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Bear Lincoln Retrial Set For February

by Nicholas Wilson Judge unswayed by double jeopardy argument, courtroom presence of jurors from first trial

GOP Demands Anti-Abortion Deal Before Paying UN, IMF Obligations

by Jim Lobe Republican lawmakers blasted on January 13 for refusing to agree to owed payments to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), simply to satisfy their ideology

U.S. Failed to Support Human Rights in 97

by Richard Byrne Annual Human Rights Watch report places most of the blame not on far-away nations with difficult-to-pronounce names, but right here in the West

Panic in Indonesia

Clinton pressures Suharto to face reality as consumers raid stores for food staples

Region's Economic Future Vaporizes

by Anil Netto Paying the price for the way some nations twisted their economies to serve vested interests of its business and political elites

Region's Economic Future Vaporizes

by Anil Netto Paying the price for the way some nations twisted their economies to serve vested interests of its business and political elites

Crisis Threatens Multi-Billion $$ Arms Market

by Thalif Deen Southeast Asia was once one of the world's most lucrative markets for major weapons systems, but it's doubtful South Koreans will purchase $1 billion worth of U.S. arms this year, as they did in 1996

Indonesia Unrest Growing Despite IMF Bailout

Police, army warn that food hoarding carries death penalty, as long-standing subsidies of food and fuel are soon lifted under IMF rules, and grassroots protests growing

Poor Suffering Most as Crisis Deepens

by Prangtip Daorueng Among the groups pushed to the most difficult situations are children, and though families are trying to keep their children in school, many students are unable to concentrate on their studies because of hunger pangs

Two Causes for Dying Mexican Village: Pesticides and NAFTA

by John Ross The environmental disaster, compared to the contamination at Bhopal, was hushed-up because it occurred during the most intense period of negotiations for NAFTA

Post-Trial Focus on Head of Terry Nichols Jury

by Bill Johnson The forewoman of the Terry Nichols jury, accused by some of making anti-government remarks at a post-trial press conference, told police her life was threatened, and also said that she closed her eyes during the trial to send "energetic healing vibes" to bombing victims

Doubts That Chicken Slaughter Will Stop Flu

by Yojana Sharma Past shows that once the virus is in the human population, there is little point in the mass slaughter of birds Asia

Sioux Continue Lawsuit Against Homestake Gold Mine

by Pratap Chatterjee Suit brought by the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe against the biggest gold mine in the United States for dumping 100 million tons of toxic mine tailings into the waterways of the Black Hills of South Dakota

Hungry Kids Develop Behavioral Problems

Many of the 4 million children in the U.S. that went hungry last year are much more likely to have behavioral problems, a new study suggests

Enviro Problems Need Urgent Attention, Says Worldwatch

The Institute's latest "State of the World" report says despite bumper harvests in 1996 and 1997, world grain stocks actually dropped, and water tables have fallen on every continent -- especially quickly in high-population China and India

Forget Global Warming -- Worry About Global Wetting

Almost nine more inches of rain than 100 years ago

Latin Natives Take Action to Stop U.S. and Europe Genetic Piracy

by Silvio Hernandez The United States, Japan and the European Union nations are accelerating the creation of special rules to allow them to research and patent the "discoveries" made from human beings in other countries

Torture Routine and Institutionalized in Peru, Report Finds

Citing horrible abuses, group calls on U.S. to suspend all assistance to Peru's National Intelligence Service, whose chief is widely believed to have worked with the CIA

1997 Media Heroes

by Christine Stavem Awards to journalists that cover stories often frozen out of the popular media by a sickening avalanche of sex, sensationalism, violence and celebrity gossip masquerading as news

Skepticism About Government Increasing

by Dwight Woodward Two out of three Americans believe people are more angry with the federal government, and a majority believes the government was involved in Kennedy's assassination

Mexican Women "Sold" as Servants in Israel

by Diego Cevallos Poor, rural women taken to Israel and elsewhere to work as domestic help for below legal wages

Enviros Slam World Bank For Encouraging Pesticide Use

by Danielle Knight and Abid Aslam Some 100 groups intensified criticism of the Bank during the past year, sounding the alarm over what they perceived as changes in policy that would increase chemical pesticide use -- with potentially disastrous health and environmental consequences

World Scientists Say Marine Life in Trouble

Marine scientists around the globe, declaring there is a serious threat to life under the sea, have called for decisive action to end the destruction of the world's oceans

Outlook Bleak on Water Resources

by Danielle Knight Although population growth has slowed in recent years, the future still looks bleak with not enough fresh water to go around

China's Cities Suffer Acute Water Shortages

by Antoaneta Bezlova Little or no planning on conservation, and more than 80 percent of wastewater is being drained untreated as urban pollution soars to dangerous levels

Canada Apologizes for Century of Native Assimilation Policy

by Mark Borrie Ceremony at Parliment finds Native leaders and government ministers pledged to work together to try to heal damage done to Native people and their culture

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