Albion Monitor

Issue No. 29
Late April 1997



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FREE! Fish Show Hormone-Disruptor Effect Nationwide Long feared evidence of pollution-caused sterilty, sex faults

Enviros, Property-Rights Advocates Fight Land Use Proposal Would open up much of San Diego County to unrestricted development

Australia, N Zealand Get Tough on Gene-Modified Food Just as U.S. weakens regulations on some types of bio-tech plants

Monitor Special Report
$oldiers of Fortunes
Although the United States faces no superpower threat, arms manufacture continue to be the biggest big business of all

+ Pentagon Wants New Missle Defense System

+ U.S. Might Write Off $14 Billion in Bad Military Loans

+ Clinton Approves Advance Weapon Export to S. America

+ Record Political Donations by Arms PACs

Anti-Enviro Movement Courts Militias, Other Extremists Report documents close ties between anti-environmental leaders and extremist organizations

Summer "White Power Woodstock" Planned "NordicFest" to be in Northern Michigan

FREE! Why Johnny Can't Read: The Airport Next Door Kids near airports, other noise don't read as well because they tune out

Gov. Wilson, Calif GOP Push for Harsh Welfare Cuts Hard-liners in Assembly try to subvert bipartisan committee

Ecuador Natives May Sue U.S. Allege Embassy interfered with lawsuit against Texaco

New Sweatshop Panel Doesn't Please Everyone Critics say violators like Nike, Disney, have ways to avoid oversight

Canada's Growth Industry: Sweatshops Lax enforcement of labor laws, high unemployment lead to exploitation of women, immigrants

Salmon Return When Dam Removed Nature restored when aged, faltering dams dismantled

Rightward, Ho!
The Clinton Administration has set the tone for its second term, embracing profit and destroying decades of social progress

Recycling Under Attack
Just when environmentalists thought recycling was well rooted, broad-stroke criticism has emerged -- from the "liberal" New York Times


Why I Resigned From the Clinton Administration Ethics demanded official quit over farce of "welfare reform"


+ Nike "Just Does It" To Vietnamese Workers -- Torture, Abuse

+ Nike Fights 2 Cent/Hour Indonesia Raise

Opening Our Eyes To The Menace of Sprawl Local governments subsidize urban sprawl

'Volunteerism' Lets Clinton Off The Hook "Guilt labor" won't repair America's crumbling infrastructure

Utility Deregulation Will Send Oregon's Water South -- By Wire Northwest activists feared their water would be stolen via pipelines, not powerlines


+ Coal and PR Victory at Black Mesa

+ Strawberry Economics

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Issue 29

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