Albion Monitor

Issue No. 31
Early June 1997



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"Mad Cow Disease" From Pork May Cause Some Alzheimer's Questions raised about foot- dragging at USDA in previously unrecognized form of disease in swine

Gary Webb Interview: Why "Dark Alliance" is Under Attack Talks about controversial series and why the big three newspapers want to hush him up; Webb transferred to suburbs, says management threatened firing if he continued series

FREE! Bear Lincoln Attorney: D.A. has Ulterior Motives J. Tony Serra accuses D.A. of anti-Indian racism, political grandstanding while running for election as a judge, more

Whale Mexican Breeding Grounds Threatened Mexico, Mitsubishi pushing ahead for salt factory

McVeigh Conviction Won't Deter Extremists Hard-core following still convinced that federal government responsible

Harmful Contraceptive Tests on E Indian Women Covert tests of drug leaves 15,000 sterile, groups allege

Australian Leader Refusal to Apologize for Native Land Theft Prime Minister faces angry Aboriginal audience after government extinguishes rights won in courts

Quiet Execution of Youngest Man in Recent U.S. History Few in national press notice as Oklahoma executes 22 year-old

Kill the FDA, Consumer Groups Tell Clinton Want new food agency

New Welfare Law Will Harm Alarming Number of Families Analysis shows mothers of very young children will suffer most

One-Fifth of Argentina Species Risk Extinction Hunting, other human activity to blame

Are Jet Plane Trails Affecting the Climate? Not much known about those wispy plumes of jet exhaust

N American Civilization as Old as Asia, Mideast Implies cultures developed simultaneously about 20,000 years ago

FREE! Allergies and Asthma
Four recent medical studies link ailments primarily to poor living conditions, particularly for children in poverty

+ Cockroaches in the Home
+ Depression, Hopelessness Bring on Attacks
+ Mild Infections Cause Development
+ Dust, Season of Birth Also Factors

Others Unknown Although the grand jury named "others unknown" as also responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, the FBI can't -- or won't -- find these shadowy killers
Poison Underground
How a loophole allowed the U.S. military to escape liability for deadly underground water pollution


McVeigh is Hardly a "Lone Nut" Attacks on family planning clinics also part of guerilla war on America

How Much is Nature Worth? Putting a value on nature is a last, desperate measure

Desparate Whitewater Spin by Sen. D'Amato, NY Times Scrambling because Kenneth Starr has failed to make a case against his main targets, many months and $30 million later

Jim Hightower Working for Free

NPR Censors Poet -- a Dangerous Precedent Because poem about Mumia Abu Jamal

Norman Solomon The Media's Love Affair With "Free Trade"

"Labor Shortage" is Wall Street Propaganda Claims that "Americans just won't work" is thinly-disguised PR for inviting more foreign workers


+ The Buffalo Saga Continues

+ Zaire is Dead, Long Live ...

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Issue 31

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