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Issue No. 20
October, 1996


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FREE! Fighting for Community
Measure E and Community Hospital
Sutter/SR Already Cited by State
Problems at Marin's Sutter Hospital
Was the Sutter Lease Necessary?

Dole TV Adman Found Doctoring Images Fired in Virginia scandal

20,000 Now Considered Gulf War Syndrome Risk Up to 100,000 possible

Trouble Ahead for Sierra Nevada Parts have worst air pollution in U.S.

East Timor Nobel Peace Prize Embarrassment to Clinton
Indonesian Clinton Donor Tied to Christian Right Partners with Pat Robertson

Logging Creating "Mahogany Deserts" In Tropics Little understanding of how prized trees grow

NAFTA Low Profile in Presidential Race Hardly mentioned by Dole or Clinton

NAFTA-Based Lawsuit Angers Activists Claims "investor rights" override enviro concerns

State Genetic Discrimination Laws Debated Californians have rights protected
Gene Piracy of Third World
People and plants exploited
First "Super Crop" Harvest Spurs Critics
Millions of acres

World Bank Dam "Monument To Corruption" Billions lost in S. America project

AIDS Epidemic in Former USSR Spreading fast, but little is done

Nitrogen Pollution Accelerating, Study Finds Recent changes far worse than previously thought


Michael MooreA Chat With Michael Moore Creator of "Roger & Me" and "TV Nation" talks about new book and politics


FREE! Nader: "This is Only the Beginning"
Why aren't those other guys talking about these issues?
The Moral Courage to Stand Against Injustice
"What Does Money in Politics do?"
America Held Hostage by Corporations
Why You Should Vote for "None of the Above"
The Aftermath of GATT and NAFTA
"We Have to do More Than Just Send a Wake-up Call"

The CIA, Crack, and Not-So Crack Journalism Paper attacked for CIA-Contra story

Anti-Cuba Law Backfires on U.S. Businesses here suffer, not Castro

March to Protest Black Church Burnings Police, FBI doing little, activists say

Your Voter Guide to Militant Apathy Serious humor


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