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"Mad Cow Disease" From Pork May Cause Some Alzheimer's

by Joe Bleifuss Previously unrecognized form of the disease in swine may be infecting humans and responsible for some of the 4 million cases of Alzheimer's, while Wall Street Journal editors have allegedly put on hold a story linking pork consumption with disease

Gary Webb Interview: Why "Dark Alliance" is Under Attack

by Nick Budnick Journalist describes furor of media coverage around the world with his disturbing series, "Dark Alliance," which explored the close relationship between the CIA-backed Contra army in Nicaragua during the 1980s and known drug dealers who spread the crack epidemic through the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Bear Lincoln Attorney: D.A. has Ulterior Motives

by Nicholas Wilson J. Tony Serra accuses D.A. of anti-Indian racism, political grandstanding while running for election as a judge, more

Whale Mexican Breeding Grounds Threatened

by Eduardo Molina y Vedia Mexico and Mitsubishi seem determined to go forward with salt-reclamation project that endangers protected lagoon

McVeigh Conviction Won't Deter Extremists

by Farhan Haq Although most Americans consider Timothy McVeigh an isolated fanatic, a hard-core following is still convinced that the federal government was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing

Harmful Contraceptive Tests on E Indian Women

by Praful Bidwai Groups allege thousands of illiterate women in India and Bangladesh have been made guinea-pigs without their knowledge in unauthorized trials of a contraceptive drug which is known to cause irreparable damage to the reproductive system

Australian Leader Refusal to Apologize for Native Land Theft

by Wilson da Silva Australian Prime Minister John Howard expressed regret for past injustices committed by white settlers to Australia's Aborigines, but stopped short of an apology -- triggering angry scenes at the opening of a national reconciliation conference last week

Quiet Execution of Youngest Man in Recent U.S. History

by Bill Johnson At 22, was the youngest person executed in the United States since the death penalty was again made legal in 1976

Kill the FDA, Consumer Groups Tell Clinton

Bumper crop of illnesses traced to FDA-regulated foods like fruit juice, lettuce, and shellfish shows need for new food agency

"New Welfare Law Will Harm Alarming Number of Families

by Pat Tremmel Mothers of very young children will suffer most under new rules, unless patterns change drastically

One-Fifth of Argentina Species Risk Extinction

by Marcela Valente Some 500 species are threatened with extinction, including deer, jaguars and whales

Are Jet Plane Trails Affecting the Climate?

There's little question that wispy plumes of jet exhaust affect the climate -- the only question is how severely, and for how long

N American Civilization as Old as Asia, Mideast

by Jim Lobe Settlements far older than originally thought and may have had some European-type ancestry

Asthma, Allergies Linked to Poverty

Four recent medical studies prove associations between allergies and asthma and poor living conditions common to low-income housing

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