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Floods, Droughts Linked to Global Warming

Global warming is responsible for this severe flooding in California, says NOAA, and some models predict it could get four times worse

Development Linked to Flooding, Researcher Says

by Jeff Elliott New study shows that real estate development in urban watersheds can dramatically add to downstream runoff, causing flooding

Storm Washes Urban Pollutants Into River

by Jeff Elliott With the floods come tons of toxics, washed from Santa Rosa streets and suburban backyards

Oregon Clearcuts Caused Landslide Deaths

by Jeffrey St. Clair Despite 150 landslides in the past 10 months at one of the most heavily logged areas in western Oregon and 8 recent deaths, timber giants say they have no plans to alter their logging schedule or clearcutting methods

HUD Program Benefits Developers, Not Poor

by Christopher Chandler HUD plan to tear down thousands of public housing high-rises nationwide is being used in Chicago to clear land worth a fortune, adjacent to Chicago's expanding downtown Loop and just west of the affluent Gold Coast

U.S. "Drug War" Against Zapatistas

by Jeffrey St. Clair U.S. sending millions in military support to Mexico to supposedly fight drugs, but used to supress rebels

Warming Arctic Tundra Releases Carbon

by Sally Pobojewski Recent experiments on Alaska's North Slope show that carbon molecules have started moving out of the tundra and into the atmosphere via a network of lakes, streams and rivers in larger amounts than ever before

How the Saddam Story Grew and Grew

by Jack Breibart Tracing the development of a Pentagon report about Saddam Hussein

U.S. Moves Against CFC Smugglers

by Jim Lobe Few indictments for smuggling thousands of tons of ozone-destroying chemicals into the United States

Lawmakers Beg Clinton to Speak on East Timor

by Peter Zirnite House members ask Clinton to break silence on human rights violations in East Timor, saying it raises questions in the minds of the American people and the people of East Timor whether Washington's silence on East Timor was "bought"

Nestle, Others Break Baby Milk Agreement

by Dipankar De Sarkar Fifteen years after its adoption, the World Health Organization's code for marketing breastmilk substitutes is being openly violated by leading baby milk manufacturers, according to new research

Death Penalty Juries May Not Understand Responsibility

Research shows that potential jurors do not reliably comprehend instructions which direct them to weigh "aggravating" and "mitigating" factors to determine whether to sentence a defendant to life in prison or to death

El Salvador Becoming Giant Sweatshop, Group Charges

by Farhan Haq Charges that U.S. and World Bank encouraged the growth of the maquilas by threatening to withold aid as Salvadoran president says human rights group harms companies

Strange Bedfellows Target Corporate Welfare

by Abid Aslam A coalition of politicians, analysts, and activists from both the left and right are mounting an attack on "corporate welfare"

Annual Migration of Monarchs Nears Peak

by Philip E. Daoust Mid-February will be the best time to visit Pacific Grove, where each year tens of thousands of monarch butterflies return

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