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Corporate Dollars Defeated Enviro Voters

by Pratap Chatterjee Outspent by special interests, the real election losers were the red spruce and hemlock forests of northern Maine, dense pine forests in the Rocky Mountains of western Montana, and the saw-grass prairie and mangrove swamps of southern Florida

McLibel Trial Now Longest in British History

by Jeff Elliott The trial, which began in the summer of 1994, has stretched beyond two years, with roughly 15 thousand pages of testimony from 180 witnesses

Banned Pesticides Heavily Used in Third World

by Lewis Machipisa Manufacturers in developed countries are dumping their stocks of lethal and environmentally damaging products on the Third World market

Big GOP Donor Also Biggest Anti-Trust Violator

by Theo Emery While Dole attacked Clinton for Indonesian connections, GOP backer Archer Daniels Midland agrees to pay the largest anti-trust settlement in U.S. history

Canada Gold Rush Threatens Native Peoples

by Pratap Chatterjee Mining companies, hundreds of prospectors racing to remote northern areas of Canada in the last three months to claim land traditionally owned by Innu and Inuit

Europeans Reject U.S. Genetic Engineered Plants

Backlash against the controversial U.S. policy allowing unlabelled soybeans to be mixed in with the ordinary beans

No More Antarctic Ozone Left to Destroy

by Gustavo Capdevila and Judith Perera This year the hole covered a surface area over the South Pole roughly equal in size to the North American continent

Global Warming is Hard Message to Sell

by Gary Gach Scientists hope that this year the skeptical public gets a critical message: global warming is real and it's here to stay

1950's Soviet A-Bomb Tests Still Claim Victims

by Andrei Ivanov The incidence and type of genetic disorders in adults and children are similar to those seen downwind of the 1986 explosion at Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant

War on Drugs Created Health Crisis Abroad

by Peter Zirnite By treating drug abuse as a criminal and not health problem, U.S. policy has lead to increased use of needle drugs like heroin

Vietnamese Drug Use a 'National Disaster'

by Nguyen Phan Phuong "I sniff several small capsules of heroin per day," a sixth grader said

Vitamin Could Help Teen Girls in Academics

Johns Hopkins finding could help estimated 25 percent of adolescent females in the United States

Sonny Bono's Theatre of the Absurd

What do you get when you combine a politician, a bleeding ulcer, a missed election debate, allegations of CIA death squads and wacky humor?

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