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True Obscenity

Issue No. 40
December, 1997



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FREE! Bear Lincoln To Be Retried Mendocino D.A. Massini stuns courtroom with decision

Kyoto Summit Collapses
The Global Warming conference in Japan ends with a weak agreement that favors powerful industries and wealthiest nations

+ Nuke, Oil Industries Claim Green Image Polluting industries lobby to protect $10 billion U.S. tax subsidy

+ Developed Nations Wanted to Play Pollution Poker Buying bad-air credits from Third World

+ Gore Efforts Draw Mixed Reaction Failed to provide leadership during summit crisis

+ Meaningful Results Doubtful At best, laying diplomatic groundwork for future talks

FREE! Twilight of the God Indonesians worry about chaos, military reaction following Suharto's demise

Depression Hits Indonesia Economy Entire industries shutting down

FREE! HMO Members Face Greater Risks in Emergency Rooms Managed care "gatekeepers" on phone often stop doctors from treating patients

Extremist Influence Growing in U.S. Military Rising contempt for presidency, civilian leadership found

Bombing Conspiracy Theorists No-Shows at Grand Jury Author of government conspiracy articles fails to testify in Oklahoma City

FREE! Supreme Court Weakening 4th Amendment, Study Finds Privacy rights, protection from unlawful searches eroding as police gain new powers

FREE! The Real Controversy Behind "Fen/Phen" Million victims ask why FDA approved drug causing heart damage

Oil Giants Try to Rewrite History Industry funded museum exhibit on Alaska oil pipleline skips Exxon Valdez disaster

Significant Western U.S. Air Pollution Comes From Asia Study finds about 10 percent is wind-borne across ocean

China's Growing Cities Face Enviro Crisis Smog-choked megacities creating global impact

New Evidence of Army Terrorism in Peru Leftists were accused of 1992 union leader murder

Rich Get Richer: Debunking the Forbes 400 New study shows rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else and pace is accelerating

Indonesia Covertly Sterilizing E Timor Women, Says Researcher Yale study says regime wants to "undermine the survival" of minority

Loss of Local Plants, Animals as Troubling as Extinction Study finds 1,800 populations disappear every hour in tropical forests alone

Russian Scandal as Former KGB Caught Trying to Railroad Enviro Activist Head of secret police agency fired

Washington Scrambles as Worries About Haiti Grow Fragile situation as Sen. Jesse Helms pressures for U.S. troop withdrawl

Rare "Aquarium" Fish Risk Extinction African export to Europe, U.S, being eaten by hungry villagers

Sacred Pipe Returning to N Cheyenne After 120 Years Some in tribe blame loss for more than a century of woe

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

Pet Food

What the White House Tapes Really Show
More interesting is the massive and secretive military group that films Clinton's meetings


How Electric Deregulation Will Cost You Thousand$ Industry plans to stick small ratepayers with bailout using a "Wise Use" plea

Internet Filters Censor More Than Smut Gay support orgs dismayed that Clinton and Gore allied with "family value" groups

Jim Hightower The Middle-Class Implosion

Libya's "Secret Tunnels of Death" U.S. intelligence pushing story that irrigation pipes are for hidden troop movement

Norman Solomon
+ After El Nino, "El Bunko" Will Remain

+ Indonesia Makes Journalism a Crime

The Right-Wing's Media Machine Recent fuss over Arlington Cemetery burials example of disinformation campaign against Clinton

Alexander Cockburn
+ Global Warming Gloomsters

+ Pepper Spray and Goon Squads

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