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Issue No. 24
Late January, 1997



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FREE! Floods, Droughts Linked to Global Warming Some models predict it could get four times worse

Flooding Linked to Development, Researcher Says Upstream construction in watersheds may double risk

Storm Washes Urban Pollutants Into River Tons of toxics from Santa Rosa, suburbs

HUD Program Benefits Developers, Not Poor Inner city high-rises on valuable land

U.S. "Drug War" Against Zapatistas Pentagon uses drug excuse to help Mexico fight rebels

Warming Arctic Tundra Releases Carbon Normally absorbs CO2 from air

How the Saddam Story Grew and Grew Pentagon rumor mill at work

U.S. Moves Against CFC Smugglers But still legal to make ozone-destroying chemicals

Lawmakers Beg Clinton to Speak on East Timor White House silent on Indonesian human rights horrors

Nestle, Others Break Baby Milk Agreement "Inappropriate promotion" of formula in poor countries

Death Penalty Juries May Not Understand Responsibility Researcher says misunderstandings common

El Salvador Becoming Giant Sweatshop, Group Charges Rightist government working closely with U.S. companies

Strange Bedfellows Target Corporate Welfare Coalition of politicians, analysts, and activists from left and right

Annual Migration of Monarchs Nears Peak Mid-February ideal time to see butterfly clusters


Government in Exile Nationwide militia convention meets at "Third Continental Congress" planning for the worst

Mushrooming at Salt Point Kashaya Pomo have always enjoyed foods from the wild, but we'd be wise to follow their caution
The Fungus Among Us
Nature's Grocery Store


Ebonics Critics Speak Ignorance Cheap shots target Black culture

NY Times Editor Sounds Alarm Corporate mergers will doom newspapers

The Anti-Trust Juggernaut Crushes the Little Guy Supreme Court encourages corporate mergers

Our Love Affair With Mass Murder If the death penalty is justice, let's do mass executions

Norman Solomon Washington Post Tosses its Conscience

Alexander Cockburn The Case against Newt

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