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Tampering With Eden

by Wendee Holtcamp Introduction and overview of series on non-native plants and animals

Rooting for Feral Pigs

by Simone Wilson Like meaty bulldozers, a single pig can destroy an acre in a few hours

Predator in our Back Yard

by Philip E. Daoust Humans are the ultimate exotic species, but they don't like natives that are bigger and stronger

Following the Crowd

by Simone Wilson The native cowbird has adapted to human development and now acts like an intrusive exotic species

Flotilla of Fleas

by Elaine Hopkins A tiny African water flea threatens the Mississippi and other rivers, and is moving towards the Great Lakes

Invasion of the Soda Apple

Florida's Everglades may be at risk from a Mexican plant, underscoring risks associated with global trade

Ferrets on the Lam

by Simone Wilson Why is California so frightened of a little animal that many see as a cute, loveable pet?

The Possum That Ate New Zealand

by Simone Wilson New Zealand has unique problems with introduced species and has found unique solutions

Doing Time, 9 to 5

by Steven Elbow Prison labor becomes big business for a growing number of American companies

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