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Issue No. 43
February, 1998



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FREE! Indonesia Riots Spreading
Ethnic violence, protesters chanting "hungry, hungry"

Global Survey of Enviro Damage Planned in 2001 Unprecedented exam of world biodiversity

FREE! Funeral Industry Goliath Sues Small Publisher Claims that reprint of 1986 magazine quote threatens $2.5 billion corp

FREE! Judge's Comments Angers Family, Supporters of Slain Native Tribal protesters blamed for death of Native man shot by Canadian police

TV Manipulation Common, Says '60 Minutes' Host Like Reagan, Clinton proves that image is everything

Millions at Risk From Burned Hospital Waste Report blasts American Hospital Association for using consultant with vested interest in promoting incinerators which emit toxics such as mercury and cancer-causing dioxins

Conservatives Trying to Block Unions From Politics National effort to pass bills and ballot initiatives requiring member permission before spending one cent of dues on any political objective

Asia Money Crisis Shoots Down Arms Deals U.S. Defense Sec'y rushes to region -- but officals claim visit not related to weapons contracts

Feminists Ponder Clinton as Misogynist Different from 1995 Packwood situation, where senator groped women

Massive Die-Off of Rare Sea Lions No apparent reason for death of half of New Zealand species

Murder Following Textook Directions is Constitutional Issue Triple killer followed instructions in "hit man" book

FREE! Bear Lincoln Retrial now set for September
Jurors from first trial remain active in his support

Companies Aggressively Push Banned Pesticides in Third World Sold in bottles to attract African farmers who reuse containers for domestic purposes

Groups Think "Free Trade" Helps Europe, U.S. Dump Toxics in S America Northern countries caught before smuggling dangerous trash via free trade zones

U.S. Toxic Waste in Haiti May be Returned to Sender 4,000 tons dumped on Haitian beach 10 years ago

Skeptics Doubt World Bank 'Pro-Poor' Message Asia crisis created by businesses gorged on cheap foreign loans

Brazil is Testing Ground for Genetically-Altered Foods Genetically modified corn, soybean, cotton, tobacco and sugar already cultivated

Indonesian Notebook Parents Fear For Even Children's Milk

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

Others Unknown III: The FBI Investigation at  Oklahoma City
Did the FBI botch the search for "John Doe #2" -- or did they just not want to find him?

Meet the People Who Make Land Mines


Anthrax Scare Was Worse Than You Know White supremacists and militias were outraged by U.S. plans to attack Iraq and already primed for the apocalypse, have moved in the past year towards offensive action, believing that their choices are only sedition or secession

The Right-Wing Assult on Clinton -- and Democracy Conservatives abandon honest debate on policy in favor a steady stream of rumor and innuendo

Editors Censor "Doonesbury" Series Many refuse to run blunt satire on declining newspaper standards

Asking the Right Questions About Iraq Saddam is a straw villian created by Reagan, Bush, and the colossal failures of American foreign policy

Nike Hijacks Olympic Coverage Journalists outraged over ethics of CBS correspondents wearing "swoosh" logo

FREE! CBS Ethics Controversy Over Nike Deal Network VP claims no connect between promo and killing sweatshop expose

Norman Solomon
+ The Toll of Self-Censorship as Bombs Fall

+ Corporations Behind Respected Conservative Think Tank

Oprah on Trial Texas Beef Guys want to supress First Amendment

War Fevered Republicans Forget History Little hope Iraq's government could be overthrown to America's profit

Stop The USDA From Redefining "Organic Food" -- But For The Right ReasonsFREE!

Alexander Cockburn
+ The War Party

+ No Redemption in Execution of Karla Faye Tucker

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