weapons expert; Iran deal to turn over Al-Qaeda members if Bush agrees to make nice; Bush, Blair to whistleblowers: we will destroy you; with each day, Iraq looks like Vietnam II; Iraq special ops sounding like Iran-Contra: a firm basis for impeachment; California recall the first battle in the struggle for Nov. 2004 election; California recall a GOP shell game; Gray Davis not the lesser of two evils; LA talk radio plays leading role in California recall campaign; Schwarzenegger dodges questions about meeting with Enron's Ken Lay; neither GOP or Dems have California recall strategy; blame Bush for California's budget woes Prop. 13 at root of California's budget problems; White House to Asia: let's make a deal for troops in Iraq, offering generous weapons and increased military aid deals; U.S. asking UN for Iraq troops, but no offer to share power in occupied nation; U.S. asking Arab nations for troops to fight Iraqi resistance; Saudi radical Wahhabis moving into Iraq; Japan sending troops to Iraq; Japan's hidden agenda in Iraq paves the way for Japanese military action against North Korea; without any real power from U.S, Iraq council begins meetings; protesters at UN taunt new Iraq diplomats; GI families becoming leaders in Iraq war resistance; Bush punishes 35 nations for supporting International Criminal Court; blame anger at U.S, not "Saddam loyalists" for Iraq violence; declassified report shows thin basis for Iraq war; Iraq coalition war crimes to be considered by panel; the cold war between Europe and Bush; Europe may donate to Iraq fund as long as Bush can't touch money; U.S. hasn't learned the lessons from 1953 overthrow of democratic movement in Iran; no evidence of Iran nuke weapon program; UN war crimes court wants Liberia's exiled president; Al Qaeda now unable to match 9/11 attack, commission told; Bush admin stonewalls committee investigating 9/11; 9/11 report shows Bush diverted terror war to protect friends; U.S. seeks exemption from possible war crimes in Liberia; UN has share of blame in Liberia bloodbath; independent group tries to tally Iraq war deaths; support Iran opposition? Bush admin can't decide; Burma finds itself with fewer and fewer friends; chance of breakaway Asian Islamic state fades; support dropping for Iraq war, Bush; Bush makes sales call on Africa masked as charity, few gifts, lots of gimme; Bush reportedly made $10B deal for new Zimbabwe leader; Africa to Bush: thanks for the visit, but show us the money; Bush to Nigeria: leave OPEC, give us your oil; Bush pushes Africa to accept GM food; U.S. maps ambitious "Arab NAFTA" would require free trade with Israel; Arafat just won't go away, to dismay of Israel, U.S; support for Palestine PM Abbas drops; Israel presses ahead with apartheid wall; Palestine bitter over Israel's release of few prisoners; Palestinian economy choked by Israeli roadblocks; State Dept. neo-con attacks N Korea, escalating tensions; 10 years after apartheid, blacks own little in S Africa; Bush forest plan: log 190 million acres; 13 million in Afghanistan need urgent medical aid; House bars secret search provision of Patriot Act; Dean's lesson to the Dems: he who dares, wins; EPA nominee charged with anti-enviro backroom deals; Pentagon scuttles "bet on terrorism" plan investors could gamble on assassinations, government coup; Bush now has 15 months to create promised 5.5 million new jobs before election day; Repub congress blocks money for UN population fund; White House cuts back on AIDS funding promises; Bush pick for AIDS czar draws concern and anger; Senate OKs 6+ new nuke plants without public hearings; Latino voter's clout on rise as black political power fades; Gale Norton, environmental terminator; GOP Senators blast nature for changing climate; the final disgrace of Christine Whitman; U.S. suffered record levels of smog in 2002; U.S. bans import of "conflict diamonds" from Africa; Russia slowly abandoning Siberia, other northern regions; drug industry tries to kill cheap medicine from Canada; herbicide company launches "grassroots" campaign to fight paraquat ban; tons of litter wash ashore on most remote islands; U.S. stretches ocean border 1,000 miles to block "illegal aliens;" funding woes plague superfund cleanup; autistic children may retain mercury; Russian mafia muscles in on hazelnut farms; medical journal warns that science is being manipulated; Prestige oil spill was costliest sea disaster in history; study finds high PCB in farmed salmon; Japanese culture to change as foreign workers pour in; U.S. newspapers ignore Iraq civilian deaths; death of Saddam's sons is bad news for Bush; blackout of 2003 a wake-up call for modern energy policy; blame Repubs for blackout of 2003; Ashcroft now investigating judges; nothing funny about Texas legislature hide and seek; colorful Charlie Wilson wins the cold war; Judy Miller's war; Mike Royko: how journalism was done.
> 112 JUNE, 2003 The death of Rachel Corrie; in Iraq, now everyone needs food aid; U.S. reported in secret peace talks with Taliban; Iraq guerrilla war leads U.S. launch of "Project Desert Scorpion;" Bush peace "road map" in doubt as Mideast violence explodes; Palestinians wary of "road map," would make any suicide bombing a breach of trust; Israeli colonists wary of "road map." many near broke, would need payout to leave settlements; one week after agreement, Israel pushes Bush aside as Sharon again pounds occupied territories; rights groups want U.S. tried for Iraq war crimes; doubts cast on U.S. explanation of Iraqi protesters' deaths; elusive Iraqi weapon evidence looking more like coverup; Blair bets everything on finding Iraqi WMD, accused of "sexing up" intelligence material; inability to find Iraqi WMD puts Bush hawks on political hot seat; France gloats as Bush & Blair squirm over missing Iraqi WMD; newly-released documents show Enron ties to Bush White House; Bush Euro tour anything but a victory lap; FCC to relax media ownership restrictions; Iraqi, Afghan refugees find no welcome in France or UK; Saddam atrocities top story in Arab media; law experts call U.S. plans for terrorist trials illegal; U.S. court says nothing wrong with 9/11 detentions; favorite Bush think tank wants to snuff non-corporate advocacy groups; delegation from postwar Iraq grilled by UN press; U.S. reveals blueprints to open Iraq to multinationals; Canada's relationship with Bush now ice cold; poll finds Muslim world view of U.S. at new low; Bush hawks eye northern Iran; Iraq chaos still threatens UN relief ops; Saddam's cousin and top general absent from U.S. card deck of 55 most-wanted Iraqis; Iran sees British are the wits and brains behind American actions; Iran compares events to 1952 CIA-instigated riots; Iraq should heed lessons from U.S. occupation of Japan; Russia and U.S. square off over Iran; Burma in crisis over arrest of Nobel laureate; Saddam used same offshore banking methods favored by U.S. corporations; phony Jessica Lynch story nearly same as 1897 "war outrage;" Australia govt. fighting probe of pre-war Iraq intel; top Australian leader wants media crackdown for Iraq war criticism; conservation voters report card gives Bush an "F;" U.S. nearly at Cold War arms spending; in a nation of laws, Bush must be impeached; Bush seeks power to appoint foreign aid czar; Iran could be key to Bush re-election, parallel to nixon 1972 landslide after making nice with China; inside the radical philosophy of the Neoconservatives, Leo Strauss, Michael Ledeen; GOP Senate seeks to undermine Endangered Species Act; Israel presses on with "security" barrier compared to South Africa's apartheid; Bush set to "protect" forests by building more roads;" Bush uses Iran war threats to distract from Mideast roadblocks; Pakistan region moves toward Taliban police system; Iraqi farmers face uncertain future; "good news only" biotech conference met by protests, industry claiming to be saving the world from hunger -- again; U.S. bars UNESCO from Iraq because team had French librarian; White House pressured EPA to whitwash bad news about global warming, rising pollution; Aceh and the grim shadows of civil war; Bush terror war threw refugees worldwide into limbo; David Horowitz lashing out at old enemies; Bush counting on weak dollar to assure re-election; Robert St. John, peaceful warrior; White House edits out the bad news; Blumenthal's "Clinton Wars" required reading; Howard Dean no progressive's champion; the media politics of impeachment; do we really want "anyone but Bush?" why do Africans get AIDS? Karl Rove's nightmare: liberal talk radio.
> 111 MAY, 2003 The war for Iraq's water; Israel builds wall to keep Palestinians from water; Amnesty International alleges coalition forces have tortured prisoners; Bush hawks quickly turn sights on Iran as neo-cons propose covert ops to destabilize government; Bush seeks full control over Iraq oil fields; American rule, not democracy in Iraq's future; radioactive material looted from Iraq nuke facilities; U.S. strikes truce with major terrorist group; Saudi blasts spells birth of new, more violent Islamist movement; Saudi Arabia bombing probably not Al Qaeda; the stakes in the search for weapons of mass destruction; those missing weapons of mass destruction; Bush and the WMD follies; Bechtel deal in Iraq leads privatization of U.S. military; U.S. rushes to punish France for opposing Iraq war; Iraqi militias vie for control of Mosul; Arab world believes U.S. had deal with Iraq army to abandon defense; poll: public gave Bush his shot on Iraq, but not a blank check; "Saddam spotting" grips Arab world, conspiracy theories abound; Bush AIDS promises misleading, analysts say; U.S. depleted uranium ammo will kill Iraqis -- and war vets -- for years; British minister quits: Bush, Blair broke promises that UN would have leadership role in Iraq; Bush strongarms Mexico for share of oil; Slovakia, Romania, others in E Europe now want a piece of Iraq; Russian dreams of oil empire fades with Iraq fall; Ashcroft moves to end victims' rights law; three states aim to outlaw eco-protests; Bush wants aggressive nuke program; Cheney hires China hawk for major Asia post; Colin Powell forced to negotiate with right-wingers at home as well as diplomats abroad; Ari Fleischer should have resigned in protest; EPA head Christie Whitman quits Bush cabinet; Bush stonewall of 9/11 investigation becoming scandal; the SARS panic pandemic, SARS generates fear of animals in China, China clamps down on SARS hysteria. Taiwan - China clash over treatment of SARS; Al Qaeda "threat" on Nnorway linked to Afghan role; U.S. allowing looted treasures to leave Iraq; new Palestinian leadership may dim hopes for peace; Ariel Sharon cracks down on Israeli Arabs; new sense of desperation among Palestinians; Mideast peace "road map" puts Bush in collision with neo-cons; Israel's view of road map leads to dead end; in Cuba, the return of the firing squad; Cheney firm bribed Nigerian official; Russia starts to rebuild armed forces; Bush wages legal battle against environmental law; great fish going the way of the dinosaurs; water demands draining U.S. rivers; Vieques rejoices as U.S. Navy pulls out; U.S. deporting religious refugees back to Iran; corporations blanket schools with industry- friendly messages; recently released internal document from Philip Morris Asia show plans; Occidental oil sued for 1998 bombing; Bush undermines Clean Air Act, claims environmental victory; U.S. not prepared to monitor biotech crops; Bush to Europe: accept U.S. biotech crops or else; Terry Nichols charged with 160 murders; anti-abortion zealots hate solution that will cut abortions; Muslim fundamentalists, Vatican, unite to block UN vote on gay rights; the revivial of McCarthyism; FCC commissioners accepted payola; why are Repubs happy about Iraq? Rexas Repubs take meanness to new level; note to White House: lies count; Texas House cuts services, jobs, meds for disturbed criminals; U.S. media became PR machine in Iraq war; lying to justify war should matter.
> 110 APRIL, 2003 The expected Iraq nightmare arrives; quick end to sanctions on Iraq would give U.S. oil companies control over Iraq oil; UN condemns "incredible" civilian deaths in Iraq; U.S. controls only a square mile of Baghdad; Bush under pressure to prove existence of Iraqi WMD; if Bush lied about Iraq, he can be impeached; U.S. rushes to install puppet Iraqi government; U.S. wanted UN inspection team to spy on Iraq; Bush planning to appoint arms merchant as viceroy of baghdad; new Iraq leadership picked by U.S. a motley crew; Arab world abuzz with rumors of Bush - Saddam deal on war; Saudis may have brokered deal for quick Iraqi surrender; brutal murder of cleric shows Iraq ethnic tensions high; Bush "short war" may span generations; no cheering over liberation at Baghdad hospitals; Iraq after Saddam: carpetbaggers everywhere; fall of Saddam deepens Russia-U.S. rift; anarchy keeps aid workers from entering Iraq; in Iraq, tribal fights begin; media groups condemn U.S. killing of reporters in Iraq; investigation of possible U.S. war crimes in Iraq begins; U.S. wins grudging Iraq war support from Turkey; bring back "body counts" for Iraq invasion; the war on critics of the Iraq war; U.S. media better at saluting than reporting; U.S. media spins the "good news" about Iraq; fragile money markets watch Iraq war with unease; Bush set to snub UN for role in postwar Iraq; will UN become another League of Nations? U.S. - Europe split is forever, expert says; taxpayers may pay Bush cronies up to $100 billion to rebuild Iraq; Bush hawks move crosshairs to Syria; Arabs see "occupation," not "liberation" of Iraq; Arab youth head towards Iraq to be "freedom martyrs;" U.S. muscles in on Iraq food imports via humanitarian aid; international court may try U.S. for war crimes; Iran expecting war with West; Iran divided over what to do with U.S.-led Iraq; Iran business sees money in rebuilding Iraq; White House factions debate Iran invasion; Iranian special forces poised near Iraq border; Iran moderates turning into hardliners; Neo-cons launch attack on Colin Powell and diplomacy; threats against Syria aimed at keeping Rumsfeld faction from renewed feuding with Powell; Bush admin rewriting rules on death penalty; Ashcroft's problem with ethics; many nations see more balanced coverage than U.S; Arab media doesn't hide violence of war; U.S. TV news marches to Iraq war drumbeat; peace movement unsettled as groups ponder what next; study finds mixed success for "embed" reporting; Justice Dept. prosecution of "Lackawanna Six" stumbles as courts reject goverment claims of Al Qaeda terrorist cell; researchers concerned about damage to 3000 years of history; for children, Iraq war casualties have just begun; cluster bombs will have deadly legacy in Iraq for years Iraq war blowback: the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood gains momentum; weapon makers the big victor as arms sales expected to be highest in two decades; immigrants going underground to evade U.S. registration; U.S. military expands operations in Colombia; nervous OPEC ponders future with Iraq oil in U.S. hands; Cuba cracks down on dissidents with stiff prison sentences; Asia skeptical over U.S. long-term success in Iraq war; Pakistan Islamic groups have most power since country founded; pakistan region enacts strict Islamic law; enviros bash Bush on Earth Day; Saddam big fan of message in gangster movie; French compare Bush admin to "Dr. Strangelove," leads to Paris revival of dark, ironic 1964 film; GAO finds "just say no" programs just don't work; Tiny south pacific island of threat of SARS virus overblown; China mum on SARS virus; Bush wants to roll back 1977 air pollution rules; Australia documents unparalleled species loss; having conquerered Iraq, U.S. needs crash course in Iraq 101; Cuba's other dissidents: angry, disaffected youth; Israel's weapons of mass destruction hit primetime; Peter Arnett paid a price for being truly neutral; Nauru looks towards covert U.S. operations and dubious money-making schemes; U.S. tricked, lied to us, says near-bankrupt Nauru; elderly workers lose jobs because lifetime of toil has worn away fingerprints.
> 109 MARCH, 2003 Who's hiding Osama Bin Laden? U.S. moves to block emergency UN war session; a week into war, promises of a short, quick victory vanish in the sandstorms of Iraq; Iraqi public neglects to cheer U.S. invasion; we "miscalculated badly" says UK defense analyst; Saddam turns to mosques to rally support; trail of Iraqi refugees stream towards Syria; U.S. accused of using food as weapon in Iraq war; Bush thinktank grateful that Saddam not killed in first strike; Arab nations fear Iraq is only first step for Bush invasion; Kurds in N Iraq prepare for war with Turkey; Turkey invades northern Iraq; growing number of Americans have a rising fear that we are on the eve of a catastrophe; important details about Khaled Shaikh Mohammed overlooked in news reports in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West; Bush tells UN it's irrelevant unless it agrees with him; White House claim of UN "failure" disingenuous; the disgrace and failure of George W. Bush; expect long-haul stay in Iraq, say policy setters ; Iraq war launches protests nationwide; Brits shaken by early Iraq war losses; postwar Iraq profiteering begins; U.S. will reap oil windfall after Saddam's ouster; "human shields" in Baghdad have mixed feelings; after Saddam, Iraq tribal wars expected; the lost history of the U.S. and Iraq ; UN food agency pleads for funds to feed Iraq; Bush makes dangerous comparison of Iraq to Nazi Germany; Bush now candidate for war crime tribunal; Richard Perle's conflicts of interest; Bush admin draws heavily from small neo-con family; two campaigns aim to impeach Bush; Tom Delay dodged Viet Nam draft, claimed Army was "full;" as nation on brink of war, Congress stops to bash French; loud pro-Israel faction dominates influence at White House; Arabs provided balanced media coverage of Iraq war; Bush Iraq coalition reaches out to the corrupt and irrelevant; Iraq-obsessed media ignores Africa, UN says; ignored by Washington, Latin America burns; Turkey snub of U.S. troops marks decline of NATO; Japan's fear of N Korea leads to support of Iraq war; Bush promises vague "road map" for Israel peace; war on Iraq threatens Israel; Iraq's "martyr bonus" to suicide bombers controversial in Arab world; some Iraqi businesses hope for war; Zapatistas in control of Chiapas; Bush wants rollback of public land protection; scientists to Bush: don't even consider tactical nukes; in Argentina, "none of the above" winning next election; Nigeria's oil wells closed amid ethnic violence; Pentagon seeks "national security" exemptions from enviromental laws; why Bush wants to fight in the Philippines; drill in Arctic refuge, Interior Secretary says; Afghanistan's president now yesterday's news; Pakistan's extremists gain from Iraq war; medical groups ask Bush to butt out of tobacco talks; depleted uranium found in Bosnia water; oil consortium ignored safer route for Caspian pipeline, group says; Bush wants to roll back 1977 air pollution rules; international criminal court launches despite Bush boycott; Bush opens Tongass forest to logging; Bush attempting end run past clean air act; Yugoslav women "sold like sacks of potatoes;" Saddam likely to try to contrive a heroic death; Iraq war already has echo of Vietnam; "partial birth abortion" a direct attack on Roe v Wade; value of Iraq's oil lies in controlling world supply, not the oil itself; how Dan Rather could have saved the day.
> 108 FEBRUARY, 2003 Historic global protests against attack on Iraq; gatherings in up to 60 countries around the world were the largest public gatherings in history; over 500k march against war in NY; 1 million march for peace in lLondon, Berlin; some anti-war protests sparked by doomsday fear; global labor marches against war; U.S. throwing billion$ at building "coalition of the coerced;" internal Bush Admin fight over post-Saddam Iraq; Bush remains vague on aid for postwar Iraq, real threat from Iraq could emerge after a U.S. victory; many abroad viewed Colombia shuttle as military mission, research included key space weapons research; Mandela blasts Bush, Blair, over Iraq war; Bin Laden message: invade Iraq -- please; Bush may lose GOP backing if any problems with Iraq war; FBI begins collecting info on U.S. Muslims; Bush ignoring worst case scenarios for Iraq war; the Bush charade of seeking UN approval; Pentagon and Bush chicken hawks started planning soon after 9/11; UN under attack by Bush Admin; Bush plays Colin Powell card for Iraq war; how the White House controls the press ; rightwing think tank directing Bush policies; Bush Iraq stance spurs new Cold War -- with Europe; Bush seeks to triple tax deductions for SUV owners; Bush hawks demand blank check for war; Bush budget an attack on environment, critics say; Bush budget ties foreign aid to being allied in terror war; "Old Europe" remark shows Bush admin disconnect; Pakistanis flee U.S. for Canadian asylum ; Anti-American feelings growing in Canada; anti-Saddam Iraqis promise oil deal after war; is Iraq first step for Bush Middle East crusade? Turkey may face civil war for backing U.S. Iraq attack; Australia alone as Bush war ally in Asia; some Iraqis cautiously speak against Saddam; Saudi Arabia to kick out millions of foreigners; supporting Iraq war could cost russia billion$ cheap oil could bankrupt economy; Indians win land rights suit, but Bush ignores court; Bush hydrogen fuel proposal a sham, critics say; rights groups protest "special registration" of Muslim men; Pakistan and Iran draw closer; China mishandled 3 Gorges Dam, study says; rocket attacks on Pakistan gas pipelines; Disney asks court to throw out Pooh case; U.S. risks war crimes over Iraq war; Catholic hospitals refusing contraception to rape victims; opium trade thrives in "new" Afghanistan; Pakistan's heroin problem tied to new Afghan opium trade; Israel's right-wing now firmly in control as hardliners win in Israel; Palestinians fear crackdown in wake of Sharon victory; Manila a case study in private water crisis; kidney black market alive and well; last ditch attempt to save rare and unique Hawaiian bird; India astronaut was hero to immigrant Americans; the Iraq war meets Biblical prophecy; for undocumented immigrants, homeland security is just another hassle; in Baghdad, preparation for invasion; after Roe, Bush takes aim at contraception; the witch hunt of Michael Dini; thank Bush diplomacy for N Korea nuke mess; Bush divides world into friends, gutless cowards; Bush treating global war like a bar fight; Fred Flinstone brains, WMD don't mix.
> 107 JANUARY, 2003 Real threat from Iraq could emerge after a U.S. victory; U.S. considering use of nukes in Iraq; America drifitng away from "rule of law," scholar warns; appeals court rules that U.S. citizens charged as enemy can be held indefinitely; Bush aims to keep Iraq suffering via embargo; Bush war strategy varies day to day; over 500k turn out for U.S. anti-war protests; only public can stop the White House warriors; Bush stacking science panels with litmus test for committees; Bush has window of opportunity to be great mideast peacemaker; Bush revives discredited Iraq-Qaeda link in State of the Union speech, unashamed fear-mongering in speech, analysis of foreign policy section, speech outlined reactionary agenda. AIDS funding promise "too little, too late;" at 2-year mark, Bush sinking fast in polls; Bush too soft on environment, says conservatives; Bush political appointees rake in the cash; Bush steps over line with opinion to Supreme Court; GOP has election advantage because felons can't vote; Bush declares war on women's rights; 2002: while the media slept -- U.S. press dodges some of the most important, complex stories; science ethics panel denounces "Skeptical Environmentalist" book; UN cites "alarming" damage to occupied territory by Israel; Arab press believes American war on Iraq is inevitable; Israel election 2003: scandal and suppression; Bush trying to tilt Israel's election for hardliners; Israel economy in worst recession ever; upstart party challenges Israeli Jewish state; 2003 begins with no leadership in Israel or Palestine; two Koreas draw closer over hostility to U.S; Israel can't ban Arab candidates from election, court says; Russia and Iran building strong nuclear ties; Cheney's old company already profiting from Iraq conflict; Arabs must stick together, Saudis tell Mideast; North Korea's nuclear enigma, Bush hawks furious that Asia shuns N Korea game plan, N Korea quits non-proliferation treaty, unknown if N Korea diverting nuke material, hypocrisy of Bush N Korea stance not lost on Arab press, China influence on N Korea overstated, UN urgently appeals for N Korea food aid, S Korea donating bread to feed North children; Chechnya an ecological disaster, poised to explode as nothing being done to stop world's most violent conflict; Enron gets ok for Bolivia gas pipeline; controversial trans-Afghanistan pipeline to be built; Bush rolls back wetlands protections in biggest setback in history of Clean Water Act; Bush ignores Venezuela crisis, Venezuela's poor still back Chavez, Venezuela strike part of global struggle over oil, propaganda floods Venezuela's media, hundreds of thousands march for Venezuela's Chavez; hundreds of species pressured by global warming; Nestle drops $6M demand from Ethiopia; Thai village opens arms to terminal HIV/AIDS victims; Argentina on brink of anarchy as vigilantes grow; Taiwan's fantasy: China doesn't exist; poorest nations first to pay UN dues, U.S. owes over $800m, is biggest deadbeat; Bush deleted 8000 pages from Iraq inspector's report that probably linked U.S. companies to Iraq weapons; school lunches unhealthy, study finds; Bush changes meaning of "dolphin safe" tuna label; White House picks King's birthday to attack to support anti- affirmative action lawsuit; why newspapers are dying; deafened to outside voices, Bush hawks insist Iraq war is inescapable; Bush gives CIA permission to assassinate; Bush still has done nothing for corporate reform; the dirty little secret about Bush tax plan; Bush schemes to tax the little people; not all White House reporters are pushovers; the feds vs Ed Rosenthal; Dr. Bill Frist, moral monster.
> 106 DECEMBER, 2002 Bush and the Media: the gentle treatment of Bush is looking uncomfortably like the big rollover during the Reagan era; Bush hawks want military occupation of postwar Iraq; Bush grabs UN weapons report before anyone else can look, breaking agreement; of course Iraq war crisis is about oil, say industry experts; White House reacts angrily as rest of world won't play along on Iraq attack; China's sweatshop toy industry dependent on U.S; U.S. stands alone in accusing Iraq of "material breach;" Enviros fear Bush may undo decades of progress; election lesson for Demos: voters want to hear liberal ideas matter; Bush finds tough going with terror war allies; Canada newest member of U.S. enemies' list; Canadian scrambles to apologize for Bush "moron" remark; infamous hard-liner Otto Reich apparently out; Trent Lott lets the neo- Confederate mask slip, Lott support cuts Bush credibility with Blacks; judge knocks GAO out of Cheney task force lawsuit; Iraq's "apology" to Kuwait interpreted as threat; S Korea election a major defeat for Bush; poorest nations compete for aid under Bush plan; Israel denies education to Palestinians, UN says; controversy over Bill Gates' AIDS grant to India; rising tensions between Iran moderates, religious right; the rise and fall of Saudi Prince Bandar; U.S. Saudi relations at new low; Afghan "nation building" on back burner; court gives scientists access to "Kennewick Man;" chemical arms inspectors slowed by cash shortfall as russia and other nations delay promises to destroy bioweapons; oil is focus of Venezuela's crisis; for big bucks, Giuliani joins Mexico City crime war; nicotine patches, gum, don't help; Canada ratifies the Kyoto Protocol; oil companies confess to illegal deals; murderer of abortion Dr. appears to prepare "justifiable homicide" defense; health risks of benzene far worse than suspected; chicken, turkey may contain antibiotic resistant bacteria; feds ok Navy sonar tests likely to harm whales; worst ever oil spill at sea; trade talks seek to eliminate civil service jobs; "USA Patriot" arrests called chilling as INS arrests foreign visitors who followed law; INS arrests inconsistent, show lack of D.C. leadership; overwhelming majority of Americans want inspection process to work; Bush admin argues for abusive police before Supreme Court; Dr. Laura's sick family values; media downplays risks of war casualties; Phil Berrigan and the challenge of protest.
> 105 NOVEMBER, 2002 Baghdad waiting for the storm; U.S. not prepared for Iraq war civilian crisis, say relief groups; Pentagon's plans for Big Brother database; with GOP election victory, hawks press for Iraq war; post-Saddam Iraq may look like pre-invasion Afghanistan; Bush mulls: military puppet, islamic fundamentalists, or warlords for Iraq? new justification for Iraq war: "Saddam is Hitler;" Kissinger probably least trustworthy person to probe 9/11; Rumsfeld's disturbing vision of information warfare; Bush wants to privatize half of fed workforce; Tom Delay has earned reputation as a hard-right zealot; insurance companies win big as Congress guarantees bailout; Bush makes full court press to confirm judges; new Senate leadership mostly hard-liners; UN vote on Iraq a win over Cheney- Rumsfeld gang; Repubs win big, although most Americans disagree with their views; environment, animal rights big winners in 2002 vote; Repubs seize reins of power; enviro groups fear Republican Congress; dazed Demos could look to Brazil's new president; why the Bush crowd hated Paul Wellstone; conservatives pushing 'marriage for welfare' plan; U.S. turned financial screws for unanimous UN vote against Iraq; Syria trapped in corner on Iraq vote; Arabs say UN resolution isn't warrant for Iraq war; Ariel Sharon: Israel should "exploit" Hebron ambush; Israel election a fight between right-wingers; the other elections: islamist parties winning big Arafat finds support, Sharon in trouble; sniper case breathes new life into anti-immigration movement; Brazil's new president more nationalist than leftist; China makes historic concessions for better U.S. ties; over 100,000 march against war in Iraq; Bush reject of ABM treaty had global ripple effect; stakes high as U.S. corp sues over water in secret trade court; Bush rolls back air pollution controls in biggest setback in history of clean air act; U.S. trying to block global warming controls; Kyoto Protocol is human rights issue, protesters say; Australia, Japan, Canada join U.S. attack on Kyoto; Russia's Putin caught between coal and Kyoto; S Africa terrorism linked to white supremacists; Bush throws out 10 years of science under pressure of snowmobile lobby; Montenegro fierce and freewheeling and still near anarchy; abortion foes attack clinics in PR campaign; the booming economy of war; Disney lawyers claimed Pooh was public domain, lose court decision; Disney says Christopher Robin's heirs to retake Pooh ownership; biopharm soybeans destroyed after experimental genes get loose; Indonesia fires caused by slash and burn agriculture doubled global CO2; new health hazards linked to highways; schools using junk food to pump up test scores; judge blocks Navy sonar tests likely to harm whales; worst oil spill in history off coast of Spain; new oil spill reveals gaps in international laws; why are all American terrorists veterans of Gulf War? does Bush suffer a neurotic fixation with Saddam? will Supreme Court rule "3 strikes law" cruel and unusual? the rush to execute the Washington snipers; if you believe the waterfront can be made secure, think again; thank GOP for major giveaway to corp tax cheats; Paul Wellstone a sharp contrast; GOP stabs unemployed in the back; Bush trying to gut the unions; Bush forcing Christian right views on world; Barbie represents equal rights among young women and girls in Iran
> 104 OCTOBER, 2002 Taliban coming back in Afghanistan; China and the War on Terror; Bush speech failed to make case for Iraq war; Democratic loyal opposition again fails to offer meaningful opposition; Russia hostage crisis puts Chechnya back at center stage; N Korean nukes an open secret since 1999; many nations have ignored UN resolutions; Bush war plans undermining UN credibility; Washington sniper probably homegrown terrorist; media lets D.C sniper bump off election; Jimmy Carter and the D.C sniper; Jimmy Carter emerging as leading voice against Bush war plans; Senate panel says White House may have acted illegally; Bush unveils lite prescription drug reform; despite lack of evidence, Bush convinces most Americans of Saddam link to 9/11; Rumsfeld emerges as most aggressive player in Bush circle; historic Iraq war debate in Senate; Clinton, Israel share blame for peace talk failure, says film; Israeli siege of PLO headquarters a big win for Arafat; Bush infuriates Muslims by naming Jerusalem offical Israel capitol; study finds anti-western bias among Arabs just a myth; Bush finds suprising aid from China in Iraq war plan; Russia seeks to delay bioweapons destruction; Bush "war on terrorism" stumbles with new attacks, lack of support; European left, Muslim immigrant forge alliance against Bush; study proves EPA toothless since Bush takeover; acid rain far more hazardous than earlier believed; new study supports India women fighting birth control injections; few women in Zimbabwe get land promised by reforms; in starving southern Africa, women risk AIDS for food; 1 in 3 of world's primates now endangered; illegal wildlife trade as profitable as drugs; secret U.S. biopharms growing experimental drugs; cigarette marketing can undermine even strict parenting; increased risk linked to sewage sludge used as fertilizer; Bali terrorism was wake-up call for Indonesia; Bush hits new low by rejecting UN population funds; cheap shots at Jimmy Carter.
> 103 SEPTEMBER, 2002 Oil And The Permanent War; Bush ends UNESCO boycott, apparently to show UN that Bush not a complete isolationist; Saudi royals on tightrope between islamists, moderates; Palestinian town faces collapse as Israeli siege wears on; countries used Sept. 11 as excuse to censor Internet; Bush shifts farther right for Iraq war rationale; Bush forces rush decision on Iraq war; Bush ultra-hawks may have overplayed Iraq bluster; Project Censored 2001- 2002; Sept. 11 made life harder for Palestinians; Israel taxes humanitarian aid to Palestine, UN says; Arafat power base eroding which may be good for Palestine; Pakistan - U.S. "war on terror" alliance falling apart; one year after 9/11, Pakistan's religious schools unchanged; environmental protection rollbacks continue with little media attention; newspapers rewrite history of UN arms inspections in Iraq; post-Sept. 11 military deals result in China encircled; Japan - N Korea breakthrough upsets Bush hawks: U.S. fears that it could be held accountable for environmental damage in international court; Zimbabwe gives white farmers one week eviction notice; Afghanistan slides toward chaos; Israel threatens war with Lebanon over water project; future looks rosy, oil industry says; Gale Norton held in contempt of court; Bush fire plan would give timber companies rights to log national forests without public review; farm bill hurts everyone except big agribusiness, report says; Pinochet's feared covert squad reactivated, rights groups say; French corp giants push for water takeover; coffee workers face ruin as market collapse; ethics showdown over GM seed focus on Africa; tobacco companies targeted Asian-Americans; Bush not following rules rules on Colombia aid set by congress; the creepy Bush plan for world domination; Bush jumps the gun with preemptive strikes looking for weapons given by Saddam's mentors, Reagan and Bush; Bush should worry about Greenspan, not Saddam.
> 102 AUGUST, 2002 The Anthrax Letters the deadly bacteria could only have been produced by a covert bioweapons program in violation of international law; "Operation Tips" recruits you for a government spy operation; $200+ billion pulled out of U.S. to protest rising anti-Saudi sentiment; Pope beatifies Mexico Indians who spied for church; spillover from corporate fraud will cost economy billions; Where's Ralph Nader? 13 million Africans facing famine; magazine reveals Bush ignored 9/11 terror warnings; Bush sneaks subsidy for cheat factory farmer; Bush team squabbles with dad's crowd over Iraq war; Brent Scowcroft, unlikely peacenik; no dissent welcome at Bush economic "summit;" Cheney dodging reporters since Halliburton scandal surfaced; Bush signs corporate reform law, then undermines it; Congress fights over special bankruptcy protection for abortion clinic protestors; Harvey Pitt's job insurance: protecting Bush; Bush ignored facts to withhold UN aid; Israel complaining about setbacks in propaganda war; UN toothless in Mideast crisis; Bush fine-tunes enemies list; U.S. calls Zimbabwe election "fraudulent," won't recognize government; half of Zimbabwe near starvation, white farmers fight land reform; Xerox caught in India accounting fraud; Dr. Steven Hatfill's troubling past; Oregon protesters slam Bush timber plans; White House tried to claim Castro was "developing biological weapons;" Argentina economic collapse leads to "express kidnaps;" is "Left Behind" evangelical book series a blueprint for Bush administration? Indonesia covering up 1999 atrocities, UN says; young Afghan women setting themselves ablaze; Russia pushing forward with risky gas project; CIA was in on Operation Condor conspiracy, memo shows; India faces economic collapse as worst-ever drought looms; State Dept. asked court to drop ExxonMobil human rights suit; editorial cartoonist Ted Rall interview; one million Russian children under 14 working; Microsoft sets sights on "e-mexico;" Mexico awash in untreated toxic waste; no fed funding for church-centered chastity programs, judge rules; Colombia rebels kidnap entire village authors slam for pushing used books over new; Ashcroft's selective prosecution; media forgets Iraq had reason to block UN arms inspectors; don't criticize Israel in election year; why Bush didn't bailout Enron; American history defined by "one nation under god" bias.
> 101 JULY, 2002 Insider deals catch up with Bush; no precedent for Bush stripping prisoners of all rights; Saudi Arabia admits al-Qaeda suspects being held, but refuses to let U.S. interrogate; Asia poised for AIDS pandemic; evidence growing of atrocities against Afghanistan war prisoners; recycling another 9/11 NY city casualty; juror talks about the Bari vs. FBI trial; Republican loyalists, Euro allies distancing themselves from problem president; stock market decline a no confidence vote on Bush; Ashcroft, death penalty zealot; will the feds prosecute corporate evildoers? hawks unhappy over improved Beijing ties; Repubs lose only congressional black conservative; prescription drug bill written by big pill industry; why is congress ignoring Ashcroft's failures? senator proposes civil liberties director for FBI; Palestinians struggle with years of unemployment; shallow media coverage widens gulf between West and Arabs; ever-elusive Usama becomes Bush headache; Israeli wall around W Bank hot spots a last resort; Palestinian anger mounts as Israelis tightens noose; deep divisions in Arab world over Bush policy; Pinochet case over; U.S. still pushing for war crimes court immunity; U.S. corporate misconduct even worse in third world; 30000+ acres of biotech cotton destroyed in India mixup demonstrates problem of controlling genetically modified seeds; N Zealand covered up illegal release of GM seed; Navy gets ok for sonar blasts that could harm whales; Bush seeks millions for Indonesia police training although training suspended in 1999 after human rights abuses; workers, retirees bear brunt of Argentina's bank collapse; is nuke waste coming to your backyard? oil, mining seen as curse for poor countries; oil consortium seeks "free public money" to build Caspian pipeline; Julia "Butterfly" Hill deported from Ecuador after pipeline protest; two new monkeys found in Amazon rainforest; years after Kosovo war, poison air lingers; pesticides can travel thousands of miles by air; study finds some kinds of stress harm immune system but other kinds of stress may be good for you; Bhopal survivors seek help from plant's new owner; Japan passes first domestic violence laws; Bush effort to link drugs, terrorism alarms Colombia; Colombia mayors, judges, declared "military targets," over half quit; Bush approves Colombia funding despite paramilitary ties; little remains of Russia's pristine forests; America's top-secret prisoners; is the Inglewood beating really another Rodney King? Bush distorts history to claim Reagan legacy; Supreme Court voucher decision divides blacks; Bush Harken deals a new scandal, not old news; Bush to Wall St: "we will do nothing;" Bush fighting war on 30 fronts; Cheney's grimy trail in business; media bears much blame for "new economy" hype; media supports Bush myth of the corporate sinner; will Tom Ridge label strikers as terrorists? Colorado fires a timber company boon; Black Death probably wasn't Bubonic plague after all; the blame Bill Clinton crowd.
> 100 MAY/JUNE, 2002 The Killers of Teresa Macias; ultra hawks promote muddled plan for Iraq; Pakistan believed trading miniaturized nuclear warhead technology for missles; India, Pakistan dispute over water rights behind war fever; U.S. rejects "right to food" concept at global summit, fears it could mean the hungry could sue governments; Congressional hearings target enviro activists as "terrorists;" FBI head feeling the heat for 9/11 not CIA or Defense Dept; Washington ignoring economic meltdown; John Bolton, point man at State Dept for right wing; the Bush Sept. 11 coverup: CIA contradicts White House claims that Bush wasn't informed, family investments profited afterward; Bush SEC head protecting cronies, not investors; D.C. tells states: don't invesitgate Enron-like scandals; Bush-euro relations chill over U.S. support of Sharon; anti-Arafat ads blanket D.C. TV; Christian right lobbying hard for Ariel Sharon; Ashcroft's anti-choice views guiding FBI, Justice Dept; is it anti-semitic to criticize Israel? Dick Armey tells Palestinians: get out; Sharon's final solution for Palestine; tensions rising between Arafat and Palestinian militants; Israel's hefty defense budget has high social cost; Israel travel crackdown threatens UN relief ops; rights group finds no massacre, but war crimes likely; drug industry finds itself under fire in D.C.; S America irate over U.S. farm bill; India villages brace for war; exodus of foreigners from India heightens nuke fears; tanker oil spill decimated Galapagos iguanas; Bush gets big funding hike in foreign army training; small Utah tribe could find itself "temporarily" with nuke waste for 40 years; White House wanted more hearsay in Clinton vandalism probe; secret FISA court for authorizing covert ops becomes even more secret; common ag pesticide destroys ability to fight cancer; Russia moves against "political extremists;" hungry kids prone to suicide, flunking; Burma dictatorship releases Nobel laureate Sung Dan Duu Kyi; Burma watchers ponder junta's reason for activist's release; the tobacco industry's smoking guns: big tobacco efforts to discredit anti-tobacco groups, tobacco companies illegally spied on health orgs, big tobacco undermined public smoking bans, anti-smoking youth ads designed to promote cigarettes, Philip Morris threatens Thailand over warnings on cigarette packs; Occidental backs off plans to oil drill on U'wa homeland; probe of Venezuela coup attempt stalls; is Earth near c02 limit? it's official: yuppies are China's new role models; unique matriarch society documented in new book; more patients die in for-profit hospitals; Judi Bari vs FBI trial coverage: laughter, intense questioning mark Cherney testimony; jury moved to tears by Bari video deposition, federal lawyer opposes letting jury read Consititution, jury begins one of the longest jury deliberations in memory; police, FBI call for mistrial after rally, jury awards $4.4 million damages to Bari and Cherney; the CEO loan racket as multi-million dollar loans are routinely forgiven; "the old Nigerian scam" appeals to your greed; Bush handed over consumer protection to big industry; Cheney business scandal finally gets some attention; Karen Hughes and women's choices; the Bushies' motto: "we have no idea what to do;" Arafat, by feeding on martyrdom, dooms his people; Bush's wag-the-dog policy on Iraq; blame church arrogance, not society; press learned few lessons from Watergate; don't forget U.S. was bioweapon pioneer; greens as "spoilers," already? bread, coffee, beer
> 99 APRIL, 2002 Ariel Sharon's war on Palestine : attack on Jenin was act of war, Israeli forces using civilians as human shields, Israel using food, water, as weapon of war, Bush fiddled while Mideast burned, U.S. media parrots Bush stance on Israel, Israel violated Geneva Conv. with attacks on civilians, Israel defies UN investigation, UN shocked at Israel's systematic brutality, Israel plays word games to avoid Jenin probe, Israeli assault transforms Arafat's image in Muslim world, attack limits hope of Arab - Israel dialogue, experts say little chance of Arab war against Israel, water is root of Israeli-Palestinian conflict , Bush foreign policy has been to whine about failures of Clinton foreign policy, rage against Israel builds in Egypt, government appears unable to contain public anger; Colin Powell wanders Mideast as Bush undermines peace mission; Clinton to blame for Mideast mess, right insists, Bush stance on Israel shows rightwingers firmly in control; tax-refund loans like many short-term loans targeting the working poor; Jim Hightower's "rolling thunder down-home democracy tour" brings the party back to politics; Bush quickly losing ground with allies; wealthy center browbeats media to support Bush terror war; London called heartland of violent Islamic extremism; Pentagon seeks exemptions from enviromental laws; Supreme Court upholds cruel "one strike" policy, kicks elderly out of public housing if relatives caught with drugs; Judi Bari vs FBI trial begins: FBI, police, weren't interested in taking statements, Bari, Cherney, and supporters eager to cooperate and help authorities find the bomber, jury examines bombed car. Iraq's 30-day oil embargo most likely to hurt poor countries; Iraq emerges from Arab summit with more support; Indonesia, Malaysia shun Bush terror war; ruthless Uzbekistan dictator comes calling at the White House; death sentence faces bison outside of Yellowstone; war crimes court to start in July; Australia fabricated story to stir anti-refugee hatred; Mexico tricked Natives into sterilization; world banks can withdraw from controversial energy projects, yet still fund indirectly; neo-Nazi violence growing in Russia; significant extinctions loom in 1 of 4 states; Venezuela's two day coup : Venezuelans suspect U.S. role, pro-coup TV played cartoons, soap operas to keep public in the dark, faction didn't understand Chavez' wide popular support; most poor battered women don't seek help, study finds; IMF tightens grip over Argentina; high-tech U.S. trash floods Asia ; women's rights in Gulf region take one step forward, one back; French voters suffer election day hangover in le Pen victory; the dingy closets of the Catholic church; Bush repeating his Texas mistakes.
> 98 MARCH, 2002 Michael Moore's new book bestows rock star status; listen to Michael Moore speaking; does Wall Street Journal share blame in reporter's murder? Bush wants $100 million to protect Colombian oil pipeline; pursuit of A-Qaeda may lead to Russian confrontion over coveted oil route; non-disaster charities rush to 9-11 bandwagon; Palestinian "martyr brigades" are wild card in ceasefire; will Bush start new atom bomb race? bush's "nuclear posture review" harkens back to the days of "Dr. Strangelove," with the U.S. claiming right to wage unlimited, undeclared war on anyone; Bush proposal blurs defensive, attack use; China in "deep shock" after Bush calls it possible bomb target; Wall Street worried that Bush terror war spinning out of control, promise to help "governments everywhere" fight terrorism is blank check; right wing ramps up for public opinion war; Bush/Cheney secrecy "principle" flaunts basic principles of public service; "Axis of evil" speechwriter leaves for rightwing think tank; Bush, Teamsters make odd bedfellows; Bush gaffes anger, puzzle Asia; Bush drug czar hiding real costs of the drug war; is Ariel Sharon Bush's role model? European Union ratifies Kyoto Protocol; China shaken by Bush's position on Taiwan; snowmobilers invading remote Yellowstone wilderness after Bush threw out 10 years of science under pressure; Army of God declares solidarity with muslim extremists; schools, ambulances not spared in Israeli attacks; UN ambulance hit by missle; new Israeli checkpoints raise tension; Mideast experts skeptical on new Palestine state; Arab world mostly rallied behind Saudi peace plan, Syria, others point to holes; John Graham and efforts to sabotage government regulations; Presidio chief resigns in disgrace; oil company gets drilling rights from Amazon tribe with little more than soccer balls, whistle; Muslim hatred in India fueled by anti-Islam tour guides; endangered species traders arrested in India; thousands of bears captive in Chinese bile farms; right-wing PR seeks to label most enviros "eco-terrorists;" Disney-Pooh lawsuit audit may be tainted by conflict of interest; California supreme court rejects Disney appeal; Disney allegedly had reporter fired over Pooh coverage; East Timor refugees on brink of starvation; intimidation from Indonesian army in East Timor genocide trial; Swiss court to crooks, terrorists: launder your money here; older eyewitnesses may be unreliable, study says; few doctors trained to look for adverse drug reactions; discovery sheds new light on Operation Condor; new side effect of global warming: more allergies; oil wealth fuels repression in Sudan, escalating 19 year-old civil war; rushing to trash the environment; Bernard Goldberg's "Bias" gets the facts wrong; Office of Strategic Influence nothing new; will Bush attack Iraq? Billy Graham encouraged Nixon's worst side; remembering H. Rap Brown.
> 97 FEBRUARY, 2002 The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups what is the White House fighting to keep secret? World Economic Forum: the $1,000,000,000 cocktail party; greenest Olympics games ever? not! Olympic torch bearer uniforms made in Burma sweatshops; Taliban prisoners dying in Afghanistan lockups; Bush crackdown on immigrant rights alarms judges, ask for independence from Justice Dept; right wing in a snit because Colin Powell told MTV viewers to use condoms; Bush budget: pennies for helping poor nations but big loans and subsidies available for weapon purchases; Bush defense budget higher than Vietnam War peak; Cheney, Energy Task Force defies GAO; Enron scandal: how far does it reach? whether Bush or others did favors for enron is only one issue; Enron also paid off top journalists; another Enron victim: U.S. funding agencies; Enron debunks myth of "conservative values;" how Enron brokered elections; can we trust Congress to investigate Enron? Repubs scramble for ways to spin Enron ties; 128 Repubs scored zero on enviro scorecard, compared to just 6 twenty years ago; Bush follows the law when it suits him; Bush state speech a rejection of Colin Powell's diplomacy; state of union speech didn't mention democracy once; Bush speech subtext: we will find a new enemy; Arthur Andersen & Co. worked on Pooh case during shredding at Disney; Bush's global-warming smoke screen; China cuts greenhouse gas, contradicting Bush; wind power now fastest growing energy secto; Bush wants big increase in foreign military training; UN chief to Bush, Ariel Sharon: work with Arafat; Bush moving closer to Ariel Sharon; Arab support for Palestinian state seen as fading; some Israeli reservists refusing to serve in Palestinian lands; IMF playing with Argentina's economy; Bush "axis of evil" speech kills hope for anti-terrorism treaty; Iran angered over Bush "axis of evil" speech, also backfires in Europe; Compaq avoided taxes by investing $900 million for one hour; sharp rise in Slovakian neo-nazi activity; monarch butterflies die by the millions; Central America awash in weapons; Colombia army launches major attack on rebels; sea levels will probably rise faster than earlier worst predictions; opium dealers cheer ban on Afghan poppy cultivation; the September 11 nuclear disaster scenario; enviros blame aluminum industry for dam boom; did CNN rob John Walker Lindh of a fair trial? Bush kills off superfund cleanup; the conceit of Thomas Friedman; Dita Sari to Reebok award: no thanks; S.F. uses terrorist label to jail AIDS dissident activists; Ralph Reed's walk in the valley of greed.
> 96 JANUARY, 2002 The Pooh Files Walt Disney Co. destroyed "hundreds of boxes and thousands of pages" of records in case now approaching trial after 11 years of secrecy; Disney keeping army of lawyers busy; did Bush exploit Sept. 11 to justify a Central Asian oil grab? Bush used Sept. 11 to push ahead FTAA; NOW debunks right-wing charges of exploiting Sept. 11; will Bush "war on terrorism" target Somalia? Iraqi people expect U.S. attack; new estimates of Afghanistan's civilian dead; UN slams U.S. over treatment of Taliban prisoners; peace activists in Pakistan walk tightrope; Enron is a cancer on the presidency Bush admin can't shrug off ties to Enron scandal; call Bush and company "Enron conservatives;" secret offshore banks were key to Enron scheme; Enron scandal implicates financial journalists, Wall Street pundits; both GOP and Demos lying about economy; Ashcroft memo quietly gutted Freedom of Information Act; Ashcroft's dangerous arrogance; Bush sneaks in appointment of controversial hard-liner; White House seen grooming Tom Ridge as Cheney successor; environmentalism under attack in new book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist;" Bush working against environment, watchdog group says; will Yucca Mountain become America's nuclear waste dump? fragmentation makes forest seedlings whimpy; central Florida drinking water could run out in five years; jaguars in the Americas find their territory shrinking; Dead Sea at environmental risk; little success for "Jubilee" campaign; Bush seeks court approval to expand police searching, seeks override of 4th amendment; Argentina's collapse discredits U.S. policy; militant Palestinian groups eager to fight Israel; UN human rights commission begins year without U.S.; sinking of Korean boat raises doubts of Japan's pacifism; no clear policy on nuclear weapon use by India or Pakistan; the salt lake city olympic scandals; Newsweek's misleading profiles; ABC news censors human rights report; Saudi's fear radical islamic backlash; growing Serbia market for selling kidneys, livers; refugees protest asylum rejections by sewing lips shut; TV documentary shows aftermath of U.S. cluster bombs; Iran's religious hardliners target satellite Internet, TV; Compaq avoided taxes by investing $900 million - for one hour; GOP 2002 political platform: war, war, war, wave the flag, ignore economic meltdown, Enron scandal; Repubs trash economy in record time; new stem cell discovery could revolutionize medicine; Argentina pharmacies hoarding critical drugs; Indonesia quiet before next political storm; why the SLA still haunts us; KPFA radio struggles back to life; Osama Bin Laden merchandising sweeps Egypt.
> 95 DECEMBER, 2001 Ashcroft's sweeping police powers; Ashcroft banking that most don't remember the FBI's COINTELPRO program; the real American emergency; Bush's permanent war; U.S., Canada, and England tighten civil rights in name of security; China, Indonesia, Philippines, and others follow U.S. lead in supressing dissidents as terrorists; scenes from two war fronts, day 100: swept up in the U.S. terrorism dragnet, eight weeks in jail on Ashcroft's enemies list, Afghan aid worker says this is the crisis of our era, Afghanistan's everyday misery; Pentagon blocks public release of Afghan pictures; UN can't agree on definition of "terrorism;" reconstruction of Afghanistan could cost $10 billion; Afghan warlord Dostum is bad news; Afghan warlords continue to block, loot humanitarian aid convoys; fear and crime follow Taliban retreat as anarchy sweeps Afghanistan; mirrors the collapse of nation after withdrawl of Soviet troops; Afghan women spell out demands for government role; Pentagon only discredits itself with claims that no innocents are bombed; the new battlefield is the slippery spread of weapons of mass destruction; Bush snubs Black congress members, refused 4 requests for meetings since September; Congress kills restrictions on pesticide use in schools; the great Bush environmental giveaway; terrorism becomes favorite excuse to trash environment; Bush "coal czar" nominee has troubling record; enviros sue U.S. over lax mining rules; Bush takes heat for military tribunal plans; Kenneth Lay, "the man who screwed the world;" media swallows Enron PR about collapse; Israel puts Palestinian areas under lockdown; Israeli settlements are the problem; Israeli "warning" injures 100, kills 2; dropping ABM treaty a big win for U.S. right-wing; Pakistan, Iran mend fences after Taliban fall; Iran drug traffic to skyrocket during Afghanistan chaos; study finds local TV news under control of its advertisers; India outrage over military "coffin-gate" scandal; documents show Kissinger lied about authorizing 1975 E Timor atrocities; new trial may mean life for Mumia Abu-Jamal; citizens victims in Colombia war crossfire; Bangladesh clothing industry collapses, economy in tatters; Canadian Natives not told about toxic fishing for two years; Taiwan: what democracy looks like; Beijing downplays impact of Taiwan vote; China emerges as big winner in Afghan war; Bush to africa: call us next year for AIDS money; no outcry to find serial killer of poor, black women; news media has shunnned women since Sept. 11; Chomsky says what U.S. media won't; how Monica Lewinsky saved social security.
> 94 NOVEMBER, 2001 Bush was allied with Taliban until August; U.S.-backed rebels charged with massacres; U.S. Afghan food drops "tragic mistake" says senior UN official; lack of any Afghan peace agreement keeps away "blue helmet" UN peacekeepers; the war at 30 days: little progress, weak coalition; Pakistan religious militants close off crucial route to China; quick Taliban retreat makes Pakistan situation more volatile; key Afghan ethnic group remains wildcard; U.S. bomb "mistake" hits independent Arab TV; Bush has only himself to blame for problems building anti-terror coalition; the politics of oil, what bin laden and Bush don't talk about; women exiles await overthrow of Taliban; Taliban retreat dampens Islamic extremist movement; Al Qaeda a cult, not religious group; go after Saddam, Bush's right-wing advisory council says; could irradiated mail cause super-anthrax? Afghan children a lost generation, an entire generation defined by violence, despair, and no education; profiteering from Sept. 11 and the war, right wingers run amok, Bush dismantles environment rules using terrorism claims, Sept. 11 becomes religious right new fundraising tool; USA PATRIOT Act a serious threat to Bill of Rights; Bush would have not won recount; now Colombia drug war is part of terror war; Why They Hate Us, Part 3, a snapshot of Palestine-Israeli war, two weeks before Sept. 11; Life under Israeli occupation; Israel/Palestine unspoken question - do you really want peace? Jewish colonists begin moving out of West Bank; Bush call for military courts unprecedented; UN warns of impending global economic crisis; India offers cheap, superior anthrax vaccine, but U.S. may ignore it to protect Cipro profits; did Russians sell biological warfare weapons via Swiss bank? appeals court throws out Exxon Valdez penalty; U.S. now only major country in opposition to global warming treaty; fears of "Talibanization" in Bangladesh; too much news can be hazardous to your heath; Energy Dept. reviewing ban on radioactive scrap metals; soy-based food may be harmful to infants; the fall of Enron; media self-censorship pushing news coverage to right; U.S. making the world a more dangerous place; mayor Bloomberg and the triumph of business news; the torture boomlet.
> 93 OCTOBER, 2001 Why They Hate Us, Part 2; anti-terror law includes sweeping new police powers; FBI eyes torture; Bush retreats from promises to help Afghans after defeat of Taliban; U.S. hi-tech weapons flood Mideast, Asia after Bush dropped restrictions for war on terrorism allies; only Muslim world can stop extremists; Pentagon hires PR firm for Afghan bombing; Afghan food drops only Bush PR; Central Asia Uzbekistan in global spotlight; women Afghanistan's important freedom fighters; the Gary Conditization of the terror story; profiteering from war on terrorism; as nation mourns, GOP shoves through political agenda; airline's army of lobbyists won quick bailout; most of United's taxpayer bailout going to luxury jets; enviro groups back off from Bush policy criticism; drug warriors seek to link drugs with terrorism; Interior secretary Norton lied to Congress; Norton threatened with jail; high approval ratings for Bush and war are meaningless; German neo-Nazis say any enemy of the U.S. is their friend; Israel campaigning to make Lebanon war on terrorism target; Ariel Sharon warns Bush to not endorse Palestine; proposed Bush drug czar says questions of racism in drug sentencing are "urban myth"; Colin Powell losing power struggle within Bush admin; GOP tax cuts won't help economy says Nobel winner; Bush banking on tax cuts alone as a economic cure; the real price of oil; internal documents reveal Philip Morris strategy to undermine 1990s tobacco research; most anthrax letters sent to pro-choice groups; tracking terrorist money via may secret banking system be too hot for U.S. to really persue; Bush protects Bayer's Cipro profits, paying over 3000% markup; Russia providing India with bombers capable of delivering nukes; don't worry about nuke bomb security, says Pakistan; settlement ends David "Gypsy" Chain death suit; desperate Palestinian workers sneak into Israel; FISA court powers expand under anti-terror law; terrorist and safety risks from aging nuclear plants; Mexican maize contaminated with engineered genes; PBS rejects award-winning films that might be considered "liberal bias"; U.S. doesn't like free speech policy of Al Jazeera TV; Colombia seeks to control TV war coverage; Colombia paramilitaries step up massacres; without U.S., climate talks push on; polls show Blacks want police profiling of Arabs; Democratic party spineless since the Florida election crisis.
> 92 SEPTEMBER, 2001 Bush ignored prophetic terrorism report, said topic needed more study; overthrow of Taliban would be major victory for U.S. oil interests; thousands pouring into Afghanistan for holy war against U.S; did Bush give the Taliban $43 million? Asian Muslim fundamentalists will fight anti-U.S. jihad; Pakistan risks fundamentalist revolution as ally of U.S.; don't aid Afghani "Northern Alliance," history warns; who is Osama bin Laden? isolationist Bush finds he needs the world after all; Bush must forge alliances with Afghanistan's uneasy neighbors, all have their own fundamentalist worries; Why They Hate Us, Part 1: Afghanistan and the Taliban; CIA claim that they were hamstrung is absurd; U.S. spy network needs complete overhaul; China torn between U.S. support, own security fears; Sri Lanka to U.S.: now you know how we feel; Russia wary of another war in Afghanistan; lax banking rules aided terrorists, GOP-led Senate opposed money laundering reforms; unique September 11 survivor's tales; New Yorkers face unknown health risks from "toxic stew;" lobbyists rush to climb aboard the 9-11 gravy train; the courage of Barbara Lee; press has share of blame for lack of preparation; Bush should answer a few hard questions, but the press won't ask them; Bush won't risk being called "wimp" like dad; even Republicans aghast at Bush approval of China nuke buildup; bullet holes in Alaska pipeline causes massive spill; abortion foes launch PR campaign; Judi Bari - FBI trial delayed as new evidence emerges, DNA tests tie Bari foe to death threat and police informant letter; U.S. billions for anti-terrorism leaves AIDS fighters bitter; UN condemns use of food, water, as weapon of war; Gaza Strip caught in endless cycle of killing; Germany tightens ant-terrorist laws, membership in "extemist" religious groups may become illegal; kidnapping business booming in Colombia; Colombian paramilitary group finally declared "terrorist;" chocolate industry finally agrees to fight child slavery; hypnosis creates false confidence in memory, study shows; against all odds, Indian tigers bounce back; "killer weed" becomes focus of biotech debate; researchers warn of coming water wars as over 50 countries planning dam projects that will impact neighbors; TV stations, sponsors cowardly response to Bill Maher censorship; Falwell shares Taliban's hatred of activist women.
> 91 AUGUST, 2001 Confessions of a sweatshop inspector; Taco Bell target of nationwide farm worker protest; White House trying to cover up energy policy was written by power industry; Bush tax cut flops, and no "plan b" for economy; Bush hires one of dad's worst scoundrels; Bush's surplus lies; Bush re-reading the same children's book over and over and over; Bush's "rebate and switch" tax scam actually an advance on your next year tax refund; Bush bankrupting the national government as he did Texas; troubling candidate for Bush "regulation czar;" Bush on vacation 42 percent of time; Nader taps into voter discontent with new group; media allowed Helms to create his own myth, rarely mentioned narrow elections, vote buying, and lawbreaking; both dems and repubs fibbing about ss "lockbox;" Pacifica Radio bans "Democracy Now;"secrecy bill slapped down; activists alarmed by FBI chief terrorism remarks; Amtrak workers get share of cash seized from "suspicious" travellers; Bush expected to ignore hazardous waste pact; wanted: enemy to justify $344 billion war budget; 3.5 million Mexican children quit school for work; Colombian legislators say "no" to the war on drugs; blueprints for wider Colombian war; peace activists acting as human shields for Palestinians; UN dodges role in Palestine-Israel conflict; Israel's propaganda machine; Girl Scouts under fire by right-wing groups; Justice department revived Nixon policy forbidden since Watergate abuse; the Pentagon's summer of scandal; Chickens could be the first animal cloned for food; Zapatistas denounce Mexico's new native rights law; without U.S., Kyoto protocol diplomacy enters new phase; Pacific islanders beg for global warming help; protected areas are fast becoming islands of dying biodiversity; Australian Natives blast mandatory sentencing; world nature reserves being heavily farmed; national parks do little to protect U.S. biodiversity; S Carolina trying to stamp out unions, critics charge; millions go hungry in India as excess grain rots in storage; UN puts too much faith in technology solving all hunger problems; baby hand movements another form of babbling; prison population swells when republicans in White House; Bush's folly: "Star Wars" defense, little mentioned is that the design is unworkable; Europe to Bush: at least sign ballistic missle treaty; ethanol impractical, too expensive says researcher; MTBE pollution even found in midwestern states where it is not added to gasoline; Suharto kin, military suspected behind Indonesia terrorism; glimmer of hope for Europe's Roma people; recent accidents raise fears of nuke waste transport; why is Vanessa Leggett in jail? Mexico truck debate shows NAFTA flaws; The Nation magazine tarnishes its credibility; gun owners more likely to distrust government no matter who is president.
> 90 JULY, 2001 Genoa, Italy police mercilessly attacked protesters and journalists as 200,000 converged on the city to protest against the closed meetings of the "group of 8" superpower nations; U.S.. media downplays Genoa violence; annual flag-burning amendment fuss as conservatives again want to tinker with Constitution over non-issue; EPA stalling on "roundup" health risk study; Pentagon rigged missile defense test; Bush seeks to broaden drug war in Colombia region; Bush plans put social security at risk; Cheney/Bush had to be badgered into energy efficiency approval; Bush gives arms control to right wing idealogues; Bush immigrant amnesty gets mixed reviews; Bush shedding treaties; Bush consumer safety advocate an industry shill; Bush trying to gut Clean Air Act; enviros praise Bush for promoting global lending rules; eerie parallels between Bush and Harding administrations; Israel pushing Arab world towards war: Israeli militants raise tensions by effort to rebuild biblical temple, Israel steps up hate campaign against Arafat; post office workers told to report "suspicious" customers; Coca Cola to be sued for ties to Colombia death squads; Plan Colombia targets oil, not drugs; Philip Morris' pro-death study leaked; Exxonmobil pouring money into right-wing groups that dispute global warming; global warming will happen faster than earlier predictions; Pinochet declared unfit for trial but trials continue against generals; Argentina's ex-dictator charged for Operation Condor; drilling in Alaska: over dead Gwich'in bodies; Japan pressuring poor nations to vote for resumed whaling next year; Indonesia military may regain lead role; China's dire picture for future food needs; Mexico blocks corporation from bid to patent corn; investigators probe Mexico's covert "dirty war" during 1970s-80s; protesters blocked from November WTO summit; NY Times still won't admit it erred in leading media attack of Wen Ho Lee; corporations grabbing for your tax rebate; fuss over artwork nudes at Los Angeles airport; FCC about to reverse a 1974 rule preventing media domination; media shares blame for election 2000 fraud; anti-Bush web sites flourishing as no letup of groundswell of anger over stolen election; GOP clueless about women's issues; inhuman working conditions right here at home; America's snit over Castro continues; media mania over Condit scandal; the shameless Bruce Babbitt; Katharine Graham needed fewer friends; lie detector nonsense.
> 89 JUNE, 2001 The Burning of Fortunate Son: why this book was so dangerous to the House of Bush; enviros under attack by right-wing coalition; Cheney, energy task force defies GAO with astonishing refusal to cooperate with congressional investigators; conflict of interest scandal in "ethical" Bush White House; Bush energy plan gives foes window of opportunity; in eyes of europeans, Bush is illegitimate leader; Bush meets the yuripeens; Bush foreign policy: speak spanish, put foot in mouth; why Bush is winning; Bush helping banks launder money; Bush, the un-science guy; enviros plot strategy to weaken Bush; no comeback for Gore; FCC tightens censorship, loosens ownership rules; WWII monument an insult to living veterans; more lobbyists, industry moguls receive key Bush appointments; outsourcing the war on drugs: women now lead men in new AIDS cases worldwide; about 170 employees of Dyncorp wage the war on drugs in Colombia, under contract to the U.S. with no accountabilty to Congress; Bush proposal on Vieques too little too late; CIA gave $10 million to Peru's ex-spymaster; ambitious plans, but little practical action at UN AIDS summit; misguided war crimes law now before Senate; Israel's undeclared war on Palestinians: Israel sprayed Palestinian town with lethal dart shells, Israel aggresively building new West Bank settlements, Israel's Sharon faces war crimes charges; fight over 9,000 year-old Kennewick Man remains has recharged a discredited controversy about prehistoric white settlers in North America; Mexico banker accused of drug, money deals sues reporters; advertisers force newspaper to back off from investigative series; the politics of crimes against humanity; nuke plants get advance notice of inspections; biotech industry ignoring ecosystem risk, says new report; Mexico's new progressive foreign minister; shame, fear still keep secret 1999 E Timor atrocities; desperate N Koreans seek asylum in China; Henry Kissinger, war criminal; Kissinger to be questioned over role in Chile coup; Australian Natives push for sea rights; Indonesia fears new era of repression; anti-gay attacks condoned in U.S. schools, report finds teachers often don't intervene from fear of being labelled "pro-gay;" anti-drug herbicide use in Colombia causing regional health problems; NY Times destroying 115,000 articles after Supreme Court rules that they must pay writers; U.S. had role in arming Croatian forces now on trial with Milosevic; Supreme Court throws out laws from anti- immigrant fervor of 1996; Supreme Court puts limit on hi-tech police snooping; big timber seeks to silence critics; Jenna Bush 's predicament has uncomfortable parallels to Lewinsky dilemma.
> 88 LATE MAY, 2001 Deconstructing McVeigh a short history of April 19, 1995, 9:02; McVeigh's twisted warrior culture; Joe Moakley's last crusade was trying to close "school of assassins;" Bush treasury secretary reveals plans for radical remake of U.S. economy; Bush contributors rushing to cash in their investments; Jeffords is casualty of GOP divisiveness; repubs should pull the plug on Strom Thurmond; drug warriors stonewall probe of downed plane; Washington signals that international law applies only to the weak; the tax cut is a typical Bush mess; Texas suffers in wake of Bush tax cuts; enviros blast Bush energy plan; U.S. energy plan casts long shadow around the globe; Bush won't support bioweapons treaty, six years of negotiations thrown out the window; NIKE failed on sweatshop reform promises; ten reasons the Senate should oppose John Walters; Israel policy shaped by fears of retribution; Israel shuns investigation of army killings; World Bank worried about fossil fuel investments; antibiotic-resistant genes found in groundwater; bleak future for ex-Soviet republics; African AIDS may alter human evolution; corporations exploited welfare reform workers, study shows; when Wal-Mart comes to town; untouched Peru rainforest becomes national park; race to save the great apes from extinction; $11 billion sent home annually is Mexico's economic lifeline; mammoth dust storm sweeps China, reaches west coast U.S.; China's Execution, Inc. prisoners are killed, sometimes for minor offenses, and their organs harvested; Plains Indians were tallest, healthiest people in world; study find non-blacks quick to link blacks with weapons; human rights group too negative, Colombia says; Plan Columbia implicates U.S. in executions without trial; the hidden, accepted horror of our prisons; the "white denial" firestorm; media doesn't see downside of globalization.
> 87 EARLY MAY, 2001 George W. Bush and the right wing media machine; the right-wing media blitzkreig; Cincinnati's police union spokesman justifies cop killings; U.S. kicked off UN human rights commission; privatization of drug war led to downed missionary plane; law exempts U.S. from blame in downing of missionary plane; Jenna Bush, poster child for drug abuse; Bush gives key arms control post to anti-UN extremist; Bush rates poorly in 100 day review; Dubya gets a C-minus; Bush chooses worst possible drug czar; Bush Administration used dirty tricks to trash Bill Clinton; GOP's secret way to funnel unlimited sums of money; Demos should listen to Nader, not blame him; Bush immobilizing his critics with boredom; Bush's inadequate education plan; U.S. actions encourage Chinese that want confrontational policy with the United States; stumbling towards Cold War II; China ties to worsen with big arms sale to Taiwan; Sino-U.S. clash unsettles nations nearest China; meet the company that represents the military- industrial complex; the other west coast energy crisis; U.S. military preparing for wars over natural resources in weak but energy-rich central Asian nations; tensions heighten as Bush declares ABM treaty obsolete; Russia cautious over Bush plans to build "Star Wars" as they dust off 15 year-old blueprints to defeat Reagan defense scheme; scientists feud over human gene count; revisionist Japanese textbook stirs anger in Korea; survivors of Palestinian uprising find little aid; the politics of AAA; big business spurs anti-Earth Day protests; using butter to track air pollution; antibiotic-resistant genes found in groundwater; protests at Summit of the Americas; study finds human viruses contaminating ocean off California; alllies of Haiti's ex-dictator return to power; voice mail a tool for discrimination, study finds; Schmio awards bash ad industry; Colombia paramilitaries terrorize schools, unions; white racists spread Mexican "reconquest of U.S." rumors; solving the organ donation shortage; the Andrea Thompson threat to journalism; U.S. banks eager to launder money, congress finds; NY Times slants reports of teen violence; Navy sub captain is no victim; the USS Liberty, America's most shameful secret; as in the 1960s, young black people find themselves ignored by black leaders; drug company ads push new drugs later are found to have lethal side effects; Supreme Court decision unites right, left; confessions of a drug war beancounter; Bob Kerrey and the fantasy of innocence; bias and fear is tilting Israel coverage; the slippery slope of hate crimes; a simple fix for our China crisis.
> 86 APRIL, 2001 A primer on the violent history of the Colombia civil wars; greed for profits behind foot and mouth outbreak, mass slaughter will actually lead to spread of the disease; masked Chiapas rebels address Mexico Congress; U.S. economy more important than global warming, Bush says; Bush slashes budget for environment, clean energy; Bush budget leaves kids behind; why is the press ignoring Bush scandals? Republican assault begins; corporate lobbyists dressed as blue-collar workers for tax cut photo-op; the global warming president; Texas quietly blaming Bush for state budget disaster; U.S. embassies given to key Bush money men; Bush gives top Latin post to notorious right-winger; Bush anti-environmental extremism spurs panic; Bush policy likely to spur Mideast crisis; the McCain-Feingold: much ado about not much; mud-slingers pressure Congress to block reform; a new Cold War with China? right-wing alliance pushing for cold war against China; Beijing talks of war against "little Bush;" no shortage of anti-China media spin; handling China in true Texas fashion; Japan faces dilemma if U.S.-China crisis escalates; Japan's new history texts called revisionist; Milosevic stuns Yugoslavia with claim $50 million was used to fund Serb nationalists; U.S. vetoes UN observers to protect Palestinians; Mideast wars over water coming, UN warns; Mohawks vow to help FTAA protesters get to Canada; archive of chemical industry secrets goes online; Sudan waging genocide to help oil companies, groups say; U.S. still hasn't paid overdue UN dues; the right-wing map to outlawing abortion; organgutans may vanish in ten years, study says; small streams play a crucial role in preserving water quality; Pentagon touts microwave "ray gun;" biotech PR uses Western liberal guilt to peddle "golden rice;" greed and newspapering; the selling of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; ten reasons for U.S. slavery reparations; Harvey Wasserman debunks energy crisis; Russian TB called epidemic; Streisand gives the demos a swift kick; Demos steal tax-cut spotlight from Bush; the angina monologues: a lifetime of rib eyes, roasts and rump steaks has taken its toll on the vice presidential ticker.
> 85 MARCH, 2001 Calif Governor Gray Davis making secretive energy deals; outrage at Bush nominee for UN ambassador; Bush will be required to pay billions owed to Indians; media lowers the bar for Bush; Bush admin shows its bullying side; the muddled Bush foreign policy; searching for a cause to define Bush; enviros surprised, happy at Bush proposed cutback at bank notorious for funding bad projects; Bush abandons global warming pledge made during campaign; with another Bush in white house, Rev. Moon makes comeback; Clinton and his enemies; GOP will never say die in pursuit of Clintons; the Clintons as culture war icons; vote fraud in Tennessee: worse than Florida? Dick Cheney's suicide mission; the dirty politics of redistricting; Congress the real pros at quid pro quo; credit card banks lobbying hard for anti-consumer laws; Marc Rich's hidden history as a union-buster; right targets defunding liberal organizations; spineless Demos, ruthless GOP; school shootings and white denial; coca planting spreads from Colombia to Ecuador; full coverage of Zapatista rebels march to Mexico City; growing Japanese anger over boat sinking by sub; Israel wants to supress history book; NATO and UN tried to coverup report of Kosovo "massacre;" chemical industry expose expected to shake up industry; NIKE PR on trial; Adidas PR release greeted with caution; schools discovering "free" ad-based services come with price; Germany may send "mad cow" suspect beef to N Korea; World Bank plan led to government's collapse; Pinochet faces new trial on reduced charges; fish farms not sustainable, experts warn; former Soviet biowar labs still pose risk; India switch to cash crops decimating water table; ice caps in Africa, S America likely to disappear soon; Taliban defiance on Buddah statues will hurt Afghanistan; torture industry now global, says report; FBI spy case shows cold war never ended; do police have the right to inspect your home for "suspicious" heat? childhood obesity directly linked to TV habits, study shows; time to stand up for reform; rushing to scuttle work safety; voodoo economics redux; class warfare is back in fashion; media cheered on stock market bubble; why isn't George Will facing prison? Kissinger and the blockade of news.
> 84 FEBRUARY, 2001 Worker strike, take over sweatshop factory; Arab nations expect nothing from Ariel Sharon; Palestinians brace for bloodbath; Colombian paramilitaries spill over Venezuela border; where was Nader during the Florida fiasco and Bush protests? House committee offering to help local interests scuttle Clinton national land preserves; Canadian Natives suing churches for child abuse; pimps, pedophiles prey on Canada's Native children; corporate greedfest coming; Dubya's fuzzy thinking already causing problems; Bush's divisive agenda; shameless pollsters already making 2004 predictions; House has no place in media criticism of election night coverage; Bush's mocking inaugural address; Ashcroft no extremist by DC standards; the myth of Clinton, balancer of budget; World Social Forum was historic anti-globalization summit that brought together some of the world's poorest people, united in their desire to wrest control of their future from transnational corporations; U.S. press blackout of conference; were gifts to Clinton improper? the nuclear energy angle in California's electricity crisis; environmentalists lose a visionary writer, Donella Meadows' final column; Amazon road project could devastate rainforest; Ecuador paralyzed by Native protests; report backs amazon Native suit against Texaco; global warming measures can't wait, UN says; in starving Iraq, art thrives; Vieques residents alarmed over U.S. use of radioactive ammo; Gale Norton, Secretary of War on the environment; touching wild plants might kill them; India turns away ship with cargo of U.S. mercury; Pakistan's Malir dump, one of Asia's most toxic areas thanks to a failed U.S. program; farming methods threatens world food supply; conservative rage vs. liberal guilt; a life sentence at age 14; tax cut class warfare; Dubya's corporate cabinet; does Bush know the consequences of his acts? California's power crisis a warning to all; other key players in California's energy crisis; the energy crisis scandal; does Bush know he could scuttle democrats? media shilling for Reagan, Clinton; good/bad reporting on African AIDS; press too cozy with political elite; Panam 103 case far from solved; court releases great-grandmom forest protester; NY Times admits misleading reporting -- two years later.
> 83 JANUARY, 2001 Huge protests at Bush inauguration slighted by media; with Clinton exit, hopes for Mideast peace fade; Clinton's true legacy: when he had the chance to make a difference, he didn't; California energy crisis makes Gov choose between big donors or irate public; Bush poised to make energy crisis worse; greed underlying cause of California's energy crisis; the anti-environmental gang comes to Washington; DNC nominates top fundraiser for chairman; black leaders slam "illegitimate" Bush presidency; Bush cabinet older, farther right than expected; Indonesia shaken by well-coordinated terrorist bombings nationwide hoping to destabilize the reform-minded government; star warrior Rumsfeld returns; Ashcroft appointment worth all-out fight; did Ashcroft vow to ignore law? Ashcroft deserves a grilling, but won't get it; Ashcroft and racist code words; Bush's drug czar must be a reformer; researchers accidentally create doomsday virus ; Mexico's Fox and Zapatista Marcos near summit; crisis and opportunity at Ben & Jerry's; Australia bringing back endangered Bilbies; Africa is new target for big tobacco; fears spread in Balkans about Kosovo War radioactive ammo; human trafficking a $7 billion global business; parents often not told of MD drug errors; the corporate spin industry, more money spent on 'good deed' ads than the deeds themselves, how they lie to you; white supremacists begin countdown for Y2050; Greenpeace, other try to block "floating Chernobyl;" rubber bullets wildly inaccurate, study finds; S American dams cost more than they're worth; arctic Natives divided over oil drilling; FBI works closely with insurance industry group; ten worst corporations of 2000; press distorted quotes of "kill cops" politican; corporate blind-eye to ML King holiday; McCain prepares a Shakespearean revenge; can Bush admin be worse than Clinton's?
> 82 DECEMBER, 2000 Little to celebrate in Y2000: U.S. media picks a president, environmental setbacks overshadow victories, neo-Nazism on rise, human rights scorned in Central America, U.S. anti-drug money led to Colombian war escalation; the right-wing scandal machine; Israel risks tilt to far right in coming election; notorious right-winger Ariel Sharon seeks leadership; Clinton pardon last hope for Leonard Peltier; California "energy crisis" tied to stock market; Philippines transfixed by impeachment drama; Clinton signs $62 billion corporate welfare law; Florida democrats torpedoed Gore; Bush cousin was key player in election night snafu; irreparable harm to Supreme Court credibility; bogus ex-felon id blocked 1,000's of Florida voters; Gore could have won with Puerto Rico but Clinton-Gore Justice Department recently blocked voting rights; surprise -- voting for president is not a right; the benefits of crisis; Supreme Justice Scalia an 18th-century hard-liner; why Nader and the Greens failed to reach the essential 5% of voters; Ashcroft debate will define senate -- and the media; Bush faces "legitimacy gap;" Africans fear bleak future with Bush/Cheney; global warming talks collapse, U.S. blamed; pro-life movement targets UN; Pinochet regime linked to Euro arms, drug rackets; Pinochet "victory" may hasten future trial; Soviet-style show trial sends warning to U.S.; China embraces altered crops, eager to get on genetic bandwagon; orangutan trade destroying species; Colombia's land mine peril risks children; PETA rolls out anti-meat ads; Russia will accept all radioactive waste even though it can't yet process it; stormy confrontation at World Bank; continued urban sprawl threatens U.S. coasts; pioneer satellite TV network transforming Arab world; climate change could bankrupt world by 2065; U.S. report to UN admits racism "persistent;" European waters threatened by toxic shipwrecks; Maori people split on whaling; Inuits report climate change impact; Japan's high unemployment sparks fears; on 7th anniversary, Aapatistas near victory; Supreme Court ruling on drug searches an important limit on police powers; 1994 U.S. intervention in Haiti has resulted in tyranny; Citibank advising poor countries as it fosters corruption; Children's Internet Protection Act mandates dubious "filtering;" nuke industry eager for "generic" fed approval; Barbara Bush, iron butterfly; what Seattle wrought; screensavers of the world, unite!
> 81 NOVEMBER, 2000 Despite "character" emphasis, media refused to examine George W. Bush's past ; U.S. no peace broker in Mideast conflict; Arab world furious because deal gives Israel control over Palestine; Mad Cow Disease fears ripple through France; Julia Butterfly's "Luna" redwood slashed by chainsaw ; China sees no difference between Bush or Gore; a third term for Clinton? It might have been; Bush presidency means no political reform; Mr. uniter-not-divider gets mean; why should we trust Bush? Cuba suggests anti-Castro groups had role in Florida election fraud; thousands of Florida voters mistakenly ID'd as felons; Florida GOP secret weapon: defective voting machines for minorities; neither Bush or Gore "wins" by losing; in defense of Katherine Harris; pundits echo Bush "hurry up" theme; networks made bad situation worse; Bush presidency will backfire on GOP; election 2000 and the drug war; 13 myths about election 2000 ; why 2.7 million Greens stuck by Nader; demos sharpen knives for Nader; whiff of destiny in Nader super-rallies; Gore should quit and throw his support to Nader; Gore campaign using Supreme Court as scare tactic; panicked Gore finally attacks Nader; global warning talks collapse, U.S. blamed ; some child disabilities caused by pollution; Pinochet plotted to kill successor, CIA reveals; Colombia war escalates on eve of U.S. aid; Colombia kidnappings on the rise; arctic drilling proposal sparks heated debate; africans fume over corp claim to .africa internet name; 500 year-old trees felled for $100; first endangered species cloned; clone Jesus? "second coming project" says it's time; depleted uranium bombs still pose danger in Kosovo; UN audit uncovers fraud in peace missions; industries using threat of offshore plants to curb unions; report blasts U.S. for union busting; Agent Orange still poisoning Vietnamese children; retiring drug czar Barry McCaffrey had a lengthy and incredible pattern of slander and disregard for facts; conservatives push back ru-486; Sony found tracking enviro critics; power plant soot kills thousands, study warns; year after reactor accident, Japan even more dependent on nuke power; Texas to execute man with 6 year-old mind; new purge on the horizon at Pacifica; how much of the world do we really see?
> 80 OCTOBER, 2000 Nuclear power industry seeks 20 year life extension for plants; our punishment of Iraq has come to haunt us in high oil prices; Cheney firm tied to crimes against humanity; Bush stupidity factor; Nader fills Madison Square Garden; Gore/Bush ignoring poor to not distract from illusion of prosperity; electorial college encourages Bush/Gore to ignore most of nation; Nader voters could give House to democrats; no outrage over lies told by Bush/Cheney; GOP blasted for ad linking school crime and diversity; the town that hates Gore; Nader again blocked from attending debate, protesters beaten; 12,000 pay to hear Nader in Minneapolis; Michael Moore stumps for Nader; Gore and his backers; voluntary industry program has done little to cut Texas air pollution; GOP house speaker wants to take sides on alleged post-WWI genocide; biotech giants merge into world's largest agribusiness; U.S. helps Peru's notorious strongman gain asylum; Arctic pollution traced to N America smokestacks; Suharto escapes trial on corruption; Pinochet trial delayed over senility question; activist warns of Operation Condor II; Colombia anti-drug spraying causing problems in Ecuador; cops stumble over Colombian rebel drugs- for- guns pipeline; Guyana complains of DEA "blackmail;" the Boy Scouts gay ban and the Mormon church; plagues, not bombs, are real threat to national security; widespread African animal extinction coming; global extinctions greater risk than earlier believed; novel lawsuit seeks to block urban sprawl; media watchdog, enviros demand head of ABC reporter Stossel; black moms targeted for drug tests; researcher expects exorcism boom; shipbreaking among world's most hazardous jobs; India women fighting birth control injections; OPEC worries about phase-out of fossil fuels; Japan's first kill of protected whales since 1986; 1 of 3 states flunk teaching evolution; Olympics didn't mend Australia's ties with Natives; chance of experiment destroying Earth is less than 20 in a billion -- or 1 in ten; school strip searches, urine tests becoming widespread; drug industry sham group spends $38 million on TV commercials; "death tax" a small measure of justice for poor; media and Israeli occupation; Arab nations demand UN probe of Israeli violence; Clinton's Middle East fiasco; did U.S. anthropologist commit genocide? the Soviet garage sale.
> 79 SEPTEMBER, 2000 Clinton kills human rights clause , oks Colombia drug war money; are tire blowouts an act of corporate homicide? high gas prices are chance to cut reliance on oil; Wen Ho Lee's bitter victory as judge said he had been "led astray" by government; Lee case was fabricated by New York Times; Asian-Americans want investigation; Bear Lincoln sentenced to five years in prison; how the presidential debate commission stacked the deck; Bush must face lawsuit for violating protester's civil rights; Nader blasts NOW on women's issues; liberals attack Nader ; reporters have not asked Gore or Bush about Colombia drug war; conservatives declare class war over Gore "populism;" repubs call for heavy logging to stop wildfires;, Native Americans find political clout at convention; Bush and Enron; glaciers are melting worldwide ; Naomi Klein's new New Left; France charges UK with spying for U.S.; chief of Pinochet's secret police worked for CIA, assassinated former diplomat in Washington during this time; new report sheds light on CIA meddling in S America ; Texas drug sting jailed 10% of blacks in small town on only testimony of one white narc; heavy lead contamination in SF Bay; U.S. corporation wins right to build toxic plant in Mexico; industry change, not environmental laws to blame for logging, mining unemployment; disappearing trees linked to shortage of wolves; outcry over conviction of prominent Mexico enviros; fears of coup behind Fujimori's call for elections; more ammonia in air linked to cars, not cows; drug war expands as U.S. plans a new round of military buildup in El Salvador ; U.S. refuses compensation to radiation test victims; enviros blast Russia for plundering Sakhalin Island; buying and trading emissions credits becomes worldwide business; UN allies itself with big business; hydroelectric dams stoke global warming; lottery fever spreads in Jamaica as economy crumbles; new Chomsky book calls U.S. "rogue state;" Verizon strike historic challenge to "new economy;" USDA still off target on dealing with mad cow disease; media targets political trivia, ignores Nader; Texas gears up for even more prisons; media giants mum on their own lobbying; Lieberman's god talk; the new age of prudery.
> 78 AUGUST, 2000 Political convention coverage: protesters, media attacked during both Demo and GOP gatherings cops, media demonize protesters without challenge; the Fat Cats' convention experience; Shadow Convention targets casualties of the War on Drugs; McCain Jeered For Bush Endorsement; Demos may face replay of 1968 defeat; Lieberman is no Washington saint; Lieberman, corporate Democrat; Lieberman pick moves Demos to right; Gore's disguised "Wise Use" environmentalism; Bush took millions from phony grassroots groups; Bush's undeclared war on legacy of 1960s; media biased towards Bush, survey shows; Cheney's companies work on behalf of some globe's worst players; urban gardens are key to Cuba's survival; researchers warn Earth's ice is melting as patch of ice-free water viewed at North Pole; climate expert blasts emission trading scheme; GOP blames Clinton for forestfires, calls for more logging; tropical forests prime for catastrophic fires; U.S. put Catch-22 in deal for cheap AIDS drugs; Clinton program for Columbia River will "save" salmon same year as they go extinct; sharp rise in Neo-Nazi violence worries Germany; U'wa marchers chide Gore; reptiles as much at risk of extinction as frogs; future of Mexican women's rights unclear; Clinton allowed 1994 Rwanda genocide of up to 800,000; virgin Siberian forests to be clearcut for China; section of Guyana's Rainforest pristine rainforest sold for rocket lauchpad; 100,000 women in India's seafood sweatshops; worldwide tobacco treaty in two years? Big Tobacco infiltrated UN agencies; Romania's 100,000 orphans; both Gore and Bush ignore 300+ kids born every year with HIV from mom's dirty needles; slow motion genocide in Iraq; no media coverage of Congress trying to push through dozens of special interest riders; Bush tries hard to coverup Texas' failures; deregulated energy industry schemes to build new plants; energy industry manipulating prices; dirty tricks of Bush manager revealed; who deserves credit for Texas' schools? lone woman's 18 year anti-nuke crusade.
> 77 JULY, 2000 NIKE and sweatshops; NIKE's non-profit friends; child labor abuse rampant in U.S. farm industry; 27,000 Japanese form human chain to protest U.S. base; Bush Sr. trying to rewrite history; presidential poll results meaningless; endless nasty sniping from both Bush and Gore camps; commission on terrorism wants to track every foreign student in the U.S.; Repubs cringe as ex-president calls son ignorant; Bush appears obsessed with parody website; Gore risks losing enviro, labor vote; Bush leaning hard on lobbyist-advisors shared with tobacco, drug, and other corp giants; Nader builds momentum; Democrats frantic about Nader; mainstream press bashes Nader; FCC rule blocks Nader from debates; wing of reform party pledges support to Nader; Congress is best reason to vote for Nader; billions still missing in BIA financial scandal patriotic plagarism; top papers exclude critics in exchange for "scoop;" once polluted, lake ecosystems hard to fix; enviros pressure banks to halt Russian loans; Israel's covert nuclear program; U.S. prepared to deport Liberians back to warlords; U.S. drug cops hunting possible illegal immigrants in Ecuador; unemployed elephants lead to Bangkok traffic jams; Australia blasted for deal with christian fundamentalists; Mexican enviros uneasy about new government; opium eradication in Pakistan creates world shortage of pain reliever; debt same as slavery for world's poorest as debts pass from generation to generation; fish farms threaten world fish population; violence at meat processors against regulators; drug industry spending big to defeat Medicare reform; Repubs' shameful "tax cut;" Gore, Bush, and the Supreme Court; 20th century marked by U.S. - Britain constipation competition.

> 76 JUNE, 2000 Officials admit that CIA knew of cocaine trafficking by contras; Gulf War vets show brain damage; Russia shuts down its EPA; Congress threatens nations who support war crimes court; Bush campaign spins abortion flip-flop; support for Cuba embargo dropping; drug companies reap billions under 1980 patent giveaway; corporate millons spent lobbying to ensure export of U.S. capital and jobs to China; gun-hating moms may be swing vote in November; disbarment is just punishment for Clinton; Microsoft buys spin via front groups, may be planning to steal Y2000 elections; suicide rate soaring for Mexican youth; results of prenatal exposure to cocaine uncertain; Indonesia begins probe of Suharto foundations; biodiversity reduces Lyme disease, study says; media goes easy on prescription drugs, researchers find; U.S. agency cuts support to enviro groups critical of mining; Africa health quality similar to middle ages; GM seed probably more widespread than believed; maquiladora plants look for safer countries; infant deaths fell when nearby nuke plants closed; economic, terrorism fears grow in Philippines; SWAT teams now part of everyday policing; buildup began during Bush years as part of war on drugs; corporations trump human rights in Burma decision; Italy's anti-communist "Gladio" terrorist group reactivated; mandatory drug testing of all 12 year-olds in Texas school; sugar lobby rewrites USDA guidelines; Bush sucks up to Wall St. with social security plan; Gore's "e-government" nothing to cheer; media is Israel's security zone; police ready for convention crackdown; 2 out of 3 Americans support laws banning cell phone use while driving.

> 75 MAY, 2000 Money laundering is the hidden global economy larger than the entire drug trade, and most of it ends up in U.S. and European banks; stolen billions led directly to Asian, Russian, and other financial disasters; offshore banks laundered funds in European campaign finance scandal in massive bribery and kickback scheme; Russian mob laundered billions through NY banks; pepper spray activists win major court victory as jury must decide if cops used excessive force; air pollution from Asia could violate new U.S. standard; 8 years in prison for Mexico general behind Acetal massacre; Clinton wins charisma points with spoof video; McCain tries to break senate deadlock over global warming; free trade bill hurts all but corporations; anti-drug bill would outlaw Internet discussions; right used Elian to bash Clinton; Gore turns back on environmental issues that could win him the election; Bush campaign silences reporters; GOP rushes to distance itself from Giuliani; questions about Giuliani's record; manhunt of aliens on U.S. - Mexico border alleged; immigrants U.S. foreign aid set to hit 50-year low ; Clinton approves African deal for cheap AIDS drugs ...but cheaper AIDS drugs a myth, says medical agency; Vieques protesters regroup after eviction; study finds preschoolers retain high levels of pesticides; pesticide found in food decades after use; enviros blast secret NAFTA meetings; Australia blocked critics from big environment meet, say enviros; fanatical christian sect force Uganda children into rebel army; several nations investigating Operation Condor; U'wa tribe loses court ruling on oil drilling; India population now one billion; Burma refugees say U.S. oil corp forced refugees to build pipeline; older people are more prejudiced -- and can't help it; time running out for nuclear power industry ; ex-U.S. spy confesses to assassinating for Pinochet; street clashes in Chile as Pinochet hearings open; Colombian paramilitary violence rising; U.S. military playing "hide and seek" with toxic waste, say activists; Windows security holes are best reason to gut Microsoft; California sticks with Bush marijuana policy; LA unions leading nation in labor renaissance; teen profiling software doesn't work; timber industry attempting to use Los Alamos fire to discredit environmental policies; ad industry built on manipulating women ; Bush weakened regulations for favorite corporations; white collar crime rates skyrocket; left, right gang up against China trade; 1 of 10 grocery items bought in U.S. never used.

> 74 APRIL, 2000 NATO admits depleted uranium used in Serbia bombings; debunking the Elian Gonzalez myth; U.S. returns 90 percent of kids abducted to this country; hometown America finally confronted with irrational policy towards Castro; Bear Lincoln jailed in new shooting incident; army of young people made Washington IMF protest historic; DC cops were determined to avoid Seattle replay; Gore-Bush race good news for Nader; Buchanan aiming at Reform Party takeover with tactics called "unprincipled"and "nixonian;" tear gas and pepper spray risks; dirty politics charged at endangered species meet; U.S. opposes international conference on terrorism; children living near busy streets have higher cancer risk; Native group wants return of sacred "Willamette meteorite" stolen from their lands; world temp to reach 10,000 year high; rising wave of fascism worries UN; Natives furious after Australia denies "stolen generation;" U'wa tribe confronts surprised oil exec; Chechen refugees complain West not listening to reports of Russian abuse; many questions about background of Russian president Putin; Egypt's Hepatitis-C crisis traced to old public health program; UN chief praises Cuba for healthiness, literacy rate; 30th anniversary of Earth Day; greenwashing dirty business; garden activists planting free organic gardens to educate public; the anti-environmental movement; "global green deal" better alternative to World Bank; hundreds of groups want review of Vatican chair at UN; third world angered as U.S. asks to reduce UN dues; Calif commissioner nixed $3.6 billion penalty against insurers; oil is reason behind $1.6 billion Colombian drug aid package; fate of Microsoft now sealed; New York City ripe to explode from youth, minority anger towards giuliani and police; Supreme Court makes dangerous ruling on nudity; FDA mission hopelessly compromised; teaching kids to rat on pals for fun and profit; Pentagon hypes risk from "rogue nation" attack; the invisible working class; pundits grapple with independent media; NPR joins effort to crush low power radio.

> 73 MARCH, 2000 1999 Project Censored awards; does Project Censored have a future? Bear Lincoln jailed in new shooting incident; fears of starvation in E Timor; Boeing cuts corners on safety inspections, says union; U.S. probe may link Pinochet to murder in Washington; Britain releases ex-dictator Pinochet for "humanitarian" reasons; rights groups claim victory despite Pinochet release; Julia Butterfly harassed at conference; "sold out;" Perot - Ventura factions face off in federal court; outrage over cop aquittal in Amadou Diallo shooting; how campaign finance laws favor the rich; Falwell gets ready to "reclaim america;" McCain attack on christian right was canny move; McMain strategy of luck and heresy; taxpayer funds used to solicit $2.2 million for Bush campaign; House oks "property rights" bill to make it easier for developers to override local government; vanishing wetlands key to global water crisis; no proof that mitigated wetlands work; who's liable for genetically modified crops? interview with Leonard Peltier; trafficking of women on increase; sharp decline in "maquiladoras" conditions; growing call for reparations of U.S. slavery; huge chemical tanker slowly sinking off African coast; Congress report blasts IMF for failures; IMF polices damaged environment, group says; leaded gas still sold throughout Third World; a year after NATO bombings, trauma lingers for 7.5 million Serbs; nazis on the march; the census squawk; U.S. at crossroads in Colombian war; Colombia anti-drug aid is replay of Reagan's mistakes; fears of Kosovo-style war in Colombia; U.S. aid money will worsen Colombia's internal conflicts; Dr. Laura retreats from gay-bashing under pressure; media ignores African disasters; industry spreads misinformation about organic food quality; Repubs attack, then retreat, on gas tax; Bush's phony education "solutions;" Bush donor behind sham ad; Bush fibs on patient-protection claim; media skirts link between shootings and TV hype; CNN worked with army psyops group; bashing art becomes Giuliani hallmark; night shift at the GOP phone bank.

> 72 FEBRUARY, 2000 Fascists return to power in Austria; racist mobs attack Muslims in Spain in four days of rioting; tracking customers Internet use; billboard company censors breast cancer ads; church, Cubans brace for U.S. court hearing over boy; wealthy Chinese eating highly endangered species into extinction; 2 million now in U.S. prison system; police attack U'wa homeland defenders in Colombia; Storming Seattle, first in-depth analysis of the WTO protests; why not Nader for president? McCain won't pass up any chance to wrap himself in the flag; "sleaze" attack on McCain tied to Bush advisor; Reform faction asks FEC to investigate party; McCain, Bush both claim leadership of non-existant "conservative movement;" Bush counting on GOP conformity to save bid; Bush defeat in N Hampshire throws Washington GOP into panic; Native Americans rally for McCain; Bush refuses execution clemency for great-grandmother; Clinton backs corporations over democracy in big court case; massive new study on frog extinction; new form of polio could emerge, say experts; radioactive safety standards based on outdated research; new legal setback for Pinochet; Moore offers kinder WTO, critics unimpressed; Honda's forgotten all-electric car; roads impact 20% of U.S. land; police corruption scandals spread nationwide; Colombia military closely linked to paramilitaries; UN links African civil wars and drug trafficking; McDonald's toy giveaway backfires; FBI cried wolf over big drug cartel murder story; more scandals in poultry industry; Indonesian intrigue over resigned army chief India agriculture falls under sway of transnationals like Seagrams; loggers in Chile staged indian "attack;" Indonesia's illegal loggers grow bolder; hackers face wrath of corporations; e-commerce "cyberterrorism" mainly media hype; public support for death penalty slowly dying; industrial accident releases enough cyanide to kill a million people; Bush campaign boosted via loophole; abortion is taboo subject for candidates; Dr. Laura, radio's leading anti-gay zealot; crazed cops, "fallen heroes."

> 71 JANUARY, 2000 AOL-Time Warner merger creates media monopoly, media didn't report key issues of deal, AOL could monopolize future of the Internet; Jesse Helms addresses UN, offends paying members; Chile prepares to aid Pinochet's flight from prosecutors; conservatives make Cuban boy political pawn; one out of ten East Timor residents have vanished; Village Voice and alt news chain sold; conservative think tanks spreading their ideas like wildfire; Bush tracking top contributors for later credit; Bush-McCain, Gore-Bradley races are more alike than different; no candidates with human touch; Reform party implodes -- again; who is George W. Bush? Introduction to biography, "Favorite Son; McCain panicked over confederate flag question; McCain at center of FCC scandal; Bush health care advisor works for top pharmaceutical, insurance corporations; GOP debate was exercise in desperation; Paula Jones' lawyers target George W; McCain's Vietnam candidate defined by his readiness to avenge America's defeat in Vietnam; enviros press Gore over oil connections; underground group takes credit for timber co. arson; genetically modified fish could wipe out natural species; TB epidemic threatens even superpower nations; U.S. marks new year with youth executions; Russian nuke whistleblower acquitted; nervous beijing tightens controls on Internet; Y2K terrorism scare was unjustified; Russia using landmines in Chechnya; Chevron, other oil giants again accused of Nigeria abuses; Monsanto hit by multi-million dollar suit claimsing GM products rushed to market; GM soybeans smuggled into banned country; tons of carbon dioxide stored in subtropical oceans; Canadian project to save dying Native language; anti-WTO alliance targets China; Congress creating a new crime for Wen Ho Lee; Jeanne Dixon, psychic stooge; the FBI's drug problem; "parallex project" will shift nuke waste problem to public; industry peddles myth that 'frankenfoods' will solve hunger; Ben & Jerry's melting corporate responsibility; FCC does (almost) right thing for low-watt radio.

> 70 DECEMBER, 1999 Julia "Butterfly" Hill triumphs, exclusive photos, audio of press conference; little to celebrate in 1999 for most of globe; "forgotten wars" have dragged on for decades; U.S. will have two million prisoners in 2000; Buchanan's hopes scuttled by WTO protesters; Bush shows disagreeable side with smirking; Bush-McCain ticket won't happen; why do liberals like Bradley? comrade Trump's idea of tax justice; Clinton's foolish use of apology as foreign policy; "Presidio for Sale" 15-part feature; "protected" forests go unprotected; Judi Bari bomb case heard in court as Tony Serra, other all-star lawyers join defense team; Echelon satellite surveillance raises fears of big brother; AIDS fight stymied by conservative religion; Indonesian generals, investigators face off in probe of Timor atrocities; Russia proposes to be world's nuclear dump for $10 billion; S American plant labelled the "perfect food;" cell phones caused memory loss, research finds; UN, NATO aided Kosovo spiral of violence by not reacting promptly; rainforest logging in Africa may doom half of bird, primate species; new HIV case every minute in Nigeria; groups demand Ken Saro-Wiwa retrial; Oklahoma textbook committee slams evolution as "unproven belief;" petrodollars behind Chechen war; Martin Luther King assassination conspiracy trial; FBI undergoes biggest makeover in almost four decades; end game in the timber wars; how the media often tells half of the story; unexpected crop failure of GM soybeans; Koreans shocked that popular food has GM soybean; toxic waste part of many garden fertilizers; Haitian children sent to U.S. as indentured servants; poll shows strong Florida anti-immigrant mood the real secrets of area 51; WTO postpones evaluation of Seattle fiasco; anti-WTO alliance ponders next step; media in grief after WTO summit; shallow media coverage of WTO protests; WTO problems underscores need for U.S. labor party; Jesse Jackson right to play role in student conflict; legal rights of Cuban boy survivor ignored; Yeltsin's remark about russian nuke arsenal is mild compared to U.S. snubs and insults; the sensitive business of chemical sensitivity; dehumanizing the poor; Dr. Laura Schlessinger, darling of the religious right; media hype for another "American Century" Nazi connections of U.S. banks; the friends of John McCain.

> 69 NOVEMBER, 1999 WTO Summit collapses in wake of massive protests; shutting down Seattle; media ignoring the protest of the century; summit was doomed before it began; students and steelworkers, maquiladora workers and teamsters joined arms; "Seattle 99, Chicago 68" feature; the happy face of free trade peels off; time for a global pro-democracy movement; WTO puts environment at stake, undermines protection against toxics; Canada tries to block WTO jurisdiction over its water; little media coverage of these crucial trade issues; Bill Bradley, Wall Street's favorite guy; Washington awash in money scandals; presidential aptitude test not bad idea; the week that Gore lost the presidency; the war on Naomi Wolf; GOP tries to scare with claims of chinese "threat" to Panama Canal; "Mozambique, Poorest Paradise feature; "devastating" evidence of E Timor atrocities; new banking deregulation places public at risk, says Nader; World Bank, IMF policies leave poorest countries without hope; Native groups win major victory in biopiracy war; Serbs, Albanians fight war of allegations in Kosovo; parts of S America turning desert, UN warns; Citibank, others banks manage secret $15.5 trillion; UN health org fights back as tobacco companies target Asian women; Japanese government addicted to tobacco profits; 10 years after fall of Berlin Wall, Germans still divided; Peru hires PR agency to combat U.S. charges of torture; global warming will have major impact in northwest U.S. by midcentury; common insecticide is highly risky, EPA now says; amateur stock traders victims of fraud and deception; market research in schools becoming common; should apes have human rights? LA Times stepped over the ethical line; the next 111 years of Kip Kinkel; Nixon's loathing of gays; how risky is it to be a cop?

> 68 LATE OCTOBER, 1999 Incurable form of TB is global threat as Russian prison system alone creates hundreds of thousands of cases annually; hundreds of whales apparently dying of starvation; link between cell phones and brain cancer, researcher says; UN slow to probe Timor genocide; officers of Indonesia's brutal special forces trained in U.S.; Australian-led UN force admits it has done little; UN force finds East Timor ghost towns; Australia knew of genocide plans; Indonesians have high hopes that newly-elected president will bring together a nation scarred by three decades of dictatorships; Kathie Lee Gifford and sweatshops; New Hampshire primary is last bastion of politics as a contact sport; disappointment in union's quick endorsement of Gore; conservatives try stealth censorship of Internet; is Warren Beatty the last real democrat? Elizabeth Dole, Inc.; Pentagon gets unrequested $17 billion, including new expensive luxuries for top military brass; GOP bests Clinton but risks nuclear war; holding the forests for Presidential ransom; the losing battle to control global warming; corporate disinformation campaign about safety of biotech foods; 1 out of 6 Americans drinks contaminated water; cash from Abe Hirschfeld; CIA stonewalls on Pinochet connections; UN estimates 70% of the world's most valuable fish stocks are depleted because of government subsidies; powerful Mexican family tries to censor Latino U.S. magazine; Mexican evangelical groups step up recruitment; Pat Buchanan's "peasant army" has a cocktail party, as his presidential campaign has either purged or been deserted by some of its most loyal soldiers; Buchanan was always a media creation; Colombian cocaine market explodes despite U.S. efforts; Manhattan, other cities could flood; Carolinas encouraged building in flooded areas; toxic mercury rains in midwest; Italy's neofascists hope to evade trial; India groundwater contaminated by arsenic; IMF "makes up" funding needs, audit shows; World Bank can't recover $5.5 billion stolen in Nigeria; new questions about Pentagon link to Gulf War Syndrome; "Corresponding with the Unabomber" as author meets Ted Kaczynski; making sense of Pakistan's coup; ex-con describes how hate is contagious in prison; report shows U.S. bombed Chinese embassy deliberately; where's the Serbian genocide? the Constitution according to Giuliani; students lead anti-sweatshop drive.

> 67 EARLY OCTOBER, 1999 Earth population reaches six billion, with explosive growth in the poorest countries in Asia and Africa; study says planet at crossroad for year 2100; legal victories in Judi Bari bomb case as court tells Oakland cops that they can't escape trial; still no certainty that Pinochet will face justice; worries grow over fate of East Timor refugees; Indonesian leaders ordered militia, diplomat says; militia makes plans for guerrilla war; humanitarian aid not reaching refugees partly because nations spent so much on Kosovo; East Timor, the elephant and the fleas; possibility of terrorism looms in Japan's nuclear accident; Feinstein's Quincy Library Bill; Warren Beatty speech at awards dinner; Gary Bauer self-destructs; one-time presidential candidate John Aanderson speaks out against Buchanan; fat cats aid Bush by giving campaign limit in children's name; house bestows "backdoor immunity" for cigarette, gun companies; reform party is ripe for Buchanan's plucking Reagan's Blank Pages hits biographer for failing to answer if he was a brilliant politician or a lucky charlatan; Dan Quayle's forgotten involvement with Iran-Contra; important details of East Timor ignored by the American press; World Church of the Creator holds convention; plutonium to arrive in Japan amid protests; Darwin - fish logo has potent meaning on car bumpers; "emissions trading" will be big business for right to pollute; KLA complains that UN isn't "cooperating;" PG&E plans for dams, Diablo Canyon: could take drinking water out of state regulation, manipulate the price of electricity and put watersheds in the hands of timber companies; PG&E tries to hang on to public subsidy of inefficent Diablo Valley nuclear power plant; U.S. anti-drug money pouring into one of top ten most corrupt nations; B.C. loggers attack forest activists, burn camp in violent Canadian enviro assault in 15 years; DEA cops sieze legal birdseed; Bhopal's legacy of poisoned water, toxic waste; suit charges 5 seed companies with trying to dominate global agriculture; organized crime thriving under globalization; Japanese trying to patent curry; embezzling Ukrainian prime minister was snitch in 1960s; pending sale of largest alternative media papers; is Russia considering genocide in Chechnya? Doris "Granny D" Haddock walking cross-country; finding new ways to cheat the poor; straight talk from gov. Jesse; media flops on reporting Fed budget.

> 66 SEPTEMBER, 1999 Genocide in East Timor following independence vote: eyewitness accounts of reign of terror ignored by American press, E Timor leaders warn UN don't trust Indonesia, angry world asks what happened to "Clinton Doctrine?" U.S. shares blame for genocide, over half the population now in hiding or in camps, Timor slaughter may signal Indonesian army coup, genocide shows Suharto forces still in control, militia members say peace impossible, indonesia planned exile of 300,000 East Timorese, already more refugees than in Kosovo before NATO war, Indonesian military was encouraged by U.S. admiral, England is major arms dealer to Indonesia world will never again trust UN, militias seize control of nation, anarchy as journalists start leaving, IMF, World Bank helped fund militias; Nuclear Insecurity, Biowar Insecurity describes close brushes with global war; GOP attacks Reno over Waco, but no criticism of FBI; the press and Waco; Chinese "threat" to Panama Canal was GOP creation; GOP spending money like no tomorrow; is Warren Beatty running for president? how the cocaine scandal helped Bush ; Bush now the unwitting poster child for foes of war on drugs; press sidesteps real issues in Bush drug story; most of U.S. liquid toxic waste injected underground ; U.S. media knew Kosovo reports were propaganda, but still passed on false information to the American public; U.S. sold 1 million handguns to Third World; money pouring into Germany neo-Nazi movement; Yugoslav church, fascists, monarchists, free-market economists, all jockey for power; enviros blast UN for not protecting Mexican whale breeding grounds; evolution under siege in schools ; support grows for P.R. islanders defying U.S. navy; China may be losing ground to separatists; air pollution chokes Beijing; rebellion, warfare in central Asia as CIA cash props up dictators in oil-rich area; Yeltsin left with few allies; Monsanto moving into Third World after Europe fights biotech seeds; are ancient viruses lurking in polar ice? Thailand blames Burma junta for meth epidemic; nervous Japanese want more military muscle; Last Call at Pine Ridge feature on protests at Lakota reservation; BP gets "greenwash" award; newspapers are dumbing down America, author says; the persecution of Henry Cisneros; remembering Wayne Morse; media's hatred of American labor; cheap attempt to discredit Palestinians; the making of a pigeon activist.

> 65 AUGUST, 1999 Untreatable form of AIDS spreading in Africa; 15,000 march for free speech at KPFA ; media, democracy -- and Pacifica; increase in new strain of Japanese TB cases worry officials; massive $8 billion arms sale to Gulf Arab nation in offing; scientists mull Kansas boycott after anti-evolution decision; expect more rightwing violence as Y2000 nears; four retailers settle in Saipan sweatshop lawsuits; humanitarian aid for Yugoslavia urgently needed; IMF rushes to avert Russian loan default; presidential candidates bible-thumping; Clinton and D.C. press corps praise some dictators and demonize others; shredding documents is Washington growth industry; who can match Bush spending? Can Jesse Ventura and Reform Party convince Americans that they aren't nuts? spoof political web sites may become key internet free speech issue; how "Adona" and NPR helped lead us into the Kosovo war; Moscow faces war in another breakaway Muslim republic; U.S. stonewalls on chemical weapon tests in Panama Canal; drugs are new pretext for U.S. intervention; dictatorships get billions from U.S. smokestacks from ships at sea effect global climate may change global warming calculations; Nazi movements on the rise worldwide ; U.S., Japan, and others provided aid to Indonesia that only made nation more dependent on imported food; some 50 "dead zones" in oceans, researchers say; Chile tries to circumvent Pinochet trial; India moving toward outright fascism; new scandals at former CIA-Contra airbase; researchers find why Siberian forests not growing faster with global warming; growth in drug trafficking not included among "serious" crimes in statistics; Southeast Asian press under attack from government officials; NRA firing back with "Eddie Eagle" gun program for kids; the dirty truth about Lyme Disease research; don't buy rumors of China invading Taiwan; researchers worry that E Coast may be in drought of century; day trading firms thrive on addictive and impulsive behavior; press again repeats bogus claim of Mumia confession; drug story shows Bush hypocrisy; "Tort Reform" benefits big corporations; arguing with the gun nut lobby "Funeralgate" scandal for Bush; our hot, wet future; Washington's media fixation; is Colombia our next Vietnam? Joe Wood, a 34 year-old black man regarded as one of the most talented writers of his generation, mysteriously vanished in July, but his story was lost in the shadow of JFK Jr.

> 64 JULY, 1999 KPFA news features and commentary by Dennis Bernstein, Alexander Cockburn, Norman Solomon; Fortress Pacifica feature shows corporation planned takeover before rebellion by staff; massive KLA reprisals against Serbs and Roma; little attention given to persecution of gypsies, routinely murdered and abused in places like Kosovo, Hungary and the Czech Republic; Serbs protest, frightened of unbearable winter; poorest countries will pay heaviest to rebuild Kosovo; Kosovo war crime investigation will have to include NATO; study predicts complete loss of world's coral reefs ; poverty, not Y2K bugs, threaten Russian nuclear plants; Congress continually tries to sneak through anti- environmental riders; GOP panders to billionaires with tax cuts; VP race will probably be two women; Clinton poverty tour dodges the poor; Clinton's welfare reform leaves poor at high risk when Wall Street busts; Congress ducks responsibility for pollution cleanup; Bush bandwagon hard to fathom; hostile AIDS activists target Gore; what the American media didn't report about the Kosovo war; probation for white man who murders black recalls worst of Jim Crow era; journalist beats police entrapment rap; Benjamin "August" Smith, Poised to Kill ; Smith described racist hate in 1998 interview; Pat Robertson blames watchdog group for killings; Korean Americans cope with racist murder; ARCO accused of creating phony indigenous groups that support rainforest drilling; Mexican drug use skyrockets as U.S. drug czar offers to share anti-drug strategies; the city with the grittiest air; angry scientists tell Congress to take global warming seriously; court rules states cannot protest against multinational companies; Pinochet launches PR campaign to fight extradition; CIA is rogue agency working against Clinton , ex-official says, leaking classified documents to right-wing groups; Japanese gangsters control stockholders' meetings; Native U.S. - Canada groups form unique alliance; "Channel One" critic hit by dirty tricks ad campaign; couple resolves to enter the 21st century emitting no net carbon dioxide; Mumia Abu-Jamal's commencement address; discrimination alive and well in corporate America; the triumph of celebrity culture; the sham of Spotted Owl protection; Ventura run for president? Salon magazine enthusiastically tilts toward the joy of sex and celeb hoopla.

> 63 JUNE, 1999 Kosovo War Coverage IV: Kosovo is forecast of 21st century trends: a non-nation where foreign officials enforcing laws as citizens use foreign currency, precedent for a new kind of war where civilian deaths don't matter; Kosovo peace terms were set in February; NATO involvement just beginning; KLA militias follow NATO troops and quickly begin reprisals; how American PR demonized the Serbs; Unabomber participated in CIA drug tests as student; NY jury verdict is landmark for police accountability; another police assault on Haitian; Senate packs funding bill with anti-environment riders; the oddness of Bill Bradley; Hillary's Senate bid continues the national Clinton soap opera thanks to the media; how vulnerable is Hillary? Cox report will backfire on U.S.; world #1 terrorist faces execution -- or diplomat job; NRA myths, how the media and Congress coddle gun advocates on .50 caliber weapons; "Reading, Writing, Religion" how Texan Christian fundamentalists have taken control of school textbooks nationwide; Cambodians clear landmines, then lose farms to rich and powerful; 49 Pakistani children await hangman's noose but U.S. has 73 kids on death row; new army aggression on Chiapas villagers; independent book stores score victory; fresh proof of "Operation Condor" emerges; genetic link to Gulf War Syndrome explains why only some veterans became sick; AIDS spreading faster worldwide; "The New Corporate Predator" feature explains corporate crime and violence goes undetected or unprosecuted ; why federal hate crimes law is essential; when "funny" remarks are hate speech; Senate makes history by rejecting steel industry protections; more over-reactions to Littleton shootings; right-wing courts run beserk; Wal-Mart bans contraceptive; single- issue Clinton haters; new study debunks PBS claim to be "public" TV; sad tale of KPFA; DEA agent used drug war to destroy personal enemy.

> 62 MAY, 1999 Kosovo War Coverage III: NATO bombing breaks 1973 War Powers Act, 60 day limit set to stop Nixon bombing of Cambodia; media ignores violation of War Powers Act; U.S. media promotes White House spin; Milosevic war crimes charges open Pandora's box as NATO leaders are also charged for recent targeting of civilians; NATO's "humanitarian" reasons for war include control of oil, need for excuse to build up militaries; "mission creep" towards a major war; the search for Serb atrocities; White House hires PR expert for Kosovo; NATO advanced military technology killing 5 times as many civilians as WWII; many in Europe now call it a "coward's war" for civilian bombings; U.S. warned: don't use landmines; cluster bombs target innocents; Yugoslav economy will take decade to rebuild; war on Kosovo wrecks Pentagon world view; Russia- India- China bloc more likely; "unintentional" bombing of China embassy repeats a familiar pattern; how the story of embassy bombing changed; " The Baby Boomer War ;" as bombs continue falling, so do Clinton ratings; GOP whines about "Gore Tax;" GOP finds a platform in Chinese spy hysteria; CIA screws up, gets raise; Washington dependent on gun money; pay raise for government leaders in the works; Clinton plays the Littleton card; John McCainv eager to quash all kinds of free speech; "Judi Bari vs. FBI et. al." recounts evidence that BIg Timber, the FBI, and PR firms were all linked to the bombing; spreading violence in East Timor; NYC police admit brutal assault; Shell sued by family of eco-activist Ken Saro-Wiwa; Yeltsin won, Russia lost in power struggle; misinformation about Y2K ; Chevron decides what's news; CIA, DEA, operated without oversight in Brazil; Cuban spies infiltrated U.S. anti-Castro groups in fantastic tale like spy thriller; health alert sounded over plastic baby bottles; DDT, other pesticides found in breast milk; slavery conditions on island source of "made in USA" clothes; discovery of Agent Orange dump haunts Thailand; ten years after, Chinese leadership tries to suppress memory of Tiananmen rebellion; Arabian Oryx faces second extinction; Gore opposing help for African AIDS victims; schools react predictably to Littleton shootings by banning trenchcoats, harassing students; big money behind right wing think tanks ; Dan Quayle, school disciplinarian; are black women the new menace to society? literary fascism at The New York Times.

> 61 LATE APRIL, 1999 Kosovo War coverage II: bombs unleash toxic clouds over Belgrade, tons of carcinogens dumped into Danube; poisoned waters, farming centers destroyed at height of planting season; long-term ecological effects for entire area of Europe; U.S. trying to block UN censure for Kosovo eco destruction; KLA donations likely going to drug biz, Germany warns; world leaders see "bloody and muddy" war inevitable; growing anti-American sentiment in Russia; citizens of Kosovo defend their cities; NATO failed to consider the history and psychology of Serbs; is China playing a hidden role in the Kosovo crisis? anti-environmental riders on Kosovo relief bill; George W. Bush raking in the bucks; 3 out of 4 pundits refuse to admit being wrong; Congress adds $40 billion to S&L bailout; claiming a "moral authority" for bombing; Demos roll over for NATO bombing; Bear Lincoln case finally over; U.S. refuses to destroy smallpox stockpile; protect ecosystems, not species, study warns; few cheer oil giant's Earth Day award; genetic engineering producing superweeds; House Repubs hack Democrat web site; the 1990s as the prison era; rebellion at Pacifica, KPFA; Rwanda copes with murderous past on "genocide day;" Central America a cocaine warehouse despite millions spent to combat drug trafficking; stop police from stalling trial, Judi Bari lawyer says; Canadian Natives sitting on diamond mine; Vietnam might sue for agent orange damage Christian Identity movement and millenium panic; "Revolving Doors: Monsanto and the Regulators; News feature on Littleton Colorado high school deaths; the prescription drug connection, blaming everything except guns, media rushes to exploit tragedy, finds easy monster in 'goth' subculture, U.S. military connections to tragedy, Littleton signals death of the "public" school, no epidemic of teen violence; ban new shrimp farms, enviro groups tell UN; researchers find history of rainforest told in birdsong what makes the birdies sing? melatonin; Mexican army destroying Chiapas rainforest; the 200,000 skeletons in Richard Holbrooke's closet; signs loom of a DOW crash; PBS promotes the "stock market" game; gun zealots promote discredited study; the hard business of telling false science from true; the televised revolution of Michael Moore.

> 60 EARLY APRIL, 1999 Kosovo war coverage I: what the U.S. press isn't saying about the war in Kosovo, Kosovo could drag us into WWIII, anxiety growing across Europe, bombing jeopardizes the lives of 10.5 million, anti-West anger explodes in Russia, NATO bombing fulfills dream of every right-wing nationalist in Serbia, no shortage of Internet citizen reports from warzone, NATO using radioactive bullets, Clinton dangerously changed rules of international game, war could easily spread into Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Milosevic helped by bombing and destabilization of area, Kosovo could be "second Vietnam," warn Soviet vets, how the IMF dismantled Yugoslavia; Clinton's Contras: the KLA; GOP in disarray over Kosovo; pollster sets milestone for asking slanted questions; GOP demands more big government; Kissinger rewrites history; Liddy Dole and Steve Forbes play the crowds; Dennis Hastert surrounded by rich and helpful lobbyists; Europeans make emergency plans for biotech disaster; Paul Robeson, cold war martyr; U.S. leaders undermined Asian economies, says analysis; Asian economic crisis was worse than assumed; Australia place troops on high alert; push for Pinochet extradition to U.S.; uproar in Scotland over bank deal with Pat Robertson UN calls growing use of mercenaries alarming; Project Censored 1998 list; U.S. leaving Panama a minefield; U.S. beats out Cuba as persistent human rights violator; U'wa homeland becoming war zone; "Swiped Benefits" feature on new benefit cards replace welfare checks and food stamps; outrage over NYC police killing still growing; Italians cheer Giuliani's "tolleranza zero;" India ban on "professional" blood donors leads to acute shortage; Brazil's bailout is environmental time bomb; international protest of Home Depot; few lessons learned from Exxon Valdez: don't buy Exxon's fable of the drunken captain; what Exxon hasn't cleaned up; Exxon still has not paid one cent in damages; new Arctic oil drilling could dwarf Exxon Valdez disaster; U.S. farmland is wearing out; Taiwan attempted to sneak toxic waste into U.S.; Australia hopes seahorse farms will stop poaching; Indian tigers pay for flagging Japanese libidos; Chevron's exploding refinery; neo-nazis remain active in Latin America; where do churches stand on gay hate crimes? time to demand a full Pentagon audit; Brit media agog over Lewinsky; Larry Flynt chose to not reveal everything he knew about GOP sex scandals; both Congress and Clinton pull back from international treaties; saga of Prince Charles, Monsanto's nemesis; Steve Kangas suicide -- or murder; Henry Hyde and the sock puppet.

> 59 MARCH, 1999 "The Bush Files" examines GOP presidential front-runner George W. Bush's questionable past; U.S. Native activists killed in Colombia while doing human rights work for South America Natives; scandal, violence, weather top 1998 U.S. TV attractions; women in U.S. prisons tortured, sexually abused; Lewinsky book documents grotesque abuses of power by Starr and his henchmen; in post-impeachment era, GOP flounders for something new to rile the public; Christian right leader calls for Clinton foes to "quarantine" from "this hostile culture;" Operation Urban Warrior prepares for martial law; the saga of the blackbirds of Loudoun County; AIDS cure linked to endangered rainforest with immune chimps; GAP boycott over sweatshops using "Made in USA" guise; U.S. company using NAFTA to sue Canada for water; U.S. sued over genetic crops; Australia using "dirty tricks" to block criticism of controversial uranium mine; Mexico City sinking fast; NH may enact first state tax; congressman calls for investigation of U.S. oil companies in Nigeria; apan expected to approve new military force; "Mulan's Sisters" feature on report finding slavery conditions in Chinese sweatshops making Disney children's clothing and toys; U.S. not dependent on global economy; coming to terms with the GOP's fury; U.S. spy agency had back door to most global secrets; mercury poisoning found in Amazon Natives; asthma common in California town with many industries; old arsenic weapons poisoning Arctic; interview with Mark Hertsgaard on quest to find if our species would survive for the next hundred years; U.S. unprepared for baby boomers' retirement; Kissinger encouraged Chile's repression, new documents show; Pinochet's retirement career as arms merchant; Chile's army is big financial backer of ex-dictator Pinochet's defense fund; news industry laments the end of Monicagate; what do newspaper readers really want? white supremacist John King was product of america's prison system; big media peddles "all you need to know;" culture war bombast; U.S. supports Chinese slave labor; Headwaters' settlement was disgraceful and entirely unnecessary environmental surrender; racism and the British police; are whales singing grammatically?

> 58 FEBRUARY, 1999 5000+ mourners at funeral of unarmed African man shot 19 times by NY police; "Panic in the Year Zero" feature on millenial madness and the miltias; Bush admin apparently was smuggling parts for nukes and bio-weapons to Israel; Indonesia arming Timor death squads, army admits; Russian supreme court leaves enviro whisteblower Alexander Nikitin in limbo; ag corporations rushing to patent sterile seeds; if there's a lesson in Impeachment trial, it's that the GOP is the party of "moral decay;" GOP is the party of prying; GOP's "fatal attraction" to bedroom politics; fired med journal editor shows hypocrisy of sex debate; time for Starr to go; MONITOR 1998 impeachment predictions were accurate; Congress pushes to allow industry to continue polluting by trading "credits" with third world; environmental risks trigger Japanese wave of fear; 2/3 of world's children in crowded cities have high levels of lead; DDT off S. California beach is spreading; Japan whaling under guise of science; Japan's ivory imports may doom elephants; Texaco tries to move $1.5 billion pollution suit out of U.S. court; rainforest Natives hold Texaco accountable; "banned" tiger products still sold openly in Japan; Cambodia's genocide investigation turns to U.S. 1969-73 bombings that killed more than 600,000; fears of eco-disaster in Caspian Sea from unregulated $7.4 billion oil drilling project; "Immaculate Conception" feature on expanding Catholic healthcare services eliminating all family planning; EPA begins requiring animal tests on known toxic substances; lack of IMF accountability; Clinton more conservative than GOP on Cuba; possible sex extortion in Olympic scandal; pharmaceutical fraud; Nestle ethics; Asia's wealthiest countries dumping toxic waste on their poor neighbors or upon the lands of their Native peoples; "McLibel" appeal rekindles censorship debate; Native groups try again for international rights; anti-migrant border policies not working, often fatal; Jerry Falwell explains the Antichrist; soft drink makers pushing into third world; poverty kept off national agenda; Clinton's environmental sham; Cockburn and Hitchens; S.U.V. owners are terrorists.

> 57 LATE JANUARY, 1999 "Catch 20" feature explains how the way the House impeached Clinton will cause a constitutional crisis for years to come; state takes over Bear Lincoln case at request of defeated prosecutor; Canada rejects bovine growth hormone; IMF admits it mishandled Asia crisis; U.S. pushing widspread use of experimental "drug fungus" to kill pot plants; "Water Woes, Water Wars" news feature on the politics of water: the global drinking water shortage, environment vs. development conflicts, health threats from huge factory farms and agribusiness fertilizers, loss of American wetlands, lack of knowledge about underground water movement, boats a source of MTBE in water; GOP hates Clinton because he's swiped their best themes; Henry Hyde's last harrumph; playing to a Y2000 audience; no future for congressional GOP; porn king Larry Flynt proves a better journalist than Matt Drudge; Nixon's forgotten impeachable crime; House GOP whip also trying to impeach federal judges not to his liking; in crisis, Clinton hides behind Pentagon; Senate GOP leader lies about ties to white supremacist group; State of Union shows Clinton as Reagan-FDR hybrid; nearly 100 million Indonesians now below poverty line; Swiss plan to dump nuke waste in Russia; Australia seeking new laws for sex slavery; Japan tries to sink whale sanctuary plan; Quayle sounding like candidate again; what social security crisis? Reno faces tough decisions in Pinochet case; EPA boondoggle creates expensive consumer pamphlet; Indonesian army rapes confirmed; gasoline subsidies far higher than earlier thought; U.S. takes step to keep "mad cow" disease from blood supply; silicon valley millionaires funding racist hate groups; dying coral could be environment warning; how the butterfly got its spots, and other mysteries; Mexicans living in U.S. denied voting rights in Mexico; gold miners creating sand dunes in jungle; U.S. laws behind sweatshop boom; the FDA's guinea pigs; what you're (not) missing on daytime teevee.

> 56 EARLY JANUARY, 1999 404 special: the missing news of 1998; will state AG take over Bear Lincoln case? Washington's bizarre impeachment week; impeachment escalates the partisan war; demos try to justify iraq bombing as GOP try to justify impeachment; Oklahoma City grand jury says no conspiracy; 1998 was hottest year on record, as Britain weather agency now predicts runaway greenhouse disaster in year 2050; Los Angeles defies court, forbids trade with dictatorship; progressive senator Wellstone drops out of Y2000 presidential race; new GOP speaker Dennis Hastert was "Contract With America" point man; Mobil oil implicated in Indonesia army atrocities; Indonesia opens probe of Suharto; ozone hole might develop soon over Arctic; India is major exporter of killer chemicals; "Every Picture Tells a Story" feature on Alicia Pedreira, who lost job over "lesbian" shirt; report says Mexico not to blame for Chiapas massacre; Chile's election year to be dominated by Pinochet's shadow; worst polluters to get $18 billion tax break; "The Left Adrift" finds 400 readers of The Nation aboard a Caribbean luxury cruise; world forests are bargaining chip in greenhouse debates; Monsanto charged with "greenwash" ad campaign; Denmark cancels debts of poorer nations; N. Carolina tribe evolved unique Native - English hybrid language; international companies violate rights of pregnant workers in Mexico; standoff over U.S. garbage rejected by Haiti; no enthusiasm for "Super Nafta" over all Americas; compulsive gambling is partly inherited; journalism's (latest) year of shame; where have all the frogs and toads gone? CBS signs deal with AOL; like Clinton, Gray Davis is fake "centrist;" fate of Rigoberta Menchu; congressional skeletons tumble from closets; ranking of books at amazon dot com

> 55 DECEMBER, 1998 Growing call for investigation of Henry Hyde ethics ; new details of Hyde role in failed S&L; enviros call Mobil-Exxon merger dangerous; Pacific Lumber moves on protesters at death site, sheriff completes report on forest protester's death, no charges to be filed; impeachment news special; Mumia Abu-Jamal news special: protests grow with a death sentence expected within months, one-sided report on 20/20, how Mumia gets declared "guilty" in the media, background on case; pepper spray on demonstrators ok'd by judge, new police guidelines; Indonesia opens probe of Suharto; Asian economic woes harm decades of women's progress; scientists pressured to approve cattle hormone, Canadian whistleblowers say; bombardment of Iraq the act of an imperial president; new Congress more conservative, in debt to Christian Right; coming plagues; Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Pacific Lumber; NY Times censorship on letters page; latest on CIA, vatican, mafia scandal; corporate giants pledge to abandon old-growth wood; shrimp, salmon farms more harmful to nature than believed; "Nuxalk Reborn" photo feature on tribe that has fought international corporations and Canada in their demand for sovereignty; Mendocino DA Massini and Vroman throw charges; Pinochet attempting to portray himself as martyr; great white shark diving tours becoming popular tourist attraction; ocean trawling worse than forest clearcutting; labor, human rights groups divided on sweatshop accord; Asian air pollution recorded in U.S.; Chinese black market in ozone-killers thrives; enviros want world bank to admit pollution projects; Japan taking aggressive lead in "emissions trading;" "The Inquisitor Returns" feature interview with historian on Kenneth Starr and Joe McCarthy ; fewer songbirds linked to forest fragmentation; Australia knew, kept quiet on 1991 East Timor atrocities; Navajo community split on uranium mine; Central America environment in rapid decline, joint report says; why Ford, GM deals with Hitler still matter; Thai citizen's execution date became world issue; CIA becomes Mideast cop; logging PR chops up Dr. Seuss' Lorax; Pinochet case makes U.S. media squirm; millennium politics; the return of "big oil;" an "irresponsible" press is best; interview with a pie thrower.

> 54 NOVEMBER, 1998 Election Lessons special: Indians become a political force in U.S. election, more than 90% incumbents reelected, voters tell GOP society is less tolerant of white-bread cultural rigidity, low turnout refutes sign of mandate, D'Amato collected millions in "soft" money, voters wanted campaign finance reform, either GOP or Demos will likely control year 2000 Congress and White House, Fred and Pat have cookies and milk in polite campaign; new info on the CIA and drugs; "Crack Up" by Gary Webb updates Dark Alliance story, showing CIA deliberately misled congress on what it knew about the problem; critical review of Alexander Cockburn book, "White Out" that documents fifty years of CIA involvement with drugs; Mendocino D.A. sends Bear Lincoln case to state in apparent last-ditch effort to convict Native man of something, anything; seven redwood tree sitters in place as winter storms begin; Indonesia's "Black Friday" leaves at least 16 dead in riots after troops kill protesters, fears of martial law; Indonesian military controls business empire that owns or directs $8 billion; U.S. makes token dues payment to stay in UN; Clinton and Congress agree: more money for Pentagon, intelligence, and the drug war only; possible link between militias and violent anti-abortion fringe; FDA insider explains olestra approval; new questions about "mad cow" disease; apparent usda coverup; electric company bailout; Bob Dornan goes down swinging; tobacco settlement ignores global problems; smoking may kill one-third of Chinese men; Pinochet investigation raising questions on U.S. ties to political murders; "Made In USA" garments coming from controversial island; agreement on sweatshop monitoring; forest firest choke Russia's far east; corporations can't be penalized for supporting dictatorships; climate change may be driving arctic Caribou to extinction; corporations join enviros in global warming alliance; INS freed violent criminals, wasted $77 million; EPA lax policies on child lead exposure; Monsanto "terminator" seed nears approval; angry biotech firms slam Monsanto for industry's bad image; protesters stop nuclear dump on U.S. - Mexican border; "false" memory is common, study shows; Asian activists tell Al Gore: your corporations are causing our problems; Russia's lost suitcase nukes; Murdoch prints inflammatory story of Israel creating "ethnic" Arab bomb; media bloodlust for Saddam attack; what those "got milk?" ads ignore; phony sweatshop reform plan; the politics of hurricane Mitch.

> 53 OCTOBER, 1998 Who killed David "Gypsy" Chain? Mendocino D.A. say no prosecution of logger who killed forest activist; logger not a suspect in any crime, police investigator says, but activists in the forest could be charged with manslaughter; authorities again use pepper spray at close range on non-violent forest protesters; federal, state agencies pass buck on David Chain investigation; realAudio of press conference with Chain's mother; family joins memorial ceremony; photo feature of police confrontation, pepper spray at "Gypsy Mountain;" Greenpeace occupies cargo ship with newsprint for LA papers from old-growth wood; U.S. again snubs UN on debt; troubling questions about promotion; NIKE in Indonesia; Pentagon receives windfall in 1999 budget; new developments in Europe's greatest postwar scandal; vote yes on Calif. Prop 9; IMF, World Bank bailouts finance corrupt nations; Orrin Hatch tries to sneak through bill to treat 13 year-olds as adults; Michael Moore's coup d'etat; James Bond now protects megacorporations; Asian crisis slows rainforest logging; journalists face off in 'great debate' on media credibility; in tough times, Phillipine mothers go hungry; even snow-capped mountains polluted; "Deportee Airlines" feature shows INS plan to expel foreign criminals has become an excuse to deport peaceful legal U.S. residents and way for agency to justify its mammoth budget; power companies halt energy-saving programs; biotech firms hint Africa may be used for banned research, including human cloning; China continues heavy use of asbestos; children inhale higher percentage of pollution; drug corps patent Sri Lanka traditional medicines; secretive European commission endangers forests, native peoples, group says; Russian rockets leave toxic legacy; blame big media for campaign finance failure; grassroots movement demanding states dissolve criminal corporations; ban boxing, not Tyson; big media and the Iinternet; arrest of Pinochet.

> 52 LATE SEPTEMBER, 1998 Police, forest activists clash at blockade for David "Gypsy" Chain; blockade stops loggers; pepper spray again used on protesters; Real Audio of confrontation with logger before death; Earth First! calls for manslaughter police investigation; "Looting of the World" special series: how the biggest banks created a global crisis, MAI treaty turns corporations into world power; should the IMF give more billions to shore up broken economies? only new agency can stop global economic crisis, UN group says; corporations derail "environmental justice" programs; corporations secretly using NAFTA to sue Canada, Mexico; Clinton's pundit moralists are appalled the public doesn't want clinton flogged; Clinton's real character issues; parody of world news as seen by Washington press corps; GOP counting on big christian right voter turnout; disgusted with tactics, voters backlash will oust GOP; Guyana blocks access to Starr Report; Indonesia's army fails to stop riots; "Drug War in our Backyard" special profiles young American citizen shot by Marine on drug patrol; Congress throwing $2.3 billion more at drug war; US not cleaning up ex-military base pollution; new study backs up biotech fears; perfume makers accused of raiding Amazon resources; mining corporations funding Bolivian paramilitary; nation censors material considered porn, racist, or encouraging violence Cockburn on few escape Washington hypocricy, revolt against the prosecutors, our own Spanish Inquisition.

> 51 EARLY SEPTEMBER, 1998 House of Representatives Ethics special report: Henry Hyde, Newt Gingrich, and others prevent themselves from the same kind of scrutiny faced by Clinton; David "Gypsy" Chain deliberately slain by logger, says Earth First; pepper spray trial ends in hung jury; commentary, "Torture by any Other Name;" half of U.S. foreign aid is military; Wall Street seeks someone to blame for bad news; famine, anger spur "second wave" of Indonesia revolution, unreported in Western press; children are among the biggest casualties of Indonesia's economic meltdown, as more drop out of school and turn to work, including sex work; Thailand's jobless find future dim; Japan, U.S., and other Western nations exporting toxic trash abroad to poor countries like India, Vietnam; Jabiluka mine pushing ahead; press swallows "Internet depression" story without question; media exaggerates youth crime; Native Canadians seek compensation for abuse in schools; why health stories are poorly reported; salmonella common in eggs; lack of balanced coverage about olestra FDA hearings; forgotten Gulf War Syndrome; overlooked good news; trees and the greenhouse effect; Food Lion grocery chain teaches journalism; fruit-eating birds vital to rainforest; Brazil Natives confront illegal gold miners; new welfare and abortion rules place women in catch-22; silicon valley toxics heaviest in poor, latino areas; Monsanto biotech ads blitz Europe; enviros stop Monsanto deal with respected "peasant's bank;" Cinton scandal nothing compared to Nixon or Reagan criminal behavior; U.S. case against Sudan crumbles; Clinton creates own muslim bogeyman; Mark McGwire, meet Bill Clinton; why we need labor day; the Fred Tuttle bandwagon; "Clinton Index" shows at least $10,000 has been spent to claim an Internet link to white house scandals

> 50 AUGUST, 1998 Pepper spray trial begins for Headwaters forest activists; Canada makes landmark concessions to B.C. Natives as tribe regains vast homeland, cash from government; Capitol police were killed as House considering law to permit concealed weapons; Pentagon charged with developing banned laser weapons; Australian Natives fight uranium mine with coalition of natives, enviros, and anti-nuclear groups; $100 million per month spent on lobbying, religious right lobbyists, how the Pentagon lobbies Congress from within, lawmakers devolve to become lobbyists; growing alarm over antibiotic resistant germs; Bear Lincoln retrial delayed until January; "Lobbying Congress" feature: media coverage of Geneva AIDS summit was pharmaceutical company PR; Wal-Mart target of sweatshop protest; Indonesians face austerity from food shortages although rice is only about 7 cents per pound; massive lay-offs in Asia alarms UN; GOP assult on gay rights part of effort to bring hard right republican voters to polls; "Dreaming Castaneda" feature of friendship with reclusive writer; hospital mistreatment added to heat stroke deaths; the poor quality of international news coverage; Britian takes drastic steps to keep mad cow disease out of blood supply; Forest Service finally admits logging on public land is loss; Fortuna Alliance held in contempt; billions loaned to Russia are wasted; IRS reform bill loaded with favors for political contributors; first-ever attempt to organize Maquiladora workers; Clinton forest protection failing, groups say; "The Breathing Earth" special report on how the Earth copes with CO2; deregulated power may increase smog; energy industry giants can force small producers to bankrupcy, then buy assets to claim environmental friendly; poverty causes early death, mental illness; genetic engineering test produces superweeds; Burmese urged to overthrow military junta; Starr inquiry makes sex a greater felony than ripping apart the Constitution; media advised Clinton on how to spin; New Republic purges archives; media fact checking becomes obsessive; drug czar Barry McCaffrey demonstrates art of doublethink; a half-hearted defense of Tina Brown; grand juries and justice; smoking gun in CIA drug traffic coverup; environmental wasteland in Gore's backyard.

> 49 JULY, 1998 "Butterfly and Luna" special feature on Julia "Butterfly" Hill and her personal fight to save Headwaters; China's military - industrial / sweatshop complex; Clinton shuns issue of Chinese sweatshops; media treats China as good bad guy; Yeltsin overthrow may be near; new report slams Clinton, industry commitment to AIDS vaccine; Third World AIDS continues to skyrocket, UN says; OKC bombing grand jury; seller of Native human remains is jailed; Indonesian government still holds power over press; airlines, FAA ignore safety recommendations; corporations stalk children on Internet; Disney blots out child labor; Christian Right censored for hate; Gulf War Syndrome and uranium bullets; Murdoch abuses power of media by bashing Clinton to curry favor with conservatives; end of congressional session, riders run amok; quarter of million Americans die each year from medical care itself; meat industry blocks food safety reforms; police brutality is most serious U.S. rights violation; NAFTA at 5: border is U.S. dump despite promises of environmental and health safeguards: birth defects twice that of average, nuclear waste dump planned, high lupus rate; "Volunteer Labor" feature on convicts working without any pay whatsoever; Chiquita newspaper scandal: did Cincinnati Enquirer yank investigative series as part of business deal? Coverup shows money and power beats integrity; Boston Globe praised and rebuked for firing columnist who faked stories; wildlife dying at the doorsteps of national parks; enviros cheer start of Russian nuke waste cleanup; radioactive Russian lake called possible "global catastrophe;" melting Peru glaciers threaten nation; one-celled ocean plants key to stable atmosphere, climate; efforts to end trade sanctions gathering steam; biologists face unknown problems in saving rare endangered animals; Y2K problem underscores our dependence on foreign food; media ignores shameful Supreme Court decision; myth of the liberal press; the dirtiest secrets of racist South Africa

> 48 JUNE, 1998 Leonard Peltier suffering, faces medical crisis that could be fatal; Pentagon wants veto power over new global war crimes court; U.S. drug war endangers Latin America democracy; news special on Indonesia's continuing unrest : Hard times, Suharto overthrow have radicalized Indonesia, army suspected of gang rapes and ethnic attacks during riots, Indonesians shocked by sudden firing of Atty General, ex-dictator Suharto and family might keep billions; U.S. oil subsidies fuel global warming, say analysts; unions cheer defeat of prop 226; more Internet bashing by media, Japan's real crisis ; desperate for votes, right-wingers claim Clinton sold secrets to China; federal government backs off in Ward Valley showdown; Mexicans file complaint against U.S. apple growers; Australians, but not government, apologize to Natives; public policies often shun science, famed researcher says; development and urban watershed pollution linked; Honduras could lose all forest in 20 years; elephants at risk as ivory trade picks up; crime eyewitness easily swayed by cops; Lebanon housing built on toxic waste sites; hospitals are major source of toxic pollutants; demands for $$ to shutdown Chernobyl called blackmail; U.S. financing corrupt and unstable Moscow; remembering Dr. Spock : the baby doctor who helped shaped a generation of peace activists; NY Times slams latest edition of Spock baby book; enviros demand Clinton take quick action to help ocean; Senate opens door to email spam; "Gore Tax" was more GOP propaganda; "Content" magazine is no independent voice; Macarthur "genius" grants reach too few; Cockburn on The Drug War, media's new resident expert, the new popularity of the Communist Mainifesto.

> 47 MAY, 1998 "Indonesia on the Brink" news special: fall of the dictator, Indonesian media courageously helped anti-Suharto forces, no turning back after student shootings, army ordered to shoot rioters in early May, protesters compare situation to Titanic, "404" special report: How the U.S. press blew the biggest story of the year; new pesticide may be deadly to cystic fibrosis victims; GOP may be trying to force U.S. expulsion from UN; "Heart of Darkness" feature goes to stronghold of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge; pharmaceuticals found in european drinking water; "Blood Money" feature asks if Bill Gates and other super-rich investors trying to accumulate and monopolize patents to the human genome; USDA listens to consumers about "organic" label -- for now; corporations sue Massachusetts over state sanctions on Burma; right wing pushing for fed "religious persecution" sanctions; Congress, White House "poaching" funds from national parks, says Teddy Roosevelt IV; Chiquita takes reprisals against striking banana workers; biopiracy news special: corporations push to patent seeds and other forms of life, Thailand vows to protect native rice, and shamans announce "closing of the heart" to sharing indigenous knowledge; FDA needs drug safety office, say doctors; Clinton signs oil deal with one of the world's worst despots; child asthma deaths rates double; NY Times hyped "cancer cure" story; Sinatra tributes overlook his long history as thug and misogynist; Russian nuke waste news special: radioactivity jumps near submarine junkyards, U.S. shipping waste to Scotland, secret police try to intimidate enviro whistleblower; FCC ignores watchdog group wanting TV station licenses revoked; Dan Hamburg on respecting elders; activists beg mining co. stockholders to stop human, enviro abuses; press aids CIA coverup; forget India -- U.S. is A-bomb center; hypocrisy of Jerry Springer bashing; Reebok gives $1 million of TV ads to Amnesty International; schools troubled by fat bureaucrats, poor teachers; drug money trail leads to Citibank.

> 46 LATE APRIL, 1998 New study proves global warming, say researchers; unprecedented melting at South Pole; oil companies planned disinformation campaign; death of James Earl Ray leaves unanswered questions; reporters sue TV station, claim firing over supressed story; Fear and Favor the Newsroom; PBS pro-corporate stance; NIKE UNDER ATTACK news feature -- backlash growing to corporation, sued for allegedly lying to public about sweatshops, drops charity donation after criticism, dictating policy at TV networks, S.F. Examiner; U.S. Chinese garment workers fight for lost wages; OKC bomb grand jury nears one-year milestone; global forest crisis accelerating; UN health org fails to suppress pot report; Round Valley marks 3rd anniversary of shooting deaths; baby milk companies routinely violate global pact; EPA to regulate heavy pollution from livestock factory farms; America's 10 most endangered rivers; RICO conviction of anti-abortion zealot is bad news; U.S. asylum seekers mistreated, denied rights; Indonesian activists are disappearing; tensions rise in E Timor; newspaper wins Pulitzer for extraordinary efforts; Katherine Graham memoir didn't deserve Pulitzer; Bob Dole joins other hucksters; immigration is an issue for more than Sierra Club; Michael Moore interview; IBM bribery in Argentina; Paula Jones scandal will be factor in 1998 elections; neo-Nazi victories in Germany; Native hero receives harsh justice.

> 45 EARLY APRIL, 1998 More than one out of eight plant species may vanish, scientist fear; Native and enviro protesters dign in at blockade of Australian uranium mine; journalist warns of Indonesian "spiral of violence;" Congress should probe U.S. aid to Indonesian military; stress, despair growing in Indonesia as hard times pressure; women find catholic hospital takeover means no birth control; U.N. near bankrupt over American failure to pay dues; genetic food engineering turns poor nations into farmers for rich; Congress considers several bills to censor Internet; battle over U.S. corporations patenting Amazon plants; hospitals bully, mislead patients on bills; School of Americas protesters enter prison; more pollution- linked deformities found in Florida alligators; science uncertain why frogs are vanishing; Sumatra river dies as paper company thrives; Brazilian shamen claim credit for stopping Amazon fires; "NEA" feature asks if National Endowment for the Arts can survive; what real tax reform might look like; Clinton's African trade bill compared to slave trade; Swiss banks continue hiding Nazi gold; Coca Cola's broken 1990 recycling promise; food biotech is "next silicon valley;" Clinton lauds Martin Luther King but shuns civil rights; Clinton hypocrisy in sex scandal; Germany and Scientology; Ward Valley protest passes milestone; people should have same "free trade" rights as corporations; we're too fair with probable carcinogens.

> 44 MARCH, 1998 CIA admits knowledge of contra drug trafficking in House testimony; conservatives attempting rewrite of Endangered Species Act; U.S. training Indonesian death squads in defiance of Congress; Australia diplomat warns of violent Indonesia supression; Indonesia confiscates Native hunting weapons, tools near location of army murder, torture; group says FBI COINTELPRO active against Puerto Rico independence movement; Canada police stonewall probe of deadly cop riot; 1997 Project Censored Top Ten; study finds media overplays Clinton scandal, liberal image; new vaccines mostly for the rich, complains UNICEF; Japan suicides, bankrupcies as Asia economic crisis spreads; U.S. moves to take advantage of Asian woes; "day of mourning" declared for Galapagos Islands; U.S. companies deeply involved in Chinese sweatshops; Austraila worries about birth defects from 1950's nuke tests; fog is drinking water source for remote communities; some Kurds have Gulf War Syndrome illness; copper mining in New Mexico threatens revered mountain; feature "Conspiracy Radio" describes fuzzy blend of politics and paranoia and the paranormal; press pursues Clinton's private, not public deceptions; RIP Fred Friendly, journalism's champion; TIME magazine rewrites history; My Lai massacre wasn't an isolated event; U.S. conceals more deadly weapons than Iraq; Dan Hamburg on Ward Valley; 1998 lefty Academy Awards.

> 43 FEBRUARY, 1998 Indonesia riots spreading, protesters chant "hungry, hungry;" Indonesian parents fear for even children's milk; Asia crisis created by businesses gorged on cheap foreign loans; Asia money crisis shoots down arms deals as U.S. Defense Secretary rushes to region; global survey of enviro damage planned for 2001; funeral corporation sues publisher of expose over reprint of 1986 magazine quote; Canadian judge blames tribal protesters for death of Native man killed by police; feminists ponder Clinton as misogynist; TV manipulation common, says '60 Minutes' host; millions at risk from burned hospital waste; conservatives trying to block unions from politics; massive die-off of rare sea lions; murder following how-to book raises Constitutional issues; Bear Lincoln retrial now set for September; companies aggressively push banned pesticides in Third World; "free trade" helps Europe, U.S. dump toxics in S America; U.S. toxic waste in Haiti may be returned to sender; Brazil is testing ground for genetically- altered foods; "Others Unknown" Part III explores the FBI's failed efforts to find John Doe #2 in the Oklahoma City bombing; "Land Mines Made in the U.S.A." profiles American workers who build the deadly and crippling mines; white supremacist and militia groups have anthrax, other bioweapons of mass destruction, and were prepared to use them if the U.S. attacked Iraq; conservatives abandon honest debate on Clinton policies in favor of steady stream of rumor; editors censor Doonesbury series; Iraq leader is straw villian created by Reagan, Bush; controversy over CBS deal with Nike requiring Olympics commentators to wear logo, questions if sweatshop expose was killed; corporations behind esteemed conservative think tank; Oprah on trial; CNN joins Clinton Administration in war propoganda; war- fevered GOP forgets history; no redemption in execution of Karla Faye Tucker; "Counting Lewinskys" editorial.

> 42 LATE JANUARY, 1998 Abortion rights under siege on 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade; anti-choice side winning war against women's right to choose; toxic chemicals hide behind "inert" ingredients; deceptive ads give lemon awards; interview with Project Censored founder Carl Jensen on new book updating 200 censored news stories; U.S. media picks sex and lies over Pope and Cuba; Iraqi standoff follows movie plot; Australian Natives, enviros fighting huge uranium mine; growing Indonesia unrest as crisis settles in; Suharto family blamed for Indonesia's woes; human rights catastrophe feared in Asia as countries facing hard times lash out at scapegoats; more spy charges against Russian enviros by former KGB; casualties from old Soviet Radioactive waste; right wing spends millions funding college conservative groups; planned Phillippines Catholic theme park; "Ignoring Science" feature shows corporations, government agencies shun environmental studies they don't like; Ken Starr, "Special Persecutor" is GOP revenge for Democrat's threatened impeachment of Nixon; criticism of David Brinkley for sellout to advertiser; Norman Solomon on media handling of Clinton scandal, hidden bad economic news; Internet censorship alive and well; Cockburn on U.S. involvement in Latin America, Sonny Bono.

> 41 EARLY JANUARY, 1998 Bear Lincoln judge orders new trial, unswayed by double jeopardy argument, courtroom presence of jurors from first trial; "Dark Side of the Moon" feature reveals connections between Rev. Moon and George Bush, Jerry Falwell, other conservatives; U.S. failed to support human rights in 97; skepticism about government increasing; news special on economic collapse in Asia: panic in Indonesia, region's future vaporizes, even arms merchants worried, Indonesian unrest growing, poor suffering most as crisis deepens; two causes for dying Mexican village are pesticides and NAFTA; post trial focus on comments, behavior of Terry Nichols forewoman; GOP demands anti-abortion deal before paying UN dues, IMF bill; doubts that chicken slaughter will stop flu; Sioux continue lawsuit against Homestake gold mine; hungry kids develop behavioral problem; outlook bleak on water resources; global reserves of grain, drinking water in short supply; study finds substantial increase in 20th century rain; overfishing, other abuses called "clear-cutting of the oceans;" China's cities suffer acute water shortages; Latin Natives take action to stop gene piracy; torture routine and institutionalized in Peru; Mexican women "sold" as servants in Israel; enviros slam World Bank for encouraging pesticide use; Canada apologizes for century of Native assimilation; adoption struggle over Pomo twins leads to attack on Indian Child Welfare Act; Mexico's war on journalists; 1997 media heroes; how electric deregulation "rate cut" will cost you more; 97 dismal year for media; unregulated shrimp industry causing severe damage; Clinton presidency at five years; Cockburn on wolves, Chiapas massacre.

> 40 DECEMBER, 1997 Bear Lincoln to be put on trial again, says Mendocino D.A; news special on enviro Kyoto summit, nuke and oil industries claim green image, developed nations try to play pollution poker by buying bad air credits from Third World, V.P. Gore attempt to break stalemate fails, meaningful results doubtful; Indonesians worry about future as country faces political, economic, and enviro crisis; the real controversy behind "Fen/Phen;" U.S. military extremist influence growing; Oklahoma bombing conspiracy theorists fail to appear before grand jury; Supreme Court weakening 4th amendment; oil giants try to rewrite history in museum exhibit; Asia contributes to western U.S. air pollution; China cities face enviro crisis; new evidence of Peru army terrorism; HMO members face higher risks in emergency rooms; new study finds rich get richer at expense of others; Indonesia said to be covertly sterilizing E Timor women; loss of local species as troubling as extinction; Former KGB tries to railroad enviro activist; rare "aquarium" fish at risk of extinction; sacred pipe of N Cheyenne returning after 120 years; "Pet Food" feature shows ingredients include drugs, toxics, and rendered animals; White House tapes really show massive and secretive military group filming Clinton meetings; electric deregulation will cost consumers thousands of dollars; Jim Hightower on middle class implosion; Libya "tunnels of death" debunked; Norman Solomon on one-sided media, Indonesia journalism; the right-wing's media machine; Cockburn on global warming, pepper spray and goon squads; "christian persecution" becomes hot new cause for evangelicals; Internet filters block gay teen web sites; editorial comparing net, government censorship, Press Democrat.

> 39 LATE NOVEMBER, 1997 Russian portable nukes missing, say ex-officials; Denver murder raises alarm that "skinhead" hate crimes on increase; HMO members have poor heart attack survival rate; "The Suharto Lobby" explains how Indonesia's dictator relies upon genocide, torture, and the help of Washington politicans and media;Indonesian gov't threatens demonstators at Canadian summit; exclusive Internet interview with Nobel peace winner Jose Ramos-Horta, who lives life in exile; El Niño strikes Amazon hard; sperm decline worst than believed earlier; experts worried by poultry virus that killed boy; study suggests global warming might trigger ice age; U.S. quietly planning nuke waste dump just over Mexican border; Natives isolated in Mexico prisons; asian loggers devastating Nicaragua forests; new SEC rule aimed at supressing protests from corporate shareholders; World Bank woos multinational timber companies; Florida coral reefs in sharp decline; TWA flight 800 inquiry fades, but anti-arab bias remains; Oklahoma City grand jury recalls informant, former Klan member; NAFTA enviro promises not kept; three nations join forces to protect Monarch butterfly; "Policing Activists" feature shows political surveillance becoming common as police agencies seek new powers; Norman Solomon on Saddam Hussein and U.S. press, mainstream media endorses fast track trade approval; Dilbert is bosses' stooge, says book author; super-rich stay that way through having super influence; nations have become bank-states, anxious to keep stock markets happy; U.S. drug czar arming thugs; why Oregon voters voted for right to die; Cockburn on scapegoating the poor for global warming, the importance of Clinton's fast track defeat.

> 38 EARLY NOVEMBER, 1997 Rep. Frank Riggs defends pepper spray on demonstrators; stress ruled out as cause of Gulf War Syndrome; stock plunge just part of Asian economic woes; "Mad Cow U.S.A." feature shows risks greater than earlier thought; Yeltsin signs law making rusting nuclear stockpile a state secret; U.S. Senate orders CIA to surrender info on Honduran "Disappeared;" states not enforcing Clean Water Act; New York sweatshops increasing, government study shows; scientists worry El Niño is storm of century; "super" El Niño pattern discovered that lasts for decades; Nike not fazed by mounting criticism; Giuliani vetoes NY police review board; special AIDS in Third World series shows disease is millennia time bomb: Generation of orphans in Africa, 10 million HIV children expected by 2000, Indochina home to 1 of 3 new cases; industry spending millions in publicity to downplay global warming; more WWII Japan human experiments revealed; mammoth China dam project called risky; humans at risk from antibiotics in food animals; U.S. toxic waste dumping in Haiti; Venezuela builds anti-guerrilla border city; Asian TV netword fights Western values; "Others Unknown, Part 2" covers Oklahoma City grand jury investigation into bombing; stock market is driven by young, inexperienced traders; Oregon's forest health crisis; Solomon on Wall Street roller coaster, how media overlooks the big lies; humorist warns we should be wary of GOP plans to reform IRS; Cockburn on misguided Cassini furor, the real economy; "Savage Times" editorial on human toll from rigid ideology of politicians, police.

> 37 OCTOBER, 1997 Wrapup of Bear Lincoln trial; interview with Lincoln; Sheriff lashes out at Press Democrat; Lincoln and attorney Serra plead for community healing; D.A. found in contempt; key court victory in Judi Bari lawsuit against FBI; U'wa tells court that tribe will walk off 1,400 foot cliff to stop Occidental Petroleum, Shell; U.S. doing unethical human experiments in Third World, says medical journal; nature preserver ideal for Korean DMZ; Aussie racism drawing international scorn' "abortion services" debate snarls payment of U.N. dues; Third World victory on U.S. biopiracy; study links teen pregnancy, depression; growing deserts claim half-million square miles; World Bank and other financiers hide environmental problems; "River Town" feature on Petaluma (part of Footprints series); "Rainforest On Fire" special series feature and news on Indonesian rainforest fires; fires expose Indonesia's past enviro sins; nationwide health panic, but landowners setting fires will likely escape penalty; endangered orangutans driven into arms of wildlife traders; Amazon fires are even worse than Indonesia's; AIDS research is slowed by animal tests; the great Wired "conspiracy" for world domination; Jim Hightower on proposals to promote pollution as tourist attraction, make it illegal for Americans to protest foreign dicatorships; Oregon's crucial Urban Growth Boundary decision; demonizing government is the Hard Right's tired theme; Promise Keepers and the media; Cockburn on Greenpeace, Sierra Club; "Bitter Victory" editorial about Press Democrat and media responsibility.

> 36 LATE SEPTEMBER, 1997 Dramatic conclusion of Bear Lincoln trial as jury finds him not guilty; D.A. charged with contempt in leaking news to Press Democrat; remaining weapons-related charges dropped, gag order lifted; full details on trail of blood evidence; photo essay of thousands at Headwaters rally; Native groups across U.S.-Mexico border form alliance; Canadian court victory for Native rights; bioprospecting planned at Yellowstone Park; growing european blockade of genetic altered U.S. crops; Clinton blasted on refusal to sign landmine treaty; China's army of smokers now larger than the entire population of the United States; Rev. Pat Robertson caught making illegal plans for election influence; Italian city offering bounty for illegal immigrants; Ag industry careless in releasing new species to control pests; U.S. helped surpress India protests; air pollution statistics often unreliable; privatization of Mexican banks was boon only to foreign investors; World Bank, others, hide environmental problems in projects; Oliver North holds a victory party for end of Cold War; Clinton wants "fast track" NAFTA-like deals; the tabloidization of the news; Burma's dictator influence in U.S.; the empty goals of Rev. Al Sharpton; corrupt Washington distracts public with sideshows; Norman Solomon on the media's shallow sympathies; the CIA at 50; S American exploitation and El Nino.

> 35 EARLY SEPTEMBER, 1997 Comprehensive Bear Lincoln trial coverage discloses that evidence was badly mishandled; the prosecution shocks the court by closing their case abruptly and the D.A. announces his resignation; Tony Serra opens in defense of Bear Lincoln and one charge is dismissed; Lincoln takes the stand in his own defense, and is cross-examined; guest editorial by Nicholas Wilson, "Drop The Bias, Press Democrat" on slanted trial coverage; hard right anti-government movement simmering in rural America; anti-abortion rider slipped into foreign aid bill; physicians joining unions; asthma group attacks Primatene Mist; Clinton shifts global power with Iran deal; increased public health risks from mining; scientists want FDA to require labels for caffeine content; streams, rivers slow to recover biodiversity after ag damage; new questions of James Earl Ray's guilt in Martin Luther King death; Greenpeace fires most of U.S. staff; no one takes responsibility for Princess Diana's death; Alexander Cockburn on the Diana cult, Mayor Giuliani's school for torture; worshiping the wealthy; Jim Hightower on the stock market; 12-hour workdays at computer companies; 10 percent perpetual unemployment.

> 34 AUGUST, 1997 Bear Lincoln trial opens with contrasts as the court hears overviews of the case from both sides including new evidence from the defense; the judge rebukes D.A. for weak opening; Serra questions Deputy Miller's story; prosecutor Williams shocks the court by closing his case abruptly and announcing his resignation; "Killer Vaccine" feature on cancer risks from 1950s polio vaccine; World Bank faces probe on enviro, human rights violations; tests show Gulf War vets have brain damage, not stress; "foul air" industries lobby hard to kill new EPA pollution regulations; pollution shuts down Chile capitol; Greenpeace, oil company in arctic standoff; NRA fighting U.N. over weapons curb; U.S. arms sales to Third World increase dramatically; Russian radioactive village still not evacuated after four decades; tobacco farming latest Brasilian forest threat; heavy TV viewing linked to psychological trauma; logging brought boom, then bust to African town; Mexican church, right wing opposing condom distribution; class action against "Cyanide River" mine; controversy over health threat of mercury in dental fillings; Jim Hightower describes another senseless death in the drug war; U.S. media ignores drug smuggling story involving covert military research; "brownlash" of anti-enviro misinformation; why the middle class is so unhappy as the economy booms; how Rev. Moon gave George Bush a golden parachute; remembering Justice Brennan, the Bill of Rights greatest defender; UPS and part-time America; media slant against labor and UPS strikers; introducing 404: news missing.

> 33 JULY, 1997 As Bear Lincoln trial nears, defense charges racism by D.A. in excluding Native people from jury; more charges against deputy accused of tampering; new letter from Lincoln predicts assasination; power companies use sham "grassroot" groups In push for deregulation; little known Fed bank funding deforestation, arms projects; free legal services for members of Congress aquitted of crime; special report on Russian nuclear plants, waste -- tragedy worse than Chernobyl feared as condemned reactors continue operating with funds slated for decomissioning; fewer than half the rusting ex-Soviet Pacific submarines have had their fuel removed, and other nuclear waste is shipped to closed plants for years of storage; "Scorched Earth" feature examines the high-stakes dogfight around global warming; Ralph Reed / Christian Coalition analysis; Rev. Moon continues S American push; Cheap labor assembly plants just across border now 40 percent of Mexican exports; child abuse causes lifelong health problems for women; Mexican election is victory for poor and Natives; Ecuador mangroves, Galapagos Islands threatened; Amazon deforestation risk to "overwhelming" number of unknown species; Amazon tribe fighting off gold miners; U.S. corporations fear enviro, human rights inspection could reveal biz secrets; San Quentin investigating suspicious death of psychotic inmate; Jesse Helms' Contra-coke connection asks what the Contras' champion knew about drug smuggling; W Virginia "crown jewel," Blackwater Canyon, is sold to loggers; all the public demands of Clinton is to keep the good times rolling; new book by Norman Solomon, Jeff Cohen reveals media inner workings; "McLibel" type lawsuits may happen in U.S.; Wired Magazine's phony revolution; buyout threat looms for public broadcasting; why there's no "public" in public broadcasting; Cockburn on the death of our national forests, Susan McDougal; editorial about the Press Democrat coverage of Columbia/HCA hospital chain.

> 32 LATE JUNE, 1997 Possible Bear Lincoln mistrial after potential juror tells court that deputy told him that Lincoln had confessed, but to keep it quiet; "McLibel" activists win mixed victory; news special on Canadian justice for Native people, as cop found guilty of murdering protestor, then sentenced to community service, while elsewhere sundancers aquitted in 1995 standoff; World Bank projects may increase global warming; Columbian tribe promises mass suicide unless oil company stops; Latin leaders tell U.S. to drop anti-drug rules; new conservative Australian government abandons alternative energy; "Wise Use" conference in D.C.; Europe's first desert in the making; white power movement targets Michigan; Latin American debt destroying decades of land reform; new EPA smog rules will affect about half of E coast rural areas; arctic Natives, wildlife threatened by pollution; news special on failure at Earth Summit, showing no progress in last five years, growing distrust between North and South, and proposal for new global enviro agency; "What Happened to the Alternative Press?" feature shows the increasingly corporate and mainstream interests behind the once-independent media; Clinton sells out U.N. and sides with Jessie Helms; McVeigh trial didn't answer disturbing, underlying questions; stop comparing Clinton scandals to Watergate; Republicans and Asian contributions; no winners in Detroit news strike; unregulated experiments on humans continue; Cockburn on McVeigh burial, "Dark Alliance" series; Solomon plays media Jeopardy.

> 31 EARLY JUNE, 1997 "Mad Cow Disease" from pork may cause significant number of Alzheimer's cases; whale breeding grounds in Mexico threatened by Mitsubishi plant; McVeigh conviction won't stop hard-core extremists; "Others Unknown" feature on unanswered questions about the Oklahoma City bombing; McVeigh no "lone nut," but soldier in guerilla war against America; Gary Webb talks about "Dark Alliance" shortly before he is told to stop working on series; covert tests of contraceptives on East Indian women; Australian Prime Minister faces angry Aboriginal audience after government extinguishes rights won in courts; consumer groups want Clinton to kill the FDA; quiet execution of youngest man in recent U.S. history; new welfare rules will harm alarming number of families; one-fifth of all Argentina species risk extinction; Bear Lincoln attorney accuses D.A. of anti-Indian racism, political grandstanding while running for election as a judge, more;questions about safety of jet plane exhaust on atmosphere; N American civilization as old as Asia, Mideast; special 4-part report on allergies and asthma links to poverty and poor living conditions; "Poison Underground" feature explains how a loophole allowed the U.S. military to escape liability for deadly underground water pollution; putting a value on nature is a last, desperate measure by scientists to reach public; desperate Whitewater spin by NY Times, Sen. D'Amato; NPR censors poet; "labor shortage" is Wall Street propoganda; Alexander Cockburn on Zaire, part 2 of Buffalo saga.

> 30 MAY, 1997 Anti-enviro Representatives almost passed drastic House bill suspending Endangered Species Act; Bear Lincoln murder trial begins with court gag order, statement why Native people have reason to distrust white justice; new ozone hole over Chile, Argentina raises concerns; insiders say current Mexican "war on drugs" reforms could help mafias; fear that reforms will be excuse for pre-election crackdown; Norman Solomon on the Mexico not seen by the press; conditions worsen for Latin women in Mexico, Central America; researchers says restoring wetlands would stop big floods, but money and politics prevent solution; "Honey, We Lost the Bees" feature shows 95 percent of feral honeybees are gone; questions raised if U.S. Treasury also has Holocaust gold; asian loggers targeting Amazon rain forest; third of U.S. dams have a high or significant potential of problems; new law, harsh Immigration Service policies allow low-level workers to make life or death decisions for immigrants; "Darker Alliances" editorial, letters about Gary Webb and Mercury News "Dark Alliance" series; McDonald's Happy Meal toys made by sad sweatshop workers; "No Sweat" pledges not the answer to sweatshop abuse; worldwide gold rush causing long-term enviro damage; journalist groups say advertisers using financial pressure to dictate editorial content; "Going Home Song" photo essay of Sonoma ceremony for Natives buried in 19th century mass graves; conservatives wage war against women "in the name of science;" Jim Hightower on Pentagon spending; Clinton and the Democrats dishonor FDR's memory; how big business keeps wages low.

> 29 LATE APRIL, 1997 A limited survey of fish nationwide finds evidence of widespread damage by hormone disruptor pollutants; children living or attending school near airports or other noise sources don't read as well; controversial plan in San Diego County would open up much of region to unrestricted development; local governments subsidize urban sprawl; Australia, New Zealand get tough on gene-modified food just as U.S. weakens some regulations; "Rightward, Ho" feature on Clinton Administration embrace of profit and turning away from decades of social progress; former HHS asst sec'y explains why ethics compelled him to resign from Administration; New York Times hit-piece on recycling; special report "$oldiers of Fortunes" shows military wants new multi-billion defense system; U.S. might write off $14 billion in bad military loans; Clinton approves weapons export to Chile; record donations by arms PACs; anti-enviro movement courts militias; summer "White Power Woodstock" planned; Alexander Cockburn on strawberry economics, how coal company is behind Navajo-Hopi land dispute; Gov. Wilson, state GOP try to subvert committee and enforce harsh welfare cuts; Ecuador Natives may sue U.S. government; utility deregulation will exploit water resources; Jim Hightower on Nike sweatshops; new anti-sweatshop panel still gives violators ways to avoid oversight; sweatshops are Canada's growth industry; all-hate letters section; guest editorial on why papers don't report some political scandals; salmon return when dam removed.

> 28 EARLY APRIL, 1997 New evidence of global warming suggests that effect could be 40 percent worse, researchers develop better understanding of atmosphere; FBI lab faked evidence in terrorism cases, Judi Bari lawyers file motion showing bomb expert lied; South America study finds pesticides in most breast milk, almost all cow milk; how C-SPAN is getting screwed; Jim Hightower on Greenspan and voodoo inflation; U.S. allows use of impure DPT vaccine for children; "Growing Concerns" feature continues genetic risk series by looking at safety questions in multi-bilion dollar biotech industry; alarming decline of coral reefs worldwide; panic in Latin America over U.S. deportation rumors; patriarchy is main threat to women's health, conference decides; how the U.S. helped create the disaster in Zaire; Orinoco Natives confront Big Oil, Venezuela government; coal mining company profits from Navajo-Hopi land dispute; Alexander Cockburn on the decay of the human rights movement; rare study of children's medical care by race finds black kids receive second-rate care for kidney disease; service union makes landmark deal that will protect jobs, immigrants; Columbia/HCA is Wal-Mart of hospitals; no release of Nixon tapes soon; special report on "mad cow" disease finds new concerns of widespread infection, including U.S., where consumer advocates say USDA fails to protect consumers from meat industry; Norman Solomon on the smoke-and-mirrors of "volunteerism;" seven activists win Goldman enviro award; letters about Fortuna Alliance.

> 27 LATE MARCH, 1997 1996 Project Censored Top Ten; tax protesters declaring "sovereignty" in false hopes of evading IRS; U.S. spends decade trying to deport Palestinian fund-raisers, though law was declared unconstitutional; opposition growing to Home Depot chain stores; federal attempt to solve century-old Navajo-Hopi land dispute leaves fundamental problems unresolved; 1996 election analysis shows voters still hate moderate politicians; "Facing Food Scarcity" (Project Censored top-10 story) finds world increasingly dependent on record harvests; UN report says world faces food and water crisis; media continues exploitation of murdered child JonBenet Ramsey; Germany shocks CIA by booting "diplomat;" "The Last Cold Warriors" shows CIA-trained paramilitary forces now destabilizing governments, assassinating dissidents; Pacific Islanders form historic anti-nuke coalition; Panama says U.S. ducking responsibility to clean up military bases; Geronimo Pratt may get new trial; Amnesty Intl. demands ban on U.S. made electro-shock devices; 1 out of 3 doctors flunk genetic testing; antioxidants may block cancer "signals;" public health may require world court; media encouraged White House embrace of fat cats; Clinton's education scam; death-rights advocate encounters bureaucrats afraid of illegal immigrants faking their own death certificates; hungry hordes of sea lions and seals create growing problem for endangered species.

> 26 EARLY MARCH, 1997 Judi Bari dies; enviro activist working on FBI case to last day; obituary by Nicholas Wilson; coverage of memorial party with historical photos; New York Times obit takes final cheap shot at Bari; California policymakers to rethink dams; new study finds Three Mile Island cancer rates extremely high, raises question of 1979 whitewash; "Toxic Addiction" feature on industry's fight to keep using chemicals that disturb reproduction in humans and other animals; special interests hiding behind "grassroot" ballot items; CIA whistleblower says Clinton won't confront agency; logging is worst threat to frontier forests than slash-and-burn ag; special news and commentary section, "Kids, Drugs, and TV;" Gov. Wilson sabotaged anti-tobacco effort in Calif.; outlaw tobacco appeals to outlaw kids; alcohol poses double risk for youth; anti-drug commercials don't mention alcohol or tobacco; children absorb more from TV than books; little educational content in classroom TV "news;" Mexico, Columbia scramble for drug certification; univiersity pulls plug on free speech; journalists denounce death row censorship; global climate talks were "disaster," says Greenpeace, WWF says U.S. stalling is "misguided effort to appease" oil and coal industry; "Multinational Monsters" feature on the top ten worst businesses of 1996; 250 Native tribes wait for U.S. recognition; U.S. has some form of sanction against 42% of world population; Guyana kicks out Unification Church; U.S. tells UN that it has special rights; what happened to the peace dividend?; U.S. and Mexico have matching corruption; Norman Solomon on Washington money scandals; Alexander Cockburn reveals massive bison kill at request of cult, U.S. to allow power companies $500 billion write-off; hundreds of community volunteers clean up polluted river.

> 25 FEBRUARY, 1997 Far right renews abortion attack, clinic violence up sharply and new restrictive laws proposed in Congress; Chinese donations elevates seriousness of Demo fund-raising controversy; timber industry is "out of control," agency says; "Credibility Gulf" traces ongoing Pentagon cover-up of Gulf War Illness; Honduran activists team with Baltimore newspaper to investigate 1980's murders; CIA manual used in Central America was guidebook for torture; manual could be useful to businesses (satire); PR advisors tell food makers to ignore avoid questions of safety, attack credibility of critics; "Genetic Jeopardy" feature explores growing concern over genetic discrimination by insurance companies, employers; smokestack companies blow off smog rules, linked to 60,000 annual deaths in U.S.; Supreme Court hears important case that could end Demo, GOP stranglehold on elections; prison labor is mult-billion dollar industry; climate change effects on biodiversity found; growing cancer threat among Native Americans; end water and irrigation subsidies or face drought, study warns; lawn and garden pesticides tracked indoors are child health risk; breast cancer patients demanding role in treatment; "Land Grab in the Sky" warns that more than $35 billion worth of public airwaves are being given away free to big political donors; commentary on giveaway by Alexander Cockburn; the Simpson case and the decline of TV news; most repressive nations rated as having highes "economic freedom;" Jim Hightower on "saving" Social Security.

> 24 LATE JANUARY, 1997 Russian River flooding linked to development, says scientist; storms wash tons of pollutants from Santa Rosa area into river; Global warming is responsible for this severe flooding in California, says NOAA, and some models predict it could get four times worse; criticism of Press Democrat spin on development's role in flooding; HUD plan to tear down thousands of public housing high-rises nationwide exploited by developers; U.S. anti-drug millions in military support to Mexico being used to supress rebels; "Government in Exile" report on nationwide militia convention; Simone Wilson's mushrooming at Salt point; warming arctic tundra releasing carbon into air; few indictments for smuggling thousands of tons of ozone-destroying chemicals into U.S.; "How the Saddam Story Grew and Grew" traces development of Pentagon rumors about Hussein; House members ask Clinton to break silence on human rights violations in East Timor; ebonics criticism shows ignorance, and cheap shots target Black culture; New York Times' managing editor is "truly alarmed" by media buyouts; Washington Post fires anti-military columnist; our culture's love affair with mass murder; death penalty juries may not understand their job; Nestle, others break baby milk agreement; El Salvador becoming giant sweatshop, group charges; coalition of politicians, analysts, and activists from both the left and right are mounting an attack on "corporate welfare;" annual migration of monarch butterflies; Supreme Court encourages corporate megamergers; the case against Newt Gingrich.

> 23 EARLY JANUARY, 1997 "The Attempted Murder of Judi Bari" reprints the legendary New Settler interview, illustrated with photos from Bari's collection; Pentagon covering up Gulf War Syndrome because U.S. sold toxins to Iraq; three different kinds of Gulf War illness defined; Oregon clearcuts caused landslide deaths; U.S. forests in danger because USDA has weakened foreign trade rules; evangelical Christians mostly alienated from society, study finds; Russian enviro whistleblower free; Clinton's Asian money connection; workfare programs create underclass in low page jobs; Peru hostage drama part of uprising by Native people demanding rights throughout Americas; British media exposes CIA-cocaine links; corporations "greenwash" enviro image; media unintenionally distorts risk of vaccines; cooking smoke is serious global health risk; anti-enviro Oregon Representative returns to House; Audubon Christmas bird count; Cockburn links politics, movies, and astrology; corporate ebonics.

> 22 DECEMBER, 1996 "Justice for Judi Bari" series begins; FBI apologizes to wrongly-accused suspect in Atlanta bombing, but fights Bari in court; Bari wins round in FBI suit; media also owes Bari an apology; links to more information about the case; CIA - Contra - Crack story and media spin named top news of 1996; history feature on Contra drug smuggling; loophole lets California corporations like Chevron and Shell tap public housing funds for millions; warning that "mad cow" disease, use of rBGH hormones could cause future epidemic; Rev. Moon spending millions to promote evangelical church in S America; "Children Forgotten" feature shows children with AIDS shunned by FDA, insurance and drug companies; NAFTA flaw leaves workers without rights; "nike" is now Vietnamese slang for hitting someone at work; attempts by NBC and Microsoft to control the Internet as media; Norman Solomon's 1996 media time capsule; death threats against E Timor Nobel Peace Prize winner, as Indonesian dicatorship angered at award; profits won over human rights in last year; Guyana "Cyanide River" company makes big promises; U.S. investor connected with disaster dubbed "Toxic Bob" as his companies spread over the globe; ozone cleanup fund owed millions; England might lead world ban on organophosphates; Romani minority attacked by police; Canada's health system in jeopardy; computer makers swing deals with hamburger corporations; America's fixation with the 1970s.

> 21 NOVEMBER, 1996 "Santa's Little Sweatshop" explains that as sweatshops now cover the globe, chances are that many of your Christmas presents are made by workers in near-slavery conditions, and quite probably by the hands of children; millions of corporate dollars spent to defeat environmental ballot items; pesticide makers selling inventories of banned products to Third World; McLibel trial now longest in British history; while Dole attacked Clinton for Indonesian connections, GOP backer Archer Daniels Midland agrees to pay the largest anti-trust settlement ever; mining companies, hundreds of prospectors racing to remote northern areas of Canada in the last three months to claim land traditionally owned by Innu and Inuit; crash of Russian spacecraft with plutonium raises serious questions; Europeans boycotting U.S. genetic-engineered products; no more Antarctic ozone left to destroy; global warming is hard message to sell public; the "environmental good news" industry seeks to absolve corporations of blame; newspapers are shrinking or disappearing as publisher profits reach new heights; election lessons include selfishness of Prop 209, voters want President to be sort of national master of ceremonies; U.S. war on drugs created health crisis abroad, such as Vietnamese children using heroin; medical studies find simple iron suppliment could dramatically help teen girls in academics; Sonny Bono's Theatre of the Absurd.

> 20 OCTOBER, 1996 "Fighting for Community" news series on Community Hospital and Measure E; Dole TV adman caught doctoring photo in Virginia senatorial race; up to 100,000 U.S. soldiers now considered at risk of Gulf War syndrome; study finds parts of Sierra Nevada have worst air pollution in nation; Indonesian bankers and Clinton in news as East Timor activists win Nobel Peace Prize, while Clinton plans to sell fighter jets to brutal military regime; bankers also in joint venture with Pat Robertson; logging creates mahogany deserts in tropics; NAFTA hardly mentioned in presidential race; new NAFTA-based lawsuit claims "investor's rights" override environmental concerns; interview with Michael Moore; San Jose newspaper attacked for CIA-Contra story; call for nationwide march to protest black church burnings; California debates laws to prevent genetic discrimination by insurers and employers while Third World plants and people are exploted for genetic information; first harvest of millions of acres of genetically altered "super crops" spur critics; AIDS epidemic in former USSR, but little being done; World Bank dam is "monument to corruption" squandering billions of dollars in failed Sout America project; study finds more nitrogen in atmosphere than previously thought; "This is Only the Beginning" complete speech by Ralph Nader; your voter guide to militant apathy.

> 19 AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, 1996 "Hostages in the Sewer Wars" explains the troubled history of the Russian River sewage plant, asking if it will open West County to development; national parks are deteriorating, primarily because of commerce; three black churches burned in tiny, segregated town; water quality tests overlook significant health risk; San Jose newspaper charges CIA funded Contras by crack cocaine charges investigative report; Green Party chooses Ojibwe activist for VP; Nader slams Clinton's enviro record; August setbacks to free speech on Internet; prediction that the U.S. would bomb Iran or Iraq; ban all corporate donations; humor of best and worst of political conventions; Simone Wilson's "Prime Suspect" finds similarities between 1880 racism and today; enviros worry that global protections could be removed in upcoming treaty negotiations; EPA names top polluters including underground waste injection; industries are expected to report their own toxic discharges; communities printing local money; biologists say fish populations must be allowed to rebuild; farm workers battle mushroom giant; Smokey the Bear has a pro-logging image, say activists; ban fishing with dynamite and cyanide; harvest moon eclipse.

> 18 JULY, 1996 The thousand-mile hike of California's shores by Coastwalk; billions of dollars are missing from U.S. Indian trust fund, Natives charge in suit; "The Prince" examines the track record of Jack Kemp; unsafe drinking water linked to 80% of infectious diseases; Study suggests that increased use of whole-house air conditioning was responsible for hazier skies; citing an unusual 1868 Treaty with a "bad men" clause, the Sioux join Lakotas and Crazy Horse descendants in lawsuit against Heileman brewing company; Dow, Shell, and other corporations prepare to dispute falling sperm count from environmental estrogen; Atlanta evicts the homeless and poor before the Olympics; Ralph Nader asks Clinton not to sign welfare "reform" legislation; nightmare resulting from dismantling welfare won't be felt until Clinton is out of office; U.N., World Bank organization blames rain forest destruction on small farmers, not loggers; huge decline in bees worries biologists; Russian River artists begin Restitution Wall project similar to AIDS quilt; bomb-making 'Prophet' sentenced in Oklahoma; harvesting high-vitamin fruit could help preserve Amazon, but Brazil uninterested; stock market bets on terrorist downing of plane; newspaper publishers decide they need more entertainment and less informative content; Hillary-bashing over her use of corny phrase; John DeSalvio cartoon, "Maxxam Museum of the Giant Redwood."

> 17 JUNE, 1996 Was the Fortuna Alliance a revolutionary New Age business or a multi-million dollar Internet con game? Sonoma County homelss call Supervisor's objection to new shelter insulting; historic "Seventh Generation" ceremony at sacred Lakota site peaceful despite Wise Use threats to disrupt; new research shows that mixing common pesticides creates an environmental estrogen 1,000 times more potent than either chemical alone; Congress intends to weaken pesticide laws; "Toxic Art" project in East Bay explores pollution and waste while exposing developer's negligence; downing of civilian planes by Cuba may finally bring international isolation; At the annual convention for alternative newsweeklies, Mark finds same-old, same-old; Judge calls for end of corporate 'person;' Mexico is sued for union busting under little-known NAFTA rule; recent bad publicity about sweatshops has corporations nervous; Nike accued of "slave" child labor; SF Bay enviro groups threaten Navy charging massive pollution in Richmond; new research shows coastline is vital to ocean life; future of cities looks bleak; U.S. rejects international conference to fight money laundering, although drug money is now major part of world economy; evidence that American businesses profit from U.N. membership, debunking anti-U.N. claims by Republicans; "The New War Between the States" asks if states should kidnap companies from other states, offering them tax abatements, free roads and other incentives; newly released memos from the Nixon files at the National Archives demonstrate the fine art of sucking up to the boss.

> 16 LATE MAY, 1996 In-depth coverage and photos of courtroom confrontation between Mendocino judge and newspaper editor Bruce Anderson, jailed for refusing to surrender "Bear" Lincoln letter; "Caravans of Fire" shows the centuries-old discrimination against the Roma ("Gypsy") people, who are increasingly the target of racist violence; behind-the-scene medical and FDA politics that lead to restrictions on safe natural drugs like melatonin; upcoming vote by the World Trade Organization could restrict vitamins; Moscow's secret nuclear waste nightmare; debate over what qualifies as "organic" food; controversial statue inscription is altered, while more call statue offensive; U.S. to burn 30,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons; convicted extremist claims plans to destroy clinics, bridges just "friendly conversation;" Canadian fishermen resent small improvement in Native rights; alliances built between Native people and environmentalists in Canada; Sara Peyton on historic trek of hundreds of Native people to sacred mountain; Simone Wilson walks you through the rich legacy of Olompali park; Brazilian gold rush is symptom of poverty; Red Cross denounces weak U.N. action to ban land mines; new estimates that humans could live to 120 years; antibiotics less effective than ever; Mark Lowenthal concludes story of confrontation; satire of Dole's secret youth strategy.

> 15 EARLY MAY, 1996 Eight-part "Birth Controlled" series examines risks and benefits of Norplant and Depo Provera as used worldwide; "Healing in Chernobyl's Shadow" finds a grassroots community movement on the tenth anniversary of the disaster; State Senator Don Rogers recorded "freemen" documents in Santa Rosa; controversy over statue plaque that understates 19th century Native genocide in California; paint, oil companies don't have to contribute to childhood lead poisoning fund; hundreds of immigrants die at Texas / Mexico border; Illinois labor dispute accuses owners of East Timor massacre ties; Clinton breaks promise on salvage rider repeal; new archeological discovery shows older Native settlement of Americas; Guyana to examine gold mine environmental damage; U.S. nuclear testing causes deaths decades later; "persistent poverty" lowers IQ, discounting race; confederate flag at Olympics; Uniroyal exporting hazardous pesticide; Florida "spinach war" between state and Asian farmers; disinformation war shows how the Right jiggers statistics; Kim Goldberg on the Christian Coalition's move into Canada; Sara Peyton on budget cuts at Face to Face; Mark Lowenthal battles a Project Censored critic; humorous peek at our mega-merger future.

> 14 APRIL, 1996 Our six-part exclusive series on the background and meaning of the Freemen movement; cermonies mark one-year anniversary of Round Valley killings; reflections by Earth Day founder; FBI delays key report on wiretaps; a Georgia trial over an FDA ban on a cancer therapy puts agency at odds with rights of terminal patients; Canada limits Native boycott against Japanese company; Kim Goldberg comments on this SLAPP suit; a comprehensive look at the salvage rider forestry laws; author of Holocaust web site refuses to participate in Internet "decency" rating system; U.S. rejects "Gulf War Syndrome" while British urge further study; Earth First! answer Unabomber charges; Russian politics override concerns for safety of former Soviet stockpiles at international conference; environmentalists have cautious praise for new "green" U.S. foreign policy; tribal courts fear loss of jurisdiction as rights are chipped away; "Beijing and Back" class motivates Santa Rosa JC students; SRJC professor dismisses class as "femi-nazi;" Hillary Clinton visits San Francisco; stress may weaken effectiveness of flu shots; John DeSalvio flat tax cartoon.

> 13 LATE MARCH, 1996 Tribute to Project Censored 20th anniversary, with the 1995 top ten censored stories, interviews with Project founder Carl Jensen, incoming director Dr. Peter Phillips, and an overview of the Project by Mark Lowenthal; editor refuses to give police Bear Lincoln letter, citing journalism "shield law;" local gays support youth charged in gay-bashing; analysis finds liberal 1994 Democrats won reelection more than moderates; Cuban expatriates profit from new sanctions; study suggests ties between rBGH milk and cancer; "Reining in our Spooks" looks at upheavals in the spy racket; Simone Wilson walks in Ragle Park with links to Pomo history; Sara Peyton asks why the media downplayed rape of murdered girl; South America wants industrial countries to stop patenting its native plants; long-term costs ignored from tampering with rivers and wetlands; report says military should spy on Internet; angry cynics risk heart disease; skeptics doubt deforestation impacts bird extinction; nitrate water pollution widespread; media frenzy over bizarre amnesia story; "feel-good" environmental book conceals facts; "Unbearable Lightness of Reading" on bleak future of books; satire on V-chip for libraries.

> 12 EARLY MARCH, 1996 "Alien Invaders" series on threats to native plants, animals, and entire ecosystems by introduced species; "Doing Time, 9 to 5" reveals increasing use of prison labor by corporations; new Justice Department report calls for more companies to use prisoners; third power plant approved for cancer site Hunters Point; military base pollution at Treasure Island and around SF Bay; state GOP wants public paddling, chain gangs; British Columbia signs its first treaty with Native people; pesticides and the immune system; Russian environmentalist faces death penalty; "Environmental Sickness" controversy; Dismissal sought in extremist bombing case; alpha-lipoic antioxidant called better than vitamins C, E; rights of Native peoples ignored at oil and gas summit; plants may amplify greenhouse effect; "Defining Cyberspace" considers the changing culture of the Internet; dairy farmers avoiding controversial rBGH; Sara Peyton demands insurance reform; the rise and fall of nursing unions; Santa Cruz homeless activist faces jail; Albion Monitor introduces election coverage.

> 11 FEBRUARY, 1996 "Crusade: The War on Abortion" covers attempts to restrict women's rights in the streets and legislatures, including clinic attacks, organized political maneuvering by the far-right, and the abortion restrictions in the Telecom Bill; nurses at Kaiser fear massive layoffs; Governor Wilson wants to restrict state endangered species act; Hawaiian Natives call for sovereignty; survey shows elected officials read e-mail from voters; philosophical questions arise about destroying the smallpox virus; Henry Hyde sued for S&L negligence; widespread Medicare fraud by hospitals; Guyana lifts restrictions on "cyanide river" gold mine; common seawater algae may be responsible for mysterious illnesses; federal prosecutors have hands-off policy for "wise use" rebels; Russia's nuclear stockpile is dangerously rusting; Sara Peyton recalls the not-so-good ol' days when abortion was illegal; Mark Lowenthal shows that your newspaper had self-interest in reporting good news about the Telecom Bill; technophobia behind Congressional efforts to censor Internet; little-known Telecom provision has potential for abuse; the media finally takes notice of declining male sterility; letters needed for Laguna Uplands Project.

> 10 LATE JANUARY, 1996 "Genetic Dilemmas" considers some of the ethical questions that come with our new understanding of human genes; Dr. Joseph McNamara thinks we are losing our police to the War on Drugs; "Better Learning Through Chemistry" finds unruly children are often medicated; Sonoma County environmental groups endorse candidates; Telecom Bill might allow corporations to set Internet access rates; radical right charges against gay cartoonist backfires; polls show strong support for EPA; radioactive weapons possible cause of "Gulf War Syndrome;" Disney, other corporations pay Haitian laborers 7 cents per hour; researchers say current wetland protection is inadequate; poverty is significant cause of infant deaths; alcohol and drug ads on the Internet; Sara Peyton asks why women celebrities are expected to pose for cheesecake pictures; Mark Lowenthal reports that polluting corporations spy on enviro journalists; "Harvest or Homes" follows the rapid suburbanization of the Central Valley; ways to end corporate welfare; rainforest wood used in cheap furniture; ozone-destroying CFC's can be made into toothpaste and other safe products; activists booted from auto show because of political t-shirts.

> 9 EARLY JANUARY, 1996 "Nursing on the Edge" introduces the new corporate hospital with more administrators than nures; Constitutional Amendmentitis looks at the Republican push to change the Bill of Rights; flag burning and abortion amendments to be election-year issues; Orrin Hatch speaks about flag burning; winners and losers in underground tank cleanup; Curious deletions in Press Democrat reprint of underground tank article; Pat Robertson and gay support group battle over right to reproduce evangelist's comments; NAFTA brought woe to U.S. and Mexico; Japan sues anti-whaling journalist; television welfare kings; Russian River off-limits to visitors; Canada's solution to unemployment is to kill more seals; factory owner stands by workers in tough times; Sara Peyton is stranded in D.C.; frogs are dying because of combined environmental threats; antioxidants improve memory; 1995 media good news/bad news; corporations defer billions in tax payments; Christmas greetings from "gold mine of death;" Marshal McLuhan predictions for 1996.

> 8 LATE DECEMBER, 1995 California loosens cleanup requirements on leaking underground fuel tanks; Bear Lincoln prosecution and defense reveal trial strategy at hearing; bleak Christmas for Detroit newspaper strikers; Congress makes deal to muzzle the Internet; Howard Reingold asks for Presidential veto; "Innocents Lost" profiles mothers of gay children who have committed suicide; a look at on-line visits by "celebrities;" Christian Coalition "stealth" plans for the next election; global warming no longer questioned; the politics preventing scientists from researching global warming; critics say NAFTA environmental protections are toothless; the U.S. military wants more arms trafficking; U.S. companies are still exporting banned pesticides; Tim Ream declares victory, ends fast; Argentina's obsession with slimness and beauty; promising anti-AIDS compound in Native American plant; Mark Lowenthal on conflict of interest by TV news; congressional budget means end to the family farm; Steve Forbes and the flat tax; political contributions pay of big for corporations; ad agency names top ten flubs of 1995.

> 7 EARLY DECEMBER, 1995 FREE! America's "Just Say No" Addiction shows that billions are still spent on just say no programs that just don't work; Tim Ream is starving to save trees; "Who's in Charge Here" reveals a little-noticed provision in the Contract With America calls for drastic changes in who controls the military and sets foreign policy; Judge quashes murder indictment of Bear Lincoln, new charge filed; Petaluma School Board endorses sexual identity program; publishers sued in Detroit newspaper strike; Oklahoma "prophet" indicted in alleged bomb plot; "whitewash" charged in Guyana river disaster; legacy of Alfred Hitchock and nuclear reactor at Bodega Head; America's supply of cheap oil disappears with the Saudi monarchy; Mark Lowenthal finishes his tale of meeting TV news bigwigs; Sara Peyton's personal short story proves too personal for Mom to see; Where Old Homepages go to Die shows how friends and coworkers remember the dead; higher death rates for AIDS Medicaid patients; rare virus may be linked to schizophrenia; military weapons cost $650 billion; rich countries exploit Africa for healing plants; Ralph Nader enters presidential primary.

> 6 NOVEMBER, 1995 NAFTA's Corporate Con Artists shows that the executives lobbied hard for passage were the first to fire American workers; an extremist third party is likely next year unless Republican candidates pass a far-right litmus test; small business government programs to help the poor and minorities are exploited by whites and the wealthy; the background on Canada's showdown with Native protesters is explained in "How the Circus Came to Gustafsen Lake;" Texaco's devastating search for Amazon crude; new questions about rBGH milk safety; hike the Marin headlands; Palm Terrace campaign moving forward in Sebastopol; Mark Lowenthal gets a chilly reception from TV news bigwigs; politics in Idaho; danger in linking genetics to criminal behavior; endangered species not protected according to Department of Interior; dramatic protest by SF rainforest activists; trees reaching limit of how much carbon in air can be absorbed; Kissinger firm loses insurance after Indonesian killings; deep breathing may be key to asthma; dramatic new photos of star creation; "The Gingrinch That Stole Congress."

> 5 LATE OCTOBER, 1995 "The Crucifixion of Kevin Elders" examines the arrest and conviction of the former Surgeon General's son; background on the government's secretive FISA Court; Events in Congress leading to the Medicare vote; a look at white supremacy in the 1990's; Native protests in Canada ignored by U.S. press; a hike through Annadel park; Mark Lowenthal explains why the media supresses news; Sara Peyton examines football as a metaphor; new shootings in Round Valley; new study shows logging in national forests costs taxpayers; Community Hospital bidders; spy agencies loathe change; Joycelyn Elders speaks in Santa Rosa; atrocities in the Amazon; Point Reyes fire good news for nature; agribusiness pollution in Central Valley; Headwaters update; the O.J. index.

> 4 EARLY OCTOBER, 1995 FREE! "Decca" our profile of famed muckraker Jessica Mitford; A look at Senator Bob Dole's fund-raising machine; Liberal members of Congress discuss Why Americans are Angry; injunction stops Headwaters logging; controversy over Caltrans highway repair near Fort Ross; FDA confiscates legal drugs; rainforest activists protest mahogany coffins; new study shows billions spent on oil subsidies; McLibel trial resumes; carbon monoxide pollution health risk; foreign aid cuts put lives at risk; ag herbicides drift on wind; Unabomber decision splits journalists; loggers wanted Washington to "cook the numbers."

> 3 LATE SEPTEMBER, 1995 A reprint of the Minneapolis Star Tribune series on West Publishing uncovers serious questions about the relationship between the company and federal judges; a former bureau chief for the New York Times asks why major papers ignored this important story; West recently announces it might be selling the company; large protest in defense of Headwaters; more on cyanide river disaster; little control of off-road vehicles in national parks; billions in military waste unaccounted for; whites unprepared to be future minority; concealed weapons laws increase homicides; South American nation eager to sell rainforest during election; Florida rush to harvest saw palmetto plant; eucalyptus feature; pleas to save Sebastopol's Palm Terrace; the militia loses favor in Montana and Idaho; Oregon views of Packwood.

> 2 EARLY SEPTEMBER, 1995 FREE! Our Round Valley feature examines current and past treatment of Native people at the reservation; cyanide river disaster in Guyana; London newspaper defends Microsoft sellout; French bomb tests may have caused public health problems in Tahiti; Mark Heimann arrested at courthouse; McDonald's breaks McLibel agreement; Congress declares "War on Parks"; Bob Dole rejects gay PAC; Midwest water contaminated; Brazil evicts Indians for dam; Operation Rescue threatens medical journal; Tomales history and hike; Patient, Heal Thyself; Congressional views on oil subsidies; CyberCafe; reporter uses net for Guyana story.

> 1 AUGUST, 1995 FREE! Merchant of Fear profiles Alan Gottlieb; Rep Helen Chenoweth and the militias; corporations swapping pollution credits; The Hollywood Plague describes media coverage of Ebola virus; Mary Moore at 60; speech by Bob Dornan; Bear Lincoln surrenders; debunking Oklahoma bombing conspiracy theories; global warming began before WWII; Amazon tribe battles Occidental Oil; nursing home fraud; outlook for Headwaters; rumors in Paraguay; stress and cancer.

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