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January 12, 1996


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FREE! Winners, Losers in Underground Tank Cleanup Oil companies may profit at expense of homeowners

PFLAG, Pat Robertson Censorship Fight Is it okay to quote a TV evangelist?

NAFTA Brought Woe to U.S. and Mexico Conditions worsen in both countries

Companies Drop False "Ozone-Friendly" Claims Refrigerators may not be what they claim

Japan Sues Anti-Whaling Journalist Released photos of electrocuted whales

Flag Burning, Abortion to be Election Issues Latest on proposed constitutional amendments

Many Reasons Why Frogs Are Dying Combined environmental factors

Antioxidants Improve Memory, Study Shows New hope for Alzheimer's patients

Media 1995 Good News/Bad News Media becomes increasingly controlled by big corporations

FREE! Corporations Defer Billions in Tax Payments But sign letter demanding balanced budget

Christmas Greetings From Gold Mine of Death Company is de facto government

Marshall McLuhan Center Predictions Some of this makes sense, I guess...


Nursing on the Edge The new, corporate hospital without nurses

Constitutional Amendmentitis More than seven amendments to the United States Constitution under debate

The Private/Public Russian River The trick is getting across the private property


Television's Welfare Kings $100 billion giveaway of public airwaves

Sara Peyton Stranded and Shutdown

Kill More Seals Canada's solution to unemployment

Improper and Offensive Conduct Orrin Hatch gives us his opinion on flag-burning

The Right Thing to do Factory owner stands by his workers

Letters Dear Newt, Dear Frank Riggs...


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Albion Monitor January 12, 1996

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