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Menu December 3, 1995


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FREE! Judge Quashes Murder Indictment of Bear Lincoln, New Charge Filed Prosecutor did not show Grand Jury all evidence; also new questions about Deputy account

Publishers Sued in Detroit News Strike Newspaper strike now in fifth month, no settlement soon

Petaluma School Board Endorses Sexual Identity Program School Board moved by plea from parents of teen suicides

Oklahoma "Prophet" Indicted in Alleged Bomb Plot Alleged targets to be women's clinics, civil rights offices

"Whitewash" Charged in Guyana River Disaster Little done since August cyanide spill

Rare Virus may be Linked to Schizophrenia Animal virus linked to mental illness

Higher Death Rate for AIDS Medicaid Patients Expensive test only offered with private insurance

Militiary Weapons Cost $650 Billion Submarines, missles and...psychics

Rich Countries Exploit Africa for Healing Plants Conference demands equitable sharing

Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Primary Cites candidacy as a way of stimulating debate



America's "Just Say No" Addiction Billions spent on just say no programs that just don't work

FREE! Starving for the Trees Ongoing two month fast to protest salvage logging and reopen Washington debate

Rose Gaffney, Hitchcock, and the Hole in the Head Bodega Head history and hike



Enemies of the Oil Raj America's supply of cheap oil disappears with the Saudi monarchy

Mark Lowenthal Enter the Dragon (Part II)

Sara Peyton A personal short story proves too personal for Mom to see

Who's in Charge Here? Changes in who controls foreign policy and army

Where Old Homepages go to Die Friends and coworkers remember the dead

Letters Sez who? Sez me!



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