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Anthrax Scare Was Worse Than You Know

by Mimi Morris and Michael Weber Aryan Nations, in common with virtually all organizations and individuals along the spectrum from white supremacists to "constitutionalist" militias, was outraged by U.S. plans to attack Iraq. These forces, already primed for the apocalypse, have moved in the past year from preparedness for defensive action to preparedness for offensive action, believing that their choices have narrowed to sedition or secession. All they await is the signal.

The Right-Wing Assult on Clinton -- and Democracy

by Randolph T. Holhut Instead of honest policy disagreements, the conservatives have given us a steady stream of rumor and innuendo on Clinton's sex life and his other imaginary crimes -- all to score a few partisan points and make it impossible for even a tepid challenge to the conservative power structure to go unpunished

Editors Censor "Doonesbury" Series

by Richard Aregood Instead of worrying about how we seem to have accepted Matt Drudge as our avatar of reporting, we are in a tizzy in our professional forums about whether a comic strip in which the words "oral sex" appears should be censored or whether it belongs on the comics pages or on some officially-sanctioned refuge of opinion, as it does in many newspapers

Asking the Right Questions About Iraq

by John Tirman If Clinton does conduct the kind of sustained bombing that many are demanding, one cannot say that the sex scandal is to blame. What's important now is to determine whether air strikes or further diplomatic maneuvers are more useful

Nike Hijacks Olympic Coverage

by Jeff Gillenkirk With the whole world watching, more than a dozen CBS correspondents covering the Winter Olympics in Ogano, Japan, have appeared on the air wearing apparel prominently adorned with the Nike "swoosh" symbol. Spontaneous conversion? Not quite

CBS Ethics Controversy Over Nike Deal

by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman Rebellion inside CBS News as network V.P. says promoting a sponsor's product "have become part of television sports"

The Toll of Self-Censorship as Bombs Fall

by Norman Solomon When CNN aired an "International Town Meeting" on Wednesday, all three panelists were top U.S. officials. Only Madeleine Albright, William Cohen and Samuel Berger were permitted to make lengthy remarks. In effect, CNN worked with the U.S. government to co-produce the program

Corporations Behind Respected Conservative Think Tank

by Norman Solomon The Cato Institute has become one of the most cited and quoted think tanks in U.S. news media, but few know Cato's sources of funding are the same orporations that it champions

Oprah on Trial

by Ray Hartmann It's amazing that legislatures would even contemplate a law that makes it illegal to "disparage" an industry, much less pass it

Stop The USDA From Redefining "Organic Food" -- But For The Right Reasons

by Paul Cienfuegos As USDA makes an outrageous attempt to redefine organic foods as indistinguishable from processed, corporate foods, many groups have a clarion message in this debate: "The Government is the enemy." There's only one problem with this analysis: It's wrong

War Fevered Republicans Forget History

by Eric Margolis If Senator Lott knew Mideast history better, he might not be so eager for covert action, or hopeful Iraq's government could be overthrown to America's profit

The War Party

by Alexander Cockburn The core problem with Iraq is that the war of 1991, initiated by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, has never been brought to an official close

No Redemption in Execution of Karla Faye Tucker

by Alexander Cockburn What sort of people are these "families of the victims" who wait 14 years to see, ringside, someone officially killed in compensation for their own loss?


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