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Why I Resigned From the Clinton Administration

by Peter Edelman Former assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services explains what "welfare reform" really means

Nike "Just Does It" To Vietnamese Workers -- Torture, Abuse

by Jim Hightower Nike said "great, go ahead" to Vietnamese-American businessman looking at working conditions in Asian sweatshops -- but now they're sorry

Nike Fights 2 Cent/Hour Indonesia Raise

by Jim Hightower Nike CEO Philip Knight gets all red-faced and puffs-up with indignation when confronted with his exploitation, claiming that these Asian workers are paid at least the minimum wage in their countries

Utility Deregulation Will Send Oregon's Water South -- By Wire

by Russell Sadler Northwest enviro activists were watching for pipelines. but they should have been watching for powerlines

'Volunteerism' Lets Clinton Off The Hook

by Ted Rall Americans will never appreciate the need to revoke colossal errors of government until their unpleasant consequences come fully to pass

Opening Our Eyes To The Menace of Sprawl

by Richard Moe, National Trust for Historic Preservation Local governments subsidize sprawl by providing -- at public expense -- the infrastructure that sprawl demands, but UGBs (Urban Growth Boundaries), can guide growth wisely

Strawberry Economics

by Alexander Cockburn Strawberries may be as important a labor issue in the 1990's as grapes were twenty years ago

Coal and PR Victory at Black Mesa

by Alexander Cockburn The only winner in Navajo-Hopi dispute is the Coal Company and attorney that's schemed to get their land for over thirty years


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