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February 18, 1996


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FREE! E-mail Effective Way to Reach Elected Officals Messages treated same as call, fax, or letter

Kaiser Changes Worry Nurses Massive layoff expected

State Endangered Species Act at Risk Wilson administration wants more limits

Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement Grows New call for recognition of Native rights

Should Smallpox Virus Be Destroyed? Philosophical and health questions arise

Henry Hyde Sued for S&L Negligence Congressman championed deregulation

No Prosecution of "Wise Use" Rebels Prosecutors have "hands-off" policy

Medicare Fraud Widespread Hospitals, suppliers cheating on billions

Guyana Lifts Ban on "Cyanide River" Mine Environmentalists protest reopening after disaster

Common Algae May Harm Humans Connections between fish kills, human health

Russia's Nuclear Stockpile Rusting But authorities attack whistleblowers

Crusade: The War on Abortion


Armies Gather Introduction and overview of this series

Banquet of the White Rose National anti-abortion leaders meet to honor "prisoners of Christ"

Soldier in The Army of God One woman's trek from clinic blockade to attempted murder

Enemies Unmasked John Salvi and Conspiracy Thought

"We'll Let the Government Shut Down" Was the shutdown really about a balanced budget?

Theatre of Battle, 1995 Chronicle of federal and state attacks on abortion

Ab*****n: The Eighth Banned Word Abortion language in the Telecom Bill


Sara Peyton Sign of the Times

Mark Lowenthal Censoring the Telecom Debate

Telecom Fund Potential for Abuse Little noticed provision in new law

Technophobia Behind Internet Censorship Congress fears what it doesn't understand

FREE! Letters Needed for Laguna Uplands Support Sebastopol community effort

Letters The lost art of screed


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Albion Monitor February 18, 1996

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