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Fish Show Hormones Disruptor Effect Nationwide

Significant differences in sex hormones and vitellogenin, an estrogen-controlled protein necessary for egg development in fish and birds

Enviros, Property-Rights Advocates Fight Land Use Proposal

by David Ross Controversial plan for San Diego County would gut endangered species protection, and declare some areas off-limits to development while allowing builders, real estate interests to control most land in county p>

Australia, N Zealand Get Tough on Gene-Modified Food

by Wilson da Silva New requirements are onerous, and more like drug approval than that for food: manufacturers seeking to introduce modified products will need to identify the donor and host organisms used, as well as pathogenicity, known toxin production, and previous uses in food and in production

Record Political Donations by Arms PACs

by Jenna E. Ziman The top 25 arms exporters gave record high contributions to political campaigns during the 1995-1996 election cycle, new research shows

Pentagon Wants New Missle Defense System

by Haider Rizv Pushing to build new missile defense systems could lead to another round of the deadly arms race and nuclear anarchy in the world

U.S. Might Write Off $14 Billion in Bad Military Loans

by Thalif Deen The U.S. is owed a hefty $14 billion in outstanding military loans by countries which used the easy credit to buy U.S.-made fighter planes, helicopters, warships, missiles, battle tanks, and armored personnel carriers

Clinton Approves Advance Weapon Export to S. America

by Jim Lobe Ends 20-year ban on the sale of advanced weaponry to Latin America imposed under former President Jimmy Carter when he was promoting human rights as a key element in U.S. foreign policy

Anti-Enviro Movement Courts Militias, Other Extremists

by Jenna E. Ziman The anti-environmental lobby in the West is strengthening its power by collaborating with extremist groups across the country, fostering a climate in which people are afraid to voice their opinions, according to a new report

Summer "White Power Woodstock" Planned

by Robert Downes Neo-Nazis  and hard-core racists from across America are planning to descend upon Northern Michigan July 3-6 to attend a NordicFest of white power music

Why Johnny Can't Read: The Airport Next Door

by Susan Lang Researchers stress the need to reestablish an office of noise abatement within the Environmental Protection Agency; such an office was abolished during the Reagan administration

Gov. Wilson, Calif GOP Push for Harsh Welfare Cuts

by Michael Pulley California's approach will undoubtedly be scrutinized by many other states formulating their own plans, but state GOP tries to subvert committee process

Ecuador Natives May Sue U.S.

by Mario Gonzalez Allegations that the U.S. Embassy took sides with Texaco in lawsuit brought by Native communities in Amazon

New Sweatshop Panel Doesn't Please Everyone

by Farhan Haq "The companies have agreed to the fact that they can't be trusted," says labor activist Charles Kernaghan, who notes that companies have leeway to continue business as usual

Canada's Growth Industry: Sweatshops

by Paul Weinberg Toronto hotline has fielded hundreds of telephone calls from desperate workers while under the province's current Conservative government, resources for enforcement of laws have been reduced

Salmon Return When Dam Removed

by Pratap Chatterjee Removal of aging, dangerous dams bring restoration of fish and other wildlife habitat

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