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Issue No. 33
July 1997



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FREE! Bear Lincoln Trial Starting
Defense charges racism by D.A. in excluding Native people from jury; eavedropping alleged by deputy accused of tampering and covert recording of defense attorney surfaces; new letter from Lincoln predicts phony escape attempt will be excuse for murder

+ Spying, Jury Tampering Questions Raised

+ Bear Lincoln: "They'll Try To Kill Me"

+ Stage Set As Trial Opens With All-White Jury

Power Companies Use Sham "Grassroot" Groups In Push For Deregulation Industry wants public to believe that electric deregulation will cut prices

Little Known Fed Bank Funding Deforestation, Arms Projects Congress votes on agency that spends over $770 million on dubious projects

FREE! Free Legal Services Proposed For Congress While Reps attack legal help for poor, attempt is underway to sneak through perk for defending Member of Congress charged with crimes

Russian Nuke Disaster Feared
Tragedy worse than Chernobyl feared as condemned reactors continue operating ; fewer than half the rusting ex-Soviet Pacific submarines have had their fuel removed, and other nuclear waste is shipped to closed plants for years of storage

+ Nowhere to Process Ex-Soviet Nuke Waste

+ Funds to Close Creaky Nuclear Plants Keep Them Going

+ Unwanted Nuclear Subs Threaten Pacific Waters

+ Nuke Whistleblower Facing Trial For Treason

Ralph Reed's Hour of Need Christian Coalition analysis by Frederick Clarkson

Unification Church Continues Latin America Push Human rights groups raise questions of Moon's political allies, promises made by recruiters

Social, Enviro Cost of Mexico's Maqiuila Boom Not Considered Cheap labor assembly plants just across border now 40 percent of Mexican exports

FREE! Child Abuse Causes Lifelong Health Problems For Women Study finds dramatically more physical, emotional problems

Mexican Election Is Victory For Poor Majority Cardenas landslide heralds a new Mexican revolution

Ecuador Mangroves, Galapagos Islands Threatened Both legal and illegal overfishing will doom unique ecosystems

Amazon Deforestation Risk to "Overwhelming" Number of Unknown Species Study suggests astonishing number of new DNA forms may be undiscovered

Amazon Tribe Fighting Off Gold Miners 100-member tribe blocks road to stop invasion of lands by illegal miners

U.S. Corporations Mobilize To Protect Secrets Fear enviro, human rights inspection could reveal biz info

San Quentin Investigating Suspicious Death of Psychotic Inmate Not knowing that his death sentence was reversed, Sammy Marshall screamed "please, please don't kill me" as guards used pepper spray to subdue him

Jesse Helms' Contra-Coke Connection
What did the Contras' most vocal supporter in Congress know about Nicaraguan cocaine smuggling?
Scorched Earth
The global warming debate has become a high-stakes dogfight that promises to rock international energy policy and shape world ecology well into the next century


FREE! Canyon on the Brink W Virginia "crown jewel" forest is sold to loggers

Show Me The Boodle All the public demands of Clinton is to keep the good times rolling

New Book Reveals Media Inner Workings Mainstream spin analyzed by Solomon and Cohen

"McLibel" Type Lawsuits May Happen in U.S. Half of states protecting big business from critics with special laws

Norman Solomon

+ Wired Magazine's Phony "Revolution"

+ Buyout Threat Looms For Public Broadcasting

Why There's No "Public" In Public Broadcasting If public broadcasting fades into oblivion -- doomed by lack of government support, the pressures of its corporate sponsors and the indifference of viewers -- will anybody care?

Alexander Cockburn

+ The Death of Our National Forests

+ Susan McDougal, One Tough Woman

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