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August 19, 1995


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"Bear" Lincoln Surrenders


Albion Monitor reporter at scene of fugitive surrender.

Bombing Conspiracy Theories Debunked Oklahoma blast passes JFK assassination as favorite conspiracy.

Global Warming Began in 1940's Research suggests pattern began before WWII.

Amazon Tribe Battles Occidental Oil Conflict over oil exploration in rainforest.

Nursing Home Fraud Government investigators uncover criminal activities.

Last Stand for Headwaters? Outlook for old-growth redwoods looks gloomy.

Rumors of U.S. Satanists Buying Babies in Paraguay Rumors sweep South American capital.

Link Between Stress and Cancer New study finds stress weakens "killer" cells.


Merchant of Fear


Meet Alan Gottlieb, fund-raiser for the Right and one of the most powerful men in America.

Poster Child of the Militia The Militia and anti-environmentalists everywhere have a friend in Congress.

The Right to Pollute Who's to blame for corporations swapping pollution credits?



Letters Says who? Sez me!

Mary Moore Turns Sixty Veteran West County activist hits the half-way mark.

The Hollywood Plague Fact and fiction are muddled in media coverage of the Ebola virus.

Come to Loathe the Military A revealing speech by a Republican Presidential candidate.


Net Surfing

Time Backs Down on Cyberporn Time retreats on claims of Internet pornography.

It's an American Thing, You Wouldn't Understand What's the Whole World Watching? American TV and pop culture.



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