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Issue No. 41
Early January, 1998



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FREE! Bear Lincoln Retrial Set For February Judge unswayed by double jeopardy argument, courtroom presence of jurors from first trial; Tony Serra not resigning

GOP Demands Anti-Abortion Deal Before Paying UN, IMF Obligations Gingrich says linkage between the three will last "in perpetuity"

U.S. Failed to Support Human Rights in 97 Group says Clinton administration ignores human rights when they conflict with economic or strategic interests

Economic Collapse in Asia
Region faces years of hard times, perhaps revolution

+ Panic in Indonesia Clinton pressures Suharto in personal call

+ Region's Economic Future Vaporizes Thousands of businesses close

+ Even Arms Merchants Worried Nations once purchased billions worth of weapons annually

+ Indonesia Unrest Growing Despite IMF Bailout Protests, food hoarding although military threatens death penalty

+ Poor Suffering Most as Crisis Deepens Decade of child nutrition, literacy progress wiped out

Two Causes for Dying Mexican Village: Pesticides and NAFTA Coverup of 1991 environmental disaster

Post-Trial Focus on Head of Terry Nichols Jury Forewoman comments raise questions

Doubts That Chicken Slaughter Will Stop Flu Unlikely that drastic action will contain the virus

Sioux Continue Lawsuit Against Homestake Gold Mine For dumping 100 million tons of toxics into Black Hills waterways

FREE! Hungry Kids Develop Behavioral Problems Study finds 4 million children at risk for anxiety, aggression

Enviro Problems Need Urgent Attention, Says Worldwatch Global reserves of drinking water, grain in short supply

FREE! Forget Global Warming -- Worry About Global Wetting Substantial increase in 20th century rain

Latin Natives Take Action to Stop U.S. and Europe Genetic Piracy Drug corps patent human genes from Third World

Torture Routine and Institutionalized in Peru, Report Finds Group begs U.S. to stop aid to secret police

1997 Media Heroes 6th annual Institute for Alternative Journalism awards

Skepticism About Government Increasing Study finds most neither like or trust Washington

Mexican Women "Sold" as Servants in Israel Traffickers charge $5,000 for female domestic worker

Enviros Slam World Bank For Encouraging Pesticide Use Bank managers prefer large-scale ag projects using chemicals

World Scientists Say Marine Life in Trouble Overfishing, other abuse called "clear-cutting of the oceans"

Outlook Bleak on Water Resources Many will face a daily lack of water

China's Cities Suffer Acute Water Shortages Wasteful policies and dangerous levels of pollution

Canada Apologizes for Century of Native Assimilation Policy Loss of language, culture, tradition during "colonial" period

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

Dark Side of the Rev Moon


How Electric Deregulation "Rate Cut" Will Cost You More California plans to float $7.4 billion in bonds to finance temporary 10% "rate cut"

1997 Was Dismal Year for Media The race to the bottom is only getting faster

FREE! 1997: An Unbalanced Media Study of Newsweek reveals superficial themes

And You Thought You Liked Shrimp Unregulated industry causing severe enviro damage

Jim Hightower Wall Street's Bonus Babies

Norman Solomon
+ The Clinton Presidency at Five Years

+ P.U.-Litzer Prizes

Mexico's War on Journalists Killed are newspeople reporting on corruption, murder and drug lords

Alexander Cockburn
+ The Politics of Mexico's Massacre

+ The Wolf's Tale

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Issue 41

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