Albion Monitor

Issue No. 30
May 1997



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FREE! House Narrowly Defeats Endangered Species Exemption for Flood Control Using the recent floods as an excuse, property-rights advocates pushed for quick passage of drastic House bill

FREE! Bear Lincoln Murder Trial Begins Judge imposes total gag order on case; Lincoln letter to the editor; why Native people have reason to distrust white justice

New Ozone Hole Over Chile, Argentina Concern because holes usually appear in autumn

Worsened Conditions For Latin Women Slave-like aspects of economy in Mexico and Central America

Restore Wetlands to Stop Big Floods, Researcher Says But money and politics have historically interfered with common-sense solution

Looking For Missing Gold of Nazi Victims? Try the U.S. Treasury Questions about Holocaust gold not answered in new State Dept report

Mexican "War on Drugs" Efforts a Sham, Insiders Say Current reform efforts might actually help mafias

Asian Loggers Targeting Amazon Rain Forest About 30 percent of Guyana farmed out to timber companies

Dams Increasingly Considered Harmful, Dangerous One third of U.S. dams have a high or significant potential of problems

U.S. Immigration Abuses Rights of Women and Children, Groups Charge New law, harsh INS policies allow low-level workers to make life or death decisions for immigrants

"Happy Meal" Toys Made by Sad Sweatshop Workers Hundreds of young Vietnamese women have health, rights violated, groups charge

"No Sweat" Pledges Not the Answer to Sweatshop Abuse Corporate promises won't end child exploitation

Worldwide Gold Rush Causing Long-Term Enviro Damage As major mining co. claims revealed as fraud in stock market swindle

FREE! Journalists Decry Advertisers Demand to Censor Magazines Groups say advertisers use financial pressure to dictate editorial content

Honey, We've Lost the Bees

About 95 percent of the "feral" honeybee population is... gone

FREE! Going Home Song Photo essay of ceremony for 1,000 Native Americans buried in a makeshift Sonoma cemetery


WARNING: Feminism is Hazardous to Your Health Conservatives wage war against women "in the name of science"


+ U.S. In Arms Race With Itself

+ The Pentagon's Tax Bite

Mexican Reformers Need Help From Outsiders Fears of "War on Drugs" excuse for free speech crackdown

Clinton and Democrats Dishonor FDR Demos embrace the "free market," while FDR helped millions by stabilizing the boom- and- bust business cycle


+ The Mexico the Press Didn't See

+ Great News -- Your Wages Aren't Going Up

FREE! Letters About "Dark Alliance" series

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