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Flood Control Could Damage Endangered Species Protection

Using the recent floods as an excuse, property-rights advocates are quietly pushing for quick passage of a bill that would gut protection of endangered species

Bear Lincoln Murder Trial Begins

by Nicholas Wilson Jury questioning began May 5, as judge imposes total gag order on case; Lincoln letter to the editor; with few Native American candidates available for jury duty, attorney and tribal judge explains why Native people have reason to distrust white justice

New Ozone Hole Over Chile, Argentina

by Gustavo Gonzalez Concern because holes usually appear in autumn

Worsened Conditions For Latin Women

by Estrella Gutierrez Aspects of economy in Mexico and Central America harken back to the days of slave labor

Restore Wetlands to Stop Big Floods, Researcher Says

by Melissa Mitchell Economics and politics have historically interfered with common-sense solution

Looking For Missing Gold of Nazi Victims? Try the U.S. Treasury

by David Hare A handful of survivors have come forward to tell a story of a quarry in Buchenwald where loot was stashed, raising still more questions about the missing Nazi gold

Mexican "War on Drugs" Efforts a Sham, Insiders Say

by Diego Cevallos Current efforts to reform Mexican drug interdiction programs are window dressing for Clinton visit, and mean little in a county where organized crime spends more than $800 million in bribes to Mexican authorities each year

Asian Loggers Targeting Amazon Rain Forest

by Bert Wilkinson With about 30 percent of Guyana, farmed out to timber companies, loggers are lining up to attack the rain forest

Dams Increasingly Considered Harmful, Dangerous

by Pratap Chatterjee 32 percent of the dams in the United States have a "high" or "significant" potential for problems

U.S. Immigration Abuses Rights of Women and Children, Groups Charge

Children and women under INS detention are generally given inadequate information about their legal rights and frequently cannot obtain information in a language they understand, while new law permits the INS, for the first time, to immediately deport anyone entering the United States with inadequate documentation

"Happy Meal" Toys Made by Sad Sweatshop Workers

by Farhan Haq Labor monitoring groups say that the health and rights of hundreds of young Vietnamese women who make toys distributed by McDonald's have been severely violated

"No Sweat" Pledges Not the Answer to Sweatshop Abuse

by Yvette Collymore Corporate codes of conduct won't end the exploitation of child workers

Worldwide Gold Rush Causing Long-Term Enviro Damage

by Robert Bryce Gold fever is sweeping the globe in an unprecedented surge in exploration and production, but environmental damage may be irreparable

Journalists Decry Advertisers Demand to Censor Magazines

After Esquire magazine killed a short story in fear of offending Chysler, SPJ President said it's increasingly distressing that otherwise responsible journalists are allowing advertisers, using financial pressure, to determine editorial content

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