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Issue No. 23
Early January, 1997



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Oregon Clearcuts Caused Landslide Deaths Timber companies refuse to change policy

US Forests in Danger Because USDA Eases Rules New unregulated foreign trade brings in tree-killing insects, disease

Evangelicals Mostly Alienated Activists, Study Finds Turning to church because threatened by society

Russian Enviro Whistleblower Free -- For Now International pressure to drop treason charges

FREE! Three Different Kinds of Gulf War Sickness, Report Says Directly tied to nerve gas, chemicals

Native People Demanding Rights, Protecting Culture Growing efforts to reclaim land, rebuild heritage in Americas

Corporations "Greenwash" Enviro Image Misleading ads portray caring polluters

Study: Media Unintentionally Distorts Child Vaccine Risks Causing fear, lawsuits, danger

Cooking Smoke Serious Global Health Risk Half of world population using unsafe cooking stoves

Anti-Enviro Oregon Rep Back in Congress "Old West" supporter of cattle, timber, mining

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Underway Partridges in pear trees don't count

The Attempted Murder of Judi Bari


FREE! The famous New Settler
interview, complete with photos from Bari's personal collection


Why the Pentagon Has Been Covering Up Gulf War Syndrome US sold deadly chemicals to Iraq

Jim Hightower The Asian Money-Connection

Workfare May Make Things Worse Creates underclass in low pay jobs

Behind Peru's Hostage Drama Uprising by Native peoples throughout Americas

Norman Solomon British Media Expose CIA-Cocaine Links

Corporation Ebonics Humor

Alexander Cockburn Fortune's Wheel


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