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Issue No. 44
March, 1998



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CIA Admits Knowledge of Contra Drug Trafficking House testimony reveals secret Agency policy to overlook drug deals, and that CIA investigation did not interview Ollie North, other key players

FREE! U.S. Training Indonesian Death Squads In defiance of Congress

Diplomat Warns of Violent Indonesia Supression Australia nervous because military still trains special forces involved with E Timor atrocities

Conservatives Attempting Rewrite of Endangered Species Act Backed by multinational logging, oil and mining corporations

Group Says FBI COINTELPRO Active Against Puerto Rico Independence Movement Terrorism charges agains professor that refused to be informer

FREE! Canada Police Stonewall Probe of Deadly Cop Riot Trying to set terms over investigation of Native protester beating

Study Finds Media Overplays Clinton Scandal, Liberal Image Public knows more about Lewinsky and Tripp than healthcare and landmines

New Vaccines Mostly For The Rich, Complains UNICEF Pandemics such as the African strain of AIDS ignored in favor of diseases in wealthy countries

Japan Suicides, Bankrupcies as Asia Economy Crisis Spreads Small to mid-size businesses face calamity

U.S. Moves to Take Advantage of Asian Woes One reason why stock market is at historic highs

"Day of Mourning" Declared for Galapagos Islands Locals and enviros fighting large- scale fishing that threaten islands

U.S. Profits From Booming Chinese Sweatshops, Report Says Including factory of 50 thousand young women making Nike and Adidas shoes for 19 cents an hour

Australia Worries About Birth Defects from 1950's Nuclear Tests No follow-up on widespread exposure to radiation

New Drinking Water Source: Fog Remote communities survive using simple collection system

Some Kurds Have Illness Like Gulf War Syndrome Many in city have same patterns as U.S. soldiers

Copper Mining Threatens Revered New Mexico Mountain Local miners join enviros in protest against mammoth copper mine

Indonesian Notebook: Army Confiscates Natives Hunting Weapons, Tools Troops charged with murder, torture in protecting U.S.-owned mines

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FREE! Top 10 Censored Stories of 1997


Press Pursues Clinton's Private, Not Public, Deception The press may act like pit bulls chasing Clinton's private life, but these same journalists were more like docile lapdogs on Clinton's evasions and distortions on important public policy matters

RIP Fred Friendly: Journalism's Champion It pained Friendly to watch the steady decline of broadcast journalism and trashing of standards he helped set

Norman Solomon
+ And Now... Whitewash-ington Week in Review

+ TIME Magazine Rewrites History

Alexander Cockburn
+ The Art of the Massacre

+ The Weapons in our President's Palace

Dan Hamburg's Notebook: In Defense of Silyaye aheaceFREE!

The 1998 Lefty Academy Awards And the winner of "Best Use of Black Men as Props" is...

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