Albion Monitor
Bitter Victory

Issue No. 37
Early October, 1997



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FREE! Key Court Victory for Judi Bari in FBI Lawsuit Judge rules FBI agents can be tried for illegal attack on Earth First!

FREE! The Murder Trial of Bear Lincoln

+ Mendocino D.A. Found in Contempt (Oct 22)

+ Angry Sheriff Charges Press Democrat With Bias (Oct 10)

+ Lincoln Press Conference: Heal Community by Accepting Verdict (Oct 6)

+ Bear Lincoln Interview (Oct 3)

More on Bear Lincoln Trial...

U'wa Tell Court: Mass Suicide Unless Oil Drilling Stops Tribe threatens to walk off 1,400 foot cliff to stop Occidental Petroleum, Shell

U.S. Doing Unethical Experiments In Third World, Says Med Journal Tests with HIV-infected women in Third World

Rainforest On Fire
The environmental and health aftermath of Indonesia's burning rainforests will be felt for years, and solutions require sweeping reforms opposed by the military regime


+ Disaster Exposes Indonesia's Past Enviro Sins Government finally admits some loggers to blame

FREE! + Endangered Orangutans Driven Into Arms Of Wildlife Traders Adults killed as they come out of burning forests, orphan babies sold to animal dealers


S   I   D   E   B   A   R   S
+ Amazon Fires Worse Than Indonesia's

+ FREE! U.S. Oak Forests Dying From Lack Of Fires

Nature Preserve Ideal For Korean DMZ Has become unlikely sanctuary for endangered animals and plants

Australian Racism Drawing International Scorn Increasingly viewed in Europe and elsewhere like former S Africa

"Abortion Services" Debate Snarls Payment of U.N. Dues U.S. won't pay because its refusal to adopt "pro-life" politics of Christian right has drawn ire of Congressman

Third World Victory On U.S. Biopiracy Can't patent native plants with medicinal value from other countries

FREE! Study Links Teen Pregnancy, Depression Suggests funding should be added for more counseling

Growing Deserts Claim Half-Million Sq Miles Among world's most pressing environmental problems, says U.N. conference

World Bank, Others Keep Enviro Problems Secret Finance boardroom decisions stonewall public disclosure, ignore project drawbacks

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

River Town
Take an autumn stroll through Petaluma's colorful history of paddlewheel boats, vigilantes, and waterway politics as Simone Wilson's popular Footprints series returns

FREE! Rainforest on Fire
More than 3,000 square miles of rainforest are burning in Indonesia creating an environmental and health nightmare -- but the men responsible will probably escape penalty

(9/22 photo Red: fire spots Pink: smoke haze)


AIDS Research Slowed By Animal Tests Industry pushes expensive animal studies that do little but fund researchers

The Great Wired Conspiracy For World Domination What agenda does an elite think tank have for the future, and what's their connection with this popular magazine?

Jim Hightower

USA ENGAGE -- America's Perky Chant

+ A Monument to Monstrous Pollution

Oregon's Crucial Urban Growth Boundary Decision Last hope to stop spread of cities

Demonizing Government: The Right's Tired Theme Most conservatives tiring of GOP tenet that federal government is evil

Norman Solomon Mass Media Are Boosting Promise Keepers ('96 reprint)

Alexander Cockburn

+ The Sad Meltdown of Greenpeace

+ The Sierra Club's Ugly Racial Tilt

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Issue 37

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