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Issue No. 36
Late September, 1997

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FREE! The Murder Trial of Bear Lincoln

Jury finds Lincoln

Dramatic conclusion of Bear Lincoln trial as jury finds him not guilty; D.A. charged with contempt in leaking news to Press Democrat; remaining weapons-related charges dropped, gag order lifted; full details on trail of blood evidence

+ Weapons Charges Dropped, Gag Order Lifted (Sept 30)

+ Celebration as Lincoln Acquitted (Sept 25)

+ The Trail of Blood Detailed (Sept 21)

+ Jury Begins Debate, D.A. Charged With Contempt (Sept 19)

+ Lawyers Begin Wrapping Up Case (Sept 16)

More on Bear Lincoln Trial...

FREE! Bonnie Raitt Thousands Rally For Headwaters Photos from demonstration to save Headwaters Forest attended by record-setting crowd of 6,000

FREE! Pat Robertson Caught Making Illegal Plans For Election Influence Watchdog group releases tape of closed-door session of Christian Coalition Chairman describing plans to control next election

Native Groups Across U.S. / Mexico Border Form Alliance To protect right to travel ancestral territory without border police harassment

Native Canadian Court Victory Raises Hope In U.S. Requires review of corporate activities on tribal land before projects begin

Bioprospecting Planned For Yellowstone Park Corporations seek to patent enzymes of microorganisms found in geothermal pools

Growing Euro Blockade of U.S. Genetic Engineered Food Altered corn, soybeans, already in American supermarkets

Clinton Blasted on Landmines Decision Army lobbied to keep mines in Korea

China Hooked On Smokes China's army of smokers now larger than the entire population of the United States

Italian City Offers Bounty For Undocumented Immigrants One of the wealthiest regions in Europe asks residents to help pay for reward

FREE! Little Care Given To Ag Use of Foreign Plants, Bugs Industry careless in releasing new species to control pests

U.S. Helped Suppress India Protests, Group Charges Women activists beaten by police allegedly hired by corporations

Air Pollution Statistics Often "Grossly Unreliable," Study Finds Depends on industry to self-reported estimates of the amount of pollutants put into the air

Privatization of Mexican Banks Only Boon To Foreign Investors Government bailout after speculators bought up assets and stock

World Bank, Others Keep Enviro Problems Secret Finance boardroom decisions stonewall public disclosure, ignore project drawbacks

NEW! Ollie North's Victory Party
The Iran-contran you love to hate shows that he not only can bring peace to the world, but can also throw a swell bash for his friends -- "I don't think I've seen so many members of Congress since I was subpoenaed," North joked


Fast Track to Nowhere Clinton wants authority to make "fast track" NAFTA-type deals with no accountability

Who's To Blame For The Tabloidization Of The News? The news media aren't bringing the people real facts anymore, and won't until the owners and editors hear otherwise

Jim Hightower The Long Reach of Burma's Bloody Dictators

The Empty Goals of Reverend Al Sharpton's run for mayor is consistent with his destructive past

Corrupt Washington Distracts Public With Sideshows Fuss over IRS hearings, Clinton-Gore fundraising are efforts to sidetrack the public from the real problems corrupting political parties and government

Norman Solomon Media's Shallow Sympathies

Alexander Cockburn

+ The CIA at 50

+ S America Exploitation And El Nino

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