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March 30, 1996


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FREE! Editor Refuses to Surrender "Bear" Lincoln Letter Cites journalist shield law

Gays Support Youth Charged With Gay Bashing Want Hate Crime chages dropped

FREE! Liberal Demos Favored Over Moderates Analysis of 1994 returns debunk GOP claims of mandate

Cancer Link to rBGH Milk, Study Says Colon, breast cancer association claimed

South America Wants End to Seed Theft Companies patenting native plants

Ex-Cubans Profit From New Sanctions Heavy political donations from PACs

Tampering With Wetlands, Rivers Costly Long-term impacts rarely considered

Military Should Spy on Internet, Says Pentagon Report Advises surveillance of political activists and "offensive uses"

Angry Cynics Risk Heart Disease Grumbling may be dangerous

Debate Over Bird Extinction Risk Skeptics doubt South American deforestation impacts

Nitrate Water Pollution Widespread Group says is health threat to infants

Media Frenzy Over Bizarre Amnesia Story TV, papers sensationalize story

Project Censored


Now twenty years old, Sonoma State University's Project Censored has changed the face of journalism

Project founder Carl Jensen
Mark Lowenthal on history
The 1995 top ten censored stories
Meet new director Peter Phillips

Reining in Our Spooks Upheaval in the multi-billion dollar spy game

Two Worlds of Ragle Park Simone Wilson's hike through history


Sara Peyton Vanished, Dead, Where do the Girls go?

The State of Humanity A "feel-good" environmental book conceals the truth

The Unbearable Lightness of Reading The future of books looks bleak

V-Chip For Books Planned Satire -- we hope

Letters With new reader feedback


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Albion Monitor March 30, 1996

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