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"Bear" Lincoln Surrenders

by Mark Heimann Albion Monitor reporter Heimann is at the scene when Lincoln surrenders and witnesses shameful media conduct.

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiracy Theories Debunked

by Bill Johnson Not long after the Oklahoma Bombing, conspiracy theories began circulating by fax, telephone, and talk radio. Explanations include neutron bombs, secret military Special Forces, and even the Governor of the state.

Global Warming Began in 1940's

Human activities have caused large and readily observable changes, according to new research.

Amazon Tribe Battles Occidental Oil

by Roy S. Carson Rainforest Action Network seeks international support for 2,000 member tribe fighting one of the world's largest oil companies.

Investigators Uncover Nursing Home Fraud

The Office of Inspector General has issued a special fraud alert, warning that nursing facilities and their residents have become common targets for fraudulent schemes.

Last Stand for Headwaters?

by Bruce Haldane Massive legal demonstrations beginning Sept. 15 may be the last hope to save the world's largest privately-owned stand of old-growth redwoods.

Rumors of U.S. Satanists Buying Babies in Paraguay

by Roy S. Carson Conservative Asuncion newspaper claims it is no secret to the authorities that the U.S. sects buy unwanted babies to use as human sacrifices in America.

Study Finds Link Between Stress, Immune System in Cancer Patients

by Jeff Grabmeier New research suggests that patients who feel high levels of stress have fewer "natural killer cells" capable of detecting and destroying cancer.

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