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Weapons Charges Dropped, Gag Order Lifted

by Nicholas Wilson Prosecution for sake of adding years to prison sentence now moot

Celebration as Lincoln Acquitted

by Nicholas Wilson Lincoln freed on bail and has hostile encounter with officer minutes after leaving jail

The Trail of Blood Detailed

by Nicholas Wilson Review of defense witnesses focus on the bloody trail that apparently belonged to Deputy Davis

Jury Begins Debate, D.A. Charged With Contempt

by Nicholas Wilson Accused of leaking info, providing quotes to Press Democrat

Lawyers Begin Wrapping Up Case

by Nicholas Wilson Closing arguments made

Bear Lincoln Cross-Examined

by Nicholas Wilson With transcript of complete cross-examination and summary news article

Bear Lincoln Testifies

by Nicholas Wilson Extensive report of Lincoln's own words about that fateful night

Evidence Mishandled or Inconclusive

by Nicholas Wilson An examination of evidence presented by District Attorney Williams

Thousands Rally For Headwaters

by Nicholas Wilson Photo essay of record-setting demonstration

Pat Robertson Caught Making Illegal Plans For Election Influence

Watchdog group releases tape of closed-door session between Pat Robertson and Christian Coalition state leaders where Chairman Robertson unveils plan to pressure Congress, GOP, and target voters in violation of tax, election laws

Native Groups Across U.S. / Mexico Border Form Alliance

by Brenda Norrell Alliance created to defend their right to travel in ancestral territory without becoming victims of human rights and civil rights abuses

Native Canadian Court Victory Raises Hope In U.S.

by Danielle Knight Test case for 1996 agreement between the Innu, the Inuit, the Canadian government, and the local government for rigorous environmental review process of corporate activities required on indigenous land before projects begin

Bioprospecting Planned For Yellowstone Park

by Jack Breibart The five-year agreement, announced last month at a ceremony celebrating the 125th birthday of the park, gives the Diversa biotech company of San Diego the right to search in the park's geothermal pools for microorganisms whose enzymes have proven immensely valuable in many fields -- including medicine and industry

Growing Euro Blockade of U.S. Genetic Engineered Food

by Niccolo Sarno Three nations banning genetically modified corn and soybeans, already packing supermarket shelves across the United States

Clinton Blasted on Landmines Decision

by Jim Lobe President apparently pressured by Pentagon, Army to keep mines in Korea

China Hooked On Smokes

by Antoaneta Bezlova One in three cigarettes smoked in the world today is lit by the Chinese, who smoke 1.7 trillion cigarettes every year; China's army of smokers runs to more than 300 million people, more than the entire population of the United States

Italian City Offers Bounty For Undocumented Immigrants

by Jorge Pina One of the wealthiest regions in Europe offers reward for turning in Albanians who had come to Italy fleeing civil war

Little Care Given To Ag Use of Foreign Plants, Bugs

by Sylvia Wright Agriculture and related industries introducing new insect and plant species to control pests without adequate study of their effects

U.S. Helped Suppress India Protests, Group Charges

by Danielle Knight Amnesty International says villagers and activists -- mostly women -- who have been protesting the construction of power plant have been subjected to "harassment, arbitrary arrests, ill-treatment, and preventive detention" by state police that allegedly have security contract with U.S.-funded project

Air Pollution Statistics Often "Grossly Unreliable," Study Finds

by Eric Mankin Air pollution control efforts all over the United States depend on self-reported estimates of the amount of pollutants put into the air by industry

Privatization of Mexican Banks Only Boon To Foreign Investors

by Diego Cevallos In the past three years, the administration of President Ernesto Zedillo has spent around $32.5 billion bailing out the country's banking system, $20.5 billion more than income from sale of banks

World Bank, Others Keep Enviro Problems Secret

by Abid Aslam Research wing of Congress says too little info made public, and reviews tend to overlook factors such as 'downstream' impacts from project

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