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Issue No. 25
February, 1997



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Far Right Renews Abortion Attacks

What many fear is a preview of next year's 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, extremists resume clinic violence as some in Congress try again to criminalize abortion
FREE! New Congress Pushes For Restrictions

Bombings Target Clinics, Federal Officers

More Questions About Clinton's Asian Donations China link elevates seriousness of Demo fund-raising controversy

Timber Industry "Out of Control," Agency Says Frenzied rush to capture and log the world's remaining forests

CIA Manual Explains Mystery of 'Disappeared' Milestone investigation into 1980's Central America deaths

Endangered Animals on Restaurant Menus Also being bred for medicines

Ignore Science, PR Advisors Tell Food Makers Avoid questions of safety, attack critics

Smokestack Companies Blow Off Smog Rules Linked to estimated 60,000 annual deaths in U.S.

Favorable Supreme Court Decision Could Break Two-Party System End Democrat and Republican stranglehold on elections

Prison Labor is Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Strong financial incentive to imprison for cheap labor

Climate Change Effects on Biodiversity Found Further risk for species already pressured by enviro hazards

Growing Cancer Threat Among Native Americans 250 percent higher than general population, but little being done

End Water Subsidy or Face Droughts, Study Warns Cheap water encourages farmers to grow low-value foods

FREE! Lawn, Garden Pesticides are Child Risk Indoors Tracked in on shoes, chemicals linger for year

Breast Cancer Patients Demand Role in Treatment Also lobbying, advising medical panels

Genetic Jeopardy
Insurance companies, even employers want to know what's in your DNA; will you be discriminated against because of your genes?


Credibility Gulf It wasn't Iraqi troops that proved the greatest threat to soldiers -- it was the Pentagon and federal agencies


Land Grab in the Sky More than $35 billion worth of public airwaves given away free to corporations

Jim Hightower "Saving" Social Security

The Simpson Case and the Decline of TV News When the choice was between Clinton and Simpson, guess who won

On the American View of Torture Can't Americans admit that our troops are capable of torture?

A CIA Guide to Business Management Businesses could learn a lot from torture methods

Norman Solomon Repressive Nations Offer Most "Economic Freedom"

Alexander Cockburn Al Gore's Gift to Billionaires


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