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Election Returns on the Web

Monitor Publishing has announced that up-to-date election returns will be available through the web and e-mail on election eve, Tuesday, March 26th.

Coverage will include all races and items appearing on Sonoma County ballots, including presidential candidates, state / federal representatives, and statewide propositions. Results will be updated at least every 30 minutes.

The election results can be found at the web site.

"Voters want to know how their candidates and issues are doing," says Albion Monitor editor Jeff Elliott. "And the Internet is perfect for delivering this kind of information in a timely manner." Elliott participated in a similar effort in 1980, believed to be the first time that election results were made available to the public using a computer network.

Because the company expects repeated "hits" on the election page that evening, access to the web site may not be available at all times. Full election results will be also available through e-mail sent out every hour. To receive these messages, send e-mail to with the word "vote" in the subject line.

The web page is being produced as a public service by Monitor Publishing, a West County Internet provider.

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