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Abortion Rights Under Siege

by Jack Bradigan Spula On the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, women have far fewer abortion options than in 1973. But new drugs that blur the lines between contraception and abortion spark new debates

U.S. Media Picks Sex and Lies Over Pope and Cuba

by Jim Lobe, Michael Keats News coverage of historic Papal visit to Cuba and other international events were ignored in aftermath of Clinton sex furor

Iraqi Standoff Follows Movie Plot

Analysis by Farhan Haq The latest Hollywood hit "Wag the Dog" -- a satire involving a White House spin doctor deflecting the media from highlighting a presidential indiscretion -- has an all too uncomfortable ring of truth these days

Australian Aborigines, Enviros Fighting Huge Uranium Mine

by Richard Byrne Enviros promise blockades, other protests to stop development in sensitive area continuously occupied for tens of thousands of years by Native people

Growing Indonesian Unrest as Crisis Settles In

by Kafil Yamin Italian Embassy released a rare advisory on evacuation plans for Italian citizens, wire service reports say individuals and companies are checking their reserves of food, water and money, and buying open date airline tickets

Suharto Family Blamed for Indonesia's Woes

by Andreas Harsono Most analysts said that the 77-year-old Suharto and his children, whose business interests have periodically collided with the wider national interest, is a part of the problem, if not the main cause of the economic disaster Asia

Toxic Chemicals Hide Behind "Inert" Label

New report shows that over 25 percent of the chemicals used as "inerts" actually have been identified as hazardous

Deceptive Ads Given Lemon Awards

Center for Science in the Public Interest holds awards ceremony for some of the "most misleading, unfair, and irresponsible" ad campaigns of the past year

More Spy Charges Against Russian Enviros by Former KGB

by Sergei Blagov Well-known journalist who had filmed a Russian tanker dumping 800 tons of low-level nuclear waste

Casualties From Old Soviet Radioactive Waste

by Andrei Ivanov and Judith Perera Police are latest injured by radioactive waste illegally dumped in the secessionist Russian republic of Chechnya, usually under cover of the chaos of the 1994-6 conflict

Right Wing Spends Millions Funding College Conservative Groups

by Desiree Cooper A network of more than a dozen national conservative foundations with annual budgets ranging from $160,000 to $5 million are coordinating the agendas of many conservative campus activities nationwide

Planned Philippines Catholic Theme Park

by Luz Rimban Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin wants to build a replica of the Holy City of Jerusalem, where Filipino Catholics can pause and pray while meditating on Christ's life and death

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