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Issue No. 27
Late March, Early April 1997



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Black Mesa Standoff
Federal intervention creates new problems in century-old Arizona tribal land dispute

FREE! Deadline Passes Without Resolving Conflict (4/4)

Coal Mining, Justice Dept. Behind Dispute (3/28)

FREE! Deadline Looms in U.S.-Native Standoff (3/25)

Decade Spent Trying to Deport Fund-Raisers Although law declared unconstitutional in 1990

Tax Protesters Declaring "Sovereignty" False promises of IRS loophole

Opposition Growing to Home Depot Chain Communities protest mega-store policies, practices

Election Analysis Shows Voters Still Hate Moderates Liberal Demos and Rightist GOP beat middle-of-road candidates in 1996

Facing Food Scarcity
Project Censored Top Ten Story

World Increasingly Dependent on Record Harvests

UN Reports: Food and Water Crisis Ahead

Pacific Islanders Form Historic Anti-Nuke Coalition Health problems from 1950's bomb tests

Panama Asks: Who Will Pay For Military Cleanup? Army ducking responsibility

Former Panther May Get New Trial Geronimo Pratt convicted in 1972 on dubious FBI testimony

Ban Electro-shock Devices, Says Amnesty International U.S. is largest manufacturer

Doctors Flunk Genetic Testing, Report Finds 1 out of 3 doctors didn't understand crucial test result

Antioxidants May Block Cancer "Signals" Important discovery on cancerous cell growth

Public Health May Require World Court People need protection from global trade, groups say

The Problem With Pinnipeds What happens when a protected species threatens to wipe out an endangered one?

FREE! Project Censored 1996

The 21st annual list of top censored stories not reported by the mainstream press

The Last Cold Warriors
In Turkey and other countries, CIA trained paramilitary forces intended to fight Soviets now attack leftwing dissidents


The Child Porn on Your Newsstand Media continues the exploitation of JonBenet Ramsey

New Rules for the Spy Game Germany shocks CIA by booting "diplomat"

Norman Solomon Media Encouraged Clinton's Embrace of Fatcats

Alexander Cockburn Clinton's Education Scam

FREE! Fishing for Last Rights America's new worry: dead illegal immigrants


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