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Ken Starr, "Special Persecutor"

by Russell Sadler In the midst of serious economic crisis, the White House Press Corps works the Bimbo beat

The War Against a Woman's Right to Choose

by Randolph T. Holhut Instead of just using the courts and the legislatures, the anti-abortion zealots have graduated to bombing clinics, murdering doctors and clinic workers and harassing and intimidating any woman who needs an abortion

David Brinkley's Rough Trade

by Jeffrey Perso Brinkley's return to television's "This Week" as a spokesman for agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland has resulted in scathing criticism for selling 54 years of credibility and respect

Media Take on New Clinton Scandal

by Norman Solomon Just recently, many news outlets were telling us that the country cared little about Clinton's sexual activities. Now, with jolting talk of perjury in the air, the tune has changed in a hurry

The Economy's Great... Right?

by Norman Solomon The wise ones are trying to set you straight. This country is doing great. What you see every day may tell you different -- but who are you going to believe, your two eyes or the most esteemed journalists in America?

Internet Censorship Alive and Well

by Andy Oram Oppressive countries crack down on Internet access -- including the United States

Human Rights Catastrophe Feared in Asia

by Sidney Jones Fears that countries feeling squeezed by the Asian financial crisis will be eager to promise corporations anti-union measures, ignore ethnic violence and civil rights

The Long Shadow of Uncle Sam

by Alexander Cockburn Aside from destroying Central American farmers through economic austerity programs, the United States bears prime responsibility for the increasing violence in the region

The Sonny Bono - Michael Kennedy Connection

by Alexander Cockburn Comparisons of politicos killed in freak ski accidents


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