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Call for Nike Boycott

I just had the displeasure of reading the article on the Nike Asian Scandal. I'm not going to deny the fact that people are working for scraps in those countries. But I will ask of you, what would those people be without the jobs they hold? I also ask, If this is such an injustice then why do they continually work in the jobs?

Concerning the allegations of beatings and sexual harrasment, those are issues that cannot be held against the Nike company. When somebody does those things that is a personal problem not a company problem.

Proud to buy Nike products, "Nike 21 12"

Rep. Helen Chenoweth - Poster Child of the Militia

It's liberals like you and your ideaology that have ruined this country. U.S. Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth has been a breath of fresh air to conservatism. You guys still don't get it do you?....It's big government that has almost brought the stability of this country to its knees...Helen Chenoweth is trying to change that by giving the power back to the people where it belongs...Face it, liberalism is on its way out and conservatism is in....

Sincerely, "K.D."

"Your rag on the net"

Actually, I think the debunkers like you probably have their collective heads shoved as far up their asses as the so-called conspiracy freaks. In your search for answers, don't discount the weirdness and don't believe your own theories to the detriment of truth.

Spencer Waddell


I just went to Albion Press, or whatever was the name, and found it had restricted access. Hmmm...

I read an explanation that this was in order to assure that readers would be paying subscribers. Hmmmm.......

I read an explanation implying that having paid advertisements in the publication would make the news untrustworthy. Hmmmmmmmmm.............

So, I left. The headlines sounded VERY slanted. Trustworthy? No. The absence of paid advertisers guarantee trustworthy news? No. Restricting access to those who pay you doesn't conflict with the above. No.

Yours is a private publication, and is allowable in every way. I would stand to protect your rights. Your vewpoint is worthy, if only to prevent a media charliehorse. But nonetheless, perhaps being the narrow view of events it appears to be in order to appease only readers who pay you, I step away quickly from such non-admission of humility and truth.

Jim Nagel (California)

While it makes us very happy that Mr. Nagel finds the Monitor "allowable," he overlooks the most important reasons why access is restricted. As clearly explained on our "how to get a password" page and our "NO ADS!" manifesto, these restrictions allow us to present unique copyrighted material that's unavailable elsewhere on the Internet. If Mr. Nagel would stand to protect our rights to publish, we certainly hope he would also want to defend the rights of authors to earn a living wage -- which they can only do by controlling where their work appears.

-- Editor

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