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Issue No. 18
July, August 1996


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FREE! Billions Missing From U.S. Indian Trust Fund Suit charges mismanagement, theft

Chemical Industry Gears up for Fight Disputes reduced fertility studies

Unsafe Water Is Global Threat Causes 80% of all infectious disease

FREE! Sioux Join "Crazy Horse Malt Liquor" Suit Descendants, tribe protest use of hero's name

Hazy Sky Linked to Air Conditioning Increased summertime power demands

Nader Blasts Clinton on Welfare "Reform" Calls legislation scandalous

Native Peoples Blamed For Deforestation U.N., World Bank downplay logging impact

Huge Decline in Bees Worry Biologists Entire crops could fail

Wall to Honor Military Gays Similar to AIDS Quilt

'Prophet' Sentenced in Bomb Conspiracy Stiff 11-year sentence

Hi-Vitamin Fruit May Help Save Amazon But Brazil not interested in new crops

Investors Bet on Terrorism Stock market hopes missle or bomb crashed TWA jet


FREE! The Prince Poised to assume GOP leadership, is Jack Kemp really who he claims to be?

A thousand-mile hike of the California coastline brings discovery of this beautiful and fragile natural resource

The Thousand Mile Summer
Faultlines and Cowboy Coffee
Up the Cliff Without a Machete
Amtrak, Dolphins & Fries to Go


Creating the Next Welfare Crisis Reform bill to create future nightmare

Mark Lowenthal It's the Content, Stupid

Corporate Olympics Gold Advertisers don't want Atlanta's poor around

Hillary's Okey-Dokey Bashed for being likable?

Maxxam Museum of the Giant Redwood John DeSalvio cartoon

Letters With new reader feedback

Coastwalk Photo by Toni Cannizzaro

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Issue 18

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