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Issue No. 42
Late January, 1998



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Abortion Rights Under Siege On the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, abortion options are disappearing, but new drugs that blur the lines between contraception and abortion hold promise -- if they're not outlawed

U.S. Media Picks Sex and Lies Over Pope and Cuba Media frenzy over scandal shuts out coverage of historic events

Iraqi Standoff Follows Movie Plot Hollywood's "Wag the Dog" -- about starting military action to distract media from a presidential scandal -- has ring of truth

Australian Aborigines, Enviros Fighting Huge Uranium Mine New right-wing government revives plans for mine in famed World Heritage site

Growing Indonesian Unrest as Crisis Settles In One embassy making evacuation plans

Suharto Family Blamed for Indonesia's Woes Billions squandered on dubious pet projects

FREE! Toxic Chemicals Hide Behind "Inert" Label New report shows that over 25 percent of the chemicals used as "inerts" actually identified as hazardous

Deceptive Ads Given Lemon Awards Last year's "most misleading, unfair, and irresponsible" advertising

More Spy Charges Against Russian Enviros by Former KGB Said to be retaliation for exposing Russian Navy nuclear pollution

Casualties From Old Soviet Radioactive Waste Dumps not maintained, large amounts of material stolen

Right Wing Spends Millions Funding College Conservative Groups Study finds conservatives recruiting, organizing campus for national campaigns

Planned Philippines Catholic Theme Park Archbishop wants "Disneyland with a Bible theme"

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Ignoring Science

FREE! Interview With Project Censored Founder Carl Jensen


Ken Starr, "Special Persecutor" The GOP promised that Starr would find something -- anything -- to provoke impeachment proceedings against Clinton in revenge for the Democrat's threatened impeachment of Richard Nixon -- elephants never forget

The War Against a Woman's Right to Choose After a 25-year battle, the anti- choice side is winning

David Brinkley's Rough Trade Scathing criticism for sell-out of 54 years of credibility

Norman Solomon
+ Media Take on New Clinton Scandal

+ The Economy's Great... Right?

Internet Censorship Alive and Well Pressure growing in U.S. and Third World dictatorships

Human Rights Catastrophe Feared in Asia Countries facing Depression will be eager to deal with corporations, find scapegoats

Alexander Cockburn
+ The Long Shadow of Uncle Sam

+ The Sonny Bono - Michael Kennedy Connection

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Issue 42

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