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Power Play by the Bay

by Diana Scott Despite heavy cancer rates and respiratory illness, California wants to build a third power plant in San Francisco's predominantly Black neighborhood of Bayview-Hunters Point

Treasure Island is "Oil-Soaked Sponge," Suit Claims

by Jeff Elliott Environmentalists sue Navy, charging over 464,000 violations of federal clean water laws

State GOP Wants Public Paddling, Chain Gang

by Jane Hunter With Willie Brown's departure, Republican Assembly members introduce bills reflecting favorite topics of new majority

Milestone Canadian Treaty With Natives

by Stephen Dale Despite an outcry from Canadian politicians, British Columbia has concluded its first-ever treaty with a Native group

Pesticides Attack Immune System

by Jim Lobe Citing hundreds of studies, Institute calls pesticides a "potentially serious risk to public health," and demands stricter controls

Russian Environmentalist Faces Treason Charge

by Andrei Ivanov Co-author of Norwegian environmental group report on rusting nuclear fleet arrested, risks death penalty

'Environmental Sickness' Controversy Unresolved

by Elaine Hopkins Research into treatment of multiple chemical sensitivity is stalled because of opposition by business interests

Dismissal Sought in Bombing Conspiracy Trial

by Bill Johnson Because of a typo, lawyers for self-proclaimed "prophet" who allegedly planned to bomb women's clinics ask for charges to be dismissed

Obscure Antioxidant Better Than Vitamins C, E

by Robert Saunders Relatively unknown antioxidant could have far-reaching consequences for diabetes, strokes, and cardiovascular disease

Native Interests Ignored at Oil, Gas Summit

by Pratap Chatterjee Although lands of Native people from Alaska to Chile are at risk from fossil fuel exploration, no consideration of these issues given

Vegetation may Double Greenhouse Effect

by R.H. Bowers New simulations suggest that interactions may promote additional increases in the earth's temperature

Prison Labor Boon for Employers, Report Says

by Jeff Elliott Claiming that "everyone benefits from joint ventures," a new report calls for manufacturers to use more prison labor to keep costs low and stay competitive

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