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Issue No. 21
November, 1996


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Corporate Dollars Defeated Enviro Voters Millions spent to defeat green ballot items

FREE! McLibel Trial Now Longest in British History McDonald's under scrutiny

Banned Pesticides Heavily Used in Third World Manufacturers selling lethal stocks to poor

Big GOP Donor Also Biggest Anti-Trust Violator Guilty of global price fixing

Canada Gold Rush Threatens Native Peoples Miners illegally claiming Inuit lands

Europeans Reject U.S. Genetic Engineered Plants Consumer backlash against U.S. policy

No More Antarctic Ozone Left to Destroy Hole as large as N. America

Global Warming is Hard Message to Sell Nations, public skeptical despite scientific agreement

1950's Soviet A-Bomb Tests Still Claim Victims Genetic disorders like Chernobyl

War on Drugs Created Health Crisis Abroad Caused increase of needle drugs like heroin
Vietnamese Drug Use a 'National Disaster'

Vitamin Could Help Teen Girls in Academics Study says 1 in 4 need iron

Sonny Bono's Theatre of the Absurd Popular with GOP voters everywhere


FREE!Santa's Little Sweatshop
Surprise: It's not jolly little elves that are making those presents you're buying this holiday season


All the News That Shrinks to Fit Hey, remember newspapers?

The Environmental "Good News" Industry Rehabilitate corporate images

Global Russian Roulette Plutonium on spacecraft

Election Lessons

Americans voted for the safe, comfy -- and mean
Prop 209: "Mean People Suck"
The Little Society, The Old Deal


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