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Editor Refuses to Surrender "Bear" Lincoln Letter

by Nicholas Wilson Anderson Valley Advertiser editor Bruce Anderson will not give the court a letter written by Lincoln, and defense attorneys ask to move the trial

Gays Support Youth Charged With Gay Bashing

by Lois Pearlman Gays and lesbians in Guerneville say that man charged with hate crime may have been provoked

Liberal Demos Favored Over Moderates

by Jeff Elliott Debunking conventional wisdom about the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress, a new analysis shows Democrat moderates were the big losers, not liberals

Cancer Link to rBGH Milk, Study Says

by Haider Rizvi Colon, breast cancer association claimed, but FDA refuses to allow milk from treated cows to be lableled

South America Wants End to Seed Theft

by Humberto Marquez Industrialized countries patenting strains native to impoverished countries without payment

Ex-Cubans Profit From New Sanctions

by Jeff Elliott New trade sanctions against Cuba passed overwhelmingly after two U.S. civilian planes were downed, but also after hefty political contributions from industry and PACs

Tampering With Wetlands, Rivers Costly

Long-term impacts of dams and irrigation projects are rarely considered by officials dazzled by short-term profits, says group

Military Should Spy on Internet, Says Pentagon Report

by Jeff Elliott Pentagon report advises surveillance of political activists and "offensive uses" of the Internet by the military, including Psychological Operations (Psyops) campaigns

Angry Cynics Risk Heart Disease

Grumbling may be dangerous because cardiovascular systems show greater response during times of stress

Debate Over Bird Extinction Risk

by Judith Perera Environmentalists and skeptics argue over meaning of statistics showing South American deforestation risks extinction of birds

Nitrate Water Pollution Widespread

Tens of thousands of newborns drink water contaminated with nitrate at levels above federal health standards, says environmental watchdog group

Media Frenzy Over Bizarre Amnesia Story

by Arjay Morgan A Florida teenager claims amnesia as the media hustles to make sure the story falls into place

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