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March 10, 1996


'Free' is Expensive

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FREE! Election Results on the Web Albion Monitor covering local and state elections

Power Play by the Bay Third power plant approved for illness-plagued Hunters Point

FREE! Treasure Island is "Oil-Soaked Sponge," Suit Claims Activists sue Navy, charging over 464,000 violations

State GOP Wants Public Paddling, Chain Gang New Republican majority in Assembly introduces bills

Milestone Canadian Treaty With Natives But outcry of protest from Canadian politicians

Pesticides Attack Immune System Institute cites hundreds of studies

Russian Environmentalist Faces Treason Charge Whistleblower risks death penalty

'Environmental Sickness' Controversy Unresolved Business interests stall research

Dismissal Sought in Bombing Conspiracy Trial Typo in legal document

Obscure Antioxidant Better Than Vitamins C, E Possible help for diabetes, stroke, and heart disease

Native Interests Ignored at Oil, Gas Summit Rights of Native people from Alaska to Chile not discussed

Vegetation may Double Greenhouse Effect New simulations hint global warming may be hastened

FREE! Prison Labor Boon for Employers, Report Says Calls for manufacturers to use more prison labor to keep costs low

Alien Invaders


Tampering With Eden
Introduction and overview of this series on threats to native plants and animals from introduced species, including special features on:
The feral pigs destroying hillsides
State mountain lions under attack
How cowbirds adapted to humans
A tiny water flea threatens lakes
Florida's soda apple invasion
California's fear of ferrets
New Zealand's unique solutions

Doing Time 9 to 5 Increasing use of prison labor by corporations


Defining Cyberspace Who are the inhabitants of cyberspace?

Is rBGH in Trouble? Dairy farmers avoiding controversial cow hormone

Sara Peyton Run in on a Rainy Afternoon

The Rise and Fall of Nursing Unions Hospitals fight attempts to organize

FREE! Help Santa Cruz Homeless Activist Support needed for man facing trial

Letters Introducing new reader feedback


Upcoming meetings, events, and other happenings you can't miss.

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Albion Monitor March 10, 1996

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