Albion Monitor

Issue No. 39
Late November, 1997



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"Skinhead" Hate Crimes on Increase Recent Denver murders raise alarm

Russian "Portable Nukes" Missing, Say Ex-Officials Enviro leader, former general says suitcase-sized bombs unaccounted for

FREE! HMO Members Have Poor Heart Attack Survival Rate New study finds HMO patients have 200 percent higher death rate

Indonesia Threatens Demonstrators -- In Canada Indonesians warned not to protest during Vancouver summit

Jose Ramos-Horta: Exile Patriot FREE!
Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos Horta is an exile on the run -- three days in Sydney, a week in Lisbon, a month in New York, forever traveling, yet never arriving at his true destination: his native East Timor

Exile Suffers For Crime of Patriotism Dreams of day when he can return home

"People Will Always Remember" Exclusive Internet interview

El Niño Strikes Amazon Hard Long term effects of drought unknown

Sperm Decline Worse Than Believed Earlier Unknown cause, but effect most severe in Western nations

Experts Worried by Animal Virus That Killed Boy Rare, deadly flu known to infect only poultry

FREE! Global Warming Could Trigger Ice Age Gulf Stream collapse would bring arctic climate to Europe

U.S. Quietly Planning Nuke Waste Dump Just Over Mexican Border Greenpeace suspects secret deal between Mexico government and Clinton

Natives Isolated in Mexican Prisons All poor, speak little Spanish and have small hopes of getting a fair trial.

Asian Loggers "Devastating" Nicaragua Forests Legal and illegal logging forcing Native groups away from homelands

New SEC Rules Would Quash Shareholder Complaints Shielding corporations from protests of social, enviro policies

World Bank Woos Timber Companies Closed-door January meeting with multinational loggers

FREE! Florida Coral Reefs In Sharp Decline Almost all of key coral species has died since 1996

TWA Flight 800 Inquiry Fades, But Anti-Arab Bias Remains Muslim "terrorist profile" now policy

Bombing Grand Jury Recalls Conspiracy Witnesses ATF informant, former Klan member provide new testimony in Oklahoma City investigation

Dilbert is Bosses' Stooge, Says Author Heavily used by corporations to distract, coerce employees

NAFTA Enviro Promises Not Being Kept Study by NAFTA's own agency shows little has been done

Three Nations Join Forces To Protect Monarch Butterfly endangered by policies common to Canada, Mexico, U.S.

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

The Suharto Lobby
How Indonesia persuades American reporters and officials to go easy on the brutal Suharto regime

Policing Activists


Nations Have Become Bank-States Stock market jitters leave countries more anxious to keep investors happy

Jim Hightower "Mad-Dog" McCaffrey Arms Military Thugs

Despite Religious Heat, Oregon Chooses Right To Die Consultants and church groups couldn't browbeat voters

Norman Solomon

+ U.S. Media Loves Saddam Hussein

+ Bad Congress! Bad Congress!

The Super Powers of the Super-Rich Henry Ford and other industrialists used hoodlums to keep control, today's wealthy need only political clout

Alexander Cockburn

+ Scapegoating the Poor for Global Warming

+ The Big News About Clinton's Defeat

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