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Issue No. 26
Early March, 1997



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FREE! Judi Bari 1949 - 1997

Rousing Sendoff for Bari at Memorial Party (3/18)

Family/friends share memories (photos)

Judi Bari Dies Peacefully (3/2)

Final obituary with lawsuit update

Bari Fights On Despite Worsening Illness (2/25)

California Policymakers to Rethink Dams Not designed for big floods

Three Mile Island Cancer "Extremely High" Raises question of 1979 whitewash

Special Interests Hiding Behind "Grassroot" Ballot Items Few "citizens" behind initiatives

CIA Whistleblower Says Clinton Won't Confront Agency "Unwilling or unable" to control spies

Logging Main Threat to "Frontier Forests" Study says worse risk than "slash-and-burn" ag

Kids, Drugs, and TV
See matching commentary section

FREE! Gov. Wilson Sabotaged Anti-Tobacco Effort, Groups Charge

Alcohol Poses Double Risk For Youth

Children Absorb More From TV Than Books

Mexico, Columbia Scramble for Drug Certification Nations question U.S. right to pass judgement

University Pulls the Plug on Free Speech Death row inmate censored by Penn radio station

Global Climate Talks Were "Disaster," Says Greenpeace No agreement on greenhouse prevention
U.S. Stalling on Climate Protection, WWF Says "Misguided effort to appease" oil, coal industry

250 Tribes Wait for U.S. Recognition Bureaucracy makes approval almost impossible

End Sanctions, Even Corporations Demand U.S. has some form of sanction against 42% of world population

Guyana Kicks Out Unification Church Wary of religious cults since Jonestown

U.S. Warns UN: Hands Off Our Privileges As superpower, U.S. has special rights

FREE! A River Comes Clean, 1,000 Volunteers Later Community reclaims polluted river


Why can't industry Just Say No to powerful chemicals that threaten life on earth?

Multinational Monsters
The top-ten bad businesses of 1996


What Happened to the Peace Dividend? And why are we still spending over $260 billion on defense?

Kids, Drugs, and TV
See matching news section

Partnership for a Candor-Free America

Channel Dumb

Outlaw Tobacco Appeals to Outlaw Kids

Free Speech on Death Row Journalists denounce censorship

Mexico and the U.S. Deserve Each Other Each caters to other's vice

Norman Solomon Washington Money Scandals are Old News

Alexander Cockburn
A Bigger Scam Than the S&L Bailout
The New Buffalo Killers

Letters Judi Bari tributes

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