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Issue No. 45
Early April, 1998



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One out of Eight Plant Species May Vanish Scientists say estimate is probably conservative

Protesters Dig in at Blockade of Uranium Mine Natives, enviros vow to stop

Expect Indonesia "Spiral of Violence," Warns Journalist By all indications, U.S. is sticking by brutal regime stubbornly

Women Find Catholic Hospital Takeover Means no Birth Control Huge increase in the number of hospitals , clinics and affiliates being purchased by religious groups that oppose even contraception

U.N. "Near Bankrupt" Over U.S. Failure to Pay Dues $1.3 billion not paid because of right-wing Congress

Genetic Food Engineering Turns Poor Nations Into Farmers For Rich Debunks industry myth that biotech will solve world hunger

Congress Considers Several Bills to Censor Internet VP Gore joins call for library censorship

Battle Over U.S. Corporations Patenting Amazon Plants Drug research on medicinal plant cultivated by Native community in Ecuador taken without permission

FREE! Hospitals Bully, Mislead Patients on Bills, Study Suggests Tactics usually successful

School Of Americas Protestors Enter Prison Many activists unaware that U.S. Army school linked to torture, murder still in business

FREE! More Pollution-Linked Sex Deformity in Alligators Found In Florida lakes not known to have large pesticide spills

Science Uncertain Why Frogs Are Vanishing Pollution, ozone destruction, exotic disease all possible

River Dies as Paper Factory Thrives Sumatra factory destroys traditional culture, vast ecosytem

Shamen Claim Credit for Stopping Amazon Fires Drought ends quickly after ceremony

Indonesian Notebook: Stress, Despair Growing as Hard Times Pressure Many can't cope as prices, unemployment rates soar

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories (Updated Apr 15)

Can the National Endowment for the Arts survive another Republican Congress?


What Real Tax Reform Would Look Like Why don't the rich pay their fair share?

Congress Should Probe U.S. Aid To Indonesian Military Nobel prize winner asks for investigation into why Pentagon defied Congressional banFREE!

Clinton's African Trade Bill Compared To Slave Trade Governments could place no restrictions on corporations wanting to plunder resources

Swiss Banks Continue Hiding Nazi Gold Bankers refusing to return $3 billion stolen from Holocaust victims

Coca Cola: Recycling Outlaws Coke's broken 1990 promise has been a major factor in the collapse of the soda bottle recycling market

Jim Hightower A DuPont executive gushed, "The next Silicon Valley is plant biotechnology" -- Oh, yum

Norman Solomon
+ Clinton Lauds M.L. King But Shuns His Message

+ Clinton Hypocrisy Lost in Sex Scandal Coverage

Alexander Cockburn
+ Will Scientology Bring Down Germany?

+ Willey and the Beast

Dan Hamburg's Notebook: Ward Valley Protest Passes MilestoneFREE!

Free Trade For Me And Thee Let's give everyone "free trade" rights like corporations have

Being Too Fair With Carcinogenic Chemicals When there's a body of studies suggesting harm, we shouldn't use a "beyond reasonable doubt" standard

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