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Billions Missing From U.S. Indian Trust Fund

by Joel Dyer The U.S. has lost not millions, but billions of dollars belonging to native Americans through mismanagement

Chemical Industry Gears up for Fight

by Pratap Chatterjee Dow, Shell, and other corporations prepare to dispute falling sperm count statistics in new book

Unsafe Water Is Global Threat

by Barbara Hyde Safe drinking water can no longer be assumed, even in the United States and other developed countries

Sioux Join "Crazy Horse Malt Liquor" Suit

Citing an unusual 1868 Treaty with a "bad men" clause, the Sioux join Lakotas and Crazy Horse descendants in lawsuit against Heileman brewing company

Hazy Sky Linked to Air Conditioning

New study suggests that increased use of whole-house air conditioning was responsible for hazier skies over national parks

Nader blasts Clinton on Welfare "Reform"

Ralph Nader asks Clinton not to sign legislation "Sacrificing the fate of poor children and adults to election year posturing"

Native Peoples Blamed For Deforestation

by Abid Aslam U.N., World Bank organization blames rain forest destruction on small farmers, not loggers

Huge Decline in Bees Worry Biologists

Up to 85 percent of hives in some parts of the country have died, bringing threat of massive crop failures

Wall to Honor Military Gays

by John De Salvio While Pentagon denies gays serve in the military, local artists prepare a "names" project that could stretch 23 miles long

'Prophet' Sentenced in Bomb Conspiracy

by Bill Johnson Believed the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center were part of a New World Order conspiracy

Hi-Vitamin Fruit May Help Save Amazon

by Mario Osava But Brazil not interested in developing new crops

Investors Bet on Terrorism

by Abid Aslam Stock market investors hope TWA 800 was downed by terrorists, because if the airline was not to blame, its stock will rise again

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