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CIA Admits Knowledge of Contra Drug Trafficking

by Peter Zirnite CIA Inspector General reveales in House testimony last week that a 1982 agreement did not require agency officials to report allegations of drug trafficking, and top officials, such as Oliver North, were not interviewed for investigation

U.S. Training Indonesian Death Squads

The Pentagon has skirted the law and provided direct military training of Indonesian troops linked to genocide and other human rights abuses, although Congress explicitly ordered the end to all such assistance

Diplomat Warns of Violent Indonesia Supression

by Sonny Inbaraj The Australian government is being warned to dissociate itself from Indonesia's armed forces, because of the possibility that the military might use force in suppressing rioting and political dissent sparked by the country's deepening economic crisis

U.S. Profits From Booming Chinese Sweatshops, Report Says

by Jim Lobe In the Yeu Yein Factory, which makes Nike and Adidas shoes, 50,000 to 60,000 young women ages 18 to 22 work six or seven days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day, for 19 cents an hour, the report said, and in some cases, workers living in factory-built dormitories are subject to constant surveillance

Conservatives Attempting Rewrite of Endangered Species Act

by Danielle Knight "Little to show" for hundreds of millions of dollars spent in the name of preserving plants and animals, but we have little to show for these expenditures," says president of the American Forest and Paper Association

Group Says FBI COINTELPRO Active Against Puerto Rico Independence Movement

by Carmelo Ruiz Citing terrorism charges against University of Puerto Rico professor, members allege that their Chicago community has been the object of harassment and surveillance by agents of the FBI's COINTELPRO program

Canada Police Stonewall Probe of Deadly Cop Riot

by Pearce Bannon Police union demands to set terms for Special Investigation Unit

Study Finds Media Overplays Clinton Scandal, Liberal Image

by Don Hazen "We saw Clinton's approval rating continue to climb in the wake of the recent sex scandal, and we wanted to find out why," says designer of the study. "What we found is the media coverage is having a backlash effect, even as it misinforms the public about the most basic facts of the President's political agenda"

New Vaccines Mostly For The Rich, Complains UNICEF

by Thalif Deen Nearly all of the new vaccines being introduced to consumers throughout the world primarily are being produced to address diseases in wealthy countries, ignoring pandemics such as the African strain of AIDS

Japan Suicides, Bankrupcies as Asia Economy Crisis Spreads

by Suvendrini Kakuchi With more bankruptcies seen in the coming months, sociologists fear a steep rise in suicides in Japan, especially among those who own or run small or medium-sized companies

U.S. Moves to Take Advantage of Asian Woes

by Jim Lobe Asia's financial crisis, which has cost the region millions of jobs, will benefit U.S. businesses maneuvering to acquire interests in profitable firms

"Day of Mourning" Declared for Galapagos Islands

by Mario Gonzalez Locals and enviros fighting large- scale fishing industry that threaten islands

Australia Worries About Birth Defects from 1950's Nuclear Tests

by Sonny Inbaraj New study of British genetic damage raises concerns for descendants of thousands of Australians exposed to atmospheric tests

New Drinking Water Source: Fog

by Judith Perera Simple collection system provides clean water in remote areas

Some Kurds Have Illness Like Gulf War Syndrome

by Judith Perera Estimates that over half the population of the town has major respiratory disorders, and many suffering from neurological disorders and psychiatric problems -- the long term effects of exposure to nerve gas

Copper Mining Threatens Revered New Mexico Mountain

by Danielle Knight One of the world's largest copper mines rapidly encroaching upon "Kneeling Nun" Mountain

Indonesian Notebook: Army Confiscates Natives Hunting Weapons, Tools

by Andreas Burdani Near hated U.S.-owned gold and copper mine where Native people have protested torture, murder by army protecting corporation's interests

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