Albion Monitor

Issue No. 32
Late June 1997



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FREE! Possible Mistrial in Bear Lincoln Case Potential juror tells court that deputy told him that Lincoln had confessed, but not to say who told him

FREE! "McLibel" Activists Win Mixed Victory Company manipulates children, is "culpable" in animal cruelty, but burger empire won other points at $16 million cost to prosecute

UFO Believers Swayed by TV, Researcher Finds Part of UFO hysteria linked to sensational and unbalanced "news" reports

FREE! Justice in Canada
Cheers filled courtrooms thousands of miles apart in Canada this spring in celebration of what many Native people see as victories in their drive for justice in 1995 land claim disputes

+ Officer Guilty in Shooting Death of Canadian Native

+ Killer Cop Gets Community Service Punishment

+ B.C. Sundancers Aquitted in 1995 Military Standoff

World Bank Projects May Increase Global Warming Billions for smokestack plants worldwide

U'wa Tribe: Stop Oil Drilling or we Commit Mass Suicide Impasse in conflict between Columbian tribe and Occidental Petroleum

Drop Latin America Anti-Drug Rules, Leaders Tell U.S. "Certification" policy called offensive

Protests as Australia Abandons Alternative Energy New conservative government drops alternative and renewable energy

"Wise Use" Conference in D.C. Lobbies Congress for sweeping Omnibus Property Rights Act

Europe's First Desert in the Making Caused by over-irrigation, mining

White Power Movement Targets Northern Michigan Community organizes protest of planned "White Power Woodstock"

Latin America Debt Destroying Decades of Land Reforms Poor, rural majority of people find few gains wiped out

Proposed EPA Standard Finds Much Rural Air Quality Poor Almost half of all farming areas in Eastern U.S.

FREE! Arctic Natives, Wildlife Threatened by Pollution Says WWF Native infants born with levels 2 - 10 times higher

Failure at "Rio+5" Summit
Week-long meeting of world leaders on the environment ends with no agreements, little progress since the historic 1992 conference, and proposal to create a new Green agency for the U.N.

+ Rio Plus Five and Going Backward

+ Rio Failure is Wake-up Call: Growing Distrust Between North and South

+ Media Just Doesn't Get the Message

+ New Global Enviro Agency Proposed

John DeSalvio cartoon
The Corporate, Mainstream Alternative Press
The once-proud "alternative press" increasingly is owned and controlled by corporations that care only about reaching young, affluent shoppers


Clinton, Albright Sellout the U.N. Adminstration sides with Jessie Helms, undercutting U.N. budget and support

The McVeighTrial Sham Shouldn't we be more concerned when a man, not yet 30, decides he's justified in indiscriminately killing 168 people to make a political statement?

Stop Comparing Clinton Scandals to Watergate Gross distortions by hack commentators and journalists

Jim Hightower Unregulated Experiments On Humans

The Republicans and Asian Money Why little coverage of the GOP's own foreign-contribution scandal?

Norman Solomon Let's Play... Media Jeopardy!

No Winners in Detroit News Strike Few workers allowed to return, but public not reading papers anyway

Alexander Cockburn

+ Vile Body: Where to Bury Tim McVeigh

+ CIA Again Silences the Press

Alternative press cartoon by John DeSalvio

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